by Vernon Coleman
September 08, 2022

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Their plan is to make every one of us bankrupt and they're well on the way to succeeding.

Only the billionaire conspirators are likely to avoid this.

The conspirators must be delighted at the way things are going.

To start with, of course, the rising cost of food and energy will eat into our savings. Those without savings won't be able to put anything aside. Every penny will go into paying for basic essentials.

In the UK, inflation will be well over 20% shortly after Christmas 2022. Other countries will see a similar rise in inflation figures.

Company earnings will be devastated by poor production figures (exacerbated by strikes, working from home and the bizarre new fashion, popular with the young, for doing as little work as possible) and so investments and pensions will go into a long, slow dive.


The coming recession will quickly turn into a depression.

And, remember, nothing is happening by accident...

Interest rates will continue to rise and millions who have mortgages will find that they can no longer afford to pay for their homes.

The result will be a fall in house values.

And as values fall so those mortgage problems will get worse. It won't be long before millions have a bigger mortgage debt than their house is worth. Their homes will be re-possessed and they will be left with huge debts.


Alternatively, the Government may say:

'We'll take over your mortgage and you can stay in your house... but you will no longer own it'.

I suspect that many bankruptcies will be inevitable.

Remember, none of this is happening by accident.

It has all been orchestrated...

And those with savings won't survive either.

Although interest rates will rise they won't go high enough to defeat inflation.

If interest rates go to 5% and inflation is 25% then investors and savers will lose 20% of their wealth every year.

Within a remarkably short space of time the conspirators will have succeeded in destroying the wealth and independence of tens of millions of people in the UK and hundreds of millions around the world.

There will be no middle classes. The elderly will die in penury. The young will never own a home or have the security of having some savings.

The conspirators want us bankrupt because they know that money gives us freedom and independence.

All this has been clear for years.

But people didn't listen.

And now, I'm afraid, it's pretty well too late.

In practical terms, the only way to protect yourself now is to downsize, to reduce your debts and your outgoings and to be prepared for a simpler way of life.

Of course, there is just time for us to all rise up and say NO to the conspirators...

(At the beginning of the year I said I thought we had until Christmas to make a difference. I still think that's correct.)

But, sadly, I fear that there's not going to be any real resistance.

There are too many collaborators and not enough of us...

And, sadly, too many of those who understand the crisis we are facing, and the horrors of,

  • the Great Reset

  • the disappearance of cash

  • the advance of a digital world

  • the social credit paradigm,

...simply shake their heads, settle in front of the television and do nothing to stop it...





PSYOP-HYPERINFLATION was not only made possible by PSYOP-19 and PSYOP-UKRAINE-INVASION, it was manufactured way back in 2009 when global central banks (i.e. central planners in the global technocommist takeover) led by the Fed all colluded to suppress interest rates (i.e. the price of money) while conjuring more at counterfeiting profligate amounts of money out of thin air.

The central planners knew exactly what they were doing all along, despite playing dumb.

They knew it would take some time for their financial crimes against humanity to be exposed.


After all,

the Fed funds the scientific journals in America and they are involved in shadow funding this "pandemic" and the slow kill bioweapon injections...

The central banks and their private owners knew for well over a century that their ponzi stock markets and this current debt super-cycle were ultimately untenable.

All pernicious things must come to an end, and the central banksters needed cover.

All the psyops produce the cover, and PSYOP-MARKET-CRASH is a done deal simply waiting to be expressed in the soon to be further eviscerated lives of the global citizens.

They are in real-time pulling the plug on their engineered "market" collapse.

Do NOT comply...