by Michael E. Salla, PhD
January 1, 2004

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 -  Introduction



 -  The Strategic Dilemma – Finding Strategic Allies Among Extraterrestrial Races


 -  'Power Politics’, the United States & The Extraterrestrial Presence


 -  The Failure of Power Politics & Centralized Global Defense against Extraterrestrial Intervention & Subversion


 -  Developing an Alternative Strategy for Responding to the Extraterrestrial Presence


 -  Endnotes


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Introduction *


There has been an undisclosed extraterrestrial presence on Earth since at least the Second World War era that has been known to senior officials in national security organizations of major states who have attempted to develop a successful strategic response. There is persuasive whistleblower testimony that different extraterrestrial groups appeared before senior national security officials of the US to offer a variety of technologies, programs and forms of assistance. These national security officials decided to enter into secret agreements with extraterrestrials that offered technologies with military applications. In making these agreements, US policy makers deliberately adopted a strategic policy similar to 19th century Prussia/Germany.


Under the leadership of its powerful Chancellor, Otto Von Bismarck, Prussia transformed itself from a mid-size Germanic principality vulnerable to its more powerful European neighbors, to a unified German Empire that quickly became a leading European power. Likewise, senior officials in the US planned to emulate the role of Prussia/Germany in developing a strategy for coordinating Earth’s system of sovereign states under the leadership of the US in order to adequately respond to the extraterrestrial presence.

In refusing the assistance of extraterrestrial races that offered technologies that focused on developing grass roots ‘human capacities’ and ‘planetary cleansing’, policy makers dealing with extraterrestrials were indicating that they viewed this as a strategically dangerous choice given the uncertainty surrounding the extraterrestrial presence. There has subsequently been a secret effort to develop through a vast network of compartmentalized ‘black projects’ an advanced planetary defense system capable of ensuring the sovereignty of major countries such as the US, Russia, Britain, France and China, and more generally the global sovereignty of humanity. The network of projects has been financially supported by a ‘black budget’ that in the US alone is annually estimated to be over one trillion dollars and constitutes a second ‘Manhattan Project’.

This paper analyses the strategic implications of the power politics modeled on Bismarck’s Prussia/Germany, the secret defense system put in place to respond to the extraterrestrial presence, and the complete exclusion of the general public from extraterrestrial affairs and from playing any significant role in planetary defense. Rather than viewing the general public as a strategic asset in developing a successful response to the extraterrestrial presence, policy makers have viewed the general public as a strategic liability that needed to remain uninformed of the extraterrestrial presence. The role of the general public became a passive one of merely remaining a provider of basic resources for the extensive network of compartmentalized black projects designed to provide a successful response to the extraterrestrial presence.

This paper will argue that there is an inherent flaw in a power politics strategy that relegates the general public into a passive role in any global defense system. Instead, it will be argued that there is a need for full disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence so that global humanity can play an active role in global defense by developing human capacities in a range of critical areas:

  • ‘consciousness raising’

  • galactic history and education

  • health

  • poverty

  • incorporation of environmentally friendly extraterrestrial technologies

These areas of assistance offered by extraterrestrial races have hitherto attracted only marginal interest by national security officials in black projects. In cooperating with those extraterrestrial races interested in assisting global humanity in these ‘consciousness raising’ and ‘friendly technology’ capacity areas, grass roots organizations and individuals will have a significant strategic impact on how the extraterrestrial presence is managed and global defense established. This will ultimately enable human society to be better prepared to respond to any contingencies created by those extraterrestrials currently acting to subvert human sovereignty and freedom.

It will be further argued that the strategic doctrine underpinning the global defense of the planet is unbalanced and skewed towards a military and technological response to a phenomenon that requires balancing military/technological projects with grass roots human capacity building. Finding this balance will enable policy makers and the general public to deal with a range of global problems that provide a cover for subversion of human affairs by those extraterrestrial races seeking to control the Earth’s population and resources. To ignore the failure of power politics as an appropriate strategic response to the extraterrestrial presence is to invite the same sequence of policy mistakes that led to the First World War, but this time at an interplanetary level that would be a direct threat to human sovereignty and freedom.

