by John Lash

28 July 2010


from MetaHistory Website


Under the shift of Svatantrya Ma, Vajrayogini: mother of human genius.

"Her dance is freedom."

In computer science, open source refers to a program whose source code is accessible to the user.


This is not the case, say, for Microsoft Word. Users purchase software installations such as Office for a tool, without acquiring access to the code that runs the tool. They use the "applications" provided by the tool but do not work in the source code. I propose the term open source spirituality for an experimental process based on instructions and practices whose source is accessible to the user.


Contrast this with the traditional guru-student situation, in which the guru has access to the source of divine wisdom and provides selections of it to the student. In planetary Tantra, everyone who joins the experiment has equal and immediate assess to source, depending on individual capacity to realize what is on access.


However, there is no hierarchy or authoritarian lineage set-up in the mystico-ludic experiment of Planetary Tantra. There are no gatekeepers. It is an open game but not an anything goes game.

This essay repeats but also rephrases the points made in How to Practice Planetary Tantra, and expands the perspective of that essay.


Note also the addition of the rite of iron-binding to the Gaian Tantric Vow, explained below.


Icke's Error

I would compare the open source spirituality of Planetary Tantra to the educational set-up of the pre-Christian Mysteries of Europe, Egypt, and the Levant.


Contrary to the statements of David Icke and others who purport to expose the esoteric roots of the globalist agenda, the Mysteries were not think tanks for Illuminati-type control-freaks who worked in secret with the intention of social engineering of the masses. The evidence says that the Mysteries of Eleusis were egalitarian, open to all, men and women alike, slaves and emperors.


The only qualifications were:

not to have committed unjustified murder or dishonesty to the harm of others.

There was no qualification to be brought to an encounter with the Organic Light, except the innocent and heartfelt desire to meet the White Goddess.

True, the Mysteries were divided into two parts, lesser and greater. But that was merely a civic arrangement based on the seasonal nature of the rites. Within the sanctuaries of the telestai, "those who are aimed," the Mysteries were divided into general admission and special admission, the latter being membership in a cell of 16 people.


Qualifications for special admission were various: the desire to learn a specific trade or craft, acceptance of a term of apprenticeship with a veteran, willingness to experiment with psychoactive plants for the purpose of learning specific things, and, most importantly, the desire for a consistent and repeatable encounter with the Organic Light.


Apprentices in the Mystery cells were taught many things, including skills in all the arts of culture, music, mathematics, navigation, geography, animal husbandry, metallurgy, and much more.

The primary method of the initiates for fostering higher education (mathesis) was instruction by the Light or theoria. In that time and setting, theoria meant "beholding" and literally does mean that in ancient usage as Arthur Koestler notes in his masterpiece, The Act of Creation. These is a pun on theoria and thea, "things divine."


To encounter the Organic Light is to behold things divine and learn intensively and optimally from the "supernal vision."


There is skant written record of this experience due to the vow of secrecy observed in the Mystery cells. However, there is NO evidence (to my knowledge) indicating that the Mystery cells were used for mind control experiments to be conducted first on the participants and then in the world at large.


That is a slanderous and unfounded inference.

Mystery School campus

with lecture halls, workshops, library, gym, etc.

As I explained in Not in His Image, those trained in the cells took what they learned out to the world at large.


No wonder the Mystery Schools were considered to be the leading lights of ancient civilization, and the initiates, teachers and vocational trainers of the ancient world!


Although bound by sacred duty to bring what they learned into the world at large, entrants into the Mystery curriculum were also bound by a vow of secrecy never to disclose exactly HOW they underwent accelerated learning through repeated intentional encounters with the Organic Light: Lydia's Vow.

At no point in the visionary educational program of the telestai did those accomplished seers teach mind control techniques to be used to deceive and control the general public.


I am certain they would have vehemently condemned such practices.


To claim that,

...and other nefarious methods of mindfucking attributed to a sinister elite today originated in the Mysteries is a false claim, unfounded on any evidence I have ever seen.


You will note that David Icke, who exhaustively footnotes his research, gives no textual or historical support of any kind for the claim that the Mysteries were the incubation tanks of planetary fascism, globalist eugenics, etc..


That is just his inference, period. And an unfortunate one, I would say.

By that single, unsupported inference, Icke does a huge disservice to his millions of followers: he paints a negative picture of the source of countermagic to the globalist domination game he so fervently wishes to expose and defeat. In effect, by claiming that the Mysteries were at the source of the problem, he makes it impossible to consider that the Mysteries were and are, in reality, at the source of the solution: namely, the source of knowledge and techniques for overcoming the paranoid dysfunction of humankind, including intra-species predation.


Whether Icke does this unwittingly or by design, I cannot say. But in either case, he is obscuring a crucial approach to the solution of the problem he exposes. At the same time, the solution he offers - raise our emotional frequencies and radiate love upon the perpetrators - looks fatuous to me.


When was the last time love did anything to a perpetrator except give carte blanche to deceit and manipulation? Show me a personal instance. Show me a historical instance.

