by Niara Terela Isley
Denver Extraterrestrial Contact Examiner
August 10, 2009
from Examiner Website


Step 1: Abolish the National Security Act of 1947

Signed into law by President Harry S. Truman the same month and year as the July UFO crash at Roswell in 1947, the establishment of this piece of legislation was ostensibly, in part, to keep the public from knowing that the UFO/ET phenomenon was real and to allow that technology to be studied, researched and perhaps be back-engineered.


It allowed for a great deal to be hidden from the public “FOR REASONS OF NATIONAL SECURITY”.

President Barack Obama:

A possible disclosure administration?


The problem with the National Security Act of 1947 is that this legislation quickly became a “carte blanch” for ambitious people desiring personal power and wealth to begin to do a broad range of things behind a legal and nearly impenetrable curtain of secrecy that could not be touched or investigated due to said “reasons of national security”.


This gave unprecedented power to people who were quickly corrupted by this total shield from public view who began abusing that power and using that curtain of secrecy to hide all manner of unsavory, even heinous, activities, such as the importation of German scientists after World War II through Project Paperclip, leading to mind control experimentation and abuses and broad monitoring of the general population from childhood on through standardized testing in schools, looking for individuals who could be used or exploited to serve the personal agendas of those protected behind National Security Act of 1947 secrecy.

The National Security Act of 1947 came to be less and less about “national security” and far more serving the personal agendas of those individuals working in powerful positions behind this legal wall.


From the now-well known experiments with LSD to create a super soldier who would follow any orders without question, to the mind control experimentation finding it's way more and more into the mainstream via whistle blowers and some select documentaries, including one that aired on the History Channel, information is leaking out through cracks in that wall.


Add to this the reality of extraterrestrial technology kept secret and sequestered in military and corporate black projects, when it's release and implementation to the public could have perhaps averted or mitigated the environmental crises now looming over the entire world, we have a whole chain of events begun with the implementation of this 1947 legislation that have put the interests of a few ahead of the well-being of the nation's and the world's populations.


In a country with a carefully rendered Constitution and Bill of Rights set in place to prevent undue gatherings of power in the hands of any one individual or group, grounds are excellent to abolish the National Security Act of 1947 on grounds that it is unconstitutional – and a stain on the honor of a country that has called itself “the land of the free, and the home of the brave.”

Step 2: Countering resistance

If President Obama was to encounter resistance or stonewalling from the military-industrial complex, at that point he could call in the 400+ Disclosure Project Witnesses (video) in a nationally televised and webcast disclosure conference, including representatives from countries around the world who have been releasing their previously classified UFO files.


A variety of other former government insiders and whistle blowers in other areas could likely be found and brought forward as well. This would take the information to the people, where it now belongs, and perhaps always should have belonged.

Step 3: Amnesty in exchange for helping implement environmentally-healthy technologies

An offer of amnesty could be extended to all who are willing to come forward with what they know about extraterrestrial or other suppressed technologies, how they operate and how they can be implemented in an energy-conversion transition to decisively end all use of oil and coal-based technologies as soon as possible.

Serious crimes, such as murder and mind control abuse committed under National Security Act of 1947 secrecy would need to be reviewed for amnesty on a case by case basis. Individuals committing serious crimes and identified with a proclivity to try to continue such abuses under some other guise of secrecy need to be incarcerated for public safety.


Amnesty would not be able to be granted in such cases.

Step 4: Exercise of “Eminent Domain” and transparency of development and implementation at every level and stage

When the various technologies are revealed, exercise the government's prerogative of “eminent domain” to bring such information and technology within guidelines and facilities where it can be fully developed for the global public good. As was not done in the past, enact full transparency of all aspects of this energy transition.


Put an end to “need to know” compartmentalization and allow all members working on the project to work together synergistically and in concert so that the work can be done in the fullest and most efficient way possible, so that the whole can be viewed by all and understanding and insight applied to the project as a whole.

To mitigate any losses or perceived losses on the part of corporate interests, offer a amnesty in exchange for dropping any criminal charges against them, including pursuing knowing and wanton environmental destruction for personal gain, at the cost of millions of lives to date and potentially causing billions more deaths due to environmental catastrophes; said corporate owners, board members and CEOs knowing full well the consequences of their actions while also suppressing and sequestering technologies that could possibly have averted such tragedies.

Step 5: End all use of nuclear weapons and energy plants

Stop all engagement with nuclear armaments and energy plants and open dialogues with all countries with rudimentary or full nuclear capability to disarm and close down plants with offers of new energy alternatives.

Step 6: Preparing the public for contact

All information, official and unofficial, regarding contact with extraterrestrial beings of any kind could be addressed publicly in a subsequent press conference to the first one, helping to prepare the public for the actuality of extraterrestrial reality and contact. Community groups and liaisons could be created to help people discuss and adjust to the prospect of contact.

There have been perhaps hundreds of films made over all the years of movie-making putting out myriad extraterrestrial scenarios, from friendly contact to invasions of the worst kind. New documentaries made, sorting available truth from fiction could be made and circulated to help people adjust to the reality of extraterrestrials and reduce fear.

This preparation for contact would help the millions of people around the world who have had abductions or contacts who have had to keep such encounters secret due to official denial and ridicule and allow them to get real support and begin to understand their experiences in a larger context.


Depending on their level of integration of their experiences, some of them might be able to step into information disseminating roles with the public and be interviewed for “contact” documentaries.


They could share their perceptions and insights about these beings from other worlds from their own contact experiences.

Step 7: Extend an invitation for full, open contact with extraterrestrials

The cessation of nuclear activities could send a clear signal to extraterrestrial intelligences engaging humanity at this time that we are becoming ready for full open contact.

Through a publicly televised press conference, invite contact and take a leadership role in initiating a forum for developing friendly and beneficial relations with our extraterrestrial neighbors.


Since there are some extraterrestrials who look just like us, there are sure to be some listening.

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