by Alfred Lambremont Webre

29 March 2013

from Exopolitics Website




In this moving interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Rev. Kevin Annett, Secretary of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State - details the recent roles of the Tribunal and its Common Law Courts of Justice leading to the historic resignation of Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) and the serving of arrest warrants on Pope Francis I for personal involvement in child trafficking and other crimes.


Kevin Annett characterizes Pope Francis I Jesuit “humility and poverty” profile as damage control by a criminal organization.


He also discusses common law justice courts starting up in England and the USA.



U.S. Bishop arrested for urging congregation to break with Vatican
In the interview, Kevin Annett discloses the recent case of a Roman Catholic Bishop in Albany, New York who has been arrested by police after urging the congregation at a church in his diocese to break with the Vatican because of its crimes.









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