Icke's love solution (embraced by other anti-globalist gurus such a Michael Tsarion) may be a sick joke, but I, for one, am not laughing. I call his solution the Luciferian cop-out: the delusional appeal to love and light.


The entire New Age Movement is Luciferian.


The globalist game of domination and deceit is run by elite groups involved in Satanic practices, such as the Vatican gang. I reject the term Luciferian often applied by Christians to the globalist perpetrators. The Luciferian front of human insanity consists of those who believe that love and light can overcome and convert the members of the Satanic front.


At a certain point of scrutiny, the Luciferic/Satanic paradigm looks like the false left/right paradigm now widely recognized in politics. The Pollyanna appeals of the Luciferians play into the sinister designs of the Satanists quite nicely, thank you.

In short,

  • Luciferian = spiritual delusion, especially presuming that love and light can overcome evil.

  • Satanic = delusion of the psychopathic control game, machinations of social evil, globalist fascism.

These terms parallel the Luciferic and Ahrimanic tendencies that figure pervasively in Anthroposophy, the movement founded by Rudolf Steiner, a self-styled occultist, clairvoyant, and Christocentric mystic.


Steiner adopted the interpretation of these terms from the Russian intelligentsia of the Symbolist Movement headed by Vlacheslav Ivanoff (1866 - 1949), who did a better job using them than Steiner. And thereby hangs quite a tale from the planetary arcanum.

The specious magic of new age spirituality may appeal to some people for its appeasement value and other reassuring effects, but self-empowerment along these lines is a far cry from what I suggest by participation in the Terma of Gaia Awakening. Nor am I proposing a return to or revival of the Mystery Schools.


I am a goddess revivalist but not a Mystery School revivalist like Jean Houston.


The mystico-ludic experiment of this Terma does not require setting up a network of Mystery Schools such as existed in ancient times before the rise of Christianity in Europe. I would prefer not to speculate on the social forms of association that might emerge with participation in the Terma of Gaia Awakening, although I may allude in that direction from time to time.


I leave it to participants to let this matter be revealed as the Terma is recognized and participation grows. But it understood at the outset that this Terma does not propose a live-and-light solution akin to that of David Icke or other proponents of new age spirituality.


As to the specific role of love in the Terma of Gaia Awakening, I might get to that issue at the close of this essay.


Sacred Instruction

In the preceding essay, What is the Terma of Gaia Awakening
?, I set out the nine parts of the Terma without comment. To more fully explain the Terma, let's go over those nine parts a little more expansively.



  1. The secret dakini name of Gaia-Sophia, the name she answers to - Vajravilasi, "flirtatious thunder-bolt"

    This Sanskrit name is like a call-signal sent out to get attention from a station so that two-way communication can commence. The station is the multi-channel console of Gaian mind-bands, the Shakti Cluster (5, below). One frequency in the console, channel 18, belongs to V.V in her identical node, the name of her dream persona.


    The other frequencies also belong to her as aspects of the awakening of her faculties in the lucid dream she is undergoing. Put in rather more simple terms, the planetary animal mother is an animal, literally and not figuratively, and behaves like one: she will respond when you call her name, as would a dog, horse, or elephant. The name is not pronounced in social discourse but only in the wilderness when calling it out. Otherwise, you can say V.V.

    Calling the name of Gaia's identical node or self-conscious persona in the waking dream can have definite and immediate affects. I can attest to what others have also observed: she responds, letting you know that you have her attention, by a surge or rush of some kind, like a strong gust of wind, waves arising in an otherwise calm sea, or, more often, a distinct burst of turbulence in the clouds.


    This effect may not occur, but when it does it is unmissable.


  2. The first, second, and third instructions, preparing the attitude of the participant

    It's natural to wonder, What is the actual language of the Terma, its content in verbal expression, the sum-total of the teachings it carries? Is there a definitive text for the Terma, comparable to a sutra or enlightenment discourse? Does the content resemble material from individuals, say, who claim to be channeling entities from the Pleiades?

    By contrast to the massive, mind-deadening textual discourse of Buddhism and other spiritual or religious movements, the content of the Terma of Gaia Awakening is breathtakingly concise. And, I might add, not subject to expansion or in need of expansion. The entirety of the verbal/textual transmission of the Terma could be written on the back of an envelope.


    It consists of the first instruction of the Diamond Sky Dakinis, a proposition on love, and a non-attainment teaching embedded in the coda to the Vow.


    The first instruction is: You cannot become anything but more beautiful.

    The Gaian Dakinis greet all entrants to Planetary Tantra with this tacit assurance. It is their formal invitation, as it were. Typically, upon accepting this invitation you will hear another phrase, a kind of overtone of the first instruction: How much beauty can you take? Wonder about this question on a daily basis and you may find yourself drawn into the vortex of the emergent faculties of Gaia, into the very atmospheric ambience she generates.


    As she wakes in the lucid dream, her faculties become activated, sight, taste, touch, and so on. Gaia has sixteen senses.

