by Robert Naeslund

extracted from from Paranoia Magazine - Issue 19 - Winter 1999
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                                                                                        Robert Naesland

The right of might: the source of inhumanity and state tyranny.


This is an account of the Swedish Security Police (SÄPO) and the use of humans for medical research, but it could well be from Nazi Germany, where state abuse was a natural part of the system. There are many similarities in the methods and routine of brutality between the Gestapo and SÄPO. Moreover, SÄPO is exploiting a new kind of computer technique to enable them to control human thoughts and behavior.

Pictured above left, is an X-ray of an object located in my skull directly anterior to the frontal bone. The object was forcibly implanted in 1967 at a hospital where I was awaiting an operation.


SÄPO had forced the surgeon to participate in their scheme, preventing him from performing the original surgery.

After violently sedating me, they made a 5 cm long incision in my frontal bone, in which they placed the object: a radio-transmitter which has been transmitting a high frequency electromagnetic beam through my brain 24 hours a day ever since. The dimensions of the device are a mere 7x4 mm.

The process of miniaturization has already passed the stage of the injectable transponder, a tiny ampoule capable of storing data and acting as a sender and a receiver.


Jan Freese - The Despotic Incompetence

The reason for SÄPO’s action was that I constituted a threat to the secret of state mind-control projects.


This covert operation of coupling people’s brains to computers has been going on for decades, and not only SÄPO is involved. Transmitters are being implanted in people’s heads during routine hospital surgery. Most commonly, these are inserted through the nostrils, from where they operate using two-way radio communication.


After penetrating the brain, the radio-wave is processed in a system that connects the neurological functions to a computer. Afterwards, mental activity, biological processes, sensory function, in fact the entire life of the individual, are laid bare for state inspection and control.

In his report, the eminent professor Peter Lindström calls the technique “radio-hypnotic intracerebral control.” This speaks a lot about a science which is also known as bio-medical telemetry, mind control or brain-computer interaction. He writes that there is a risk of meningitis and chronic infections with such implantations. I have, in fact, had constant sinus infections since the early 1970s, something which is most probably connected with the implanted objects.

In the late 1960s, the potential and areas of application of telemetry were already being discussed by J.M. Delgado in his book Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society:

We are advancing rapidly in the pattern recognition of electronic correlates of behavior and in the method for two-way radio communication between brain and computers.

This has been going on much longer than most people can imagine. It was, in fact, one of the first applications of computer technology, forty years ago, to link the human biological system with a computer.


Thirty years ago, in 1968, Dr. Stuart Mackay published his Bio-Medical Telemetry, in which he outlined the potential of this latest science:

Among the many telemetry instruments being used today are miniature radio transmitters that can be swallowed or surgically implanted in man or animals ... The scope of observation is too broad to more than hint at with a few examples...


They permit the simultaneous study of behavior or physiological functioning... In cases such as the monitoring of the welfare of a diver in the ocean or an astronaut in orbit, a continuous flow of physiologic information is essential.


X-rays of my head show three implanted transmitters, of which one has been completely embedded in the frontal lobe.


All were implanted on different occasions during the 1970s by the Swedish Criminal Police while I was under arrest in Stockholm and Nacka. A paper published in 1975 at Yale University by an international team of six researchers as part of a joint project between Yale and the Medical University of Madrid entitled “Two-way Communication with the Brain” describes how communication can be achieved with deep-brain processes using tiny transmitters, thereby also being able to suppress EEG patterns. They also state that because both energy and data is supplied by radio-waves, these transmitters last for life.

Two-way communication with the depth of the brain makes it possible to send and to receive information to and from the brain. The technique eliminates the need to restrain the experimental subject, permitting free behavioral expression and social relations.


Instrumentation, including the radio links, is small and light and does not interfere with mobility...


Our experiment demonstrated the suppression of a specific EEG pattern by repeated feed-back radio stimulation of a specific intracerebral point ... As no batteries are used, the life of the instrument is indefinite. Power and information are supplied by radio frequencies.

It has been almost thirty years since the first transmitter was implanted in my head at Söder Hospital; the issue is in fact much bigger and even more shocking, since surgeons have also been placing these transmitters in the heads of patients under anesthetic on the operating table. This is what happened to me at the end of the 1960s when I underwent surgery at Söder Hospital. Prior to that time, I had been a completely normal member of society.


I had never committed a crime nor had any contact with psychiatry, and I was employed. In fact, there was nothing about my life which could warrant the taking of special measures to observe me. The only reasonable conclusion is that certain surgeons at the hospital were and may be continuing to implant transmitters during normal operations on a regular basis.