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The Strategic Dilemma – Finding Strategic Allies Among Extraterrestrial Races

Official confirmation of an extraterrestrial presence occurred during the Second World War era when policy makers from the US and major allied states were presented with a powerful dilemma in how to best respond.
[2] They had conclusively learned of the existence of extraterrestrials with advanced technologies that outdated the most advanced weapons systems of the successful allied states by centuries if not millennia. What was more disturbing, the extraterrestrials possessed advanced mental and psychic powers that had the potential of subtly influencing even the most sophisticated policy makers during communications, let alone the unprepared general public. An example of the mental abilities of these races is described by one whistleblower, who claimed that extraterrestrial races such as the ‘Grays’ use ‘suggestive telepathy’ that subtly allows them to manipulate humans in any communications:

The Grays, and most extraterrestrials for that matter, communicate with humans exclusively through a form of telepathy, which we called suggestive telepathy because to us it seemed that the Grays communicated in a such a way that they were trying to lead a conversation to a particular end. In other words, they always had an agenda, and we were never certain if we were a pawn of their agenda or we arrived at conclusions that were indeed our own.

The appearance of these technologically and mentally advanced extraterrestrials was complicated by the fact that there appeared to be a number of races that were competing against one another in monitoring and/or interacting with the Earth. The intentions, activities and agendas of these extraterrestrial races could not be conclusively determined. Some appeared to be friendly, some unfriendly and many neutral.
[4] This presented an enormous policy dilemma for national security officials that were assessing the global policy environment at the end of the Second World War. Which of the races could policy makers cooperate with in learning more about extraterrestrials in general and developing an appropriate strategic response? Policy makers needed to first identify and categorize the different extraterrestrial races in terms of those with whom cooperative agreements could be made; races which could be safely ignored in terms of their strategic impact; and races which needed to be monitored and even resisted as strategic competitors for control of the Earth’s population and resources.

There was a major difference in policy between extraterrestrial races over the exchange of extraterrestrial technology that had a weapons application. Some extraterrestrials were willing to trade technology that had military applications in exchange for permission to conduct a biological program aimed at genetically enhancing their race. The race commonly known as ‘Grays’ claimed to come from Zeta Reticulum and said they had overused reproductive cloning procedures to the extent that their genetic makeup had suffered.
[5] In contrast, a race of humanoid extraterrestrials appeared who were willing to assist in the ‘consciousness raising’ of the planet’s population and developing environmentally friendly technologies. These humanoid races offered no technology of military significance and instead requested the dismantling of nuclear weapons that they considered extremely dangerous. [6]

The strategic dilemma here for policy makers in making a choice, was compounded by what appeared to be a complex web of relationships, some friendly, some neutral, and others hostile, between the different extraterrestrial races. According to the ‘scientific remote viewer’, Dr Courtney Brown, there are a number of distinct interplanetary extraterrestrial races with a diversity of factions within them making it difficult to conclusively characterize their long-term goals and agendas.
[7] The diversity of extraterrestrial factions and wars between them has historical support in terms of Sumerian cuneiform texts recording activities of the ancient Anunnaki (an extraterrestrial race from the mysterious planet Nibiru
) that played a role in human colonization of the Earth. [8]


The diversity of extraterrestrial relationships and factions made it difficult to assess what the strategic implications of working with any one race would be since these extraterrestrial relationships appeared to be fluid. There was evidence, for example, that a hidden and indigenous Earth race of ‘Reptilians’ was cooperating with a more dominant winged Reptilian race from Alpha Draconis, who had a history of both conflict and cooperation with the Grays. [9] The Grays’ relationship with these Reptilian races needed to be taken into account in any agreement since technology exchanges would impact on the relationship between humans and the hidden indigenous Reptilian presence on Earth.

