by C.B. Scott Jones, Ph.D
Presented at the
Extraterrestrial Civilizations and World Peace Conference
Sponsored by the Exopolitics Institute
Kailua-Kona Hawaii
11 June, 2006

Exopolitical Journal - Vol 1:4 (October 2006): 266-283
from ExopoliticalJournal Website

About the Author

C. B. Scott Jones, Ph.D is founder and president of the Peace and Emergency Action Coalition for Earth. Previous to this he was co-founder and president of the Human Potential Foundation. Prior to this position he was Special Assistant to Senator Claiborne Pell from January 1985 until March 1991. Retiring as a Commander in the U.S. Navy, approximately half of his thirty-year naval career was spent in intelligence service overseas and in the United States.


In 1989, he and Senator Claiborne Pell co-founded the Human Potential Foundation that was involved in a number of research projects. A major two-year program funded by Laurance Rockefeller was completed with an international conference, When Cosmic Cultures Meet, in Washington, D.C. in May 1995. In November 1998, the Human Potential Foundation was dissolved and its principal undertaking, a global peace initiative, transferred to the newly established Peace and Emergency Action Coalition for Earth, Inc.


Who will respond to a call from a Planet in Peril? Be careful whom you ask – the First Responder may come to harvest, not to heal. Or does that comment pander to fear-based thinking that blinds us to rational consideration of what the real issues are, and the development of strategies of self-deliverance?


In the next hour I want to do two things. The first is to share some ideas and experiences. Some of these are personal, other are from sources that merit serious attention. After that opening we will get down to serious, fun work. I need your input about a project that combines the two components of this conference: Extraterrestrial Civilization, and Global Peace.

In the concluding paragraph of his book, Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence, Michael Salla observes that,

“Rather than non-disclosure being a bad policy decision imposed by unenlightened public officials on an ignorant public, non-disclosure is the inevitable policy consequence of an unprepared humanity for the truth of the ET presence. Each individual has the power to change this.”[1]

I would add that in addition to the power to make this change, each individual has a responsibility to contribute to that change if they have any expectation to live in sustainable global peace. This afternoon, each of you will have a focused opportunity to contribute to that change.

Much has been said and written about the issue of non-disclosure, and I have no doubt that secrets are being kept. However, I suspect that most of the secrets are about fear, frustration and embarrassment over an inability really to articulate what has been going on for thousands of years.

There is a basic rationale for disclosure. It is natural consequence of the common denominator of all cultures that are defined by a population of highly evolved beings. That denominator is:

we are all one, there is no separation, and everything interrelates.

It is interesting that this describes the ethos of many “primitive” aboriginal cultures. It is also encouraging that these concepts are the functional core of various articulations of the “Golden Rule” that weaves together every culture, ancient and modern.

For years I thought that the non-disclosure issue was a government problem, but it isn’t. The U.S. government probably has make some poor decisions concerning extraterrestrial issues, but that probably was because of their late understanding of what was really going on.


It is and has always been a spiritual issue with assorted footnotes of technology and power, the darlings of recent generations. If we had had an experienced and respected Department of Spiritual Relations in the 1950s, this conference would not be necessary.

What we need to do is to wake up, to remember who we are, where we came from and what is our destiny. This remembering will be greatly accelerated by learning about and exploring what other civilizations – advanced civilizations – are doing. The predictable consequence of this learning and exploration will be sustainable global peace.


Visiting Others wearing White Hats populate the cultures that illuminate this pathway of remembering. I suggest that we will not be surprised when we meet the Visiting Others wearing Black Hats, as we will be seeing ourselves. I use ‘Visiting Others’ as a label for the folks with whom we are meeting because I learned it from Turtle Woman Singing, a Native American colleague from whom much was learned about this subject. One of the more troubling issues of the subject were reports of mind control

Experiencers and mind control

A common report in the experiencer literature has been that the brain/mind is filled with thoughts and a vision of the destruction of Earth. This is a highly dramatic example of mind control and mind influence. The experience is powerful, but what is the message and who is sending it?

If it is orchestrated by the Black Hats, the message may be, “Do what I tell you, or this will happen.” If it is from the Whites Hats, the message may be, “Curb your violence to each other and Earth, or this will be the way it ends.” Either way, what possible government response could there be? Perhaps our scorn and rants against the government are inappropriate. I suggest we should help.