There is no reason whatever to believe that I was an exception.

Thirty-three years ago, in 1965, a researcher at the Defense Research Institution department for information technology named P.M. Persson published an article on biomedical telemetry in which he wrote:

Telemetry, i.e. the radio-transmission of data, is applied primarily when it is difficult or impossible to supply the parameters by any other method ... the word Telemetry is derived from the Greek “tele” meaning “to measure”.


In Swedish, telemetry would therefore be called “fjarrmatning” (long-distance measuring)... A significant part of biotelemetry is conducted principally with the use of implanted transmitters, the development of which has come a long way in medical research.

What had actually been well developed in medical research was of course the abuse of patients in whose heads the surgeons were implanting transmitters.



A Journey Into Madness

For the years following the implantation of the transmitter at Söder Hospital, I was actually quite unaware that anything had happened.


All I was mindful of was a weak radio signal of unidentifiable origin inside my head. It was only after a few years that I became wise to something having been put inside my head during the operation. This time was to be a period of great and inexplicable change and, when I turned thirty, I decided to tread a criminal path.


It is hard to claim with any certainty that this was a result of what was happening to me, but it was, in any case, after the implantation of the transmitter which linked my brain to a computer so scientists could use me for their own wicked designs, that my conceptions and feelings were radically altered.

In America, the same year as the implant of the transmitter at Söder Hospital (1967), the Department of Psychiatry at Yale University published a report entitled “Man’s Intervention in Intracerebral Functions.”


The authors wrote:

Techniques are being developed for the investigation and manipulation of man. Two-way communication with the depth of the brain makes it possible to send and receive information to and from the brain... We can start, stop or modify a variety of autonomic, somatic, behavioral, and mental manifestations.


We can experiment with intracerebral mechanisms responsible for the onset and maintenance of specific behavioral and mental functions... As no batteries are used, the life of the transmitter is indefinite. Power and information are supplied by radio frequencies.

The report of a Parliamentary Committee chaired by Alva Myrdal, SOU 1972:59 entitled “To Choose the Future” addressed this technique:

Research into the field of cerebral function and behavior has as its primary aim to identify the type and degree of changes that can be effected with these new methods, thereby providing information on new possibilities for easing human suffering as well as the risks of control and modification of behavior against the people’s will.

The state report SOU 1987:74 also mentions the technique, discussing the ability to see through the eyes of another person:

It is inevitable that covert personal surveillance brings with it a significant infringement of individual integrity. A person’s private and public doings can be registered and documented to a high degree. This also includes any encounters the individual has with other people.


Letters and other such written communications which the individual receives, for example, at home or in the office, can be monitored during surveillance.

It was on my first occasion with the police, on March 10, 1972, that I was put to sleep without my consent and when I awoke a few hours later it was to a whole new kind of life.


The first thing I was aware of was a deeply disturbing radio signal in my head. The electromagnetic wave which was penetrating my skull was brainwashing, and had a detrimental effect on my memory functions, habits and behavior. Slowly but surely I was being changed into a different person with greatly impaired faculties. As can be seen from the X-ray photograph shown, this transmitter had been inserted through the left nostril.

The experiment which then began went on daily, unchanging, for the following 3.5 years. It inhibited the capacity of my left cerebral hemisphere, and after a short while I lost such basic skills as sequentiality, turning the alphabet, for example, into a swarm of irretrievably disordered letters.


My capacity for logical thought was impaired and due to the brainwashing I had great mnemonic problems which created daily chaos. Dr. Lindström’s reference in his second letter to this process as “the electronic dissolution of memory” is a fitting description of what was happening to me.

Gordon Thomas, the well-known author and BBC producer, wrote in the introduction to his book Journey Into Madness, that:

Since the 1950s, doctors in both east and west have ignored the sacred oaths of their profession and helped in governments-sponsored research into methods of medical torture and mind control.

A detail of one X-ray of my head shows the nasal passages and the area behind the forehead.


Two shaded parts indicate the position of the transmitters that were surgically removed at private hospitals overseas. One was inserted at Söder Hospital, while another was the one I received in police custody in 1978.


A third object on the X-ray is the first transmitter that the police put in me on March 10, 1972, while a fourth was implanted either at Stockholm’s detention center or in custody at Vasteras in 1973. The last transmitter shown in the X-ray was inserted under sedation on November 26, 1975 at the Nacka Police custody center.

Nine years went by before I tried to do something about the increasing torment. In 1976, I wrote to Bror Rexed, the general director of the Board of Health and Welfare, and explained what was happening to me and how it had all begun.


