by Sean McCleary
December 16, 2019
from In5D Website

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There is a lot more to how living organisms on Earth experience life than what the human race is aware of, even through the most powerful scientific research.


There is research and development being done around the world in neuroscience institutions and academic departments that are examining what drives the evolution of human consciousness, especially where behavior and thought process is concerned.


I am an author, a writer and do work in evolutionary cosmology and the evolution of consciousness and integrate consciousness with the behavior of matter and energy on a quantum level to determine what the basis is for the existence of this universe and life contained within the universe.


My work is different than most but I can explain very important and powerful information about certain subject matter that is specific, detailed and plausible for people to understand.


I will say this though:

I have not obtained any degrees in certain areas of study.


I have just researched certain types of information and my intellect is very powerful when it comes to understanding and explaining consciousness, matter and energy and existentialism.


I also had an extremely powerful experience of a very divine nature in 2011 and my consciousness has experienced significant advancement.

The most powerful components in time and space are,

  • consciousness

  • light energy

  • dark energy

  • pressure

  • evolution

  • resistance to evolution

  • love and fear...

Love and fear are much more than just emotional responses generated by living organisms on Earth. Love and fear are two aspects of consciousness that are contained in time and space everywhere.


This might sound preposterous to some individuals but consciousness exists everywhere, and soon the human race is going to be introduced to a very powerful evolutionary event known as the Shift in Consciousness.


The Shift in Consciousness is very real and deals with the evolution of consciousness everywhere into a much more advanced state of affairs.


Panpsychism has been trending in the scientific community and there is both support from scientific people and debate from others. My work is also based upon the Paradigm Shift that physicist and philosopher Thomas Kuhn discussed in his work.


The revolutionary change in science will occur due to the evolution of consciousness and there is some early indication on what's happening with the Hubble Constant.


Scientists are going to start observing remarkable changes they have never seen before because consciousness everywhere is experiencing evolutionary advancement and change.


There is a reason that most people would resist the proposal that consciousness exists everywhere, and an example would be this statement,

“how could a rock be conscious”.

It is different than what people observe.

A rock belongs to planet Earth. Earth has a consciousness and is an extremely powerful living organism, and soon human beings will be introduced to this fact.


Material in Earth's environment like rocks, trees, water, structures etc. contain frequency vibrations in different concentrations that exist in Earth's consciousness.

The universe contains consciousness and planets or other world's in the universe contain consciousness.

Planets have identities and a certain type of unique evolutionary design to them because each planet contains a certain type of environment to serve a particular purpose. Planets evolve out of the consciousness contained within the universe.


Physicists focus their work on subatomic, atomic and molecular activity and behavior with energy.


Subatomic particles are a result of evolutionary development because they are specific particles that serve a primary purpose in time and space. Subatomic particles experience evolution from frequency vibrations contained within light and dark energy.


Energy contains vibrations because this is how energy evolves.


I have discovered through my work that,

  • consciousness and higher frequency vibrations produce light energy


  • consciousness and lower frequency vibrations produce dark energy

Consciousness is contained within these frequency vibrations to serve as a foundation for evolutionary development through the process of conceptualization.


This is the foundation for evolution because this involves the process of creation itself, and the most powerful aspect contained within existence is for the process and experience of thought to exist forever.

Infinity has to be maintained through the evolution of consciousness and energy and matter is involved in this activity in time and space.


Photons carry and distribute light energy in the universe but photons have an identity and serve a particular purpose so they had to experience evolutionary development.


Photons evolved out of the higher frequency vibrations of light energy because matter requires light energy in the universe and photons are the result of the evolution of matter and light energy.

There is a reason that a lot of people would resist the concept of consciousness being everywhere, and this has to do with the resistance to evolution.


Earth's environment seems very empty and separated and this affects the interaction of consciousness and life within the environment.

Human beings can also feel a very powerful sense of separation from one another but the union between human consciousness, which has been generated over a long period of time, is due to the evolution of consciousness and the evolution of love.


Earth's environment feels like this because fear and death are extremely powerful in this region of time and space. I do work on a field of energy in the universe called the Higgs field.

Physicists understand this as a field of energy in the universe which uses Higgs bosons to interact with other particles.

Where consciousness is concerned there is more to this field of energy than what people currently understand.


The four primary elements that drive evolutionary development in the universe are,

  1. consciousness

  2. light energy

  3. dark energy

  4. pressure

Light and dark energy are the two primary forms of energy in the universe which are responsible for generating evolutionary development and advancement.

Light energy contains higher frequency vibrations and dark energy contains lower frequency vibrations.