It must be noted that others could be and are involved in mind control. An obvious group that is almost impossible to evade is the advertising community on TV and radio. They are powerful and pervasive. And then there are others. We know that the mind is sensitive to certain microwave frequencies, and that such exposure can cause a number of effects including confusion, and liberated mind-talk that frequently is obscene and threatening.


I was witness to this in the Washington, D.C. FBI headquarters when they used it on Michael Drosnin in an outrageous demonstration of their command of the technology, and willingness to use it to end a meeting that was forced on them by Senator Pell to discuss FBI involvement in mind control research. The senior FBI person at that meeting was Assistant Deputy for Investigations, Douglas Gow. He was also involved in the February and April 1993 showdown and tragedy in Waco, Texas with David Koresh.

I do not believe that the Visiting Others use microwave or any other hardware technology to achieve what appears to us to be mind control. Over the years I have worked with Native Americans who have instructed me that communicating with the Visiting Others is like communicating with the Grandmothers, ancestors in spirit. Turtle Woman Singing (Paula Spencer) said there is a difference,

“The Grandmothers speak over one shoulder, and the Visiting Others over the other one.”

Anyone who is comfortable with telepathic communications can probably handle what to many may appear to be a mind control attempt.

Who are the Visiting Others, what should we call them?

ET is not a bad option. It says, “Not from Earth.” If we think we know their planet or constellation of origin, that answers the question at one level, but how do we refer to them – it does make a difference in attitudes and hence is construction a relationship. They are not humans are they? That is what we are, and many accounts of their appearance are certainly different from us. Indeed, they are quite alien to mankind. Of course, Alien is the most common term used to describe ETs, and it carries a negative connotation: “Not one of us!” Maybe that is the good news.

From the first modern public report of UFOs in 1947 by Kenneth Arnold, and the obvious consideration that there may be crewmembers aboard them, we had to consider if they were friendly or presented a threat. We had already been set up for the threat hypothesis in October 30, 1938, when Orson Wells presented a radio version of “The War of the Worlds” with realistic interruptions by announcers reporting the “actual” landing of Martians in New Jersey, and their attack on New York City, using poison gas.[2]

Those of the Christian faith are told what the principal threat is, and who is the enemy. In Genesis, the serpent, a metaphor of the devil and evil, is forever placed at the top of the threat list. I would have been astounded if the Reptilians from Orion were ever reported wearing a white hat. My Native American friends think this is a hoot. They see snake through a different cultural lens.

It has been suggested that for some it is unnerving not to have a threat or enemy identified. To ease that, an enemy is selected or created. President Reagan spoke openly about ETs more than any other president. Without exception, he equated “threat” with appearance of the Visiting Others. It is not a surprise that his response was a big business, multi-billion dollar Star Wars program. I say, a pox on any president who would play the fear card. I’m certainly glad that is not going on any more.

The Rockefeller/Clinton initiative

In 1992, Laurance Rockefeller asked me to design a strategy to encourage President Clinton to review the policy he inherited from previous administrations concerning disclosure about ET/UFO information. We met with Jack Gibbons, the president’s science advisor, on April 14, 1993, to start that dance. We stated that our objective was modest; to get the president to review the current policy of secrecy about UFO/ET phenomena and make a fresh decision whether to maintain the current policy or to change it.


We made it clear that our personal views were that the current policy was not serving the highest interests of the American public and the world, that the implications of cosmic cultures meeting impacted on every aspect of civilization. I bring up this little bit of history for two points. The first is that we learned that Clinton was never in the knowledge loop, and secondly, that one part of the designed strategy that we never used still has value

For anyone interested in detail about the Rockefeller initiative, I refer you to Grant Cameron’s website.[3] Grant was one of the first to successfully use a freedom of information request to get close to a thousand pages of documents from Gibbon’s office. This cache includes letters between Gibbons and myself, and letters to and from Rockefeller. Along with Cameron’s commentary, it provides the heart of an effort to open a door on the UFO/ET enigma. What is not covered is any information about what Rockefeller and Clinton discussed in the private meeting they had when it became clear that the Clinton White House was not allowed access to whatever program controlled the information.

At the beginning of this effort, Rockefeller and I anticipated that the odds were that this would be the outcome. We had a Plan B that Rockefeller revealed to Gibbons, but ultimately decided not to execute. I agreed with that decision. It would have greatly embarrassed President Clinton, but more importantly could have caused chaos without assurance that something positive would have come from it. A permutation of Plan B could be used with loving intent, as I will discuss later.