What I failed to understand then, however, was that there were unwritten routines to bury as swiftly as possible any reports concerning the existence of these barbaric practices. Instead of answering my letter, Mr. Rexed passed it on to the department responsible for psychiatric care, who contacted me with a warning that I could be taken in if I continued to make these claims.


A document entitled “The Breaking of Bodies and Minds,” published by The American Association for the Advancement of Science, states:

...The state, with the aid of psychiatrists, can effectively silence people who oppose its policies, state manipulation of psychiatry for political ends is a reality in many countries.

On a trip to Athens in the summer of 1977, I took the opportunity to have an X-ray examination.


There the radiologist was able to identify two foreign objects in the extension of the nasal passages, adjacent to the frontal lobe. On my return to Sweden, I handed over the X-rays to the Board of Health and Welfare to confirm my previous claims. They, in turn, passed them on for examination by their own radiological consultant, Dr. Kjell Bergström of Uppsala’s Academic Hospital, who promised to produce a report.


After several attempts to contact Dr. Bergström, it became evident that he was not prepared to make a report at all. After much correspondence both by letter and phone, he finally submitted a report. It came as no surprise that his report was entirely misleading. He denied the existence of any foreign objects in my head and claimed that my cranial X-rays were perfectly normal.

I was forced then to do something about my enslaved life. I traveled back to Athens in February of 1978 and met a radiologist who then put me in contact with a surgeon who was prepared to operate to remove the object.


The transmitter that had been implanted in my head at Söder Hospital was finally removed on March 13, 1978 after having been in operation for eleven long years. It had been only a month since Dr. Bergström’s report denied the existence of any foreign objects in my head.


My life improved measurably after the removal of four transmitters which had been transmitting electromagnetic waves through my brain.



A Criminal Collusion Exposed

Dr. Gregorius promised to perform the next operation a couple of months later.


In July of 1978, a week before I was due to return to Athens, I was arrested by the police for a crime that had been committed some months earlier. After a few days in custody, Dr. Annmari Jonsson from the Board of Health and Welfare came in for a chat. Dr. Jonsson is the psychiatrist who had contacted me the previous year in connection with my correspondence with Rexed.


She had previously threatened me with psychiatric confinement if I persisted in making claims about a transmitter having been implanted in my head at Söder Hospital. She was now getting serious and was prepared to use her position to silence me in a criminal collusion between doctors and the police.

Our talk lasted no longer than a few minutes, after which she was ready to prepare the report which was to pave the way for the coming psychiatric diagnosis which the Board of Health and Welfare could then, following the routine, use as a weapon for concealing the illegal activity of the state.


Her report was based on the obvious fact that anyone who claims that they are being used for scientific research into telemetry is mentally ill. I was also threatening to expose something of an extremely classified nature. This was justification enough to brand me as a chronically paranoid individual.

Annmari Jonsson’s report of August 1978 included the following note:

“He fiercely maintains everything that he wrote to the General Director. He becomes indignant and clearly offended if anyone questions the reality of his medical history. In doing so, he displays clear delusions and is also paranoid. He is psychotic, in need of hospitalization and there is every reason for forensic-psychiatric examination.”

Until a certain point in my life, I had never had any psychiatric problems, never had any contact with mental care or displayed any inhumane traits or used violence.


The reason why it was so important for the psychiatrists to diagnose me as mentally ill was that the use of brain-computer systems involves the infringement of the basic human right to life. Anyone who constitutes a threat to this secret shall be silenced at any price. It is also important for them to create an illusion that those who claim they are being subjected to such abuse have mental problems.

Dr. Janes Jez, the psychiatrist who conducted my forensic-psychiatric examination and who is ultimately responsible for my psychiatric diagnosis wrote in his notes:

“Robert Naeslund ought to be considered dangerous if his system of delusions can not be cured and he starts to doubt his conceptions and obtain insight into his illness.”

I was, of course, dangerous to nobody other than the state criminals who I believe collaborated in the abuse, like Dr. Curt Strand, Dr. Annmari Jonsson or Dr. Janes Jez.

By the time the X-ray was taken in 1984, I had undergone two operations:

  1. the first was the transmitter that was implanted and had been removed

  2. the second involved the one which had been inserted in my right nostril on my last detainment in police custody in 1978

Dr. Lindström has documented that my cranial X-ray clearly exhibits a number of implanted transmitters, one of which is in my brain.


When I was able to obtain the verification of Dr. Lindström and several other doctors some years later, I submitted a letter containing the correct X-ray reports to both the Board of Health and Welfare and the named doctors for comment.