It can be inferred that prior to reaching agreement with national governments based on technology exchange for genetic experiments, that the Grays had reached agreements with
Reptilians who have had a long-term presence on Earth that arguably predates the human presence. [10] This meant that any agreement with the Grays would have implicitly involved permission or cooperation with the Reptilian race that have historically exercised a powerful influence, if not secret control, over key national institutions. [11]

In what was a momentous, though secret, policy decision for the entire planet, the national security organizations of the US and other major governments decided to form a strategic alliance with the Grays and the Reptilian races with which the Grays were associated. The goal of this alliance was to enable clandestine national security organizations to effectively build an extensive network of ‘black projects’ aimed at providing an adequate defense infrastructure for the planet using extraterrestrial technologies and information. These secret agreements have led to the construction of an extensive number of underground bases around the planet linked by highly advanced transportation systems and complete support services.
[12] Some of these are joint human-extraterrestrial underground bases in locations such as Dulce, New Mexico, and Pine Gap Australia. [13]

In the Dulce joint base it has been claimed by whistleblowers that both Grays and Reptilians worked alongside human workers under contract by various corporations, supervised by US special military forces, and that ordinary civilians were subjected to extensive human rights violations.
[14] The alliance meant that other races that were more inclined towards assisting humanity in dealing with social and environmental problems were sidelined due to their lack of strategic significance for policy makers dealing with extraterrestrial affairs. The model that national security organizations in the US used to develop a ‘successful strategy’ was based on Realpolitik or ‘power politics’. ‘Power politics’ was successfully used by 19th century Prussia in developing its military and industrial capacity while uniting the Germanic principalities, without its European neighbors allying themselves to prevent Prussia’s rapid expansion in influence and power.

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'Power Politics’, the United States & The Extraterrestrial Presence

‘Power politics’ refers to the Realpolitik practiced by a variety of national leaders since Cardinal Richelieu, Chief Minister of France (1624-42), but most successfully by Otto Von Bismark, Prussia’s last Prime Minister and Germany’s First Chancellor (1862-90).
[15] Bismarck’s power politics was based on two assumptions about the nature of international politics. First, states should use all means at their disposal to advance their national ‘interests’. And second, a ‘balance of power’ was the key to preserving peace and stability, and states needed to respect this while competing over their respective national interests. [16] Ethical and/or universal principles were at best irrelevant to the practice of power politics; or, at worst, recipes for national disaster. [17] In this way ‘power politics’ was an extension of the political philosophy of the medieval Italian theorist, Nicolo Machiavelli designed to extend a Sovereign’s rule where morality had no inherent value other than its usefulness for attaining one’s ultimate goal: political power. [18]

Power politics meant navigating through the competing interests of other states in a way that gradually increased one’s national interests at the expense of one’s competitors without provoking these competitors to ally themselves to prevent a change of the status quo. In the case of Prussia, this meant expanding Prussia’s influence in Europe at the expense of Austria and France without provoking a reaction by Britain and Russia that would lead to alliances that would threaten Prussia’s national interests. In a relatively short time after coming to office, Bismarck’s Prussia successively defeated Austria (1866) and France (1870-71) in two short wars. Prussia succeeded in uniting the northern German principalities in 1866 in a Confederation dominated by Prussia (1866), and then absorbing all the principalities in the German Empire in 1871 under Prussia’s King Wilhelm I and with Bismarck as Chancellor. Bismarck’s ability to maneuver between Prussia’s national competitors in a way that gradually increased Prussia’s/Germany’s interests without provoking a major backlash among competitors became a model for how a state could strategically use its assets to become the dominant actor in a regional system.

