Foundations for Global Management of Extraterrestrial Affairs


The ‘victorious’ Allied powers (who called themselves the United Nations which also became the official name of the new international organization to replace the League of Nations in 1945) formed the foundations of a post-World War II order in response to events that had preceded and occurred during the War. The most important event aside from the visitation of ET races themselves was the rapid technological advances achieved by Nazi Germany’s scientists as a result of sponsoring esoteric communication techniques with ET races.


The primary lessons learned from the Nazi-ET connection were the following.

  • ET races were visiting the Earth and eager to establish ongoing communications with the political leaderships of major national governments.

  • Psychic communication techniques with ET races played a significant role in Nazi Germany’s rapid technological advancements.

  • ET artifacts dating from antiquity could be found in remote locations around the planet, and had a potential for rapid technological advances by their discoverers.

  • One or more ET races tacitly supported Nazi Germany’s weapons acquisition programs.

  • ET races would not direct intervene in violent national conflicts and appeared to play an even handed role in assisting belligerent states to develop ET technologies for either offensive or defensive purposes. 

  • Nazi Germany’s elites survived the war in remote locations in Antarctica and South America and would play a continued role in regional/world affairs.

The foundations for globally managing ET affairs after the Second World War were a number of policies based on the lessons learned from the Second World War era.


There is considerable evidence to suggest that the major Allied powers of the US, USSR, Britain, and France have ‘cooperated’ in observing and implementing these global management policies despite powerful rivalries and diverging interests. Much of the cooperation between the US and the USSR, was due to the shared perception of the need to cooperate in dealing with the ET presence and the continued Nazi bases, and the profound lessons learned from Nazi experience when a major state embarked on military adventurism based on its confidence that it could use ET technology for offensive purposes.


The most important factor which impinged on this global cooperation were clear ideological differences between the Western and Soviet bloc nations which held antagonistic visions of how to best organize society, and the planet. This meant that each bloc, respectively led by the US and USSR, was simultaneously cooperating to effectively respond to the ET presence and existence of Nazi bases, while competing to maximize their respective zones of influence around the planet.


The US and USSR took the lead in creating the political, military and economic structures that each ideological bloc would use in dealing with its own members, and with the rival bloc of nations. Each ideological bloc would deal with the various policy issues emerging from the existence of ET races and technologies using the structures it set up specifically for dealing with this issue. However, each bloc would cooperate in coordinating policy on the ET presence through the regular summit meetings between their political leaderships and the channels of communication established by each bloc’s respective military and intelligence communities.


The eventual recognition of the Peoples Republic of China as a Permanent member of the Security Council in 1972, signified its emergence as a major state that would also play a significant role in globally managing ET affairs by asserting a regional zone of influence in pursuing and acquiring ET technology and responding to the ET presence. There is little evidence that the non-Aligned Group of nations that emerged in the 1960’s played a significant role in globally managing the ET technology and the ET presence.


Based on the institutional structures, relationships, and cooperative agreements reached by the Allied powers in dealing with ET technology and the ET presence around the planet, five main policies adopted by the Allied powers for globally managing ET affairs can be identified.

1. Non-Disclosure of Extraterrestrial Affairs

The first major policy adopted for globally managing ET affairs was that this would not be disclosed to the general publics and most elected officials of the major allied states until some time in the future when the policy consequences of the ET presence and ET technology could be clearly determined. In the case of the US, President Roosevelt adopted the decision for non-disclosure and after the US confirmed the reality of the ET presence and of ET technology. This was later institutionalized by the Truman and Eisenhower administrations in a manner that would allow the non-disclosure to be continued for an indefinite period. [44]


Each of the Western democratic nations playing a prominent role in the global management system set up to deal with ET affairs, would form their own institutional structures responsible for coordinating ET policies and ensuring non-disclosure. [45] Each of the national governments would give all ET related projects and information a sufficiently high security classification to make it a federal/national crime for military and intelligence officials to come forward to reveal their participation in projects concerning the ET presence and technology. [46] This would be a highly effective means for restricting public debate and media investigation of ET related issues as evidenced by the continued media blackout of the ET presence. [47]  


This success of the strategy of non-disclosure required strict enforcement of national security laws, and pressure on other states not privy to all aspects of ET affairs, to turn over any information, artifacts or technologies in their possession to one or more of the major powers in accord to the spheres of influence initially set out at the February 1945 agreement at Yalta between Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin.