What do people think?

Poll after poll has indicated that a majority of U.S. citizens “believe” that there is life on other planets, and that UFOs are real. When you ask a simple question you only get a simple answer that is easy to make with a minimum investment of thought.


Do you think that a majority of Americans would answer, “Yes” to these three questions?

  • Do you believe that UFOs are real?

  • Do you believe that Jesus will return to earth?

  • Do you believe that Jesus will return to earth in a UFO?


What are the Visiting Others up to?

In the Clinton Initiative we did not propose a taxonomy of possible intent from the force or energy behind UFO/ET phenomena. Michael Salla has carefully discussed a taxonomy of intent: Intruder, Manipulator, Helper, and Watcher.[4] Of course, there could be a variety of combinations of this list.


The first one that comes to mind would be an intruder (i.e., not invited) who comes to help by manipulation and hovers around to watch the outcome.

Manipulation need not imply evil intent. Remember the overarching consequences of culture. Cynic and UFO scoffer, the late Phil Klass, asked me one time,

“How many people who claim they have been “abducted” by ETs have reported this to the FBI?”

I told him that I had no idea of the answer, but that I was sure that in countries and cultures where bride kidnapping is one of their customs, the percentage would be different.

What is going on? At some point a clear articulation of what may be going on will determine the timing and type of resources made available to respond to the opportunities presented by the meeting of cosmic cultures and the honoring of multidimensional reality.

What resources do we have to support statements of understanding that would be compelling? An honest skeptic would probably insist that the first level of evidence had to be hardware of extraterrestrial origin. When the existence of such hardware is in the public domain, the barn door is open and can never be successfully closed again. In modern times, thousands of witnesses have reported what to them were sightings of UFOs that met every test of five-sense reality, and hours of videotapes are available.


However, a link between these sightings with extraterrestrial origins has never been successfully made. Recovery of reputed ET hardware and keeping it out of public view and knowledge has been successfully done with very high priority in the United States and other countries. A willingness to display such hardware would obviously open the dialogue to what it means.

The Chinese and the Russian have told me that they have recovered hardware. The Chinese have told me that when the U.S. makes an announcement, they will be a quick second. I have pondered that statement for years. Why would China defer to the U.S.? It implies that the U.S. has a leading roll to play in disclosure. Why?

Perhaps to some of you, what follows could be the story line of Dan Brown’s sequel to the Da Vinci Code. The key components of this scenario are God, and a multidimensional universe that is populated by a vast variety of cultures, some of which are extraordinarily spiritually and technologically advanced. All of these components are energetically linked in ways that transcend our understanding of time and distance.

All of these components have been richly discussed in sacred, scientific and UFO/ET literature.

  • The faithful believe sacred literature as a matter of faith.

  • Scientific literature is deemed rational when it is based upon accepted scientific research protocol.

  • The UFO/ET literature is based upon whatever sources the author decides to use.

Some of these sources outrage both scientific and religious camps, and some of this outrage is undoubtedly justified. But some are based upon an arrogant satisfaction with the current size of the box of science, and the conviction of religious hierarchies that only they hear the voice of God, and only they are qualified to interpret the message for the masses.


Open the Channel

A rich part of UFO/ET literature comes from channeled information. A variety of labels are applied to this situation. Some researchers consider it an embarrassment, but I suspect that more respect it as potential illumination of a subject that appears to reside in a celestial Black Hole, and for reasons never articulated, is additionally hidden by governments that have an impressive capability to collect electronic and photographic evidence about it.

Channeling takes a wide spectrum of forms and most certainly has been with humankind throughout the evolution of consciousness. Sacred literature would not exist without it. The march of scientific discovery owes more to it in its various forms than it recognizes and would ever admit to. It is a ubiquitous phenomenon. Everyone in this room has personal experience with channeling. A few at this conference are renowned in this art form.

Jon Klimo’s book, Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information From Paranormal Sources, is a classic. Klimo observes that channeling from and about ETs started after Kenneth Arnold’s UFO sightings in 1947.[5] The suggestion is that the sightings of what Arnold perceived and reported to be physical craft opened at least the imagination of channelers and very probably an energetic pathway for channeling on this subject. It may follow that each subsequent Five-Sense state encounter will provoke and promote additional communications of various types.