They reacted just like criminals. They will do anything to bury the truth when they are finally exposed, and so they refuse to answer my letters and to admit that they ever received them, despite the fact that I have sent letters on a number of occasions. There is, of course, nothing that they can add.


It has been proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that psychiatry is used as a weapon against me to conceal the brutality of the state in its implantation of transmitters in my head and my subsequent exploitation in a continual, perpetual scientific experiment.

Some years ago, there was a media scare concerning the use of psychiatric incarceration in the Soviet Union as a political weapon against dissidents. The situation is not so different in Sweden, as my case shows. I was simply trying to free myself from the experiment from which I had suffered for the previous eleven years and to retrieve the human rights I was entitled to, the right to not be enslaved by institutional experiments and research.

Dr. Tord Svahn of Huddinge Hospital is one of those doctors whom I believe Dr. Jez involved in the plot against me to legitimize his diagnosis.


During the forensic psychiatric examination I demanded that a radiological study be made of my skull, since I knew that these objects would show up on the X-rays. But my request was denied and I had to fight for three months before he gave in to my requests.


The radiological examination was conducted by Dr. Svahn, who also undersigned the reports confirming their normal status. A couple of years later, I was able to expose Dr. Svahn’s deliberately fallacious report when the X-rays were requisitioned from Huddinge for further study by other medical practitioners. All the doctors who have seen these pictures have been able to identify the implanted foreign objects, something which they have also confirmed in reports.

With the help of several electronics companies in Stockholm which supplied me with both the means and the know-how, I was able to ascertain the frequencies of the electromagnetic waves which were traveling through my head to these transmitters.


The frequencies entering my head have been analyzed to be between 17 and 24 kHz. About twenty years ago (1976), researchers Eskil Block and Per Scharestrom published their book Man and Technology in the Society of the Future.


The book addresses the following technique:

The study of electronic communication has given us a much greater opportunity to understand vital aspects of the human nervous system and sensory organs.


Out of this technology then grew a more abstract and general science, cybernetics, the study of communication and control ... advancements in science and technology show us again and again that we must be prepared to adjust our view of the world and reassess the limits of what is possible.

When the state commits a serious crime, it is ensured that none of their own will reveal the secret. In that case, all would be lost from the start.


For that reason among others, the radiologists at the different hospitals deny the existence of foreign objects in my head, as we can see from the reports of Drs. Bergström and Svahn.


There are, however, many other radiologists who use their position to deny the truth in one huge collective fabrication, so that no information about the abuses threatens to leak out. It was, therefore, critical when Dr. Lindström produced an entirely contradictory report concerning the X-rays that the Swedish doctors had declared normal. It was, therefore, also in the nature of things that the Swedish doctors tried to make Dr. Lindström retract his report.

Doctors at both Karolinska Hospital and the Karolinska Institute, who actually had absolutely nothing to do with my case, wrote to Dr. Lindström in California insisting that he conduct himself properly and not make that kind of report, and asked if it would be possible for him to reconsider his statements. Others took a tougher line, saying he was not competent to examine X-rays and that he ought to change his mind.


There was not a single person acting out of any other motive than that of concealing his own or his colleague’s malpractice. The psychiatric clinic at Karolinska Hospital is another example. Failing to find out the facts, an easy enough task considering that Dr. Lindström’s name and address are on the letters, they contacted the Board of Health and Welfare with the incredible story that the reports I had submitted were my own fabrications.

Instead of making him toe their line, the Swedish doctors’ behavior had the opposite effect on Dr. Lindström.


He felt, quite naturally, indignant that they had tried to force him to conform to the corrupt Swedish model, and as a result he passed on certain of my X-rays to some of his colleagues at the University of California Medical Center in San Diego, asking them to write down exactly what they could see without first giving them any prior information.


Professor Wickbom produced one such report. Wickbom had previously been chief clinician of the radiological department at Sahlgrenska Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden.

The contradictory reports of the Swedish doctors and their overseas colleagues gives a clear picture of the methods that the Swedish state uses to ensure that nothing concerning this mind control harassment leaks out. It is not just isolated radiologists, psychiatrists or surgeons who are participating in the crimes.


In that case, they would have been exposed long ago. It ought to be an inalienable human right to not be victimized by the implantation of transmitters in the head by surgeons during operations. One should also naturally expect to receive accurate radiological reports untainted by the need to conceal the crimes of the state.

All this concerns the abuse of a technique so terrifying that the state will go to any lengths to ensure that it is kept from the general public. This is the real reason why psychiatrists regularly diagnose as mentally ill anyone who tries to claim that they are an experimental victim of this technique.