The Yalta agreement is significant since it not only established spheres of influence for dealing with the territories liberated by the Allies, but it was also likely to have sanctioned a non-disclosure policy of the ET presence and the Nazi-ET connection. This suggested that the Allied states would cooperate to ensure ET affairs would remain a national security issue that would involve severe penalties for disclosure by public officials. In the case of the Soviet bloc of nations, and later China, even more draconian national security laws were set in place to ensure non-disclosure by even the most brave of public officials who was aware of government/military projects concerning ET technology and the ET presence. 


The national political leaderships of states not playing a prominent role in globally managing ET affairs, were only sufficiently informed of the ET presence to delegate the matter over to their respective national security bodies. It appears that in cases where ET artifacts were discovered, ET craft landed or retrievals of craft occurred, and/or where ET contact occurred, these would be dealt with through the national security organs of the state that would cooperate with the major states that had influence over the host nation.


Dr Jamisson Neruda, who claims to be a defector from a clandestine organization embedded within the National Security Agency organization that specializes in ET communication and technology, describes the circumstances surrounding the retrieval of an ET piloted craft discovered by his father who served in the Bolivian Army:

In 1956. My father discovered a damaged spacecraft in the jungles of Bolivia during a hunting trip. It was a triangular vessel about seventy meters from end-to-end, nearly equilateral. It included twenty-six crew. All dead…. My father recovered a specific technology from the ship, and then contacted a military official within the Bolivian government that was a trusted friend.


Initially, my father was interested in selling the craft to the Bolivian military, but it quickly became a concern of the U.S. military -- specifically the SPL [Special Projects Laboratory]. A director from the SPL met with my father, ascertained the ship's location, and performed a complete salvage operation in the span of three days. [48]

The secret global recovery system operating for countries in the US sphere of influence is called ‘Project Pounce’. Colonel Steve Wilson, a former leader of this clandestine group of specialists from different branches of the US military revealed the activities of this secret Project in a series of interviews:

Project Pounce is an elite group of Air Force Black Berets and military scientists who rush to the scene of any UFO crashes, cordon off the area, retrieve the extraterrestrial spacecraft and any occupants, then "sanitize" the crash site back to its pre-crash appearance, and intimidate any outside witnesses into silence. [49]

The victorious Allies that formed the United Nations, and whose principal members became the permanent members of the UN Security Council, would cooperate in ensuring non-disclosure of the ET presence to their respective general publics, and other national governments. This suggested that the United Nations Security Council provided an important forum for the permanent members to coordinate their respective national policies on ET’s and, ensuring non-disclosure of the ET presence and/or discovery of ET technology.



2. Non-Disclosure of the ET-Nazi Connection and Countering Nazi Influence in South America

The second major policy adopted for globally managing ET affairs was that the ET connection with Nazi Germany, and the survival of the Nazi elite in remote locations in Antarctica and South America would not be disclosed to the general public and most elected public officials by those national governments aware of the Nazi exodus.


This was to ensure that there would be no reemergence of the Nazi ideology as the basis of new national government anywhere in the world, and of Nazi elites capturing a major state for promoting their Nazi belief systems. This posed considerable difficulties in South America where many governments had strong pro-Nazi sentiments and had provided material support and safe havens for the Axis powers.


Countries such as Argentina, Paraguay, Chile and Brazil were carefully watched due to strong pro-Nazi sympathies among political elites, and potential for these states to be vehicles for the spread of Nazism/Fascism in the South American continent. [50]


Indeed, much of the Cold War struggle that occurred throughout South America was an effort to contain the spread of Nazism/Fascism and the need to reign in the influence of Nazi enclaves that influenced governments in this continent. The fear was that South America could one day become a vehicle for a renewed effort by the remaining Nazi elites for regional, if not global, domination.