Bismarck’s power politics has been used as an exemplary model in developing the strategy for how national security agencies in the US and other major states would respond to the extraterrestrial presence. One of the individuals most responsible for developing the power politics strategy was Dr Henry Kissinger who was a well-known advocate of realpolitik in his controversial public career.
[19] Less well known is that Kissinger rose to prominent leadership positions in the secret committees developed to manage extraterrestrial affairs such as Majestic 12/PI 40/Committee of the Majority in the US, and the Bilderberg Group and Trilateral Commission internationally. [20]


Essentially, the strategic response that the US took vis-ŕ-vis the extraterrestrial presence was a version of power politics, and it was Kissinger who was largely responsible for this. This meant that US policy makers viewed other states and the different extraterrestrial factions as respectively strategic allies and/or competitors for Earth’s resources and population. The goal of power politics adopted by the US under Kissinger’s tutelage was for the US to build upon its post-Second World War status as the most powerful nation on the planet, and lead the way in a secret coordinated global response to the extraterrestrial presence. [21]

Practitioners of power politics sought to identify those extraterrestrials they could best work with in order to promote their respective national interests, while ensuring they could maintain a balance of power that would prevent a ‘war of the worlds’ or war between major states over extraterrestrial issues. Ethical or universal principles such as ‘galactic brotherhood’, ‘universal peace’ and ‘cosmic law’ were either irrelevant, or viewed as recipes for disaster in terms of national interests and global defense. Those extraterrestrial groups that practiced these ethical/universal principles were subsequently ignored since they would not advance the national interests of the major states in the opinion of policy makers. Extraterrestrial races that were willing to enter into agreements that furthered the national interests of major states, joint basing rights, trading extraterrestrial technology, experiments on human genetic material, and behavior modification techniques, thus became secret allies of the US and other major states.

Policy makers applying power politics in dealing with extraterrestrials viewed their ‘national interests’ in a narrow restrictive way in terms of the military, industrial and scientific capacities required for building an effective military deterrent to any possible undesirable extraterrestrial intervention in human affairs. It was seen that this would be the best means of protecting national interests of the US and other major states. Solid evidence for this power politics strategy comes in the whistleblower testimonies those who participated in clandestine reverse engineering programs for weapons development not disclosed to the general public and elected public officials.

In the case of the emergence of the US as the dominant global nation, agreements would be made with those extraterrestrial races that would assist US strategic objectives, and military conflicts would occur with those races from which strategically significant assets could be won. According to a number of whistleblowers, the Eisenhower administration made agreements with extraterrestrial races.
Col Phillip Corso, a highly decorated officer that served in Eisenhower’s National Security Council wrote:

“We had negotiated a kind of surrender with them [ETs] as long as we couldn’t fight them. They dictated the terms because they knew what we most feared was disclosure.” [23]

According to Dr Michael Wolf, a former National Security Council consultant and whistleblower, the Eisenhower administration entered into the treaty with the so-called Grey extraterrestrials from the fourth planet of the star system Zeta Reticulum, but this treaty was never ratified as Constitutionally required. [24] The secret Treaty between the Eisenhower administration and an extraterrestrial race has been disclosed by a number of other ‘whistleblowers’ claiming former access to secret documents disclosing the existence of such a treaty. [25]

Both sides apparently violated these agreements/treaties. Extraterrestrial races secretly abducted and experiment with more human subjects than they were reporting to military-intelligence authorities.
[26] According to John Lear, a former CIA asset and son of the famous designer of the Lear Jet,

… a deal was struck that in exchange for advanced technology from the aliens we would allow them to abduct a very small number of persons and we would periodically be given a list of those persons abducted. We got something less than the technology we bargained for and found the abductions exceeded by a million fold than what we had naively agreed to. [27]

The US military subsequently began targeting extraterrestrials ships with advanced weapons technology and capturing their ships and occupants. [28]

There is evidence that the High frequency Active Auroral Research Program (
HAARP) is in fact a particle beam projector capable of generating a global shield where high-speed ions are projected into the magnetosphere and thereby destroy the electronic systems of any craft attempting to enter the Earth’s atmosphere. [29] This secret limited warfare with unannounced extraterrestrial races became a means of gaining extraterrestrial technology that was not being achieved through negotiated agreements. So like Bismarck’s Prussia/Germany, power politics practiced by the US and its major allies would simultaneously seek a balance of power that would ensure no major interplanetary war, but also limited military conflicts with those extraterrestrial races that strengthened the US strategic position.