The psychiatrists explain that the technique does not exist and that it is simply a symptom of schizophrenia or paranoia to imagine that such a thing is happening. The truth is that thousands of books and medical and scientific reports testify to the existence of this technique.


The following quotes will provide a survey of these reports:

  1. Electronic systems that can be totally implanted within the body have progressed in the last twenty years from single transistor devices to complex multifunction devices that can also incorporate memory and microprocessor logic functions.

    (“Survey of Implantable Telemetry,” Tomas B. Fryer, NASA, 1974.)


  2. The technique of telemetric control of human beings offers the possibility of regulating behavior with precision on a subconscious level.

    (“Electronics in the Observation and Control,” Crime and Justice, 1972.)

  3. The purpose of biomedical telemetry is to monitor or study animals and humans with minimal disturbance to their normal activity, during sleeping, loving, working, eating, lecturing and diving, etc.

    (Telemetry is Coming of Age, Dr. Stuart Mackay, 1983)

  4. This technique would also lend itself to the restriction and control of people’s private lives and social behavior on a national level. There would be the unfettered violation of personal integrity and the suppression of social and political activity, enough to make Orwell’s terrifying robotized state a reality.

    (The Information Society, Yoneji Masuda, 1980)

It is possible not only to thoroughly monitor every dimension of a person’s life, but also to manipulate them.


I became aware at a very early stage that they were able to register my thoughts, vision, emotions and intentions. The police never prevented me from acting unlawfully, despite knowing my plans in advance. Instead, they stimulated my criminal behavior and since I knew that they knew what I was doing, they were clearly safeguarding my criminal activity.


The question is whether all this has also happened to other people in custody.

Swedish scientists write in their research papers that people’s thoughts are observed and that,

“experimental data from the nervous system, at an undiminished rate, continues to flow into the computers.”

This statement was made by Professor Jens Allwood in Framtider (Futures), published by the Institute of Future Studies in Stockholm.


In the same issue, assistant professor Erland Hjelmquist argued that, in most cases,

“researchers have intended their theories to deal with just what happens in the heads of people when they make decisions or form opinions, or when they remember something... and so on.”

Peter Westerholm, senior lecturer and medical researcher, suggested in a speech at a Department of Justice conference in 1986 that:

We must also find out how people are experiencing what’s happening, maybe even their opinions, their evaluations. And it’s quite clear that this will bring us into some not entirely legitimate territory.

The fact hat data from the nervous system continues to flow into the computers at an increasing rate is due to the fact that more and more people are being hooked up to the system.


The growing rate of hospital, SÄPO, and Criminal Police abuse is built upon the mind-control system which has been highly developed within medical research.



Generating Diseases

To provide an idea of the kind of experiments I was being subjected to, consider the following aspect of these systems. During the years 1979-1984, I suffered from their power to generate disease in a person. This is something which has been well documented by medical researchers.


In Bio-Medical Telemetry (1968), Dr. Mackay wrote that,

“there are certainly more elaborate and immediate methods for accelerating human and animal subjects into a state of motion sickness.”

His chilling claims that immediate and accelerating morbid states can be induced through two-way radio communication with the brain also reveals his own attitudes concerning the possible areas of application for these methods.

Beginning in 1972, when the police implanted their first transmitter in my head, the predominant effect was powerful radio signals in my head. These signals continuously intensified and oscillated over the years between loud bass notes and piercing high-frequency signals, with the entire intervening sound spectrum at varying volumes. This changed my life and altered my moods; it often induced insomnia, an inability to concentrate, irritation and impaired thinking.


But there were also changes to my behavior, which sometimes meant that I ended up unusually out of my depth, or did things completely out of my character. The symptoms which the scientists had begun to induce at the time of my residence at Sidsjon’s special psychiatric clinic in 1978-79 were exact reproductions of earlier illnesses, like the throat infections which kept me in a recurring state of cold and fever for several years.

This technique makes it possible to control all cerebral functions and biological processes.


During the first three years of the 1980s, my brain’s thermo-regulator was made to malfunction, producing temperature swings between extreme heat and cold for several hours. Between 1981-83, this technique also controlled my heart with such precision that they could bring it almost to a stop.


This also went on for hours at a time, at least every night, after which they would hyperactivate it.


The pattern was so systematic that it must have been produced by a computer program. From August 1978, when I was put to sleep in custody for the last time, and from when the transmitter inserted into my right nostril began its four year operation, I suffered from cramps in my legs, feet, hands and arms for hours every day until the transmitter was removed in Athens in 1982.

Only a year after Dr. Lindström and others made accurate statements concerning my X-rays, the brain experiment which had intensified continuously since 1972 finally leveled off. When the electronics companies gave me the opportunity to demonstrate the different frequencies of the waves that were passing through my head, the effect lessened.


