July 16, 2022
from 2ndsmartestguyintheworld Website


In a sane world, the chart above puts an end to all the "climate change aka global warming" arguments.


The current atmospheric CO2 level is around 420 PPM, which is critically too low...!

We actually need more CO2, not less.

The Big Oil corporations pushing for all of these "green energy" scams out there are directly profiting from this "climate change" agenda.

Ironically, brainwashed leftist Michael Moore backed this excellent documentary exposing the involvement of BigOil in the "climate change" hoax (far below video).

Vehicles like Tesla consume much more "fossil" fuel energy and resources over their lifespans and generate far more pollution.

The only advantage to driving such "clean" vehicles that are backstopped by taxpayers via ZEV credits, grants, and other theft transfers is that,

they will indirectly generate more CO2 over time...

The "green energy" scam is a program to impoverish the planet and accelerate depopulation via,

hyperinflation, poverty, supply chain shortages, and famine.


It is really that simple and in plain sight...

"Climate change" is a psychological indoctrination program whereby humans grow to despise themselves as the main cause of planetary destruction and consider the human race a "scourge" upon the world.

This is a critical early phase of Death Cult normalization that allows for ritualistic suicide behavior in, say, the uptake of slow-kill bioweapon injections.

PSYOP-19 flows perfectly into PSYOP-CLIMATE-CHANGE for numerous reasons, as will the upcoming limited nuclear strikes in PSYOP-WW3 which in turn will be justified for ever more urgent "climate change" policies.

Remember, all of these psyops flow into and out of each other...!











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