by Rosanne Lindsay
September 25, 2018
from NatureOfHealing Website



Rosanne Lindsay is a Naturopathic doctor and Tribal healer under the Turtle Island Provider Network.

She is a writer, Earth keeper, Health Freedom advocate, co-founder of Wisconsin For Vaccine Choice, and author of the books The Nature of Healing, Heal the Body, Heal the Planet and Free Your Voice, Heal Your Thyroid, Reverse Thyroid Disease Naturally.



Psychotronic millimeter wave weaponry is coming to a street near you, with the potential to unleash disease on a mass scale.


Welcome to the new fifth generation of Wi-Fi called 5G, where the speed to send full-length, high definition movies to your iPad is ten times faster.




The Consequences



The need for speed has the consequence of going from moderate to severe health effects in record time.


Note that 4G operates at 2.5 GHz or oscillates about 2.5 billion times per second. This frequency mimics water molecules in your body, and was chosen specifically for broadcasting services and equipment under government license.


This means that all company products must meet this frequency or be deemed illegal.


For what purpose is matching the human body's frequency, you may ask, other than for weaponization? Good question...

The higher frequencies of 5G - 100 GHz and beyond - will use small-scale wireless refrigerator-sized boxes, placed in front of every 2-10 homes on every street, in every city.


As you watch the latest Hollywood flick, you will bask, unaware, in microwave emissions that oscillate at the same rate as your blood and oxygen molecules.


These frequencies can cause burning sensations on your skin, impact fertility, as well as alter the electrochemical waves of your brain to affect consciousness.




Awaiting Installation of 5G

Secret testing of 5G emissions made its debut during the 2018 Olympics, and then again at the 2018 Super Bowl where over 67,000 people were part of a stress-test without their consent.


Soon, the 5G antennae networks will be beta tested in nineteen U.S. cities including,

  • San Francisco

  • Los Angeles

  • Jacksonville

  • San Jose

High frequency 5G signals travel shorter distances and are easily blocked by buildings and trees.


What is the point? Why create new technology that takes humanity in reverse? No time for answers. It's full steam ahead to remove the obstacles that block the signals.


First the trees...





Directed Fires and Poisoned Trees

Many people in California report that the extensive "weird fires" are destroying trees and leaving homes untouched.


Everything does not burn. At other times, the metal of cars and rails burned with the leaves on trees, leaving tree trunks and kindling. Could these unusual fires be the result of lasers from Directed Energy Weapons? Whole forests have been devastated down straight lines, obeying fence lines.


Add to that, the sanctioned poisoning of hardwood trees by timber companies that has led to over one million dead trees to create a fire hazard.

Are the trees being destroyed merely to unblock hazardous signals? Is this treason/tree-son on multiple levels?


These same millimeter waves have been used by the U.S. Army as a crowd control dispersal weapon called Active Denial Systems. Firefighters in Sacramento have reported memory problems and confusion following the installation of new towers outside the city fire station.


Some cities, including Santa Rosa, have halted their 5G plans while health concerns are addressed.




Tree Towers



The power of trees keep us calm by acting on our autonomic nervous system, as well as our spirit.


Numerous studies show a dose-response relationship between urban tree cover density and self-reported stress recovery. Studies show reduced physiological markers of stress in subjects simply looking at images of nature.

Unless we can stand up, speak up, collaborate and network, we risk being victims of the attack coming at us unseen, as millimeter waves are directed at our bodies and minds.


If we feel powerless and isolated now, imagine what it will feel like once the new networks are installed and operational. Imagine what it will be like when the trees are replaced with towers that look like trees.


We only feel isolated when we work alone and isolate ourselves. Like a forest, there is strength in numbers.

Camilla Reese of says we are facing actions at the federal and FCC levels that will create a dense network of high-intensity 4G and 5G microwave radiating cellular antennas in front of homes across America.


Moreover, federal legislation, S 3157, would severely reduce local revenues, shorten review times for applications and curtail local control over siting of cell towers.


Camilla says the movement to stop this rollout is necessary for health but is also about getting corporate money out of politics and building an independent media not dependent on toxic polluters and the corruption driving it.




Health Effects of 5G

Because 5G frequencies affect oxygen molecules, they affect all biological systems, including,

  • DNA

  • circadian rhythm

  • heart function

  • hormonal regulation

  • immune system

Hundreds of scientists have expressed concern that humans may experience serious health risks including increases in,

  • blindness

  • cataracts

  • retinal degeneration

  • hearing loss

  • male infertility

  • cancers

  • peripheral nervous system damage

  • impacts on immune cells

  • red blood cells leading to low cellular oxygen

  • impaired transport of nutrients into cells

Impacts on birds and plants may be more severe than the impacts on humans.

Beyond direct effects to health, harmful frequencies threaten society as a whole by ignoring the human right to informed-consent to high levels of radiation. All life on the planet has a right to health and a healthy life.


By accepting the 5G rollout 'without a discussion,' as happened with the airport scanners, we give up sovereignty over our bodies and accelerate our demise.


These frequencies ionize metals being sprayed into the atmosphere under military "geo-engineering" programs to charge the atmosphere, along with our bodies.


These programs further block the healing frequencies of the sun required by all life.

S 3157 has bipartisan support and currently faces little opposition. It could slip through the Senate via unanimous consent, appear in the House briefly and get attached to a spending bill - without any debate or roll-call votes specific to S 3157.


This would wipe out nearly all the protective ordinances already passed by forward-looking cities.

On September 26, 2018, the FCC is scheduled to vote through its Wireless Infrastructure Order (dockets 17-79 and 17-84). This order attempts to preempt local control of the public rights-of-way.


Wireless companies could then more easily install - in front homes - cell towers that would irradiate those nearby with intense, pulsed, data-modulated, Radio-frequency Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation (RF-EMR) - 24/7.




