by Howard David Stupak
June 30, 2022
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Most likely you never even heard of ILI or influenza like illness.


You probably thought that "the flu" and influenza virus were the same, and that if you had "the flu" then the test for the virus would usually be positive.


You would be incorrect...

The vast majority of seasonal flu-like illness or seasonal respiratory infection do not test positive for anything at all, only the minority, between 10-30% test positive for a variation of the influenza virus.

ILI occurs in winter in northern latitudes, and the incidence of this take a bell-shaped curve over time, with variation from season to season in amplitude and duration of the curve, as well as which specific pathogens seem to be primary.


ILI is known to result in pneumonia and even death in frail and obese individuals.


In healthier, and younger individuals ILI manifests as a cold or "flu", rarely causing severe disease.


The varied pathogens that are implicated in ILI are always around, but usually cause the worst of illness in the winter when the throat and nose lining called the mucosa is damaged in its ability to fight invasion due to lack of moisture (low humidity) from winter conditions and heating systems.


Older and less fit individuals are more susceptible to all ILI because this seasonal condition is exacerbated by the concurrence of the damage to the mucosa caused by sleep apnea and frail immunity.

In Wuhan, December 2019, instead of acknowledging or even mentioning, ILI, one of the first scientific articles to describe Covid pivoted straight to novelty, not even considering a severe version of normal seasonality in the introduction:

"Although the outbreak is likely to have started from a zoonotic transmission event associated with a large seafood market that also traded in live wild animals, it soon became clear that efficient person-to-person transmission was also occurring.


The clinical spectrum of SARS-CoV-2 infection appears to be wide, encompassing asymptomatic infection, mild upper respiratory tract illness, and severe viral pneumonia with respiratory failure and even death, with many patients being hospitalized with pneumonia in Wuhan."

Of course, there was no evidence of wet-market causality or zoonoses (exotic animal origin).


But the authors decided to lead with this as though fact, completely ignoring typical seasonality, and the existence of ILI, despite that there are many peer articles that very clearly use the same concepts (see below references for examples), and test positive for a variety of viruses including coronaviruses in the winter in northern latitudes with similar clinical spectrum.

The article, funded by the Chinese government and military obviously intended to sensationalize without the remote mention of it being included in the ILI category, which any experienced researcher would certainly have done, at least describing its possibility.


We will never know if the sensationalization was to drive attention and funding, encourage foreign/domestic subversion, or simply reflects incompetence and failure to see a bigger picture.

The Lancet article was distributed around the world late winter 2020 by physician hierarchy networks, as I found in my email.


This distorted article will likely be considered by historians to be the source of the distorted information that initiated the collapse of the West and its productivity values.

Not only have governments and researchers been aware that influenza like illness (ILI) occurs every winter and most cases never test positive for anything, only the most frail are hospitalized, develop pneumonia and poor outcomes, and nothing is gained by a test as the outcome is the same regardless.

The Lancet study, funded by Chinese government entities, including the test developed partly by military seeks to change the narrative on ILI to give it the appearance a completely novel entity, devoid of the consideration of even a place in existing seasonal respiratory disease.


It introduces concepts that are still espoused by world medical leadership (despite the obviousness that there is nothing special, nor new despite a severe season) and was the foundation for the enabling of destructive practices like lockdowns, and cessation of society until vaccine development, which could only have even in hindsight been considered to be an unlikely event to successfully achieve disease cessation.

Further, the study was not only sensationalist and devoid of mention of normal seasonal pneumonia, but it had severe distortions in its own data analysis.


First, the study included 813 people, but 622 were excluded (almost 80%!) leaving 191, of whom 54 died, mean age 56.


This established falsely that mortality is 1/3 and that it is a middle-aged fatal disease, which would establish a paradigm shift from winter ILI.

Of course this was never borne out, but remains the message from most establishment public health...

They introduce the concept of the importance of viral shedding, and that only isolationis the solution to prevent spread, measured not by viral particle isolation but by RNA detection, as more sensitive but not specific to disease.


This over sensitive detection system was never intended for clinical use, as over-sensitivity would of course necessitate over-reaction in the absence of actual clinical or symptomatic criteria.

They focus on the promise of specific antiviral medications Lopinavir and Ritonavir (without evidence), but likely a conflict of interest.


Essentially this article is the heroically incorrect gospel that Fauci and Collins and others followed that permitted corrupt information from
an adversary to become the framework of two plus and possibly eternity of fetish-obsession with what should have always been classified as seasonal ILI.

Instead of focusing on the single pathogen that was isolated in the Wuhan ILI season, researchers should have been focusing not only on the long-term history of ILI, but on the specific environmental factors, like humidity that breakdown the mucous membranes of the airway during dry winter months, exacerbated by heating systems that has recently been established.

Of course, the increased severity in the obese, sedentary and aged is due to further strain on this dried mucosa by poor airway tone, manifesting as the barotrauma effects of sleep apnea in this population.

These mucosal breaches are the real disease, that only secondarily permit pathogens that are commonly in the airway to become invasive.

The single-minded focus on isolation of patients and the ridiculous introduction of masking (and its acceptance by the gullible public) to avoid the unavoidable and the strategy of locking down until the much hoped-for vaccine development.


Same as well, as the failure of the leadership to acknowledge the proper classification of the disease as perhaps,

a severe season of ILI, the greatest intelligence failure in the history of the West, perhaps worse than the Trojan Horse and Pearl Harbor.



Why does this matter now two years later?

The medical and public health establishment have not deviated from the trajectory triggered by The Lancet article on isolating individuals, absurdly attempting to link masking and "distancing" and the most profitable treatments of choice to disease cessation and falsely attempting to disconnect the regional parabolic incidence curves from seasonality via censoring and media manipulation.


They bought into the early theatrics of hazmat suits, spraying streets and inherent xenophobia of wet-market populations by the public (as I did initially as well, despite an article published just before on seasonality).

There are obviously those who would like this period to never end.


This includes,

clinicians, who through their over-sized role do not wish to have a reversal in the specialness in the "heroism" of their service, with reduction of the virus to simply a severe season of ILI.

There are those in leadership positions that have obviously seen that by continuing the theatre, they can continue their illusion of disease causality of human behavior and not environmental factors, not only saving face in light of their error, but frequently endless garnering attention from the masses.


Finally, the profiteers from the "pandemic" as a special entity are the most subversive, masquerading as humanitarians, but mostly obsessed with selling mitigation products... forever.

These strong lobbies have demanded nothing short of deference and obedience from the public, censuring disagreement and threatening workers and students with loss of career and opportunity with non-compliance.


They have avoided discussion, standing only on the laurels of position and past education, quickly silencing dissenters as "fringe".


This is nothing short of a battle to restore the prior world of,

  • scientific discussion

  • freedom from closed parks and schools

  • forced masking for the public, the truth is sought...