by Raúl Ilargi Meijer
January 09, 2021
from TheAutomaticEarth Website

Paul Gauguin Blue Trees

(Your Turn Will Come, My Beauty!)


You would think that if there's one group of people who'd recognize a coup if they saw one, it would be the American people.


Because their intelligence services have been involved in almost all coups in the world for many decades:

let's say since WWII, to keep it simple...

Just in the most recent past, they staged and conducted coups in Libya, Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela and many other places (think Bolivia)...


Libya was the only real "successful" one, thanks to Gaddafi being sodomized with a bayonet, leading to Hillary's giddy,

'We Came, We Saw, He Died',

the by far ugliest face of the US by a mile.


That and the open-air slave markets that resulted from sodomizing to death the man who led Africa's wealthiest country and gave his people benefits that Americans can only dream of.

And now Hillary's crew are about to be handed the reins again.


Or as Michael Tracey put it:

"The new corporate authoritarian liberal-left monoculture is going to be absolutely ruthless – and in 12 days it is merging with the state. This [is] only the beginning."

Duck for cover...

The screwed-up coups in Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela etc. would appear to signal that the CIA is not very adept (anymore?!) at organizing coups, or maybe they just chronically overestimate their skills at it.


Whichever way it may be, they have done more damage to America and its standing in the world than Donald Trump could ever have dreamt of doing.

So you would think Americans would recognize a coup, but instead they're the last group of people on the planet who would.


Because their media doesn't present them as coups. They're labeled as spreading democracy, freedom etc., as standing up against the bad guys, and liberating innocent people -even if many of them die in the process.


People dying is a feature of these coups, not a bug.


People get shot, bombed, disappeared, in a word: killed...

Anyway, it's way more and better than ironic that all these very deadly CIA-led operations are not labeled coups, but then the clowns and actors spectacle that took place in Washington DC this week, is.


Which is possible only because they never told people what a coup actually is.


Only then can you make them believe that some wanker in a furry viking helmet outfit is trying to 'overthrow' the government.

At the initiative of the democratically elected president, no less...

Are these people extremists and terrorists or are they clowns and actors?

I would lean towards the latter option.

A coup requires a plan, a playbook, most often elites who think they have a shot at taking over a country, which in turn requires support from at least part of an army.


The best these folks could think of was sitting in Pelosi's office and take selfies.




That doesn't make the march on the Capitol a good thing, far from it, but there are a lot of people out there who don't like the way the president they elected in 2016 has been treated by the MSM, his political opponents, and US intelligence.


And after the theater that has been Russiagate, the Mueller debacle and the Zelensky call-based impeachment, maybe that shouldn't be too surprising.

The main problem for Trump lately would appear to have been his legal representation. I've said all along: let the dice roll where they may, there are many questions surrounding the election and they have the right to go looking for answers to these questions.

But if you look at what the status is today of what the likes of Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood have come up with, you think they might as well have been working for the other side.


Still, we've at least seen the dice roll, and they came up they way they did.


The process was allowed to proceed, and this is the outcome.

This has misled Trump as well as his followers.


They thought there was something substantial - and tangible - there, because that's what they were told all along.

This doesn't mean the US should continue using voting machines, however.


There are many countries that hold elections, and there are very few that either use those machines and/or see their elections contested.

There's a reason for that combination.

These things can be manipulated, and they will be if they're used...

Get rid of them or this chapter will be repeated endlessly.

Then again, it all plays out well for anyone but Trump. And perhaps a few GOP'ers who stood by him.


You could say, Trump entered the swamp and drowned in it, it swallowed him whole.

Which is not to say that he's such a perfect character, hell no, but he was the one and only chance to get rid of the power cabal that is DC.


Which is a much bigger danger than he could ever be.

Where career politicians like Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell and Joe Biden can reside for decades, and be handed ever more handsome amounts of money by the lobbyists who write their laws, which benefit the corporations they work for.


Trump was the chance to do at least something about this. They ate him alive...

Now the story is that Trump is/was the main danger, and that he was attempting a coup against his own government.


To finish off the job, after being hunted down by the MSM for 4+ years, social media, for whom unceremoniously dumping Trump, after he was their main attraction for years - at least for clickbait - was just a business decision dressed in some vague set of moral principles, are now simply deleting him.

And people cheer that...


They don't understand that from now on, as US president you serve at the behest, grace and kindness of,

  • the CIA

  • New York Times

  • WaPo

  • even more that of @jack and Zuckerberg,

...and not that of the American people.


As the noise about an attempted coup allows 'Team' Biden to slip in Sally Yates, Susan Rice and Victoria Nuland and their whole gang of neocon warmongers.

The entire media focus on Trump served to hide what those people were doing behind the scenes all along.


And now it's time to duck for cover.


They're going to try and impeach him again, and then prosecute him, and erase everything he's done, cheered on by the same media who never told you what a coup actually is.

Because they are a 'big club,' and he's not in it, and neither are you.


And if you think you can vent an opinion on social media in the future that doesn't coincide with that of the big club, perhaps you haven't been paying attention...