by Thomas Richard
March 18, 2022

from Principia-Scientific Website

Sen. Roger Marshall  -  Dr. Anthony Fauci


At a recent congressional hearing, two doctors who are also senators left the thoroughly unqualified,

...utterly speechless.

First up was Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS), who spent most of his time asking about the Covid-19's unique structure.


He also wanted to know how many children without underlying conditions died from Covid.

She didn't know.


Walensky did know that 400 children have died, saying any child death is too high, despite not knowing how many had serious comorbidities.


Sen. Marshall provided the answer:

Zero died unless they had serious underlying conditions.

When Dr. Marshall asked about the gain-of-function research funded by NIH, Fauci took his usual tact and said 'he didn't know what the senator was talking about'...

When asked about the identical spike proteins found on Covid-19 and in NIH-funded gain-of-function research, Fauci again replied 'he had no idea what he was talking about'...


He took particular umbrage with this line of questioning, visibly squirming.

Next, Sen. Rand Paul hammered home that numerous studies show natural immunity was more effective than the mRNA vaccines.


Dr. Rand Paul asked Becerra why we don't vaccinate people who have gotten Smallpox or Measles' but the current recommendation is to give the jab to everyone, regardless of immunity.

"Natural immunity as good as the vaccine, if not better," Paul noted.

Becerra's answer, which is a White House talking point, is that everyone is "following the 'science'."


Paul replied,

"You are completely ignoring the science of natural immunity... because you want people to submit to your control."

Amazingly, none of these 'experts' could answer basic questions that many Americans have about vaccines, immunity, and whether the virus was man-made in a U.S. funded lab...




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