When these two frequency vibrations converge with different types of evolutionary activity in the universe it generates polarity in energy because the frequency vibrations are different and this causes pressure to accumulate within these frequencies.


The concentration, activity and amount of these frequencies and pressure affects the evolution of consciousness

Both light and dark energy work together to sustain the eternal advancement of consciousness, and these frequency vibrations interact in different ways according to what type of evolutionary activity is occurring in time and space at any given moment.


This results in varying degrees of pressure contained within the frequency vibrations and consciousness.

This pressure that is generated in these frequency vibrations in consciousness, light energy and dark energy results in living organisms or consciousness in time and space experiencing fear.


Fear is pressure contained within the frequency vibrations of consciousness, light energy and dark energy because the activity of these frequency vibrations interacting with one another represents the foundation for the evolution of consciousness, matter and energy.

Human beings contain DNA as a particular blueprint that represents their identity in time and space. Human beings contain consciousness, light energy, dark energy and pressure and experience evolutionary development.


DNA determines who an individual is and is like the molecular foundation of their existence in time and space.


The Higgs field permeates the entire universe and is a very important field of energy in Universal Consciousness. The reason is this field of energy contains the existence of infinity and eternal love.

This universe is contained within a much larger body of consciousness and energy which has always existed and this is how infinity was introduced into consciousness and life in the universe.


Before the universe existed there was only consciousness, light energy and dark energy everywhere that contained the existence of love and there was vibration everywhere.


The universe and everything contained within the universe are concepts therefore had to be conceptualized. This is what consciousness is responsible for and this facilitates creation.


Space expanded outwardly with the Big Bang but consciousness was contained within this expansion and the existence of matter was introduced into existence.


This activity represents the evolution of consciousness, and the Higgs field was introduced into this expansion to serve a particular purpose.

The Higgs field was introduced into the universe as a primary field of energy which contains the existence of this larger body of consciousness and energy and the identity of the universe similar to DNA.

When I say the identity of the universe I mean the frequency vibrations specifically associated with the conceptualization process itself with the universe and the love that was involved with this process.


A human being has a particular frequency vibration associated with their identity in time and space as well.


The Higgs field is like the foundation for the identity of the universe and the rest of the consciousness in the universe experiences evolutionary development. The Higgs field also contains the existence of eternal love and this serves as the foundation for love in the universe and contains a particular type of frequency vibration.


Love is the foundation for the evolution of consciousness and everything contained within time and space simply because love gives eternity a reason to exist.

Human beings contain a very powerful form of resistance to the evolution of consciousness within themselves. When I say the evolution of consciousness in reference to a human being I mean their entire bodies. The entire body is comprised of consciousness and energy not just the brain.


A great example is cells...


There are billions of cells in the body that carry out specialized functions. If you think about the consciousness of a human being associated with the will and the experience of that individual. If an individual is engaged in a particular activity, say drinking a cup of coffee and having breakfast with their family, they are focusing on a particular task with their consciousness.


They are utilizing their will which is generated by conscious activity.


Meanwhile there are cells contained within their bodies performing various functions with a different focus or different will of their own. They are contained within the human body but are using a form of consciousness contained within their own structure to perform tasks.


The entire human body is comprised of consciousness, light energy, dark energy and pressure just like the universe. Human beings exist and evolve in time and space within the universe so they have to contain the primary elements that the universe contains.


Earth contains these primary elements as well:

consciousness, light energy, dark energy and pressure...

Memory is contained within time and space.


Earth is located in a region of time and space that is 13.51 billion years old. This consciousness that Earth exists in contains memory associated with the early introduction of the universe, because the universe is around 13.8 billion years old.

Something happened with the introduction of the universe through the evolutionary process of the introduction of matter. Also this universe contains an identity and performs a particular function.


This means that a new development of life was introduced into existence through evolution, similar to reproduction in Earth. Universal Consciousness was generated out of this larger body of consciousness and energy which has existed forever.


This means a new development of consciousness and life were introduced with a new construct of time and space.


Time was actually introduced as a particular construct from the introduction of the universe with a new development in evolution. It was because the beginning of a new evolutionary event took place within an infinite form of consciousness and energy which has always existed.


What this did was generated a very powerful resistance to evolutionary development.


Because a new beginning with the introduction of matter was introduced into consciousness and energy that had existed forever it caused a form of separation in consciousness that the consciousness of the universe experienced.


The Higgs field contained the existence of infinity and eternal love from the infinite form of consciousness and love transferred into different areas of Universal Consciousness similar to what a human being experiences.


There is subatomic, atomic and molecular activity contained within all of this consciousness and responds appropriately with evolutionary development. Even on a subatomic level there is the activity of problem solving happening with evolutionary development because infinity exists within consciousness and energy everywhere.