    The next instruction in dakini syntax is a prime or catalytic phrase for entering the Terma, consisting of the assertion Love and the supernatural operate on the same frequencies. with a gloss: Love is a siddhi, the force of discovery co-arising with the illusion of separation. Like the preceding instruction, this one might bring to mind the well-known "affirmations" of new age spirituality.


    A siddhi is an occult power or faculty, like clairvoyance or telekinesis. This proposition states a simple cosmic law, namely: love operating as the force of discovery arises with the illusion of separation - co-emergently, to borrow the hip Buddhist term.

    The third instruction is another affirmation of sorts. Again, it is a one-liner but embedded in the closing invocation of the Terma:

    • May the Wisdom Dakinis arrange you
      May Gaia herself bestow you
      to your unborn presence in her dream,
      lucidly awake, in the merge of love
      and the supernatural, pure and delighting,
      samsara and this enlightenment have the same look

      May nothing endure but what love discovers
      and may whatever you love truly set you free

      May this terma liberate you
      to be thus as you seem, just so

      For there is no illusion in your truth
      seeming or not, enlightened or not

      And that is such.
      And that is such.
      And that is such.

    The third instruction, affirming that samsara and this enlightenment have the same look, completes the inception of the Terma.


    This statement of non-attainment teaching comes directly after the recall invocation (3, below), the recitation of some names previously attributed to the living divinity of the earth.


    And that is all there is to the content of the Terma of Gaia Awakening, three tacit propositions:

    • You cannot become anything but more beautiful.

    • Love and the supernatural operate on the same frequencies.

    • Samsara and this enlightenment have the same look.

    These instructions prepare the attitude of the entrant for deep immersion in novel and spontaneous interactivity with Gaia.


    The Terma develops from this interactivity. The Maine terton is the inceptor of this Terma, which is unique and incomparable, unlike any terma preceding it. It is an open source, group-generated, serial terma with a duration of 208 years from October 2008. As it develops the Terma acquires novel additional content, secondary instruction particular to the conditions of time and place, the tribal setting, the opportunities of the moment.


    Some instruction of this kind can be found in my commentaries on the lunar shaktis. The instruction of Visvamata, for instance: Reciprocity happens not in return, but in turn. Eight words. Dakini instruction is always cogent and concise. None of the blather of new age channeling in this game, thank you.


    None of the mind-numbing elaboration of Tibetan Buddhism, thank you even more.

    A person would be fortunate to receive one line of dakini instruction in a lifetime. Five lines would be a considerably large input. The record of dakini instruction on this site is anomalous and prodigious, with dozens of lines transceived. This is because the Maine terton has a favored status regarding Shodashi, channel 3, not to mention forty years of practice tracking the lunar shakits. The inceptor of the Terma has the privilege of transceiving an unusually large number of lines of instruction.

    Participation in the Terma is the proof of its veracity, no belief required. It is not necessary to hype oneself up on these affirmations, or even to consider them as affirmations.


    You do not have to believe anything to enter Planetary Tantra, but you must be willing to experiment freely and test the propositions it presents. Don't believe that you cannot become anything but more beautiful, just take it as QED, what is to be demonstrated, and see how it plays out.


    See how you can find out how true it is.

Sacred Commitment


  1. The rite of the VOW, performed in the frame of the recall invocation

    The Gaian Tantric Vow is an act performed with the purpose of bonding with the earth. It is also a way to express a specific commitment to the planetary animal mother - dedicating your life to her, you might say. Gaia sees herself right now in a dakini persona, and dakinis are extremely fond of precision.


    V.V. does not want to hear a blanket statement or vague promise to give your life to her, or dedicate your life to her, and she certainly does not want to hear a word about service. She wants to hear something stated in succinct, lapidary precision -  what the Tibetans calls yeshe, "pristine cognition." You state something precisely and speak it aloud with confidence when you know that the way you state it is as clear it is in your mind.


    Or to put it inversely, your thinking is only as clear as it comes over in words. If you can't state your cognition clearly, how can you think it clearly in the first place? You can't.

    Pristine cognition is not silent knowing, which is beyond language and verbal formulation. It is the genre of instructional language, the "twilight talk" of the dakinis.


    The Gaian Tantric Vow has to be formulated in pristine syntax, short and sweet, like this:

    • We, __________ and _________, vow to gather our energies into the sacred beauty of Gaia, to receive her secrets and enter her transmutation, and by practicing that wisdom together, we, as Kalikas, bring to life all the ecstasy and freedom that we inspire in each other.

    This Vow is precise at every point of its language.


    It includes a sub-vow "as Kalikas," that does not usually occur with entrants or neophytes in Planetary Tantra. That is because the two individuals who made this particular Vow are also involved in Kalika practice, the deeper or more complex aspect of Planetary Tantra.

    The recall invocation is the framework for doing the Vow. It lists some names previously attributed to the planetary goddess, by contrast to the name she has never been called before. The names look awkward and pronounceable, by intention: in pronouncing them you feel their strangeness, the loss of the habit of using them.


    Then comes her current name, which is fresh and novel, ready to use for the first time. The purpose of the recall invocation is to engender a sense of anticipation toward her current name, not nostalgia for her previous names.