At the global level, there continues to be efforts to coordinate the use of military force through multilateral institutions as occurred with the UN sanctioned intervention in Iraq/Kuwait in 1991; or NATO’s military intervention in Kosovo in 1999; or a multilateral action led the US with the support of a ‘coalition of the willing' (Iraq 2003). The power politics strategy was that global humanity through the US and other major nations would be able to deal with the extraterrestrial presence through a position of strength. The ultimate goal is the construction of a fortress for the planet from extraterrestrial intervention and/or subversion.

There is clear evidence that the power politics conducted by the US and its allies in response to extraterrestrials has as a major component the construction of a global surveillance system and exotic weapons systems over both the planet’s skies and oceans. The Low Frequency Active sonar waves used by the US Navy to monitor sub-ocean activities ostensibly of submarines, but more accurately of extraterrestrial vehicles, are having a damaging effect on the planets cetaceans.
[30] Recently, lawsuits were filed in the US to put a stop to the Navy’s testing but it remains questionable whether the Navy would voluntarily stop such testing due to the perceived need to monitor extraterrestrial activity in the world’s oceans. In addition to a surveillance system in the world’s oceans, there would be a global electromagnetic shield around the planet.


A prototype for this global shield is the High frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) which can be used as a particle generator to send ions into the magnetosphere that quickly surround the earth, in an electromagnetic shield to prevent entry of extraterrestrial craft. [31] Earth would to all intents and purposes become a planetary fortress. The strategic consequences of ‘planetary fortress’ policy would be that the only extraterrestrial groups permitted to ‘show themselves’ to the global population are those that serve the ‘national interests’ of the US and major states as defined by a restricted group of policy makers managing extraterrestrial affairs. This would limit the quantity and quality of extraterrestrial interactions in a post-Contact world to those permitted by policy makers who have developed secret agreements with particular extraterrestrial races. It could therefore be predicted that the actual conditions of a mass contact event would be contrived or spun in a way that served the interests of elite policy makers and the extraterrestrial groups they work with. [32]

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The Failure of Power Politics & Centralized Global Defense against Extraterrestrial Intervention & Subversion

Power politics based on the Prussian/German historical experience appears very understandable and even laudable as the basic strategy to preserve humanity's sovereignty and independence in response to more technologically developed extraterrestrial races. Historic models such as the conquest of the Americas are testimony to the danger of making unwarranted assumptions about the benevolent intentions of more technologically advanced visitors to one’s national shores. The strategic policy of advancing national interests by dealing with extraterrestrial races in terms of concrete assistance for a rapid program of military modernization and political coordination among major states may appear a sensible way of moving forward in dealing with the diversity of unknown extraterrestrial actors and possible threats they pose to human sovereignty.

There is evidence that much of the apparent hostility behind the Cold War was contrived to mask the true strategic cooperation occurring between major powers and the need to keep this secret from their respective general publics.
[33] A key assumption in this cooperative strategy was that global general public would not be able to deal with the social, political and economic consequences of the extraterrestrial presence and that a premature disclosure would risk the disintegration of societal infrastructure. This led to the rapid modernization program based on extraterrestrial technology and agreements becoming highly classified state secrets, thus preventing the general publics from gaining any official information on the extraterrestrial presence. Elected public officials were informed only to the extent that they held key cabinet or legislative positions that were critical in passing policies that affected the network of compartmentalized black projects, and the black budget that funded them. [34]

This paralleled the power politics practiced by Bismarck’s Prussia/Germany where the German Empire was democratic in name only and where the parliament could only pass non-binding decisions rather than control the policy making process. The German parliament and population therefore could not act as a restraint on the aspirations of the reckless new German Emperor, Wilhelm II, once the cautious Bismarck was forced to retire in 1890. This ultimately proved disastrous and was directly responsible for the buildup in European tension that led to the First World War and exposed the inherent strategic flaws in power politics. Excluding the German population from having real influence in the policy making process was to remove the only viable restraint to reckless national leadership in a centralized political system.


