by Rich Scheck
May 29, 2019

from NewsInsideOut Website





With all the apparent good news regarding UFOs with its implication for the much cherished end to the Truth Embargo, the possibility looms that Donald Trump will be the Disclosure President.

Currently the planet is in a pre-world war mode similar to 1914 and 1939 with many proxy wars, trade wars and wide-spread economic uncertainty as well as an ineffective United Nations.

Amidst all the chaos, confusion and suffering lurks the ever-present dynamic of other-worldly visitation - whether from ETs, Angelic Entities or some as yet to be determined class of beings.

Reports of UFOs remain high...


The US government continues to legitimize discussion of the topic with its recent announcements, so much so that the New York Times (the "unofficial paper of record") has felt comfortable enough to give it credence with several articles.

Steve Bassett said a few weeks ago that "Full Disclosure is Imminent!" I challenged that contention but may soon have to acknowledge he was right.


My joy in doing so will be enhanced if Disclosure is indeed "Full" and free of any taint of an inauthentic official narrative that some suspect with the rise of To The Stars Academy and AATIP.

Even Richard and Tracy Dolan seem eager to jump on the "Disclosure may be happening now" band-wagon. Certainly a strong case can be made that something along those lines is afoot.

The irony of all this is that if Disclosure does happen soon (imminent means in a "few" days to me), that would make Trump the Disclosure President much to the chagrin of many who detest him and would have preferred to see Hillary earn that title.

There is obviously a push for some sort of Disclosure, perhaps as a limited hang-out to distract from the coming war with Iran and/or to deflect the public’s attention from other chaos around the planet.


But the real agenda may be as a path to some form of global government and, dare I say it, peace...!

Remember, it was Ronald Reagan who spoke at the UN about the unifying role ET visitation might have to quell Earthly discord.


Perhaps, the planetary quarantine described by Alfred Webre in his book Exopolitics, is coming to end by virtue of enough humans having evolved enough to recapture their Universal citizenship and/or the level of crisis being so great with the potential use of nuclear weapons by combatants that an outside intervention is deemed mandatory by... Them!

It is now a presidential tradition for attempts to achieve US/Russian space cooperation.


JFK reached out to Khrushchev; Reagan interjected the topic in his dialogues with Gorbachev with Mike Salla among those who believe Trump has addressed the matter in his private chats with Putin.

On a subtle level, some saw the 2016 election between Trump and Clinton as a quiet battle for who would best champion this issue. Trump prevailed but RussiaGate has significantly undermined his ability to govern.


With all the current UFO revelations, it might be argued that they represent a rear-guard action of the Hillary forces to keep her place in the race for Disclosure or a way for Trump to seize the High Ground. (Maybe they are actually colluding on the issue with no jail for Hillary and no impeachment for Trump!)

Some may hope she can emerge as the Democratic nominee again if things get out of hand among the 20+ prospects vying for contention.


Folks like John Podesta may be dreaming she can fulfill her destiny to be the first woman to capture the White House and use that position to be the Disclosure President.

A Trump/Clinton rematch with a more open battle regarding the UFO issue may be desirable for many.


But an even better scenario for me would be to see someone new who lacks the massive negative baggage of both of those individuals - someone young, articulate and courageous like Tulsi Gabbard - who would take up the issue and bring elegance as well as credibility to this important issue of global security and human progress.