    She who is Aniruddha, Prunikos, Outrageous,
    the Aeon Sophia of the illumined Gnostics,
    Prithivi of the timeless Vedas,
    Spandarmat of the Persian Sages,
    Spider Woman, Changing Woman of the noble Red Races,
    Sthevara who bestowed the enlightenment of Shakyamuni with the earth-touching mudra,
    Asteroth of the World Tree,
    Ishtar of the Stars in the limbs of the World Tree,
    Arianrhod and Ariadne, weavers of the earthbound samsara,

    Rhea who flows in all that is,
    Bhudevi, luminous bhaga of the primordial race of Sidhe, Faery, Earthbound Dakini,
    Kore and Demeter, ever-changing polarities of the Great Mother,
    Gaia, green watery planet thriving with life,
    our gracious Dakini who delights to dance
    in diamond light


Dancing Goddess by Nine Ravens

posted by Hecate on a Pagan blogspot


An example of the many images currently emergent in the collective psyche, suggestive of V.V.,

"flirtatious thunderbolt dancing in diamond light."

In the Pagan Mysteries, the egg was a symbol of the Organic Light, the primary substance body of the goddess.

The OL wells up from within material masses in billowing, egg-like cumuli.

The serpent encircling the egg is Mahakundalini, the erotic surge of the Goddess and the instrument of her wisdom.

Note: serpentine is not reptilian.

Four formula phrases are built into the recall invocation:

  • invoke her name

  • manifest sacred intention

  • direct the vow

  • pronounce the vow

At the close of the recitation, entrants pronounce the Vow they have composed stating in their own words their commitment to Gaia-Sophia. It is like a marriage vow, the assertion of a permanent bond.


Entrants who do the Vow in pairs, as suggested, will read it aloud together. This rite would be performed in wild nature away from human eyes. It may be ceremonialized in a simple way according to the preferences of the entrants, but minimally.


Don't overdo it. With Gaian ritual, less is more.

A particular physical ritual goes with the declaration of commitment, the Gaian Tantric Vow. This ritual is performed as follows:

Just before pronouncing the written Vow, the entrants prick their thumbs in the perennial manner of witches, then press the bleeding thumb into the ground, leaving a thumbprint or bloodprint in the earth, both figuratively and literally speaking. The thumb is kept on the ground, palm flat, while the entrants pronounce aloud the Vow they have composed. The ritual may be closed by reciting the third instruction, or with silence.

The rite formally ends when the thumb is removed from the earth.

The purpose of this ceremonial act is to ritually, intentionally bind the iron in the entrants' blood into the electromagnetic field of the earth. Iron-binding is a Gaian rite of initiation, and in the more advanced procedures of Kala Tantra, iron is the element that Kali uses to work intimate magic with her devotees. Kali Yuga is known as the Age of Iron.


This designation has multiple meanings, one of which is:

  • in the Age of Kali Yuga, and especially toward the close of that Age, human bodies can bind into the electromagnetic field of the earth, using iron first and other elements as well, in a way that cannot be achieved at any other time - because iron-binding is the most intimate physical connection between the bodies, human and planetary, and conditions in Kali Yuga, the age of materialism and maximum density, favor such a material, geophysical bond.

  1. The vision story of the Mysteries, Gaia's cosmic biography

    The nine parts of the Terma of Gaia Awakening can be categorized by three actions: prepare, learn, do. You prepare for interactivity with Gaia by getting her attention, calling her name (1), and prepare your attitude for that interactivity with the three instructions (3).


    Then you learn the names applied to her in the past, and do the Vow, invoking her as V.V. In part 4 of the practice, you learn the vision story of the planetary goddess, the sacred narrative of the Mysteries in nine episodes. In short, you practice the Terma by learning her story. This is a long-term learning process to be tested again and again by the ability to recite story, to tell it in your own words.


    Everyone involved in Planetary Tantra tells this story continually, sharing it and disseminating it.


    To do so is an expression of love for Gaia. When you love someone, you enshrine the story of their life in your memory, so that you can recount their life as if it were your own. This is a mark of profound, everlasting love.


    To enshrine the vision story of Gaia-Sophia in your heart is a way of enacting your commitment to her.



    Not in His Image presents a full elaboration of the nine episodes of the Sophianic myth of the Mysteries.


    Rendition of the story on this site: The Fall of the Wisdom Goddess - a synopsis in nine episodes.


    Also helpful are:

    The Gaia Mythos, a prose-poem in 16 chapters, has only been completed through chapter 11. It is unlikely that I will finish this monstrosity any time soon, but who knows? Depends on what I get for breakfast.

    A few years ago, Brian Swimme proposed a quasi-mythological narrative, "A Story of the Universe," based on modern scientific cosmology. It accepts the Big Bang fantasia and has little in common with the Sophianic narrative. Swimme, if not his girlfriend or his pr agent, managed to get some groups of people to go around telling the story, making it into a participation event.


