by Anthony Migchels
March 24, 2014
from RealCurrencies Website








Michael Tellinger is a scientist and activist from South Africa.


As a scientist he has brought an ancient, vast and interconnected network of stone circle constructions to the attention of the world. There are millions of them, all over southern Africa and they show advanced knowledge of sacred geometry.


He theorizes they were part of a huge infrastructure for energy creation based on hypersound. He has linked them to other ancient structures, including the Pyramids.


He's written a number of books, among them "Slave Species of God", based on the work of Zecharia Sitchin and his latest, "Ubuntu Contributionism". He believes money was introduced into human society by 'Priest Kings', 'the Gods', most likely an alien race, as a control mechanism.


It is this link that has got him into activism, creating alternatives for our current money based economy and fighting the banks.


He's been in court for three years against the South African Reserve Bank. He's building a community, Ubuntu, based on an economy free of money. And he's running for Parliament, with good chances of success.


The core of his program is monetary reform, based on the end of banking as we know it and money creation aimed at unlocking human potential instead of usurping it.


In the interview we cover:

  • Stone Circles

  • Humanity's fascination for Gold

  • The origins and nature of money

  • At 40 min: his litigation against the Banks

  • International developments in taking the Banks to court

  • Monetary reform on a national level with Ubuntu Party

  • At 1:07 : Community currencies do's and don'ts

  • Why the Gelre is the most advanced unit available at this point

  • The disconnect between the awareness on the Web and the stone age conversation in the Main Stream

  • The need to speak up to break the silence and isolation of the awakened









The interview and Michael's presentation in Groningen were organized by Earth Matters, a leading Alternative Media outlet in the Netherlands.


Many thanks to them for setting up this wonderful opportunity.