The conventional explanation is that the First World War was caused by the reckless policies of Wilhelm II, and that the more cautious Bismarck would never have allowed the war to occur. [35] This explanation disguises the deeper cause which was the centralized policy making process that Bismarck created that eliminated any checks and balances in the way power politics was conducted at the national level. While such a system might work with cautious policy makers such as Bismarck at the helm, it would be disastrous with more irresponsible policy leaders. History has demonstrated that power politics is inherently flawed as a strategic doctrine since it encourages a centralized political system where there are few restraints on irresponsible leaders and their policies.

It appears that similar situation now is occurring in the way leadership is exercised over the management of the extraterrestrial presence in the US. Kissinger’s more cautious power politics style based on his own strategic understanding of the different extraterrestrial actors is being challenged by a new generation of leaders. This new generation of policy makers managing extraterrestrial affairs is bolder and less risk averse than Kissinger’s generation who well remember the horrors of the second world war and the need to prevent such an occurrence ever happening again. Whistleblowers such as Michael Wolf discuss the leadership style of a group he describes as ‘the cabal’ who have a xenophobic hatred of the extraterrestrial visitors and are intent on military confrontation.


Just as Bismarck’s influence over German foreign policy was eclipsed by a new generation of risk taking leaders under Wilhelm II, so too Kissinger’s influence of extraterrestrial management is now being eclipsed. This will lead to a more dangerous period where poor policy choices can lead to a military adventurism by those in control of the extraterrestrial management system, and pose an ultimate long-term threat to human sovereignty. In short, the power politics strategy that has dominated the extraterrestrial management system, has laid the foundation for a devastating breakdown in the way the extraterrestrial presence has been managed.

The failure of power politics as a coherent strategy for responding to the extraterrestrial presence stems from dismissal of the role of an informed general public in managing the extraterrestrial presence. In particular, there is a dismissal of the idea that human capacity building provides a vital asset in dealing with extraterrestrials. This inherent flaw in a power politics approach to extraterrestrials is based on the assumption that the general public offers a ‘soft target’ which extraterrestrial races could easily subvert, thereby threatening any modernization programs underway and a coordinated response to the extraterrestrial presence.


It is believed that the creation of a secret compartmentalized national security system would be the best safeguard against extraterrestrial subversion while developing the military, technological and scientific capacities to respond to the extraterrestrial presence. In short, a secret compartmentalized national security system forms a ‘hard target’ for subversion in contrast to the general public as a ‘soft target’ for subversion. There is evidence that in the US this secret compartmentalized national security system forms a second ‘Manhattan Project’ that dwarfs the first Manhattan project and the construction of atomic weapons. [37]

Unfortunately, whistleblower testimonies have demonstrated the fallacy of the assumption that a secret compartmentalized national security system forms a hard target for extraterrestrial subversion. Extraterrestrial infiltration and subversion has occurred in:

  • the military-intelligence community

  • the corporations that secretly fulfill contracts dealing with the extraterrestrial presence

  • of key educational and research institutions. [38]

Phil Schneider, a former civil engineer employed in black projects involving the construction of underground bases provided detailed testimony of the extent of extraterrestrial subversion in a range of public lectures before he was found dead in controversial circumstances. [39] Further whistleblower testimonies have provided researchers with information of the historic and contemporary role played by extraterrestrial races in subverting human affairs. [40] Aside from the whistleblower testimonies, there are also ‘conspiracy theory’ researchers such as Jim Marrs, David Icke, Lynne Picknett and Clive Prince, who describe how extraterrestrials have been able to subvert the policy making community at the highest levels not only in the contemporary era but also historically. [41]

The extraterrestrial subversion in the contemporary era has been made possible by the secrecy and compartmentalization that has been put in place surrounding all aspects of the extraterrestrial presence. Furthermore, there is evidence that advanced technology involving, mind control, implants, drugs, and psychotronics have been used to control humans.
[42] Testimonies from individuals who participated in classified compartmentalized government projects such as Preston Nichols, Al Bielek, and Stewart Swerdlow point to the pervasive use of these technologies and even the use of time travel and cloning technologies used by extraterrestrial races. [43]


