by Catherine J. Frompovich
August 27, 2018
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Taos, New Mexico

August 12, 2018

An all-day symposium on 5G was held in Taos, New Mexico on Sunday, August 12, 2018.


Arthur Firstenberg discussed the history, science, and description of 5G, including 5G from satellites in space, and its expected effects on all living things.

Click on below media, to access Arthur Firstenberg's 34:23 minutes of amazing facts about the relatively unknown and probably deliberately-withheld information about,





This research is regarding adverse health effects from 5G millimeter wave radiation streaming down from thousands of ionosphere-placed satellites, plus 5G cell towers parked outside your homes, e.g., front doors or bedroom windows, with your not being able to protest them, nor have them removed!

We did not evolve with microwaves;

they are foreign to us.

After listening to Arthur's remarkable knowledge based upon decades-long research after his having been forced to leave medical school as a result of becoming electromagnetically sensitive, cell phone users and 'smart' technology addicts.


They ought to realize there is a 'universe' of unknowns regarding human health, environmental impacts and other damaging issues that will materialize as a result of 5G not being studied carefully and fully, but being fast-tracked by the inordinate use of devices we lived without until less than 25 years ago, plus a restrained non-disclosure of 5G capabilities, which the U.S. military uses as "directed energy weapons". [1-2]


Fox News Admits Government Using Lasers

Directed Energy Weapons



Statistically, electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a global health problem, which will increase exponentially when there are 20,000 satellites sending down millimeter wave frequencies that no one really knows neither how to deal with nor how to protect you from their negative health impacts.



"Tinfoil hats" will be of NO help!

There will be nowhere to hide or to find relief from millimeter frequencies research has shown will make our bodies feel like we have perpetual horrible sunburn and activate our sweat glands to work overtime, plus induce severe eye damage.

Are those currently 'anonymous' health risk factors for microwave tech users really worth cell phone and microwave use polluting the Planet, humankind and the environment?

There's the greater possibility of everyone probably contracting some form of cancer, since microwaves break DNA strands - a cause of cancer.


Neither the human body, nor anything else on Planet Earth, has been subjected to man-made microwaves in the millimeter ranges of 24 GHz and upward toward 90 GHz...

Remember, one GHz is equivalent to one BILLION Hertz (frequency oscillations of energy per SECOND).

Now, do the math and try to envision how your body will react to gajillions of such frequency oscillations hitting it every second of the day - just to be able to play a game on a 'smart' device.