by Saeed A. Qureshi, Ph.D.
July 18, 2022

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People often express their frustration that the wealthy gain control of people's lives that help them further to make more wealthy and then more controlling.

In this respect, a name often mentioned is Mr. Bill Gates because of his current involvement in viruses, vaccines, and 'pandemic' episodes.

Mr. Gates made his enormous wealth through his software company (Microsoft).


So, people assume that his greed for wealth generation through the vaccines business is causing the current misery of human and economic suffering.

I believe that making money is not evil as long as it is made with honesty and good intentions to serve the people and nations.

Most of the time, people make money by providing products and services which benefit the public.


For example,

Amazon is a giant, providing a service to people delivering products at their doorsteps with extreme efficiency and high cost-effectiveness.


As a result, it provided job opportunities to many people in low and high-tech areas, and Mr. J. Bezos made lots of money.

Similarly, Mr. Gates introduced (or promoted) computing power to people and nations to streamline work efficiently.

By the way, if Microsoft had not existed, it is unlikely that Amazon would have existed.

So, the creation of Microsoft improved the lifestyle in a way that people communicated, ran businesses, and used to do many more things.


So, along the way, Mr. Gates made vast sums of money - this I consider reward for his ideas and hard work.

Working so long with Microsoft, it is understandable that he might have felt that field might have been saturated, and further progress to his liking might not happen.


So, he needed a different area and idea to explore.

The health care area, through the vaccination, presumably provided him that opportunity.

On the face of it, it is a fantastic idea for someone with extensive computing knowledge and a deep pocket.

Arguably, gene development and processing may be equated to a (binary) computing sequence at the basic level.

For example, if one looks at the DNA/RNA structures, they are usually based not on binary (01) numbers but on quaternary letters.


RNAs, DNAs, genes, genomes, etc., are represented by four chemical compounds (nucleotides, or bases):

adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine (or uracil).

They are abbreviated by four alphabetic letters ACGT (or ACGU).

Multiple repeats and various combinations and permutations of these four letters are considered the basis of life and varieties of life's variations and diseases.


So, understandably, if one could master these combinations and permutations (commonly known as sequences or sequencing) of these quaternary sets of letters, one would decipher the life and effectively address the deviation (such as sickness/illness).

Would it not be an enormous service to humanity?


So, for Mr. Gates, having vast sums of money and computing expertise would appear a perfect opportunity for a new business adventure on a grand scale.


With the idea in mind, one could speculate that Mr. Gates might have entered into the world of vaccine development, in particular gene-based such as the mRNA type, i.e., mRNA (the four-letter sequence) interacting with (another quaternary letter sequences) - the viruses...

Voila, who could have doubted the almost assured success of such endeavor!


So, he would join forces with medical experts, who are considered knowledgeable in quaternary lettering sets and health providers at national (CDC - FDA) and international levels (WHO).


The ground has been set for remarkable "scientific" and "health" endeavors by designing genes and then modifying genes using effective computer models; who could be better in it than Mr. Gates himself.

Make sure people understand this aspect that one does not have to be a scientist, expert in science, or medical practitioner because the science part has presumably all been developed and well established by authorities.


It is like electricity or electrons that have been taken care of. However, the movement and storage of electrons were to be done by computing (the success story of Microsoft).

So he will work on the combination and permutation of quaternary letter sequences and implement those through his insight into the business knowledge and network,

aka CDC, FDA and WHO, and alike...

On the other hand, he would rely on the resources and knowledge of genetic quaternary letterings through experts commonly referred to as medical experts and scientists who have been working in the area for many decades and have made all kinds of claims of success in the area.

So, understandably, a perfect combination for his new endeavor.


So, they found or selected a virus-based (coronavirus) genetic sequence declared highly deadly and contagious.

This virus (sequence) requires a shorter version of the quaternary letters to fix the "bad guy" (virus) with missile precision and accuracy.


As this is all based on letters and their sequences matching, the technique is supposed to work with mathematical and computer precision and presumably no or little chance of failure.

So, the virus, 'pandemic', and vaccination came into being with the full force of modern science and computing technology...

At the same time, the standard animal and human efficacy and safety studies were considered irrelevant and useless as sequencing-based science was presumed to be precise considering its mathematical foundation.


Therefore, proper and standard safety and efficacy studies may be regarded as old-fashioned, unnecessary, and thus generally disregarded.

However, on the other hand, the tragic error is the assumption that medical experts or scientists describing quaternary lettering and their combinations represent the real virus and related stuff (i.e., the virus or its sequence).

Unfortunately, it is not true that sequences were viruses or related to them.


The quaternary lettering does not represent the virus or any disease-causing agents:

it is just a pure assumption or illusion of the medical profession.

This false and fictional concept is made up and promoted by medical experts, supported by virologists, microbiologists, molecular biologists, and others.

Similarly, the test (commonly known as PCR) is fake because it finds or does not find any imaginary quarternary letter sequence. This means that there is not a real virus or disease one was dealing with.


Physicians, virologists, immunologists, microbiologists, and molecular biologists made another fundamental incorrect assumption.


They called the step of culturing the swab content with a medium (having numerous known and unknown ingredients) the isolation of the virus.


reality and actual science are entirely different and opposite.

Scientifically if the claim is that the virus exists, it must be shown first to exist physically, with a specimen in a test tube or vial.


Then, one needs to extract and isolate the RNA from this isolated pure virus specimen and establish its composition and structure.


On the other hand, based on lab experimentation (culturing), claims have been made that,

the virus exists, has been isolated and monitored using PCR test (1, 2), and then eventually, a vaccine is developed to protect from this imaginary virus...