At the end of more than one hundred pages that discuss channeling as a modern and historical phenomenon, Klimo summarizes thusly:

The past two chapters have presented a rich assortment of examples of channeling, covering 5000 years. As we have seen, the messages of channeling have remained both timeless and timely in their themes throughout the centuries and across diverse cultures.[6]

Open Channeling

When I said previously that everyone in this room has channeled information, I was referring specifically to the category of Open Channeling. Klimo defines Open Channeling as a process that encompasses much that falls within the traditional concepts of intuition, insight, inspiration, and imagination. What “comes to mind” seems to come from a larger realm than one’s self or experience. Some kind of self-transcendence appears to be taking place, some kind of reaching beyond the usual possibilities.[7]

If Ramtha was here right now he might say, “Indeed. Masters, what do you think of that?” And this is what we will be doing in a few minutes.

Sir Issac Newton is a premiere example of an Open Source Channeler. The key word is “open,” but considering the opposite can most strongly make the case. A closed mind assures a limited information flow. Consider Newton, he is identified as the single most important contributor to the development of modern science. A physicist and mathematician, he was also a philosopher, theologian and more.


In the latter portion of his life he devoted much of his time to alchemical research in quest of the Philosopher’s Stone. Expressed in chemical and scientific terms, the Philosopher’s Stone was the substance that could turn inexpensive metals into gold and also create an elixir that would make humans younger and make the dream of immortality a reality.

In her website, psychic Ellie Crystal provides an elegant statement of what the issue really was:

The Philosopher’s Stone – that which contains the knowledge of creation – a symbol that represents the final outcome of man’s inner transformation, of the conversion of the base metal of his outer character to the golden properties of his higher self. It is all about the evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time.[8]

Using Channeled Information

The U.S. intelligence community and those of all other governments have always used Open Channeling in collection and analysis of information. Recall that the definition of Open Channeling includes intuition, inspiration, insight, imagination, all aspects of the creative process. I consider Remote Viewing as developed by Ingo Swan and used with significant success, to be a specialized form of Open Channeling, and there are others you may not have heard about.


Some years ago I proposed a training program to the CIA to enhance intuitive skills. They gave it serious consideration and after several meetings said that the program looked good, but it did not appear to offer anything better than what they were currently doing. I had good personal contacts in the Agency and was able to do some collection about their program. The most interesting story I heard about it was that they opened it up to a limited number of office secretaries in the Analysis Directorate.


The surprising result was that the secretaries without subject matter experience and knowledge came up with helpful insights on problems being addressed. This validated the utility of intuition in intelligence work, and demonstrated its place in Open Channeling.

And God Said...

In this part of my discussion, I am certainly vulnerable to the charge of Cherry Picking selected channeled information to make a point. I have selected what I think is interesting, provocative, germane to the subject of our conference, and most importantly, to me it passes a credibility test. This test, of course, is subjective and the responsibility of every person to run for themselves.

Neale Donald Walsch has said that his books are not channeled, but rather that they are inspired by God. I have previously noted that inspiration is a concept of Open Channeling. Walsch has described his process as transcribing the words of God that he hears in his mind. Millions of books of these transcriptions have been purchased globally. They have been translated into 37 languages.


On noon, September 11, 2001, Walsch released a statement about the events of that tragic morning. What he said is profound and prophetic. The complete statement may be found on Larry James’ website. It is not located on the Neale Walsch website. It is a valuable read.


The heart of his statement is this:

There are two possible responses to what has occurred today. The first comes from love, the second from fear.
If we come from fear we may panic and do things – as individuals and as nations – that could only cause further damage. If we come from love we will find refuge and strength, even as we provide it to others. A central teaching of Conversations with God is: What you wish to experience, provide for another.[9]

Did those words come from God, or from Walsch? The answer is obviously, yes.

Conversations with God - Book One

In response to questions from Walsch, God affirms that there is life on other planets and that we have been visited by it.[10]

Conversations with God – Book Two

Again, questions are raised about beings from other space.

  • God affirms that there is intelligence throughout the universe. Some of it is more primitive than life on Earth, and some are far more advanced. Earth has been visited many times to inquire and in some cases to gently assist, specifically in areas of technology.


  • God states that assistance has also been given to shift consciousness, to increase spiritual awareness, but this is a slow process. It takes time and patience. Lifetimes. Generations.

    • “Every day, new ideas, new thoughts, new concepts are being placed in front of you.”


    Walsch asked why they don’t reveal themselves to achieve a greater impact.