The Cold War struggle in South America was a covert means for the US and USSR to minimize the threat posed by the escaped Nazi elite, by exhausting South American states in a series of political and economic crises. These perennial crises would ensure that no South American state could ever achieve the kind of economic potential that would enable it to develop the industrial capacity and technological base that would provide the Nazi elite a vehicle for achieving a leadership role in regional and/or world affairs.


For example, the 2002 decision by the International Monetary Fund not to provide additional funds to Argentina, led to an easily predictable economic meltdown that resulted in the closing of banks, cut back in government services, and rapid increase in unemployment. [51] Rather than this being a result of different macro-economic philosophies by the Bush administration as compared to the Clinton administration, it may be suspected that the real reason was to deny Argentina the resources with which it could play a major political role in the region. The final result would be to deny an increase in the power of Nazi elites who continue to exert a powerful behind the scenes influence over the Argentine political system, and other states in South America.


Significantly, the individual in charge of Cold War strategy in Latin America during the Truman administration was Nelson Rockefeller who was later secretly appointed by Eisenhower to take charge of ET affairs, and was suspected for his pro-Nazi sympathies and business links. [52]  




3. Repatriation of Nazi Scientists/technologies and continuing Nazi Sponsored Human Projects

The third major policy adopted for globally managing ET affairs was that all ET inspired technology left by Nazi Germany was divided between the victorious powers of the US, Britain, France, and the Soviet Union in terms of who had possession of the technology or scientists in their respective zones of control in Occupied Germany and former Nazi occupied territories.


Each Allied state incorporated this technology into their respective clandestine military efforts aimed at weapons development and intelligence acquisition. Each of the major Allied states had its own version of ‘Operation Paperclip’ where the US sponsored the removal of Nazi scientists to the US, even in cases where they had strong pro-Nazi records thereby violating US immigration laws. [53] These efforts of recruiting Nazi scientists were distinguished by the continuation of many Nazi sponsored projects in the US and USSR.


The expatriation of former Nazi scientists was particularly important in a number of fields where the Nazis used slave labor and/or unwilling human subjects in testing and developing ET inspired technologies. The restrictions on such experiments in the US and other democratic nations meant that these Nazi scientists had a wealth of experience that could not be easily replicated in the US and elsewhere. Areas in particular which were of interest to Western nations aware of the ET presence were genetic and mind control experiments aimed at optimizing human performance in extreme conditions.


These experiments were secretly continued in the US and other former Allied states with the purpose of bioengineering ‘super soldiers’ who could display the kind of genetic and mental qualities for extremely high military performance in outer space. The testimonies of former participants of these experiments suggest that many of these former Nazi sponsored genetic and mind control programs were indeed used for producing ‘super soldiers’. [54]


One individual who claims to have been a participant of these genetic and mind control experiments, Andy Pero, gave an interview revealing the background of these mind control experiments he was involved in:

After WW2 many Nazi scientists were brought over to the US through our own Intelligence community who formerly worked in mind control research in the concentration camps. I believe they are a remnant of the Nazi party working in conjunction with different branches of the US government and the military. Much of my training and torture sessions were done right at the University of Rochester, NY. They used to take me to a private room in the attic or top floor of the library.


The big lab where I had most of the programming done to me was at the Rome National Air Base in Rome, NY. I have also been used in the Montauk chair while at Camp Hero, Montauk, L.I. and also in a chair in Atlanta, GA at Dobbins Air Force Base…. The trainers would put me into a trance whereby I'd be told I could jump off a ladder of minimal height. In my mind, I believed that I was only jumping off a footstool or a short ledge. In actuality, I was progressively led to jump higher and higher heights to the point of successfully jumping off buildings and even out of planes without a parachute.