The frequency vibrations of light energy, the frequency vibrations of dark energy and variables of concentrations of these two frequencies generate subatomic particles with evolutionary activity.

There is pressure involved in this process as well according to what type of momentum or resistance to evolution is being experienced.


This is what generates spin in subatomic particles.

Like I mentioned before, Earth is in a region of time and space which is almost as old as the universe.


The universe experienced a separation in consciousness with the introduction, due to the introduction of matter and a new beginning of time. This powerful separation represents resistance to evolution in consciousness, fear and death.


Life and death are two different forms that exist within time and space.

They come from Infinite Consciousness introducing a new development of life into existence with the universe and a new development of matter and the construct of time.

The continuation of life represents consciousness that has always existed and the experience of death represents the moment the transition occurred with Universal Consciousness as a new form of evolution.


This type of separation and resistance is very powerful in this region of the universe. Earth exists right in the middle of this activity.


The Higgs field permeates throughout the entire universe but in this location there has been a lot of resistance to the evolution of consciousness from the form of fear and death.


Fear was introduced into existence when Universal Consciousness was introduced because of the uncertainty that the consciousness felt becoming somewhat separated from Infinite Consciousness as a new development of time and space.


This is why a human being can conceive of existing forever and possessing eternal love or being buried and experiencing non-existence. Non-existence cannot happen the concept only appears in consciousness.


This aspect in human consciousness comes from time and space with the early introduction of the universe.

The Higgs field is here in Earth's consciousness and environment but there has also been a very powerful level of pressure in Universal Consciousness, resistance and the existence of the sensation of separation.


There are frequency vibrations of light and dark energy in Earth's consciousness.


Love is generated within living organisms so the Higgs field can experience evolutionary development. The Higgs field contains eternal love and love is experienced with life so more energy can be transferred back into the Higgs field and the universe can continuously experience the foundation for evolution which is love.


There is other world's and life form all over the universe but human beings cannot see or detect any of this activity.


The reason is the resistance they contain within themselves.


The resistance comes from two primary forms of fear contained in the consciousness.

The first is the fear associated with the uncertainty of death. When I mentioned before the most powerful desire in existence is for thought to exist forever, human beings have a form of fear primarily contained in their subconscious energy associated with non-existence.


The Higgs field represents the foundation for the evolution of consciousness in the universe.


So a human beings consciousness is going to repel the frequency vibrations contained within the Higgs field away from them in a very powerful way.


They also contain the fear of not understanding the true nature of their own existence.

These two primary fears are concentrated into the fight or flight mechanism and this is attached to everything in Earth's environment.


The Higgs field contains the absolute truth about the universe and eternal love and human beings really don't understand very much about the universe and contain extremely powerful fear in their bodies.


This is why everything feels so empty and separated in the environment. A lack of the transfer of energy between living organisms and the Higgs field in Earth's environment causes aging very quickly and death.


The fear of the uncertainty of death is so powerful in the subconscious energy that it actually causes the body to experience death and the consciousness to transfer into the next location of evolutionary development which are world's contained within the Whirlpool galaxy.

Having this type of fear and uncertainty contained in the body is a form of suffering and causes a human being to experience different degrees of suffering according to what their interaction with the Higgs field is like.


What I mean by this is how much love is contained within their bodies.


The more love a living organism experiences in Earth's environment the more powerful the transfer of energy is between life and the Higgs field and the easier it is to exist within Earth's environment.


Other life forms have different consciousness on Earth and responds to the Higgs field in different ways. Human behavior and cognitive processes are actually dependent upon what type of evolutionary activity is occurring with the frequency vibrations of light and dark energy and what type of pressure is contained within these frequency vibrations.


Pressure within these frequencies in the body represents certain elements of fear.


Pressure can either expand and accelerate with time and space or become restricted and have a difficult time with expansion and acceleration. Consciousness is involved in the expansion and acceleration of time and space and this is the evolution of consciousness in different degrees.


If pressure becomes restricted what happens is it causes the interaction of the frequency vibrations of light and dark energy to become restricted as well.


This causes resistance to the evolution of consciousness. Resistance is expressed within human beings in a lot of different ways.