  • God responded that their purpose is to assist in the change they see that most of you desire, not create it, to foster, not force. He said that if they revealed themselves to the public, the sheer power of their presence would be overwhelming. He said that when our consciousness is raised, our fear will subside and they will reveal themselves to all, and closed by noting that some have already done so with a handful of people.[11]

This means that our best strategy is to focus on sustainable peace and development, to do our work with the tools we have, and anticipate that these efforts will be supported spiritually and technologically and we will earn the right of open meetings and all good that follows.

God – Yes, some wear Black Hats

God acknowledged that some Visiting Others are malevolent, but reminded us to judge not, that:

“No one does anything inappropriate given one’s model of the universe.” (This concept is frequently repeated in the three Conversations with God books).

But God assured that we are being protected, that we are being given the opportunity to live out our own destiny.

“You own consciousness will create the result.”

“What you think is what you get.”

“What you fear is what you will draw to you.”[12]

To me, God ’s observations are the keys to explain why the Black Hats show up, and the keys to send them away. They are spiritually less evolved beings attracted to a spiritually less evolved planet. What they see and feel happening on Earth is familiar to them, and they come. When we raise our level of consciousness and become spiritual evolved beings, they will not be here.

Conversations with God – Book Three

God states,

Advanced technology without advanced thought creates not advancement, but demise. You have already experienced that on your planet, and you are very nearly about to experience it again... You had a civilization on Earth more advanced than the one now existing. And it destroyed itself. Not only did it destroy itself, it nearly destroyed everything else as well. It did this because it did not know how to deal with the very technology it had developed. Its technological evolution was so far ahead of its spiritual evolution that it wound up making technology its God.[13]

Walsch asked God how we can stop from doing this again. God said that there are books devoted to this subject that most people ignore. He said that Thom Hartmann’s book, The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, was by an inspired messenger.

Walsch conceded that being technologically advanced and spiritually primitive presents a problem for Earth. God responded in detail about the seriousness of the problem:

And if you don’t kill yourself with your nuclear madness, you’ll destroy your world with your environmental suicide. You are dismantling your home planet’s ecosystem and you continue to say that you are not.

As if that weren’t enough, you’re tinkering with the biochemistry of life itself. Cloning and genetically engineering and not doing so with sufficient care to have this be a boon to your species, but threatening instead to make it the greatest disaster of all times. If you are not careful, you will make the nuclear and environmental threats look like child’s play.

By developing medicines to do the work that your bodies are intended to do, you’ve created viruses so resistant to attack that they stand poised to knock out your entire species.[14]

And the lesson is...?

God ’s answers do not offer assurance of a happy outcome for Earth. Individual survival in a spiritual sense is not the issue. The operative issue is development of consciousness that “will create the result.”

Unsaid, but certainly understood, is what the result will be if we refuse to accept the challenge of self-transformation. I suggest that this has been the sad road that this nation and the world have been on for over one hundred years. But God has said that the shift in consciousness “takes time and great patience. Lifetimes. Generations.” However, if we focus on the last six years, there is an ominous X factor.

It appears that the last groups that may truly awaken are the ones currently in charge of weapons of mass destruction, and talk about their willingness to use them against any other country that aspires to the same status. Equally dangerous is their prostitution of science on issues of environmental degradation, and global warming. Most dangerous of all is the potential consequence of pandering to “their base,” on the impending glories of Armageddon. When their base discovers that the military-industrial complex doesn’t give a fig about opening the Seven Seals, the U.S may discover that marching Christian soldiers at home have learned much from Middle East asymmetric warfare.

We need to come up with a strategy that finesses knowledge of the Visiting Others’ decision to remain invisible until we demonstrate our intent and accomplishments in increased spiritual awareness, and that concomitantly facilitates that shift.

Plan C

- Phase Zero – the rocket launch, a metaphor for waking up, remembering.

- Phase One will establish the foundation of Plan C. This will be a body of intellectual material from individuals, universities and global think tanks that address from the region and cultures that they serve, a series of questions based upon the following assumptions:

  • The consequences of cosmic cultures meeting will be profound in the extreme. Every segment of civilization will be affected. Religion, politics, science, technology, education, the complete spectrum of life will be challenged by undeniable knowledge of a larger reality.

  • Contemplation of what the impact will be in various cultures, and the likely responses from those cultures is a worthy project for the best minds willing to undertake that challenge.

  • Whether or not such contact has taken place, and for any reason withheld from public knowledge, is an interesting question, but it is not an a priori issue to be addressed.