When under mind control, I could do whatever I was instructed to do as long as I believed them. I would do 200 or more push ups in perfect form, sometimes as long as a half hour straight, or until I was told to stop. I weight lifted 545 lbs. on a barbell and squats while attending college and much more (500-1500 lb.) while I was under the mind control in the training laboratory not far from Rochester, NY. [55]

Other areas of experimentation involved psychometric weapons development and experiments working with time/dimensional travel. [56] A number of participants in these highly secret projects sponsored by intelligence and military branches of government have come forward to give testimony of these projects. Preston Nichols, claims to have been a former director of one of these projects and has testified to the use of children, the homeless and other unwilling human subjects in continuing these highly secret experiments.


He outlined the history of Montauk Project as follows:

Over the years, the Montauk researchers perfected their mind control techniques and continued to delve further into the far reaches of human potential. By developing the psychic abilities of different personnel, it eventually got to the point where a psychic's thoughts could be amplified with hardware, and illusions could be manifested both subjectively and objectively.


This included the virtual creation of matter. All of this was unparalleled in the history of what we call "ordinary human experience" but the people who ran the Montauk Project were not about to stop. They would reach even further into the realm of the extraordinary. Once it was discovered that a psychic could manifest matter, it was observed that it could appear at different times, depending on what the psychic was thinking.


Thus, what would happen if a psychic thought of a book but thought of it appearing yesterday? It was this line of thinking and experimentation which led to the idea that one could bend time itself. After years of empirical research, time portals were opened with massive and outrageous experiments being conducted. [57]

The sponsorship of human performance enhancing experiments and mind control was adopted by all major governments interested in the work of Nazi Scientists, future requirements for humans in space conditions, and possible future conflict with ET races. [58] These experiments continue today and remain among the most classified projects developed by major states that globally manage the ET presence, ET technology and legacy of Nazi Germany.



4. Managing Extraterrestrial Artifacts Found Around the Planet

The fourth major policy adopted for globally managing ET affairs was that all ET artifacts found around the planet would be bought under the control of one or more of the ‘victorious powers’ of US, Britain, the Soviet Union, and France. This meant that the post-war division of the globe into different ‘spheres of influence’ agreed to at Yalta, meant that most if not all ET technology would eventually find its way into the clandestine military programs of the US, Britain, the Soviet Union and France, or at least be monitored by these major states.


With the emergence of China as a permanent UN member, this meant that it too was recognized as having a legitimate sphere of influence wherein it could work to access, control and/monitor discovered ET artifacts. Maintaining the principle established at Yalta in 1945 to carve up the planet into different spheres of influence would help ensure that there would be no proliferation of ET inspired technology since a major power would be recognized as having legitimacy to covertly intervene, control and/or monitor ET artifacts.


This would help minimize chances of a repeat of the Nazi experience where a discontented regional power could use ET technology for weapons development and embark on a program of regional military domination that would once again threaten peace and stability in a region or the globe.


This fundamental principle of globally managing ET affairs was particularly important in those parts of the planet where ancient civilizations existed and where ET artifacts were likely to be hidden in inaccessible or yet to be discovered areas. Regions such Tibet, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Indochina, South and Central America, and elsewhere were all highly valued assets due to the potential ET artifacts possibly located in these countries and regions.


The global cooperation between the US and USSR, and other permanent members of the UN Security Council members, in responding to the ET presence and gaining access to ET artifacts, yielded to intense strategic competition for control of these territories and their hidden treasures. The Cold War ideological conflict masked the very real struggle for each major state to maximize its power in terms of the technological breakthroughs ET artifacts would provide.


There is evidence that the current war in Iraq is but the latest example of a regional military conflict whose ultimate prize is ET artifacts that would impact on the technological programs of the major states managing ET affairs around the planet. [59] The split between NATO members France and Germany, with the US and Britain over the legitimacy and timing of the military intervention in Iraq, suggested that a fundamental realignment in managing ET affairs had occurred with France and Germany siding with Russia and even China in wanting to restrain the US.


