by Mark Sircus

July 15, 2019

from ColdClimate Website

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The blue area represents cold.

Record cold in summer.

We are full into summer

and winter weather will just not quit.


We just had,

Record cold, snow, rain and even incredible hail storms in so many places they are too numerous to mention.


Imagine standing on train tracks with a bullet train due to run you over and you stand their imagining it is not going to happen but its happening no matter what you think.


That describes 'man-made global warming' fanatics trying to imagine away the Grand Solar Minimum and temperatures that are already plunging.


An approaching Grand Solar Minimum is upon us.


NASA recent solar cycle 25 prediction reveals it will be the weakest of the last 200 years. The maximum of this next cycle - measured in terms of sunspot number, a standard measure of solar activity level - could be 30 to 50% lower than the most recent one.


The loss of 6 million acres of corn and soybeans to an historically cold and rainy planting season this year will be felt into autumn 2020 and beyond, said the U.S. government last Thursday.


The U.S. corn stockpile is expected to fall by 14%, to 2.01 billion bushels. Some believe these are extremely optimistic numbers.


See and listen to climate reality videos here and here.


Unrelenting torrential rain is still flooding vast swathes of Southern China destroying homes and crops, causing landslides, and forcing the evacuation of at least 80,000 people.


This latest deluge alone is thought to have cost the country up to $400 million (USD), with almost 126,262 hectares (312,000 acres) of farmland either severely damaged or destroyed.





Are the following people masters of deception or are they just plain stupid?



Ocasio-Cortez                           -                            Bill Gates



Artist Luc Tuymans says,

"People are becoming more and more stupid, insanely stupid."

Though Ocasio-Cortez has some interesting things to say she has not the slightest idea what she is talking about in terms of climate change and could end up being responsible for the disgrace and defeat of the Democratic party in 2020 because Mother Nature is stepping in to prove how wrong she is.


Tucker Carlson from Fox News is saying the Democratic Party has turned into a religious cult and its firebrand, Ocasio-Cortez, says the world is going 'to end' in 12 years if we do not do something about 'man-made' warming.


Yet the man who wrote up the Green New Deal with her says its not about the climate at all.


It is true, climate change is not about science:

its about politics, money and power and how to fake science using computer models to do it...

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) says,

"All weather on Earth, from the surface of the planet out into space, begins with the Sun.


Space weather and terrestrial weather (the weather we feel at the surface) are influenced by the small changes the Sun undergoes during its solar cycle.


The most important impact the Sun has on Earth is from the brightness or irradiance of the Sun itself."

Democratic lawmakers, including six presidential candidates recently unveiled a Congressional resolution declaring a climate change emergency to spur "sweeping reforms" to stem a 'dangerous' rise in global temperatures.


Too bad they do not have the sense to look beyond computer models into the real world where cold, wet and violent weather is sweeping the globe because of the Grand Solar Minimum that we are moving into.


Though it is true we do have a cold climate change emergency.


Scientist seem to be near a consensus that the global warming over the last 20,000 years have not been caused by man and say so in front of congress.


Even though we continue to hear fraudulent story after story warning us about catastrophic warming more scientists and weathermen are stepping forward with bad news for the man-made global warming crowd.


A new scientific study busts open the fundamental assumptions underlying controversial climate legislation and initiatives such as the Green New Deal, namely, the degree to which 'climate change' is driven by natural phenomena vs. man-made issues measured as carbon footprint.


Scientists in Finland found "practically NO anthropogenic (man-made) climate change" after a series of studies. 


Bill Gates thinks he knows more about science and medicine than scientists and doctors.


Gates told an audience that 'to avoid human extinction' (sic) we need to get our carbon output down to zero and that can only be achieved by killing everyone on earth or denying them all services that have any kind of carbon foot-print.


He presents a deadly formula:

CO2 = P x S x E x C.

To see what this means see his TED talk video:







NOAA is telling us something different.

"The duration of solar minimum may also have an impact on Earth's climate.


During solar minimum there is a maximum in the amount of Cosmic rays, high energy particles whose source is outside our Solar system, reaching earth.


There is a theory that cosmic rays can create nucleation sites in the atmosphere which seed cloud formation and create cloudier conditions.


If this were true, then there would be a significant impact on climate."

Cloud cover controls earth's climate while the sun (effectively) controls cloud cover, whether that be,

  • directly by an influx Cosmic Rays nucleating clouds under low solar activity (Svensmark)

  • indirectly by that same influx triggering large volcanic eruptions (Ebisuzaki), which shade the sun through materials thrust up into the stratosphere

Dr. Roy Spencer PhD. says,

"Clouds are the Earth's sunshade, and if cloud cover changes for any reason, you have global warming - or global cooling."

Now we have cooling no matter what politicians or scientists or the press are saying.


Global warming people begin and end every argument about climate with CO2. But grown up people understand what NOAA is saying and begin and end their discussions with the sun and the changes it is currently going through.


Its called a Grand Solar Minimum. So get ready for massive crop destruction, like we are seeing this year to continue, thus rising food prices and starvation in an expanding group of countries.


Farmers almost everywhere are struggling to cope with the unpredictable weather patterns brought on by a weakening jet stream associated with historically low solar activity.


There is another public display of deception worth mentioning.


Former President Obama shows off a level of arrogance that is absolutely astonishing yet,

  • How many bought his words hook, line and sinker?

  • Will we never learn our lessons about politicians?






Hitler was just one example of how a big mouth can sway public opinion.


If we followed Bill Gates, Ocasio-Cortez, Obama and the radical left wing of the Democratic party this is what would be:

"If humans stopped all emissions of CO2 now, they would trash their entire economies and in the process kill billions of humans though economy collapse, famine, and war," writes J.H. Walker.

She continues,

"Why would anyone in their right mind champion the collapse of modern civilization through a zero carbon paradigm?


So the very rich few can lord it over the 250 million survivors as they scavenge a living in the mega city metropolitan wrecks of this failed world.


A truly Mad Max world sacrificed on the altar of green socialism, a politically bankrupt UN's attempt to create a socialist world government based on a fraudulent corruption of science, and a compliant cheer leading, left leaning, mass media giving propaganda opium to the people."




Doing Something


This big problem with climate deception is that the human race has not been preparing but some people are. There are more than 20 companies erecting indoor farms around the country.


Industry leaders say vertical farms can be a solution at a time when labor shortages, drought and climate change threaten outdoor agriculture as well as bring fresh produce to regions that lack arable land.





These farms are springing up all over the world, including Japan, the Netherlands and Antarctica.


According to Plenty, its newest farm can grow 1 million plants at a time in a facility around the size of a basketball court and process 200 plants per minute, thanks to strides in automation.


What we really need is a massive Manhattan type of project to replace our current agricultural system with these new innovative types of farms. Otherwise a lot of people are going to starve.


As the world continues to cool over the next decade humanity will curse some of the names mentioned above.


All of the human monsters from the 20th century together cannot possibly compete with how many will die because of the leaders of the man-made global warming hysteria that blinded humanity to what lies directly ahead...