  • The meetings take place under conditions of comity and mutual respect.

Questions and issues to be addressed are:

1. What will be the impact of these meetings on the culture(s) of your primary concern?
2. What segments of your culture(s) of concern will be most affected?
3. How will this impact differ from the impact on other cultures?
4. How will your culture(s) of concern respond to the consequences of these meetings?
5. Has your culture(s) of concern anticipated such meetings?
6. On a global basis, how should the response be orchestrated?
7. The matter of primitive and highly evolved cosmic cultures arises. To be answered, where is Earth in this continuum?

- In Phase Two, the material of Phase One will be synthesized and disseminated broadly around the world.

- Phase Three will involve international polling to measure public response to the disseminated material of Phase Two.

- Phase Four will involve requesting written responses from Heads of State, leaders of organized religions, leaders in education, the CEOs of the thousand top corporations, and senior retired military and intelligence personnel, about the material of Phase One, and the public response of Phase Three.

- Phase Five will be a final report of findings, assessments and comments of Plan C.

- Phase Six will be determined by the Visiting Others.

The period of performance:

  • Phase Zero, currently underway, expected completion by end of 2006.

  • Phase One, assessment of consequences and likely response - six months.

  • Phase Two, Synthesizing and dissemination – four months.

  • Phase Three, International polling – one month.

  • Phase Four, Global leader’s response – three months.

  • Phase Five, Report of Plan C – four months.

  • Phase Six, to be determined

Plan C and the rocket launch of Phase Zero

I would give Plan C a very low probability of ever being realized without a rocket launch beginning. We might be able to find someone like Laurance Rockefeller with resources and vision to fund Plan C, but the international public interest on the subject that is absolutely necessary for the plan to work, does not currently exist.

However, there is a way to create that interest, and with that, funding would quickly follow. Plan C requires a rocket launch to start. The term “rocket launch” is a metaphor for action that garners attention, and builds interest about the future success of the rocket’s mission. It would be counter productive for the “rocket launch” to take a threatening form. For example, Earth could not handle the shock of Mother Ships appearing over the capitals of every nation. The rocket launch needs to be an unfolding event that appears to be from the minds and hands of man, and then the discovery and the realization that we have never been alone.

The unfolding, the prelude to the rocket launch, has been taking place for at least four years. For details see Michael Drosnin’s book, The Bible Code II: The Countdown. In his book, Drosnin states that the Bible Code has revealed the general location of the Key to the Bible Code. It is reported to be an artifact buried somewhere on the Lisan Peninsula in Jordan in ancient times by the Visiting Others.

The Bible Code has also said that there is a short timetable before civilization will be extinguished unless adequate steps are taken to end man’s inhumanity to man and Earth.[15]

Drosnin has been trying, without success, to get permission from the government of Jordan to search for and recover this artifact. Independent of this activity, and to the dismay of all of my Middle East expert colleagues, the University of Jordan was the first university to adopt our Sustainable Peace and Development (SPD) program. Soon after that decision, the U.S. war on Iraq started and anti-American student riots took place on the University of Jordan campus.


The SPD program was quickly put on the back burner until it was clear how the war would turn out. The Jordanian Royal family is the key to get permission for a formal archeological search and recovery mission for the Key to the Bible Code.

However, Phase Zero has been started. In my last visit to Jordan, I took a team to the Lisan Peninsula and we successfully dowsed the Key’s location. To put it more accurately, we know the location where the artifact will be found when the intent for its discovery would get nodding approval from highly evolved beings on Earth and elsewhere

Phase Zero is the plan to get this rocket launched, and it will work. I am sure that you recognize that while many of us look forward to the recovery of whatever the Key is and what learning will come from it, there are others who will be upset by this event. The potential to influence current power relationships in politics and industry is there.


The antidote to resistance and obstruction to the recovery and fruitful exploitation of the Key will be openness and the declaration that what is found belongs to the entire world. What we want to avoid is the creation of another Jerusalem, once a symbol of shared sacredness, inspiration and hope, now in the shadows of fear and divisiveness.

I ask you for three things:

  • The first is your understanding of why revealing the full details of Phase Zero in a public forum might frustrate its success.

  • The second is to share what you perceive the Key will be, and how it will function.

  • Finally, if your guidance is that Plan C is in the highest cosmic interest, I ask for your prayers for a swift countdown to its launch and successful completion.



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