This suggested that the post-Second World War cooperation for managing ET affairs was under severe strain, and that very real tensions lay underneath the polite language of international diplomacy. [60]



5. Cooperating to End the Nazi Threat

The fifth major policy adopted for globally managing ET technology and the ET presence was that the major powers would cooperate in responding to the challenge posed both by the remnants of Nazi Germany in their hidden military bases in Antarctica and South America; and to the one or more ET races that had and continued to assist Nazi elites.


This cooperation by the major powers was marked by agreements to not disclose this information to their respective general publics and most elected political officials. What surely most troubled Allied officials was the success of the Nazi elites to develop fully operational saucer craft that were propelled by antigravity generators and navigational systems that still had not been successfully developed by the US and USSR as mentioned by Col Corso in an interview reflecting his time in service (he retired from military service in 1963). [61]  


This Nazi success occurred well before the Allied states were able to develop their own fleets of saucer ships.

According to Col Steve Wilson, the first successful U.S. antigravity flight took place on July 18, 1971 at S-4 dreamland or Area 51 (to see location go HERE) [62]  wherein light bending capabilities were also demonstrated to obtain total invisibilities. A number of military whistleblowers suggest that the US currently has a fleet of ET reverse engineered ships with antigravity propulsion systems and that manned flights to the Moon and even Mars are regular occurrences by the clandestine organizations developing and using such technology. [63]


If Wilson’s date and description is accurate, it suggests that the US reached a similar technological stage to the Nazis who presumably achieved this technological feat sometime towards the end of the Second World War as evidenced by the appearance of the legendary Foo fighters which bewildered Allied airmen on bombing missions over Germany. [64]


After an exhaustive study of this phenomenon, British researcher Mark Birdsall concluded:

“Without question, nearly all Foo-Fighter and Ghost Rocket reports can be categorized as advanced technology channeled from …various secret German WWII scientific facilities.” [65]

This suggests that a significant technological gap divided the US/USSR from the Nazi elite who escaped to Antarctica with their prized technological assets and information derived from their occult communications with ET races.


The presence of a significantly well-armed and undefeated Nazi presence in Antarctica and South America would be kept from the general public and most elected officials. The evidence for such a non-disclosure policy is evidenced by the secrecy surrounding the true goals of Admiral Byrd’s Antarctic mission in 1946/47; and subsequent conflicts in the Antarctic and South America. The level of secrecy even for senior political officials can be gauged by comments by former Congressmen such as Senator Barry Goldwater who served as Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.


In response to a question by a UFO researcher he stated:

“This thing [ET affairs] has gotten so highly classified … it is just impossible to get anything on it.” [66]

The superior ET inspired technology achieved by Nazi remnants that allowed them to continue to maintain remote bases would surely have disturbed the US and USSR.


This helps understand the basis of the cooperation between the major Western powers and the Soviet Union and its satellite states, to globally manage the existence of ET races and technology throughout the Cold War era, and to hide the truth about the threat posed by remnants of Nazi Germany.


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Conclusion: Global Management System for ET Affairs and the Legacy of the Nazi-ET Connection


The management system designed by the Allied powers to deal with ET affairs, including the legacy of the Nazi Germany-ET connection, are based circumstances that stem directly from the Second World War.


The desire not to disclose the existence of significant Nazi bases in Antarctica and elsewhere was understandably based on perceptions by the leaderships of Allied states that this would lead to disclosure of the ET assistance received by Nazi Germany. Due to the potential of this for disclosure of the ET presence more generally, a policy that became a foundation for the global management of ET affairs after the War, the truth about the Nazi bases would not be disclosed.


Furthermore, the fact that Nazi bases in Antarctica could not be militarily defeated suggested both the technological superiority of Nazi weapons, and the likelihood that they continued to receive assistance from one or more ET races preventing the eradication of Nazi bases. Given global public perceptions of ‘complete victory’ in the Second World War, the Allied governments did not want their respective national publics to learn of the major strategic defeat suffered by the Allies with the successful establishment of a Nazi presence in Antarctica and South America, and the Nazi-ET connection.