After the Red Cross in Stockholm spoke to Dr. Lindström to discuss possible surgery in the USA, for which he intended to assist with necessary travel costs, the terror from which I had suffered for twelve years finally stopped altogether.


The operation came to nothing, however, since for the first time ever I was refused an entry visa into the United States.



Frankenstein Techniques

In 1987, an assault took place at St. Carolus Hospital in Djakarta, Indonesia, where I was awaiting an operation to, once and for all, remove the transmitters implanted in my brain.


The assault began as I was being wheeled into the operating theatre. Standing outside was the surgeon, a professor of neurosurgery named Dr. Hendayo. He informed me that he was unable to go forward with the operation which had been scheduled a week previously. He told me that we would have to postpone it, explaining that he could not reveal the reasons why.


I tried to persuade him to keep his side of the agreement, and after a short discussion he changed his mind and I was wheeled into the operating room. What was known to him, and what I realized the moment I entered the room, was that there were two plain-clothes men waiting for me. I tried to free myself from these frightening Frankenstein techniques.


They grabbed my arms and injected me with something, and I lost consciousness.

When I came around, I was right in the middle of the operation, and I felt a sharp pain in my head. My arms and legs were strapped down and the doctor was holding my head, while one of the two in plain clothes wielded an object similar to a branding iron used to mark animals.


He pushed the heated instrument down into my opened head. It felt as though my skull would explode, and I screamed in agony before I lost consciousness. Eighteen hours later I awoke. As soon as I was able, I went directly to the X-ray department to report what happened.


From the X-ray they took, the radiologist thought that it looked like a burn into which some sort of foreign object had been placed. Afterward, I went to the head of the hospital to tell him what had taken place. I was informed that Dr. Hendayo was not due back for a couple of days. When I later made contact with him, he explained that what happened was not of his doing.


He explained that I should have understood when he tried to back out, and that he had been unable to act because my country’s security police were involved. The presence of both the burn and the implanted object has been confirmed by a number of radiological reports.


A hospital in Stockholm writes,

“To the left in the margosupraorbitalis is a deep groove, 2 cm in diameter and 0.5 cm in depth.”

Another hospital overseas writes:

“X-ray skull lateral view shows a radioluscent defect just behind the frontal sinus. An umbrella-shaped foreign body is seen in relation to the defect just above the right orbital roof.”

These events at St. Carolus Hospital in Djakarta in August 1987 reveal another side to the difficulties experienced when trying to free oneself from computer mind-control.


Dr. Hendayo realized he could not operate on me or do anything about my situation when the security police, possibly along with their colleagues in the CIA, forbade him from operating on me and took over the surgical department of St. Carolus Hospital in order to implant another transmitter. The mushroom-shaped transmitter lies adjacent to the right frontal lobe, which it paralyses.


The transmitter now affects the left side of my body. It is particularly noticeable in the face where the left eyebrow now droops as a sign of cerebral impairment.

The radiation produced by this implant has an effect different than that produced by the other transmitters, since it operates with high frequency radio-waves which lie just before the microwave part of the frequency spectrum. Right from the start, I could feel how the temperature of my brain rises, the consequences of which change my life and influence my abilities, energy and alertness.


This radiation is also very dangerous and known to induce cancer and leukemia. As a completely normal symptom of a paralyzed right hemisphere, I have lost all emotions including sexual feelings. Medical certificates confirm the continual and untreatable infections caused by the painful dehydrating effects of radio-waves produced by the implanted object, as well as greatly impaired vision and astigmatism.


The continual deterioration of my vision has led to my needing glasses and a magnifying glass in order to read normal letters.

There exists an illustration from the medical company Dow-Corning’s advertisement for their new electrode for implantation into people’s heads. It was published in Neurology and Biomedical Engineering (1990), with the following text:

A new electrode design for the extradural recording of brain activity... Epidural peg electrodes are implantable mushroom-shaped composites of Silastic elastomer...


Recording cerebral activity from the extradural space is not a new concept... Extradural strip electrodes have a low risk of infection, are well tolerated by patients, and have excellent recording characteristics.



A Modern Slave

Like all such radio devices, this electrode transmits data from a person’s inner life, his mental functions, biological and neurological processes, all of which can be combined to yield more information about someone’s life than even that person knows about himself.


The implants can be used to “brainwash”: to manipulate inner processes, modify or destroy emotions and thoughts, and, as one of the earlier research papers said, control behavior in detail.