Such technologies provides the opportunity for extraterrestrial subversion of a centralized decision making process since it only requires compromising a few key policy makers to subvert a national security agency. Indeed, it may be argued that the process of centralizing decision making concerning national security is discretely encouraged by extraterrestrial races desiring to subvert the decision making process. The extraterrestrial races that enter into secret agreements may have as their ultimate goal the subversion of the entire national security system of a nation such as the US, and may be feigning cooperation when the real purpose is to subvert rather than gain human assistance in areas of interest to extraterrestrials. Cooperating in the network of secret compartmentalized black projects provides the opportunity for this extraterrestrial subversion to occur quietly with tremendous long-term costs for human sovereignty and freedom.

Dealing with the problem of extraterrestrial subversion of the decision making process requires an extensive set of checks and balances that are part of a robust democratic process based on transparency, openness and accountability, as opposed to a secret compartmentalized national security system. The transparency, openness and accountability necessary for identifying and eliminating extraterrestrial subversion of human society have not been possible due to the continued secrecy policy surrounding the extraterrestrial presence. In short, the kind of democratic processes that add a series of checks and balances to irresponsible government policies have not been allowed to develop in terms of how national security organizations respond to the extraterrestrial presence. This absence of democratic processes has facilitated rather than curbed extraterrestrial infiltration and subversion of the national security system created to respond to extraterrestrials.

A further flaw in the power politics strategy is that extraterrestrial races that had no interest in providing technologies that had weapons development potential, were deemed strategically irrelevant and not permitted to openly assist in human capacity building. This effectively eliminated as a significant actor in human affairs extraterrestrial races whose principled behavior suggested they were more intent on building human capacities than providing technological assistance with military applications for national security organizations. This has led to the unfortunate situation where the only extraterrestrials officially allowed to interact with human societies are those participating in the secret agreements that served the national interests of major states from the perspective of building military, industrial and scientific capacities.


The resulting interactions according to extensive testimonies surrounding human abductions has been mixed. Some researchers argue that these have a beneficial impact while others argue that these consistently violate the rights of civilians forced to participate in these extraterrestrial programs. [44] Furthermore, there is persuasive evidence that extensive extraterrestrial violations of human rights have occurred at joint extraterrestrial-government bases indicating a high degree of official/corporate complicity. [45]

Interactions with extraterrestrial races intent on human capacity building have been limited to isolated events and have not been permitted to become sufficiently extensive to impact on the broader human society. The most well known of these is the case of
Billy Meier and the extensive photographic, video and audio evidence he has provided of visiting extraterrestrials from the Pleiades. [46] Another example is James Gilliland in Washington State, US, who has also provided extensive photographic, film and sound evidence of visiting extraterrestrials, as well as his communications with them. [47] Indeed the interactions with Meiers and Gilliland provide an example of the type of consciousness raising and education that this group of extraterrestrials would introduce in their capacity building of human society.

See below report about Billy Meier:


The power politics underlying the strategic response to the extraterrestrial presence has led to a secret centralized compartmentalized global defense policy that does not adequately use the best asset against extraterrestrial subversion and intervention, an informed and empowered global humanity. Such a self-empowered humanity would impact both on how the extraterrestrial presence is managed, and in creation of a viable global defense to respond to any extraterrestrial contingency. Global humanity offers the possibilities of a balanced global defense that uses all the available strategic assets if extraterrestrial subversion and undesirable intervention is to be prevented. Power politics consequently fails to be a suitable strategic response to the extraterrestrial presence, and an alternative is urgently required.

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Developing an Alternative Strategy for Responding to the Extraterrestrial Presence

At the moment, the US and other major global states have secret agreements with different extraterrestrial races that lead to the exchange of technologies with military-intelligence applications. All commercial applications are released at a rate that has only marginal impact on the global population ostensibly on the basis that dual-use extraterrestrial technologies might aid rogue states in regional conflicts.