    Something like this might occur with the Gaia Mythos but how on earth it would get going, I cannot say. It is more likely that telling the sacred narrative of Gaia-Sophia will emerge by necessity in marginal and transgressive tribal communities of the future, rather than in the society existing today.

    Additional to the vision story of the earth and its origins is a sub-plot that relates the process by which Gaia awakens in her lucid dream. Believe it or not, this dream transpires in linear historical time. Better said, perhaps, it follows the appearance of linear historical time corresponding to the illusion of linearity.


    The name of her dream persona today (since 1999) is V.V., but this has not always been so. Since around 1775, Gaia has experienced five or six identical nodes in her lucid dream. At the time of the American Revolution, she would have responded to another name. But at that time, she was not yet ready for interactivity. The dream was not ripe for participation by other characters.


    Gaia is autistic and the early moments of her lucid dream exhibit a solitary, self-referencing bent. She identified with a solid dream persona for the first time in the late 18th century, but she did not have the attention to respond to its recognition by others in her dream, by human characters. And there were no human characters inhabiting her dream at that time who could have called to her. Conditions for experimental sorcery with the power of the dreaming attention did not provide for that option, yet.

    Throughout most of the 19th century Gaia's attention was split, unstable and incoherent, vacillating uncertainly between three dream personas.


    Around 1885 the goddess underwent a conversion to a more consistent singular dream persona, her second identical node. Her name in that phase of the dream was not the personal monniker of a woman but a salutation, das vidanya. "Good bye" in Russian. If you think this is preposterous, you have to hear about the rest of the dream.

    So far, the Maine terton has been playing possum about the five or six identical nodes of Gaia-Sophia, the serial progression of identities in her lucid dream.


    More on this outrageously imaginative gambit in a later piece, Mythophrenia Comes of Age - Authenticating the Terma of Gaia Awakening.


Sacred Design

  1. The game plan of the Shakti Cluster, with three sub-sets

    The next component of the Terma is the game plan or operating system, called the Shakti Cluster. I discovered this component of the Terma on August 9, 2008 in the company of a woman who was at that moment my shakti. We had met the day before, 8/8/08, with the express purpose of attempting an experiment in "consort yoga," known to be extremely helpful to tertons in producing optimal conditions for the discovery of wisdom treasures.


    The woman and I were total strangers.


    The Shakti Cluster emerged within a few hours of our meeting, the immediate fruition of our consort yoga, you could say. In Kalika practice, nothing develops. Everything comes in an extravagant sudden rush. So did the Shakti Cluster, although I clarified the design somewhat through instruction taken in the following weeks.


    A terton sometimes needs to "rework" materials, but only very slightly, a honing process. A wisdom treasure is always received intact and ready-made, the less reworking and tampering, the better.

    I would compare the SC to the Tree of Life in Cabalism. It might be called the Tantric Tree of Life. Traditional practice with the Cabalistic Tree of Life is called path-working. Working with the Shakti Cluster is also a kind of path-working in which you take the 18 nodes of the Cluster for power zones, like the Cabalistic sephira, and meditate on those zones, using visualization and mantric formulas, whatever, and eventually you undertake intentional acts of magic or projection of will and desire with those zones.


    But path-working with the Shakti Cluster is not exactly like Cabalistic work and ought to be considered on its own terms, even though the comparison may be helpful for illustrative purposes.


    More specifically, work with the operating system of the Terma involves three areas of practice, relating to time, space, and sensation (or matter):


  2. The lunar cycles, mensual frequencies of the Shakti Cluster - TIME

    Ritualization of the lunar cycles is common to goddess religion and pagan "nature worship."


    The particular form it takes in Planetary Tantra is "observation of the lunar shaktis," tracking the frequencies of the moon, month by month. By observation of the sunset crescent, you determine which dakini or mahavidya of the Shakti cluster in "on shift" for the current month.


    Then you attune to that devata with the intention to "transceive," i.e., receive a download of dakini teaching. There are six Diamond Sky Dakinis and ten Mahavidyas in the Shakti Cluster, but one Mahavidya (frequency 7, Dhumavati) does not transmit on a particular lunar phase, but intermittently throughout the year. Also, two other devatas (frequencies 16 and 17) do not transmit in the lunar framework. And V. V. as well does not transmit during any particular lunar month, but continually.


    So, in all, there are fourteen frequencies that recur over and over through the thirteen lunar periods in a year.

    In practice with the lunar cycles and their transmitting devatas, you learn how to receive dakini instruction, first-hand.


    I apply the term dakini instruction to transmissions from the Shakti Cluster received by observation of the skies and clairaudient monitoring of the lunar cycles: listening to the subliminal mind-stream.


    The supreme instruction comes from Gaia and all the other frequencies in the Cluster are variations of her super-animating intelligence. All entrants would by this practice come to receive dakini instruction.


    This privilege, which is also a high delight, is no longer confined to accomplished masters such as Tibetan lamas, rinpoches, tulkus, karmapas, etc.

