by Mark Sircus
May 02, 2018
from DrSircus Website

One would not normally ignore a herd of stampeding elephants headed your way yet that is exactly what we are doing in terms of cold climate change, which is already overrunning Canada and,

  • great parts of the United States

  • Europe

  • Russia

  • parts of China

It was the 20th of April and 90 percent of Canada was still covered with snow as was 25 percent of the continental United States.

"We are in uncharted territory for winter snow remaining," say meteorologist Jerry Shields.

These are "historic numbers."

It is now May first and we are still having winter storms in the continental United States and freeze warnings for eastern KY and for parts of eastern Ohio and WV.


To the mentally handicapped, seriously hypnotized, heavily conditioned populations at the hands of preposterous dishonest media organizations, and for Democrats in general, this all sounds like global warming and the hottest year on record.


All of these types of people suffer from the hallucination that the sun has no influence on the weather down here on planet earth when every scientist knows it does.


The sun is going into hibernation for at least a few decades and that means big trouble for us.


Thus, it is not preposterous to diagnose global warming disorder as a serious mental disease that will have wide nutritional consequences including starvation and death.

"It's the coldest and snowiest April on record near the Great Lakes," headlines the Washington Post. "Scores of records for both snow and cold have fallen."

It is also the coldest-ever April in,

  • Minneapolis

  • Madison

  • Marquette

Chicago has had its 2nd-coldest start to April in 130 years.


The first half of April marks the second-coldest start of the month since 1881, said meteorologist Charles Mott of the National Weather Service. The average temperature for April is 46.6ºF, but this month is registering more than 10 degrees lower - only 36.2ºF, the weather service said.


Detroit, which is suffering from more global warming than Chicago, headed for coldest April in 143 years.


As of Thursday, Detroit's average temperature for April is 38.3ºF. That's only slightly warmer than April 1874, which at 37.6ºF was the coldest on record.


On the 26th of April we are still reading that more frost expected from Texas Panhandle to Kansas and that winter has returned to the mountains of Montana and the cold will stay put through May 1st and beyond it seems.


Temperatures are way below normal and that is not because of global 'warming' but because of global cooling. Climate chaos is upon us as this years growing season will be short, very short, dangerously short in terms of agricultural production.


Though real scientists have been predicting a mini-ice age due to diminishing solar output and what they call a grand solar minimum the corrupt media and governments everywhere are still clinging to the manmade global warming con.


It really is the greatest crime in history and a crime against humanity because our modern civilization is not prepared or even capable of sustaining humanities billions against the rapid cooling of our planet.





All that white stuff so deep into spring is the face of the manmade global warming that never was. This is via the Canadian Ice Service.


It shows a polar view looking down at the North pole, which is a composite of several days worth of MODIS views via NASA Goddard to create a Composite of the Arctic image.


No one predicted how fast the cooling is happening, but it is happening fast.


Take one look at arctic sea ice and headlines like "Freezamageddon - Sea Ice Volume surges 3 TRILLION Cubic Meters since Early March!" and one can start to get an idea of what is already happening on the ground.

"If the grand solar minimum (mini-ice age) is supposed to start in the next few years and it is going to get worse than this, then god help us all!" says Don Brown.





It might be hard to verify the exact amount of sea ice growth but a quick look at the above images shows the fact that it has increased dramatically since 2008.





The rapid growth in ice this year in the Arctic Circle is easily seen in the above image.

"British farmers in turmoil as delayed spring plays havoc with growing season," reads the Guardian headline.

Farmers are suffering as the cold, wet spring has put a stunning halt to agriculture in both Canada and the United States.


If wine production is any indication of what is happening in the agricultural area, then we are heading for big trouble:

"Worldwide Wine Output Collapses to 60-Year Low, Sparks Fears of Major Shortage."

The Director-General of the International Organization of Vine and Wine, Jean-Marie Aurand, warned that global wine production collapsed in 2017, with a contraction of 8.6 percent compared with 2016.


