by Alfred Lambremont Webre

December 20, 2015
from NewsInsideOut Website

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Andrew D. Basiago,

  • a lawyer

  • former U.S. chrononaut, and Mars explorer

  • with an IQ of 168

  • whom career CIA officers associated with DARPA's-secret time travel program,

...confirmed that U.S. government secret time travel pre-identified him as a future U.S. President, as it did with U.S. Presidents,

He officially declared his candidacy for President on talk radio's Coast to Coast AM Saturday night. [1]

In a December 19, 2015 US Presidential 2016 candidacy announcement made at the outset of an interview by host Jimmy Church, Basiago stated that unlike previous US Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama, all of whom were also identified as future presidents by Project Pegasus and briefed on their destinies but who then concealed their prior knowledge for political gain, he has made a conscious moral decision to make it publicly known that the U.S. government has used secret time travel technology to identify him as a future President.


Independent U.S. Presidential candidate

Andrew D. Basiago

Mr. Basiago, who was educated at UCLA and Cambridge and holds membership in the Washington State Bar Association and the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington, stated he was certain that the drafters of the U.S. Constitution had not contemplated that secret time travel would one day be used to acquire pre-knowledge of the outcome of elections, and thus subvert the democratic process.


The American people, he stated, have a right to know the impact of secret time travel on their Presidential elections, and this is why he is speaking out, even if it costs him this election.

Andrew D. Basiago's dramatic announcement was made to millions of potential voters over Premiere Radio Network's flagship Coast to Coast AM (far below video).


As a measure of the mainstream reach of Andy Basiago's 2016 campaign announcement, Premiere also hosts widely listened-to conservative talk radio shows hosted by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck.


Coast to Coast AM itself is carried on 600 stations nationwide and reaches U.S. military personnel stationed overseas.



A New Agenda for a New America - Truth, Reform, and Innovation

The substance of Andrew Basiago's campaign is based on three pillars:

  • Truth

  • Reform

  • Innovation in a New Agenda for a New America,

...expressed in 100 Proposals that will be published in the near future at his campaign website,

Mr. Basiago indicated key proposals may include a,

  • a government-wide extraterrestrial disclosure initiative

  • a U.S.-led sponsorship of planetary teleportation following the declassification of Tesla teleportation technology that the U.S. government developed in the 1960's

  • a transition by the U.S. intelligence community to open source intelligence

  • the establishment of a truth and reconciliation process within the U.S. government based on the South African model



Running as a Write-in Candidate

Because it costs an estimated $5 million for an independent candidate to secure access on voting ballots in the 50 U.S. states, Basiago is running as a write-in candidate with a proposed cabinet that he will name in the 43 states that allow write-in votes, where the voter physically writes the name of the candidate they are voting for on the ballot.

Mr. Basiago writes:

"Nowhere does it [the Constitution] require that one own or have ready access to borrowing $5 million.


But when Andy2016 investigated access to the 2016 Presidential ballot nationally, that is what we found. Acquiring ballot access in the 50 states now requires approximately $5 million.

"The current national scheme of ballot access, influenced if not controlled by the two major parties, is patently unconstitutional and but a monetary measure of the corruption of Presidential politics today. In 2008 and 2012, as is expected again in 2016, the two candidates nominated by the two major parties each spent $1 billion seeking the Presidency.


This is a public disgrace to a country that in declaring its independence announced its national ethos to be 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.'

"In a world of falsehood, only the truth abides. Andy2016 invites you to partake with us in a grand political experiment. Let us for the first time elect as President a candidate who has waged a write-in candidacy.


I am running as a write-in candidate for President. Let us use my candidacy to disgrace the two major parties with a gusto equal to the disdain by which they disgrace us.


Let us achieve, in 2016, a victory of public right over monetary might.

"Fortunately, fully 43 of the 50 states permit write-in votes to be cast, and the seven states that do not - Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Oklahoma, and South Dakota - have such small populations that they yield few electoral votes.


Let us use my write-in candidacy in 2016 to hand a historic defeat to the two major parties and their corrupt candidates."







Time travel pre-identified US President Andrew D. Basiago...

Announces 2016 candidacy to millions of potential write-in voters on Coast to Coast AM