It is the most fantastic, and the most frightening technique that has ever been developed, and consequently one of the biggest secrets ever to be held by the state. The new transmitter was intended to brainwash me to a much greater extent than any of the previous ones. It is clear how far doctors, psychiatrists, and SÄPO are prepared to go to prevent any leaks from revealing the secret of the technique and the extent of the brutal experiments and life-long abuse of the people involved in them.

The fact that the Criminal Police are using the technique and anaesthetizing people who are under arrest in order to implant transmitters should paint a whole new picture of what these authorities actually represent. It is also not difficult to see that this technique can only be employed as long as the public knows nothing about it.


Having been used as an experimental subject for various state projects for about the past thirty years has meant that I have had to live my life without the normal freedoms and personal security necessary to plan and choose my own destiny.

One can say that I have had to live like a modern slave. I have never been able to escape the continual experiment in my brain and have had to bear complete observation by medical/police research and their intrusion into my life as an invisible party to everything I do. The high frequency radiation is destroying my health and I am living with the constant threat of lethal injury.

I have been deprived of human rights and integrity, and have been stripped, studied, exploited, raped and threatened with my life. I need to find a doctor who is able to operate, first and foremost, to remove SÄPO’s transmitter in the face of SÄPO’s power. These people are the face of Nazism in our society.


They are backed up by the entire political system, and there is no court in Sweden that will convict one of them.


There is no psychiatrist who will risk their job by revealing their own, their colleague’s and society’s crimes. Nor is there any surgeon answerable for the implantation of radio-transmitters in the brains of patients during surgery. Radiologists who produce false reports to protect state institutional abuses are likewise exempt from punishment.

If we in Sweden wish to live in a society where the authorities have to take responsibility for their actions, these people must be arrested. This is the only way we will find out what is happening behind SÄPO’s high wall of secrecy, and how far this mind control experimentation has gone. There are people responsible for the kind of life I have had to suffer and the torture I have endured, and I have named them all.


Everyone at some time in their lives needs to go to the hospital for an operation, but who would enter a hospital if it could mean becoming part of a secretive medical research program which can proceed for the remainder of their lives? It can no longer be granted that he who lives his own life also has rights over it.

Anyone wishing to help Robert Naeslund find an ethical neurosurgeon may contact him in care of Gruppen, Box 136, Stockholm 11479, Sweden, Fax: 08-668-6066.


Robert Naeslund Story

New Delhi


Ever since an operation at Soder Hospital in Stockholm at the end of the 1960's, I have been used in a medical experiment which has meant a lot of suffering and been very painful.


The operation was performed by Dr. Curt Strand, who inserted a foreign object, a so-called brain transmitter, in my head through the right nasal passage.

For many years I have tried to get help from Swedish physicians and even from the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen). However, I was confronted by doctors who became my enemies and I was, among other things, declared mentally ill and placed in a mental hospital.


In 1983 I came in contact with Prof. P.A. Lindstrom at the University of California, San Diego in the United States, who examined my X-rays. Many Swedish doctors had given written opinions about these, and stated that the X-rays were completely normal, that there were no foreign object in my head.

Prof. Lindstrom wrote in one of his many statements that,

"I can only confirm that some foreign objects, most likely brain transmitters have been implanted at the base of your frontal brain and in the skull. In my opinion there is no excuse for such implantations if the patient has not been fully informed about the procedures, the purposes, the risks, the method of anesthesia, etc., and then gives a clear written consent."

I fully agree with Lincoln Lawrence who in his book on page 27 wrote:

"There are two particularly dreadful procedures which have been developed: Those working and playing with them secretly call them R.H.I.C. and E.D.O.M. -- Radio-Hypnotic Intracerebral Control and Electronical Dissolution of Memory".

These, as well as ESB (Electronic Stimulation of the Brain) constitute what is included in Bio-medical telemetry.

After Prof. Lindstrom wrote his opinion about ten other doctors in different countries have given written statements which attest to the implanted transmitters in my head. The statements clearly show that Swedish doctors have given false reports concerning this case.


Despite the evidence which proves my case, I cannot get surgical help in Sweden to remove the many transmitters implanted in my head, which are active day and night, year after year. This was the reason why I sought help in New Delhi, but we will clearly see that physicians have strong international bonds, and are more social collegial than humane ones.

< Omitting history of search for doctor to remove transmitters. They were removed and analyzed by Hewlett-Packard technicians. >

The difficulty in finding a doctor who will operate on me is the great secret behind the use of bio-medical telemetry and doctors' international solidarity with colleagues who use people for experiments. I would like to ask everyone who reads this report for help in finding a surgeon who will perform the operation so that I may be freed from the several transmitters implanted in my skull and brain.