    • Planetary Tantra breaks the millennial male hierarchal monopoly on "the spontaneously arising dakini wisdom." I challenge anyone from the old schools to produce dakini instruction that can stand up to the teachings transceived so far by the Maine terton, recorded in the lunar shakti calendar of this site.


      Spontaneous dakini instruction that fits the challenges of this moment and works right now, cogently relevant to the human condition in Kali Yuga, and requiring no legitimation from past sources or male hierarchal systems, is the mark of Planetary Tantra.

    Significantly, Nyingma tradition says that when Padma Sambhava and his consort, Yeshe Tsogyal, had prepared termas for concealment of their termas,

    • "they entrusted the concealed teachings to the dakinis, the ultimate sphere wisdoms, for preservation until the right time came to awaken the teachings from the luminous intrinsic nature of the mind of the discoverer"

      (Tulku Thondup, Masters of Magic and Meditation).

    However, this account makes it sound like the dakinis were merely custodians of the wisdom treasures, not the source of them.

    Whatever the case in Nyingma tradition, in Planetary Tantra the devatas of the Shakti Cluster are the source of wisdom spontaneously arising in the subliminal mind-stream of every human being.


    Moreover, the divine feminine frequencies do not transmit prefabricated termas implanted in the mind-stream and secreted in the elements of the earth, water, and sky, at some previous moment. They transmit what arises in the mind-stream in this moment, right now, concurrent with Gaia's awakening in her lucid dream.


    In the pristine syntax of "twilight talk," the Gaian Dakinis formulate "the luminous intrinsic nature of the mind of the discoverer" (potentially, any human being) so that the full spectrum of Gaian intelligence can be realized in content and design, interactively with human intelligence.


    In short, these Gaian frequencies foster human enlightenment by distillation of the psycholinguistic contents of the subliminal mind-stream, and feed it back to us as if it were a spontaneous discovery.


  3. The theater of elements (Anima Mundi) in the Shakti Cluster - SPACE

    Additional to tracking the lunar shaktis in time comes another practice with the spatial dimension of the Shakti Cluster, the theatre of elements or Anima Mundi.


    Theatre of elements is a metaphor of course, but this dimension is neither metaphorical nor figurative. In Planetary Tantra, the Anima Mundi has two components: the Ambient or atmospheric envelope of the planet, and the BEMA, or bio-electro-magnetic aura of the planet.


    The Ambient is the very atmosphere we breathe, consisting of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon and other trace elements. The BEMA is a sea of electromagnetic flux in which we are continually immersed as creatures moving upon the surface of the earth. Practice in Planetary Tantra heightens the immediate sensation of these two fields so that they become vividly present to the tantrika. Many practices are involved but none is determined by a rigid formula.


    One of the practices for the spatial dimension is trance dance combined with observation of the night skies, so that you dance with the movement of the skies.


    Sky-gazing and cloud watching are also practices in this vein.

    This image from the 64 card divination game Dakini Oracle contains a visual clue to the Ambient or atmospheric envelope of the earth. Most people do not know that the atmosphere consists of almost 80 percent nitrogen, four times more than the oxygen content.


    But so what, anyway? What is the effect on human beings of immersion in the sea of atmospheric nitrogen? Science has no answer, and does not even ask the question.

    But experiments in trance, heightened awareness, and non-ordinary attention show activity in the nitrogen zone, usually appearing in hallucinatory fractal effects. Tantric experiments by Tibetan masters such as Long Chen Pa attest to the presence of dakinis in the sky, the atmosphere.


    As illustrated above (upper right), such effects occur when the sky is seen as gel with the "skydancing" action like a turbulence in the gel. By one definition, a dakini is a fractalizing turbulence in the nitrogen zone of the terrestrial atmosphere. Dakinis are labile nitrogen fractures in the sky. They do have a real physical presence, a substantiality that is visually detectable.


    Dakini visions are repeatable and can be affirmed by the witnessing of more than one person at a time, as reported by Long Chen Pa (Gyatso and Germano, "Longchenpa and the Possession of the Dakinis," Tantra in Practice).


  4. The Vajra Star or central pentad of the Shakti Cluster, five Diamond Sky Dakinis with VV central - SENSATION

    "Sensation is the greatest mystery of natural science," said Wilhelm Reich in Ether, God and Devil/Cosmic Superimposition.


    Gaian Tantric practice follows the intensive method of Goethe: that is, looking at the senses in mindfulness that they only present at first a small part of the content they hold, but the more intensively you look, the more content they reveal.


    The Vajra Star of central pentad of the Shakti Cluster consists of the frequency channels of six Diamond Sky Dakinis, including V.V.: that would be five in a pentad or pentagram plus one central. The five pentagrammic frequencies match the five senses: 11 seeing, 12 hearing, 13 taste, 14 smell, 15 touch, and 18 (V.V.), memory.


    These correlations can be expanded and extrapolated without limit.

    Practice with the Vajra Star with V.V. central is a fabulous magical exploration of the mystery of sensation. Experimentation along these lines runs in close parallel to exploring the BEMA, the Bio-Electro-Magnetic Aura of the planet. To a large degree, such practice has never been done until now and would be discovered spontaneously by those who take the Gaian Tantric Vow and apply themselves to learning the Cluster, mostly for the sheer pleasure of it.


