by Sarastarlight

May 27, 2008
from YouTube website


This film does NOT promote

Religion or God.



The purpose of this film is to create a scientific revolution and paradigm shift in scientific thinking and in our understanding of life on earth and in the universe.

In order to protect the status quo, the "scientific establishment" typically dismisses and falsely classifies all arguments and evidence challenging their beliefs, as an either/or choice between: science vs. religion.

There is a 3rd choice, represented by these videos. This film series is based on 100% pure science and has nothing to do with religion or intelligent design.

The attack against religion is a "straw dog" and a diversion. The often hysterical and irrational threats and attacks are simply fraudulent attempts to mischaracterize Dr. Rhawn Joseph's views, and are designed to deflect attention from the fact that theories such as "Darwinism" and the "organic soup" have major flaws.

In fact, there was no organic soup, at least not on Earth. There is absolutely no evidence in support of the organic soup. By contrast, there is considerable scientific evidence for the views presented here.

As detailed in these videos, life is everywhere, and the first creatures to appear on Earth, our ancient ancestors, came from other planets.

As detailed in these chapters.

  1. The Organic Soup is a myth based on a theology of miracles

  2. Life on Earth first originated on other planets

  3. A star and its solars system, several times the size of our own, exploded in a vast supernova over 5 billion years ago

  4. Mountains of debris including oceans of ice were cast into space, and some of this ejected formed our own solar system and the Earth.

  5. This debris contained living creatures and their DNA

  6. Fossils have been found on 5 chronditer meteors formed before the creation of this solar system and which contain physical evidence of this supernova

  7. Fossils have been found on 3 meteors from Mars, and soil samples from the moon

  8. A single dormant microbe was discovered in a camera on the moon

  9. Life on Earth can exist in any environment, from the radioactive, well below freezing, in the liquid fire of thermal vents, and at the bottom of the ocean under 9,000 pounds of pressure per square inch

  10. When threatened with death, microbes and simple animals and plants can form microscopic spores, and microbes can come back to life even after 250 million years of dormant slumber

  11. If the Earth were shattered, innumerable creatures could easily survive sheltered in debris, only to come back to life if they land on a life-sustaining world

Conclusion: Life on Earth came from other planets.


Our ancient ancestors, are visitors from the stars.