These transmitters have changed my life in many ways and torment me through their constant use. I can travel wherever it is necessary and would be personally responsible for all the costs which are connected to the operation.

Stockholm, Sweden

November 1991




July 27, 1983

Mr. R. Naeslund
Ervallakroken 27
12443 Bandhagen
[not current address]

In response to your most recent letter regarding the roentgen films I can only confirm that some foreign objects, most likely brain transmitters, have been implanted at the base of your frontal brain and in the skull.

The risk of such implantations is considerable and the risk of chronic infections and meningitis when the implantation has been made through the nose or the sinuses are real issues.

In my opinion, there is no excuse for such implantations if the patient has not been fully informed about the procedures, the purposes, the risks, the method of anesthesia, etc, and then gives a clear written consent.

I fully agree with Lincoln Lawrence, who in his book on page 27 wrote:

"There are two particularly dreadful procedures which have been developed. E.D.O.M. - Radio-Hypnotic Intracerebral Control and Electronic Dissolution of Memory."

Many years go I had some discussions with Delgado. He asked me to apply my ultrasonic technique for his particular purpose of altering patient's behavior but I declined because we had entirely different aims and approaches. However, I found Delgado to be an intelligent but somewhat strange man.

Best wishes!
P.A. Lindstom, M.D.





Bio-Medical Telemetry Mind Control


The Technology and Its Possibilities

Bio-medical telemetry have long been thought to be impossible by the majority of people and have been relegated to science fiction. The fact is that scientists developed this technology into reality at least thirty years ago and started experiments with unwitting people.

By means of two-way radio communication, called telemetry or remote control, one can send a wavelength round trip to a brain transmitter in a person's head. The wavelength streams through the brain and returns to a computer, where all aspects of a human being's life are uncovered and analyzed.

During the 1960's, brain transmitters as small as a half of a cigarette filter made it possible for doctors to implant them into unwitting patients during operations easily and without surgery via the nostrils.

To analyze an EEG in a computer instead of a printer gives a whole new perspective on what can be concluded.


The receipt of mental manifestations as thoughts and visual impressions or feelings, behavior and psychological reactions can be continually registered. Bio-medical telemetry has made it possible for medical scientists and the state to observe the person deeper and more completely than what the individual can possibly do himself.


Through analysis and programmed computers, even affects and changes in a person's physical and mental status can be created.

"By electrical stimulation of specific cerebral structures, movements can be induce by radio command, hostility may appear or disappear, social hierarchy can be modified, sexual behavior may be changed, and memory, emotions, and the thinking process may be influenced by remote control" ...


"Transmitters have no batteries, are activated by radio, and can be used for life, so that the brain can be stimulated indefinitely"...
"Physical Control of the Mind" by professor J. Delgado

"There are certainly more elaborate and immediate methods for accelerating human and animal subjects into a state of motion sickness"...


"The possibilities by bio-medical telemetry are limited only by the imagination of the investigator."
"Bio-Medical Telemetry" by Dr. Stuart Mackay



"Distances were not a problem, since long wavelengths could travel globally at the speed of light. Liquid crystals which are injected directly into the bloodstream and fasten themselves to the brain have been developed in the last ten years. It works on the same principle as the usual transmitter and uses the same technology and contains the same possibilities. An essential part of biotelemetry encompasses the transmission of data. This occurs mostly with help from a surgically implanted transmitter. The technology has been developed quite extensively in medical research."
P.M. Persson, Swedish Defense Research Institution, FOA, 1965

"Telemetry for the surveillance of every citizen is on the drawing boards. Mind control techniques could become standard equipment of government, prison and police departments is backed by a forceful documentation".
Publishers Weekly's review of "The Mind Stealers" by Samuel Chavkin


Robert Naeslund - Photos of Psychotronic Impants

Robert Naeslund is the Swedish mind-control victim who has struggled with brain transmitter implants. The following pictures were obtained from the now defunct VERICOMM BBS:


Photo of brain implant being removed from the skull

of Robert Naeslund in Athens, Greece, 1978.




Photo of implant after being removed from skull

of Robert Naeslund in Athens, Greece, 1978.




Photo of x-ray showing another brain implant in the skull

of Robert Naeslund, 1987.


"In this x-ray photograph taken the day following the operation,

the 1/2cm deep area of branded cortex can be identified, as can the implanted transmitter."
More detail: place mouse on top of image





Photo of Robert Naesland.


"The broken line shows the place where SAPO/CIA

together with Dr. Hendayo trepanated my forehead."

The above pictures are from:

"When The State Rapes: The Mind Control Papers" - Part 1

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