Some Solutions

  • Voice the power of NO to all new generation Wi-Fi systems without proven safety.

  • Hardwire all electrical connections or unplug Wi-Fi before sleeping.

  • Use aluminum screens on windows to block EMF signals.

  • Use RF-shielding paint to block EMF signals.

  • Consume Carbon60, a powerful antioxidant, metal absorber, and carrier of metals out of the body.

  • Unsubscribe to the genetically-modified corporate food system.

  • Eat an organic diet to strengthen and maintain your immune system.

  • Come together in small communities to maintain simple Wi-Fi for the benefit and balance of the group.

  • Grow your own food. Plant a garden. Grow herbs and fruit trees.

  • Stop using aluminum cookware, antiperspirants, baking powder, vaccines.

  • Remove the outdoor refrigerators from your sightline.

In usual form, attacks to human health and the health of the planet are coming from new technologies that are,

unproven, untested, and amoral.

Though government attempts to divide humanity, we are all Earthlings united at the level of our cells and our microbes.

  • Do we slow down and preserve our smallest inhabitants?


  • Or do we accept the coming tidal wave?

Speed for the sake of speed is the ideology of a cancer cell...





Senator Demands Proof that 5G is Safe

-   So does the National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy   -
by B.N. Frank
December 4, 2018
from ActivistPost Website


No matter how much you love technology, you'd probably want to know that insurance companies stopped covering wireless radiation exposure because it's too risky, right?

Published yesterday on Business Wire:


Blumenthal Presses FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr to Disclose Evidence of '5G Safety'


The National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy (NISLAPP) applauds Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) for pressing FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr, Esq. to provide documentation substantiating the Commissioner's remarks defending '5G safety.'

NISLAPP seconds this request.


Jim Turner, Esq., President of NISLAPP, says:

"NISLAPP considers it a mistake to place new high-frequency radiating antennas in local communities, in very close proximity to homes, offices and schools, when no pre-market health testing at scale has been conducted on the effects of the radiation emitted, to our knowledge, and when much safer hard-wired internet access technologies are readily available.


We strongly support Senator Blumenthal's request of FCC Commissioner Carr to provide the documentation evidencing the FCC's 'safety determination for 5G,' along with the supporting scientific citations used in making that determination."

Senator Blumenthal's formal request to Commissioner Carr requesting these documents was announced at a press conference in Hartford this morning.


In the letter, Blumenthal explained that recently, in a Senate Committee field hearing in South Dakota regarding 5G, Mayor Paul TenHaken of Sioux Falls, SD was looking for,

"clear direction, talking points, studies that have been done that show that there is no harm to our constituents and to the taxpayers on putting these small cells on towers close to libraries, close to schools, close to their homes."

And that Commissioner Carr responded at the time, saying,

"Federal law actually says that state and local governments can't take [radiofrequency] concerns into account given how much work has gone into this issue at the federal level…


Both at the FCC and other expert health agencies in Washington, they stay very much up to speed on these issues and have reached the determination that these are safe."

The FCC's job is to regulate the Telecom Industry and protect the public.


However, the FCC is NOT a health or environmental protection agency. FCC "Safety" Standards for all wireless products and infrastructure are outdated. We have reported about FCC commissioners siding with industry before.


FCC Chair, Ajit Pai, is guilty of doing the same. Former FCC Chair, Tom Wheeler, was no better. So trusting The FCC doesn't seem to be a good option.

More from Business Wire:

Following this exchange, Senator Blumenthal is presently calling on FCC Commissioner Carr to send the following documentation to his office:

  1. The 5G safety determination from FCC and other relevant health agencies to which Commissioner Carr referred during the field hearing.

  2. Current citations for the studies informing that safety determination.

He said his own constituents have similar concerns about 5G, and that he wants to provide them with accurate information.

Senator Blumenthal said we,

"are interested in acquainting ourselves with the latest studies evaluating the health effects of high-band frequencies and modulations that would be used in 5G networks."

He noted,

"Most of our current regulations regarding radiofrequency safety were adopted in 1996 and have not yet been updated for next generation equipment and devices."

He also mentioned the large U.S. government funded study by the National Toxicology Program, published this year, using earlier generation technologies (2G and 3G), showed a link between radiofrequency radiation and cancer.

We also reported about the NTP study a few months ago. Yep... cancer from exposure.

Back to Business Wire:

Blumenthal added,

"Carriers will also need updated guidelines governing the authorization of devices to be used with 5G."


"We also believe it is critical for the FCC to act on its March 27, 2013 Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Inquiry to ensure all individuals, and especially those working in close proximity to the hundreds of thousands of small cell facilities to be deployed, are protected from any kind of excess radiofrequency radiation."

The Communications Workers of America was present at the press conference, as was science writer and expert in electromagnetic fields, B. Blake Levitt.


See Levitt remarks.

The National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy considers Senator Blumenthal's line of inquiry about the extent of safety evaluations of next generation 5G radiation to be critically important.


Camilla Rees, Senior Policy Advisor to NISLAPP, says,

"All Members of Congress, as well as state and local government officials, might consider asking similar questions about the new, different and dangerous fifth generation radiofrequency technologies that the telecom industry intends to deploy widely within our living environments, about which scientists around the world are warning."

International scientists in many countries are calling for a moratorium on 5G until the potential hazards are fully investigated.

For your information, the 5G moratorium was created in 2017.


We also reported about where 5G has already been installed and Americans and their pets have become sick. Residents of Gateshead, England already won a court case against 5G.

Additional research links are provided at the end of the Business Wire article.


We have also reported about Michigan Senator Patrick Colbeck's efforts to protect residents from exposure to 5G as well as utility "Smart" Meters.












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