This would mean that these technologically advanced Nazi enclaves would pose a direct threat to the militaries of major world governments. Perhaps more importantly, core Nazi principles such as elitist decision making, eugenics, and militarism, would be a threat to ‘democratic’ values around the globe, and how ET affairs were to be globally managed.


The chief legacy of the Nazi German-ET connection is that Nazi enclaves continue to influence a key region of the planet, South America, leading to numerous political and economic crises in that continent which continues to seriously impact on the lives of South American citizens. Furthermore, there are claims by a number of researchers that Nazism continues to covertly influence government policy at the highest level in countries such as the US, Russia; and, to a lesser extent, Britain and France, through the Nazi scientists expatriated into those countries after the Second World War.


These former Nazi scientists assumed prominent leadership positions in the clandestine projects to develop ET inspired technologies, and thus became Trojan horses for Nazi principles and beliefs both in government and corporations that fulfill numerous contracts that service the military and intelligence communities in the US. This is especially the case in projects that involve ‘mind control’ and ‘genetic’ experiments that utilize ET inspired technologies for a variety of purposes that are not transparent and abusive of the rights of human subjects.


There is evidence that Nazi infiltration through the ‘Trojan horse’ of former Nazi Scientists into the military-industrial complexes that oversee ET affairs is so significant as to constitute a direct threat to democracy and liberty in the US and other major powers.


There is a need for full disclosure of ET affairs in general in order to make it possible for humanity to make the transition to the reality of extraterrestrial life, and the political issues that arise with dealing with ET affairs. There are not only ethical and political principles that motivate full disclosure, but there are also significant national security principles at stake.


The very survival of the US as a bastion of liberty and democracy - key principles established by the Founding fathers of the US – are at stake if clandestine projects dealing with ET affairs and the continued Nazi influence, are not placed under the oversight of the appropriate congressional and executive committees that are transparent in their operations and reports. [67]


A full Congressional inquiry into the true circumstances surrounding the escape of Nazi elites and establishment of bases in Antarctica and elsewhere, by the US Congress and similar parliamentary bodies of other nations is immediately required. Such official inquiries are needed to make the public more aware of how Nazi principles have infiltrated into the key national institutions responsible for managing ET affairs, and the threat this poses to democratic values and institutions.


Evidence for infiltration of Nazi principles into the key decision making bodies on ET affairs is given by whistleblowers such as Dr Michael Wolf who claims that,

“within the UFO Cover-Up there is a dark, covert renegade organization known as the ‘Cabal’. He describes it as a "well-orchestrated conspiratorial bevy of plotters ... top-heavy with the military, and headed by (a Navy Under- Secretary)."

He claims that the “paranoiac Cabal works against, and deliberately undermines, the goals of peaceful negotiations with the extraterrestrial visitors.” [68]


At a global level, there is a similar threat that key institutions that manage ET affairs have become infiltrated by Nazi elites and/or Nazi principles. It is imperative that the public becomes fully informed of the variety of ET races in existence, their activities and agendas, and to identify those races that have been most active in supporting the Nazi elite and their activities since the end of the Second World War.


While achieving transparency in the full range of activities, agendas and motivations of ET races is extraordinarily complex, it is certainly worth investigating why one or more ET races assisted in the development in the Nazi’s advanced technology, and may be playing a role in the expansion of Nazi principles in the national and global management of ET affairs. There remains the danger of an unnecessary military confrontation with ET races who, it is claimed in the majority of whistleblower testimonies, demonstrate little hostile intent to global humanity, and indeed have thus far demonstrated remarkable resilience in not retaliating against attacks from clandestine government organizations. [69]  


Delay in addressing the influence of Nazi elites and/or Nazi principles in the global management of ET affairs may result in a series of events that have tragic consequences for the sovereignty and freedom of humanity for generations to come.







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