According to Col Phillip Corso, former head of the Foreign Technology Desk in the Army’s Research and Development department, he led a top-secret clandestine project to reverse engineer ET technology recovered from the Roswell crash. [48] He wrote that his project successfully released a number of these reverse engineered ET technologies for both the military and civilian sectors. Corso claims that the rapid technological advances over the last 50 years, in,

  • fiber optics

  • integrated circuit chips

  • night-vision equipment

  • super tenacity fibers such as Kevlar,

were a direct result of these clandestine projects.

A highly centralized and secret compartmentalized system has been put in place to deal with the extraterrestrial presence and technology, and is funded by revenues that escape the normal budgetary auditing and accountability of government funded projects.
[49] The purpose of the secret, centralized and compartmentalized system created in response to the extraterrestrial presence, is to develop an effective defense system against undesirable extraterrestrial intervention that threatens national or human sovereignty. It is therefore worth exploring if there is a viable alternative to such a secret, centralized and compartmentalized defense system that can enhance human sovereignty and freedom.

During the early years of the Eisenhower administration when a group of ‘service oriented’ extraterrestrials met with US government officials appointed to deal with the extraterrestrial presence, the extraterrestrials offered to assist with a number of environmental, technological, political and socioeconomic problems, with the sole condition that the US dismantle its nuclear arsenal.
[50] When the government officials declined, this group of extraterrestrials subsequently withdrew and played no role in the government’s clandestine program to reverse engineer extraterrestrial technology for advanced weaponry.


There is evidence that these ‘service oriented’ or ‘benevolent’ extraterrestrials have subsequently concentrated their efforts with consciousness raising of the general public; warning of the hazards of nuclear and ‘exotic’ weapon systems reverse engineered from extraterrestrial technology; limiting the environmental impact of clandestine projects; encouraging the development of alternatives to using fossil fuel as an energy source; and preparing the general populace for eventual disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence. [51] None of these areas of assistance were judged to be strategically significant from the perspective of policy makers dealing with extraterrestrial affairs who based their policies on the power politics advocated by Kissinger and others.

For example, former military and government ‘whistle blowers’ have revealed the activities of clandestine government agencies and interests opposed to incorporating extraterrestrial technology into the public arena.
[52] These ‘grass roots’ areas of assistance do however have strategic significance in terms of organizing a grass roots social defense against undesirable extraterrestrial intervention and/or subversion in human affairs. This form of social defense is even more relevant given the very likely possibility that extraterrestrial races have already infiltrated/subverted military-intelligence organizations and severely compromised national security systems. [53] A global population fully aware of different extraterrestrial races, and equipped with the grass roots technology to provide for its own needs, would be able to provide another level of planetary defense. Furthermore, an aware and self-empowered population would be able to provide a means for a more democratic system that provides checks and balances to the way in which the extraterrestrial presence is managed.

The failure of power politics as a successful strategy for responding to the extraterrestrial presence has lead to irresponsible policies on extraterrestrials being passed. This is due to the absence of checks and balances that preclude undesirable extraterrestrial influences in a genuinely democratic decision making process. Developing an aware and empowered humanity requires that the global population begins working in those ‘non-strategically significant’ areas that national security organizations have dismissed.


What is urgently required is an action program whereby the grass roots citizenry begin working with those extraterrestrial races interested in human capacity building. As human capacities are developed in collaboration with such races, greater awareness of the full complexity of the extraterrestrial presence in terms of the activities and agenda of different races will be generated. Developing human capacities will help prevent irresponsible policy making by a more bold assertive generation of leaders who may have been compromised in the centralized compartmentalized national security system dealing with extraterrestrial affairs. Strengthening grass roots social defense against undesirable extraterrestrial intervention and subversion in global affairs is the best means of maintaining human sovereignty and independence in a world slowly awakening to the truth of the extraterrestrial presence.

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(*) My heartfelt thanks to H.M. for his generous support of my research into the strategic aspects of the extraterrestrial presence, and for providing an intellectually stimulating environment for this research to take place.
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