This is how the science of virology is described in the medical literature for viruses, PCR test, and (mRNA) vaccines - pure and simple imaginary...!


the peer-reviewing made everything appear authentic.

With some initiators (called primers) and doing a simple repeat (cycles) of a chemical reaction (PCR) comes some sequence that is claimed to represent the disease-causing virus.


In short,

a chemical structure (sequence) is determined from a swab sample with a presumed structure (primers/initiators).


Next, the structure is extended with a computer modeling to create an RNA molecule and then pointed to a computer-drawn 3D picture (ball with spikes) declaring that this virus belongs to the swab sample and causing the illness and death...

This is how the virus's concept is described in the literature (books and journals) of microbiology, immunology, virology, molecular biology, medicine, etc.


The long, unreadable (gibberish), and non-understandable sequences of the quaternary letter sets become the virus or its representation authenticated (certified) by peers.


Anyone who would read such books and listens to such experts will believe in the "science."

Mr. Gates appears to fall in that category because there is no other allowed option available to establish the falseness of this science of sequencing-based virology.


However, the sequenced-based virus story is presented as if actual science was followed, i.e., the virus was isolated, and its RNA sequence was established.


This is the fraud part because no one can consider culturing as isolating or purifying substances. This is not an oversight but a deliberate attempt to deceive the public or other knowledgeable people.

In reality,

the virus's claim and existence must be made by isolating a physical sample.


Its RNA has to be extracted from the virus and then appropriately sequenced, establishing RNA or DNA from it.

At present, one cannot even be sure that the coronavirus has RNA or DNA because no one has isolated and studied the virus:

hence no one can establish its RNA/DNA nature and sequence with any certainty.

However, the computer or sequenced-based science, which for all practical purposes is fake and fraudulent, has effectively promoted as a future treatment or cure for every ailment. That is, vaccines made to order for every treatment from infections to cancer... scientifically, pure and simple nonsense.


In reality, and scientifically speaking, when there is no virus, it is impossible to develop a test for it (link), and there cannot be a treatment for a non-existing virus or disease (link).

However, everything developed and looked believable and perfect on a computer screen and was extended to human delivery on a mass scale.

Of course, it (treatment/vaccine) would not work, and it did not...!


The (PCR) test positives/negatives (an indicator of virus) remained similar with or without vaccination. So, rather than considering the vaccine's ineffectiveness, claims were made that efficacy got reduced or the virus mutated to different variants.


Why did effectiveness get reduced?


On the other hand, efficacy claims were moved from protection from the virus to protecting from serious illness and death of the patients without any experimental data.

Should it not be that "experts" could figure out the "new" virus or variant with all the claimed science and technology and immediately make the modified vaccine. But, of course not. They seemed to have realized things had gone wrong.


Literature started showing the ineffectiveness of the treatment or approach, for example,

"However, a recent study shows that when fully vaccinated people do contract the coronavirus, they can still transmit it."


"Vaccination reduces the risk of delta variant infection and accelerates viral clearance.


Nonetheless, fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, including to fully vaccinated contacts.


Host-virus interactions early in infection may shape the entire viral trajectory (link)."

Even Mr. Gates indicated,

"We did not understand that it is a fairly low fatality rate and that it is a disease mainly of elderly, kind of like the flu."


"Bill Gates just admitted that the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines don't work well." (link)

Wow, there appears to be a crack in the "science"...


The amazing part is that even with the clear evidence of a lack of effectiveness, with substantial severe side effects, including deaths, the vaccination and testing promotion continues with the full force of coercion.


Why is so?

The reason is that the fakeness of many professions will be exposed, and the professions will soon be evaporated into smoke.

First in line is the medical profession, which claimed and established itself as a science profession.

However, in reality, it is not a science profession (link) - this is where lies start.


These professionals are never trained in science and never practice science. All their claims related to science are simply baseless and non-scientific.

Their claims never get audited by any independent third party but peers (i.e., buddies within the same group of training and thinking).


They establish their scientific claim by "ordering science" from other professions for generating (virtual) viruses, developing tests for them and faking their isolation, computer modeling their structures and designs, etc.


It is hard to believe that everything mentioned about viruses during the past three to four decades has been based on this fake science...

The simple reason for the fakeness and fraud is that studying DNA, proteins, and related compounds belongs to the chemistry subject.


Therefore, from the chemistry perspective, it will immediately become evident that PCR testing, virus isolation, and 'pandemic' (virus transmission) are fraudulent.

For example, a PCR test is not a test for the virus or its RNA because a chemical test (which a PCR test is supposed to be) requires a reference, which in this case is the virus or RNA.

They are not available anywhere...

Therefore, claiming that a test is available for the virus or RNA is a false scientific claim (link).


Everything else is based on testing, i.e., monitoring pandemics and developing vaccines, which have to become null and void.

People, including Mr. Gates, have been victims of false science narrative and its claims.


It could be imagined that Mr. Gates would find himself in an embarrassing and tough position by believing in the science of the medical profession.

But unfortunately, the situation can't be reversed or corrected.

Most likely, the profession will be abandoned.


It will return to the one it has been designed for, i.e., evaluating patients and then matching them with appropriate treatments.


Furthermore, this profession would not be permitted to do research and development in disease creation, identification, and treatment development.

The medical profession has lost its pride, respect, and relevance.


It needs to regain it by competing with other alternate medicine practitioners judged by the public or patients and not by,

  • current regulatory authorities

  • systems

  • medical boards,

...exactly like any other business.

And for Mr. Gates and alike, it is worth exploring the computing approach of linking symptoms and diagnosis to traditional medicines.

Such an approach would also work with alternative medicines that will provide great service to humanity...