    To do so is to enter into an apprentice relation to the presiding devatas, called ista-devatas or "tutelary divinities" in Hindu mysticism.

    In Tibetan Tantra, the same divine entities are called yidams. They are "worshipped" in order to concentrate the mind and body for trance learning, experiments in non-ordinary reality, and so forth. Instruction with the Vajra Star is rigorous and source-specific. Two teachings stand out as essential to the guidance of the human species: channel 13, Kurukulla's frequency, transmits the teaching of the dreaming attention, and channel 18, that of V. V. herself, transmits the secrets of the second attention (commonly called memory).


    Coordinating these two attentions, the Gaian ecosorcerer can navigate freely back and forth between the ordinary world and the Nagual, which may be conceived as the supernatural matrix of the ordinary world.

    Doing and learning are closely integrated in all experimental practices with these three factors of the Shakti Cluster. Working in pairs, entrants would teach themselves how to be interactive with Gaia using this operating system. My responsibility as the main terton who initializes Planetary Tantra would be to provide a framework and some elementary guidelines for the mystico-ludic experiment proposed by the Terma, that's all.


    Teaching the Shakti Cluster does not add content to the Terma' rather, it adds testimony. Content can only be added in dakini syntax, if at all. Basically, the content of the Terma of Gaia Awakening is already all there. One of the beauties of this Terma is that is has almost no content.


    I venture to say, this is because it presents an immensity to be explored interactively that cannot be textually or verbally prescribed or preprogrammed in any way.



Sacred Rapture


  1. The approach to the Organic Light, the primary substance body of Sophia

    Finally comes part nine, which entails the dual practice of doing and learning.


    In this mystico-ludic experiment, you encounter the Organic Light over and over again, and learn by direct interaction with the Light. The question of how to bring people to the OL remains open, part of the experiment now underway. In the past, in the sanctuaries of the Mysteries, the encounter was set up in a specific way:

    The greater Mysteries were observed in the fall, at the time of harvest. They were celebrated at night because it was easier to bring neophytes into the presence of the Organic Light with their normal sense perception muted by darkness. The celebrants were not “dazzled” by a hocus-pocus display of flaming torches or a mysterious blinding blaze, as some ancient reports would have it.


    In the telesterion (inner sanctum) they were carefully and selectively guided because the Mystery Light had to be observed, and absorbed, in small, gentle doses. A celebrant would, for instance, be directed to stand before one of the marble columns and observe how it was interpenetrated by the soft luminosity of the Light.


    Initiates saw not only the pillar, but the soft luminous substance in which the pillar - and, indeed, their very seeing of the pillar - was embedded.

    The epopteia, seeing aided by the hierophant, was carefully gauged to meet the capacities of the supplicant. The autopsia, direct and independent seeing of the Organic Light, came in its own time to those who had trained their powers of attention for it. The epiphany of the Organic Light induced a soft rush of somatic intensity that saturated the witness with bliss and brought attention to pitch-perfect lucidity.


    In the Mysteries, mystae who had steadily beheld the Light were welcomed into the company of the initiated with the benedictory greeting, “A kid, thou has fallen into milk.” Gnostics called themselves “the standing race” because they were able to behold the divine radiance while standing upright, and absorb the force of the massive telluric currents passing between the earth and the heavens.


    Standing in the currents they received a download of instructions from the planetary intelligence, the goddess Sophia - in today’s idiom, the Gaian entelechy.

    The telesterions at Eleusis and Antioch (pictured below) were constructed of multiple marble columns. In a trance state, these solid pillars appeared to be vertical columns of white light, a trick used to the advantage of the guiding seers.

    Close observation of the marble columns was used to induce the subtle act of attention required to recognize the Organic Light, among other techniques.


    The telestai who led the Mysteries freely improvised ways to bring attention to the OL when the neophyte was in an altered state due to ingestion of psychoactive plants or a potion like the sacred drink of Eleusis, the kykeon. Today more improvisation is required. But, as ever, the encounter with the OL has to be conducted first-hand, by intimate, person-to-person communication.

    The Organic Light is the primary substance body of Gaia that coexists with her material and sensuous body, the earth. This infinite burgeoning mass of living, animated luminosity is actually quite easy to see, once it is seen: catching sight of it is the trick. The first glimpse of the Organic Light has to happen in a subtle way. It cannot be pointed out blatantly, and it does not announce itself by a dazzling radiance.


    It does not catch your attention at all in that way. You have to place your attention on it with a gentle movement of the eyes, as if you were holding your gaze in a white feather floating through space.


    You know you are in the presence of the Light when you see its soft radiance and, looking around, realize that the light source cannot be located: the radiance pouring over you casts no shadow.

    • Now the Eternity (which is absolute Truth) has no shadow outside it, for it is a limitless light where all is within and nothing is without.
      - On the Origin of the World 98.20–30).

