March 17, 2022
from SGTReport Website




  • Todd Callender

  • Dr. Pete Chambers

  • Nick Winters

  • John Wilcox,

...join the SGT Report for this lengthy discussion about the experimental jab technology and 5G smartphones, which are all linked as it pertains to the eugenicists' kill grid.

In it, they discuss how 5G is related to the 'pandemic', and how the 5G grid is a much bigger issue than most people realize given the type of microwaves used and the smartphone technology.

But first, they cover one of the nefarious ingredients in mRNA covid vaccines:

graphene hydroxide (GHO)...

This compound, not to be confused with 'graphene oxide' (GO), is a very stable molecule that is not biodegradable, so it basically stays in a person's body forever...

That may explain Covid Long syndrome; people who have chronic fatigue-like symptoms after getting the jab that lasts months and even years (it's too soon to tell).


This syndrome has been recognized by the US government as a disability.

This is all part of what they call the 'Kill Grid,' which is not by accident but by design...