In fact, global wine output dropped to its lowest levels since 1957, primarily due to poor weather in the Eurozone which slashed production across the entire bloc.


However, Time Magazine and all other major media outlets will not give up on manmade global warming saying recently,

"Temperature increases linked to climate change are worsening air pollution in communities across the country right now contributing to a range of health problems from asthma to premature death, according to a new report from the American Lung Association."

Since there are no temperature increases, except in certain local areas, it really is hard to understand what they are talking about and why they are insisting in something that is not true.


Climate change fanatics who believe in manmade global warming are getting desperate so we see headlines like 6 Documentaries that Will Shut Down any Climate-Change Denier.


Anyone who does not believe in their climate assumptions is called 'a denier.'


This is a serious symptom of global warming mental illness, deny the truth. In this case the truth is as big and as important as the sun, which translates into an almost guaranteed collapse in food production.


Given President Donald Trump's denial of climate change and his recent action of pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Accord, now is probably an apt time to educate yourself on the environment.


It's even more important when you realize that the present Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) director is a climate science denier - and he's quite open about it.


Global warming is neither an engineered fallacy nor really even debated at this point. There is a broad consensus in the scientific community that climate change is occurring and heavily accelerated by humans.


Of course The New Yorker magazine insists that all this ice is a hallucination saying,

"Scientists estimate that, each day, our added emissions trap the heat equivalent of four hundred thousand Hiroshima-sized bombs, which is why the Arctic has half as much ice as it did in the nineteen-eighties."

Yes, they are open about it because reality supports global cooling not global warming. It is typical to shut down all discussion and debate.


Rapid global cooling is going to be the pin that will deflate this bubble of arrogance...


The Washington Post also gets in on the climate change scare mongering publishing 'One of the most Worrisome Predictions about Climate Change may be coming True.'


They talk about Antarctic glaciers melting when reliable National Geographic says, 'Deep Bore into Antarctica finds Freezing Ice, Not Melting as Expected.'


Scientists concluded in the Journal of Glaciology that the loss of glacier mass in Antarctica's western region is being offset by thickening of glaciers on the continent's eastern interior, which has experienced increased snowfall.


The result:

A net gain of about 100 billion tons of ice per year, according to the report. NASA agrees saying, 'Mass Gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet Greater than Losses.'








"This photo is from the south of France at the end of April, 15 kilometers (9 miles) up the hill from St Tropez at 360 meters (1,181 ft)," says Ed Hoskins.


"We have had it like this twice this winter. Prior to that we have had snowfall twice in the last 20 years."

No one is denying climate change, but many are denying global warming since it is all based on lies, computer models and political hubris.


Scientific research in environmental, medical and climate often cannot be replicated by other scientists, is compromised by cherry-picked data, poor research design, sloppy analysis or outright dishonesty.


The greatest bull artists of all time have come together to try to pull a fast one on humanity, but they are not getting away with it for Nature has other plans.


With major cities in the United States experiencing their coldest April in recorded history the game is almost up. It should not surprise you to learn the greatest global two-year cooling event of the last century is occurring.


From February 2016 to February 2018 (the latest month available) global average temperatures dropped 0.56°C.





Major U.S. cities headed for coldest April in recorded history


In terms of business and finance we have David Stockman saying:

The GOP in Washington today is essentially useless because it has abandoned the pillars of prosperity and has become an opportunistic gang of neocons, social cons, tax cons and Wall Street hand maidens.


As a result, we now have a financial system that is flying blind toward a monumental monetary/fiscal crack-up.

And we have global warming cons, yet this is anything but funny.


Geographer Francis Ludlow of Trinity College Dublin in Ireland noting historical ramifications of dramatic cold climate changes says,

"Ultimately, there can be very little doubt that these sorts of abrupt climatic events place great stress on societies, and can sometimes tip them over the edge."