    • The illumined mystic in The Sophia of Jesus Christ praises the beauty of “the Light that shines without casting shadow, full of indescribable joy and ebullience” (Berlin Codex 115). The Organic Light is everywhere and permeates all things. It does not shine on what is seen but from what is seen, emitting a soft white luminosity with the texture of marshmallow, in which matter floats.
      - Not in His Image

    The poem "In the Organic Light," a conversion of W. B. Yeats' "All Soul's Night," describes the verifiable phenomenon of divine luminosity:

    • That pearly stream across the midnight floor
      is radiance that casts no shade, where Mystery
      remade time and again returns the world to wonder.
      The healing thrill laid right into sensation, the rapture
      of knowing how it's done: all that a mind can be
      and still be mindful of what it's going under.
      Suchness, on touch alone,
      porosity immense,
      each organ and each sense
      in radiant suspense, the immanence like stone.

    The Organic Light presents a soft, pearly glow that wells up from within material mass.


    The Light itself has no mass but it is strangely dense, like soft stone, like alabaster. The neophyte would be shown how to catch its glow and texture by looking in a subtle manner, indirectly, with a certain angle of the gaze.


    Upon numerous encounters, the practice of instruction by the Light would reveal itself in a consistent and predictable way guided by a veteran seer (epoptia), and advanced practitioners could regain the perception on their own (autopsia).


    And so it is today.

    Artemis of Ephesus, image of the Organic Light, emanation
    of the milk-white radiance of the primary substance body
    of Gaia-Sophia

Love Connection

Such are the consistent and predictable effects of encountering the Organic Light.


Foremost among these effects is a feeling of total awe. Also, the certainty of immersion in everlasting life - the sense of immortality, if you will. A deep tremor in the body, a fine cold sweat. A sense of levity and hilarity. A surge of delight that holds you like a standing wave. Rapturous, voluptuary excitement, but serene. The thrill of acute orgiastic pleasure without the urge to act it out.

  • You may ask, But how does love play into the encounter with the Organic Light?

  • Or in a broader sense, What is the role of love in experimentation with the Terma of Gaia Awakening?

Recall the dakini instruction (part 2),

  • Love and the Supernatural operate on the same frequencies

  • Love is a siddhi, the force of discovery co-arising with the illusion of separation.

Understood in the framework of this Terma, love is the cosmic force that directs us to the discoveries that guide our lives and connect us to the Nagual, the Supernatural.


When you find something you love in life, a place or person, a pet or a song or a cause to embrace, it can be said that love led you to that discovery. Normally, we feel love upon discovering what we love. How can you love it before you even know it is there? The Terma says that the love as a directing force is there already, guiding you to what you come to love.


Imagine that love co-arises with the illusion of separation - the bipolarity of revealer-revealed necessary for anything to appear in a cosmos of infinite, undifferentiated potential - and compensates for the separation by uniting things, connecting what has been divided and separated. Such is the instruction on love implicit to the Terma of Gaia Awakening.

Do you feel love pouring from the Organic Light, as if it were emoting on you? No. Not in my experience, and I have not heard others I've introduced to the Light say anything of this sort.


The love of the goddess Gaia does not come through the Organic Light, her primary substance body as an Aeon or Pleromic divinity from the galactic center, but through her planetary body, the material earth. And especially through the BEMA via the iron-binding process related to hemoglobin in the bloodstream. This earthbound love is the flagrant delight of the telluric dakinis.


It is an absolute and outrageous sexual turn-on, a delicious force not to be restrained or resisted. In the love connection of iron-binding, you are continually in high sexual arousal, on the make at every moment. You have to fuck like crazy just to tone it down.

The encounter with the Organic Light quells the sexual excitation grounded in the sensuous body of the planetary animal mother, but the erotic charge remains high. There is no urge to "act out" sexually in the presence of the OL, although you can if you know how, if you have the finesse, the right intention, and the tenderness for such an orgiastic adventure. But this path of erotic mysticism is not for everyone, nor is it required for participation in the Terma.


Kala Tantra is the extension of the Terma of Gaia Awakening into rituals of interactive sexuality grounded in the earth and performed in coordination with Kali, Kurukulla, and other infernal witches of the Shakti Cluster.


Planetary Tantra is a general access experiment, the way everyone can participate in the Terma without the voluptuary excesses of the Kalikas.

Finally, I would say that love comes with encountering the Organic Light, not as "input" from the Light itself, but from the sheer beauty of that experience. To behold the Light is to love its beauty, which is sublime and unsurpassable. It is so beautiful that you cannot but love the sensation of being in its presence, and you will crave to have that opportunity over and over again.


I am tempted to say that the beauty of the Organic Light compels love in the beholder - if love can be compelled at all, and I'm not sure about that... This encounter does not, however, make you a loving person in respect to humanity at large, or any individual.

For Gaian tantrikas, love for the earth exceeds love for humanity. But then, if you are truly part of the human race, you do not need this mystical experience to feel love for the members of your kind.


You feel it naturally in the kinship of the species, don't you?

That is about all I would care to say about love in this context, or any context, right now.