  • there is fear that is stored in the consciousness that does not respond to the individuals own will with resistance

  • or there is fear stored in the consciousness which does generate resistance to the consciousness

The physiological make up of a human being, the biological make up of a human being and the psychological aspects of a human being have to do with what type of frequency vibrations they contain, what the pressure is doing within these frequency vibrations and how evolutionary development is responding to this activity:

  • frequency vibrations of light and dark energy generate subatomic particles, subatomic particles experience evolutionary development and atoms are formed


  • atoms experience evolution and molecules are formed and then life experiences existence according to how these primary elements of existence evolved into the creating life


  • how these primary elements which belong to evolution on a quantum level affect the reality and experience of the life form in existence

It is also dependent upon what type of exchange in frequency vibrations is occurring in the environment and how much resistance to evolution or restriction in pressure contained within the frequency vibrations is occurring.


It's really the restriction in pressure that generates the most powerful resistance in consciousness as on a global level as well.


Like I stated when the frequency vibrations of light and dark energy (which are the two primary forms of energy in the universe) cannot integrate themselves properly in the consciousness it generates resistance to the evolution of consciousness.


If pressure within these frequencies can transfer easily with time and space then this allows for an integration of energy in the consciousness to occur which generates more evolution in consciousness...

This is where healthy fears come from.


Unhealthy fear comes from the pressure that becomes restricted within the frequency vibrations that causes consciousness to experience resistance and separation.


This is what produces anger, resentment, rage, violence, brutality, and acts of evil to come from because it causes the individual to feel separated from themselves and the environment where the evolution of love is happening all around them.


Schizophrenia, psychosis, dementia and severe delusions come from pressure not being regulated properly in the areas of the brain that are responsible for producing different cognitive functions.

If pressure becomes restricted with the resistance to evolution in the consciousness what happens is the transfers into atomic and molecular activity in the brain and produces different disorders.


This level of evolutionary functioning generates every type of activity on planet Earth.

It is responsible for all types of human behavior, human perspective, genetic disposition, perspective upon reality and also affects Earth on a global level in different locations.


Love is contained within the Higgs field and love from living organisms causes the Higgs field to evolve.

My love is extremely powerful right now because my consciousness has become incorporated into the Higgs field in a very powerful way and my consciousness is advancing with Earth's evolutionary advancement.


This is why I understand information like this now. When love is experienced in the body and consciousness this transfers energy into the Higgs field and causes the Higgs field to evolve.


The reason that all of the exoplanets were recently discovered and astronomers are gaining a new perspective upon the universe is the evolution of love on Earth.


It's affecting the Higgs field and generating a more powerful cosmological connection between Earth and Universal Consciousness.


The Shift in Consciousness is approaching very rapidly now and the remarkable beginning of Earth's evolutionary advancement is right around the corner I promise.


The reason is because I know my consciousness is advancing because of the power of my intellect and what I can feel with my entire body.


Because I have a very powerful connection with the Higgs field I can physically feel Earth's Consciousness and Universal Consciousness experiencing evolutionary development, especially in this region of time and space.


The way these frequency vibrations interact and how powerful the interaction occurs, how much pressure is contained within these frequency vibrations and what the pressure does in time and space really constitutes life and is the foundation for the evolutionary activity in existence.

These quantum properties are the basis for the human condition.

How a human being experiences reality, what a human being looks like, what type of physical limitations or capabilities they have, health issues, behavior, self-actualization etc.

The reason is this activity with frequency vibrations and pressure evolves into subatomic particles, which atoms are created from and molecules, organic matter and life.


Human beings just haven't been able to access the mainframe of the universe which is the Higgs field because of the uncertainty of their thought not existing forever which generates a very powerful form of the resistance to evolution in the form of fear which is pressure contained in the body, and this pressure restricts the flow of the transfer of energy from the living organism itself and the energy contained within Universal Consciousness.


Human beings come from an environment that is in the early stages of evolutionary development due to the resistance to evolution.


There is a lot of fear, death and separation contained in Earth's consciousness but that activity is evolving with the Higgs field and the resistance is transferring out of Earth's consciousness now.


Earth has to experience evolutionary progression and advancement first before evolutionary advancement is introduced to Earth's entire population of life known as the Shift in Consciousness or the Apocalypse.

The evolution of the Higgs field here is going to change the frequency vibrations contained within Earth's consciousness, and this will transfer evolution into life and this is already happening now.


Soon very remarkable changes will present themselves to the human race.


Astronomers will also be introduced to a different perspective on the universe when evolutionary activity becomes more powerful in the Milky Way galaxy, and this will happen soon because the Higgs field is incorporated into the consciousness and energy which introduced this universe and contains the existence of infinity.

This means a very powerful transfer of energy is happening right now in this region of time and space.

When I mentioned love being the foundation for the evolution of consciousness that's for sure and I will also add that love from Infinite Consciousness, Universal Consciousness and other divine forces is involved with Earth's changes and they all know that after what Earth has been through.


Earth and life on Earth deserve an wonderful advancement in consciousness...