by Kerry Cassidy
August 10, 2013

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Shell Game



In this recent (August 2013) article 'Armageddon Watch over Syria,' Gordon Duff is outing that there have been not 2 nuclear attacks by Israel on Syria but 4. And none of these attacks appear to be making the mainstream news.


However, if you look closer, articles going back to 2007 indicate Israel has been attacking Syrian nuclear facilities for years.

Last night on my radio show with Mike Harris, we were discussing some of the Pattie Brassard (man posing as a woman?) claims about the recent nuclear attacks on Syria, Fukushima and the 2nd Sun ideas.


Today, Duff comes out with an article indicating his sources claim 4 nuclear (or what appear to be nuclear) attacks on Syria.


I spoke with Pattie Brassard just before broadcast and whereas, from the point of view of Camelot, Pattie's claims were pretty much already 'out there' and have been for years.


The interesting thing with regard to those claims is only the random details about level of radiation (much higher than acknowledged in the mainstream press) and the fact of 2 nuclear hits on Syria rather than the 1 previously reported in various news outlets.


It does appear that for whatever reason, Pattie became a target for mind control and a centralized figure for garnering all the latest news running around the net and with the occasional twist of a 'factoid' here or there of real data.


What does this mean?

First of all, regardless of Brassard's personal details which are currently being posted around the net as a result of a recent revelations by someone claiming to be his sister… there is reason to recognize that people such as Brassard are being targeted (in a state of hysteria and panic... making false claims about upcoming dates for quakes etc.) and used to create havoc periodically around the world in the alternative community and to turn credible alternative talk show hosts such as Mel Fabregas (a principled and well regarded talk show host) into sources of disinfo...


When in reality, the information Patti has, is more or less accurate although dates of 'predictions' are likely to be proved wrong.


Fukushima has gone out of control. And Syria is being attacked by Israel whether they are actual nukes or some 'cleaner' rendition thereof. It is also worth noting that Brassard claims to have a number of sources contacting him... giving him some information that may prove correct.

Among other things, the above mentioned latest article by Duff regarding the attacks on Syria, also contains info about a pay-off of trillions to Russia by the Saudis as well as seeded info on a US COUP that Obama has supposedly been busy trying to thwart.


Yet another planned coup against the Cabal (those who Obama reports to). Considering the current state of the "union" a military coup may be a good thing and our only option in the face of the totalitarian rule currently taking hold of this country…

What is really going on here?


First of all, let's look at Israel as it actually is rather than as what it is commonly thought to be.

Israel is simply a CORPORATION jointly run at least on the surface, by the U.S. and City of London.


Beneath that, Israel is run by the Anunnaki. It is their headquarters on Planet Earth.


It is where, Obama went to pay his respects while Biden was sent to the Vatican to pay homage to the new Pope taking 'office', a lesser fiefdom, i.e. the Reptilian group running the Vatican is considered to report to the Anunnaki and this division is clearly indicated by the Obama/Biden positioning.

The recent presidential (Obama) trip to Tanzania which included of all people, former President George W. Bush, is another indication of who is really in charge.





It is said that based in Tanzania is possibly Marduk, who is the Anunnaki king recently returned to Earth as highly anticipated by the dark nobility. The U.S. Presidents were possibly in town purposefully to pay their respects to the recently arrived Anunnaki king.

Israel, to clarify, the Israeli people, jews, are simply a SHIELD used by their Anunnaki rulers to hide behind. No doubt the Mossad and their current rulers, Netanyahu et al, all report to them and do so with some fervor.


However it is worth noting that the wars conducted in the Middle East with impunity by Israel are done so at the behest of their rulers. And it is useful and important not to confuse who is doing what when people claim "Israel" is doing this or that.

Recently, a highly trusted source said to me that the U.S. and UK report to Israel and not the other way around.


What they were really saying is that the rulers stationed underground in Israel are the ones running things.


It is also important to recognize that the Anunnaki are fighting with a number of more recently arrived races of beings and not only the reptilians running the Vatican.

From everything I have been able to decipher,

the Anunnaki of the "Sitchin variety", that is Enki/Enlil and their relations, are if anything humanoid/reptilian hybrids (one-half reptilian and one-half Anunnaki humanoid) while the full blooded Reptilians beneath the Vatican are just that… Draco/Reptilians who believe this planet is theirs and have been trying to take it back for centuries.

It is worth noting that humans such as the Illuminati bloodline are more like 1/12th reptilian.

While the "news" is reporting this or than skirmish and efforts by the Anunnaki to create chaos, (out of chaos comes "order") the world is busy being misled into,

believing that wars on Planet Earth are created by "countries" and their so-called rulers when in reality this is a War of the Worlds being played out on Earth which has been and is becoming even more so a battlefield where various off-planet factions are fighting over the spoils... be it, land, human vessels and their souls and control of this solar system.

See this recent article (August 2013) by Gordon Duff on Veterans Today regarding the group the Chinese are aligned with.


This also includes references to the Black Nano-Self-Aware Oil discovered in the Gulf previously found by the British and resulting in the Falklands war (nano oil/real reason) and mysterious deaths of 25 Marconi scientists (all researched heavily by David Griffin).


My interview with Douglas Deitrich (link to radio show) outlined this scenario as well as the drama going on in the Pacific between the undersea race from MU who are up in arms over the Fukushima man-made disaster…

It is time someone tells it like it really is… enough with this shortsighted view of the "news" of the World.


We are deeply engaged in a war of worlds that has everything to do with the future of the human race and whether we stay on this Planet and claim our dominion or are split into factions, forced off planet, underground and for those of us with high enough vibrational frequency able to escape through Stargates.


These are the choices that are confronting us as we move forward in this round of 'history'...