by Mike Adams
September 19, 2019
from NaturalNews Website

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Extinction scheme to block the sun

by polluting the entire planet

detailed in "Oblivion Agenda"...




You've been hearing about the SCoPEx project, a mad science experiment that's funded by Bill Gates and run by Harvard scientists to pollute the entire planet and block the sun.


The stated justification of the program is to reduce so-called "global warming," a junk science hoax fabricated by people like Al Gore who own shares in artificial meat companies like Beyond Meat.


Coincidentally, Al Gore says eating meat will make global warming worse...


But the real impact of SCoPEx will be the blocking of photosynthesis in plants and phytoplankton, causing a collapse of food crops leading to worldwide famine, starvation and mass death.


That's the real goal of the program, of course.

It's a "mass extinction" weapon system that's funded by globalists to annihilate humankind by taking out the food webs that support human life.

This is nothing less than the weaponization of the atmosphere to commit genocide on a planetary scale.





Vaccine resistance has forced globalists to escalate to "hard kill" vectors


This project is going active because the globalists encountered too much resistance to the vaccine infertility programs which were designed to function as a "soft kill" system to eliminate human populations (depopulation) through infertility.


(United Nations approved vaccines have been repeatedly found to be covertly spiked with infertility chemicals like HCG.)


But vaccines require a person's consent, and too many people (from the globalist point of view) are wising up and refusing to be injected with weaponized vaccines.


So they've gone to their "hard kill" vector which requires no consent at all.

They will pollute the skies, dim the sun and collapse the global food supply… and there's nothing you can do to stop it.

The program needs no approval from the U.S. Congress or President, since the geoengineering/chemtrails aircraft can be launched from any country that has an airport.


The pollution will spread across the globe, blocking sunlight for all food crops on every continent.


Solar panels will stop working at full efficiency, too, underscoring the madness of the SCoPEx plan, since it's being funded by the very same people that demand we all invest in solar panels to power our homes and businesses.


This planned pollution of the skies could devastate life on Earth.


It might unleash,

"…things like mass famine, mass flooding, drought, of kinds that would affect very large populations," warns Stephen Gardiner, author of A Perfect Moral Storm, in a CNBC video that now touts the benefits of chemtrails.




We are spearheading this effort to warn humanity

...that "climate change" hysteria is being leveraged to carry out "geogenocide"


At, I'm releasing a 10-hour lecture series in multiple parts.


So far, three parts have been posted.

Part three (below video) just posted, reveals a full discussion of the,

  • SCoPEx project

  • "Stratospheric Aerosol Injection" (SAI),

...both of which are forms of chemtrails/geoengineering.

This is all part of what I'm calling "geogenocide," a planet-wide effort to commit genocide against the human race through geoengineering.


Here's the full video, courtesy of, the free speech alternative to YouTube: