by Elon Musk Zone
March 26, 2023

from Principia-Scientific Website


This below video looks into Elon Musk's plan to develop a link between man and machine that has never been seen before through Neuralink.

Musk states that humans will never be as smart as a digital supercomputer and therefore we would have to combine with machines in order to survive.


Musk also claims that A.I. and robotics will bring about the age of abundance.


The long term aspiration for Neuralink would be to achieve a symbiosis with artificial intelligence (A.I.) and this is a frightening concept.

This symbiosis would also bring about a democratization of intelligence so that it is not a politically monopoly held in a purely digital form by governments and large corporations.


Must believes that the interface implant will be available technology in less than a decade as we already have a tertiary layer of consciousness that comes from the electric devices we all use on a daily basis.

It must be noted that Musk believes that since we input output, limited symbiosis with A.I. seems like a logical solution.


This would also mean that over time we would drift away from machine intelligence meaning we could focus efforts on other areas.


Musk also claims that this technology has practical uses in helping restore function to those with brain damage or even delaying to symptoms of dementia.