by Zen Gardner
October 10, 2015

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I find an alarming consortium of dots reaching out from a distant past to converge with synchronistic connecting points to the here and now.


From the Archons described in Gnostic texts, to the actions and agenda of Monsanto with its fascination for recreating, or mimicking, the natural world with synthesized versions:

  • fake food

  • fake trees

  • fake insects

  • fake humans

  • fake weather, etc...

Much has been made of the Nag Hammadi Gnostic texts, discovered in 1945, Egypt.







Vested interests from an entrenched Patriarchy are present everywhere to filter the seeing and hearing of any new findings.


Because of this, what was before, survives to us today in a very chaotic and incoherent form, mainly because the bulk of human history, what ever contradicts the manufactured and established paradigm, has been destroyed by the savage barbarity which replaced it.


Only skewed snippets flash before our eyes through the adversarial filters of a Christian monopoly.

John Lash, with the publication of,
Not in His Image, has given given us fresh view of Gnosticism, outside those filters of vested interests, by revisiting the original Nag Hammadi text.


Gnosticism has it's roots deep within the realm of ancient Paganism. It never was a centrally organized religion, demanding membership by force or psychological barbs to enhance detainment of the flock once corralled.


To couch the concept in contemporary, more understandable jargon, think of Gnosticism as an open source Gnosis, knowing, and understanding of the relationship of inner to outer-self  and how that relates to our host Gaia, the feminine embodiment of Sophia: Greek for Wisdom.


This perspective was psychosomatically enhanced with the partaking of sacred entheogens, not drugs, but a gift from Sophia, that was key to a direct Shamanic communion with her presence. Not a chemical light produced in the head, but a standing aural and visual experience.


This characteristic facet has also been attested to in Graham Hancock's monumental work, Supernatural, and John Allegro's Dead Sea Scrolls revelations indicating Amanita Muscaria, a psychoactive mushroom, use by early Christians, for which Allegro suffered a character assassination as vile as Hypatia's physical dismemberment.


Comparative mythologist, John Lash, elucidates a mental parasite, described in the Nag Hammadi texts as the Archons.


Observed through the lens of Gnosticism, Archons have a relevancy here because the subject matter emphatically reflects the current transhumanist movement.


To quote Lash:

"The human genome project is an Archontic fantasy, in which humans, under the name of ‘science' are actually acting out an Archontic agenda.


Transhumanism mimics an Archontic agenda that is blindly compelled that we can make something better out of ourselves than nature has made us. A huge illusion that is the trap of the transhumanist agenda."


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In addition to the melding of man with machine - transhumanism - we are witnessing an escalation to displace the natural order of things with that of artificial counterparts that encompass a broad spatial spectrum of life.


The tentacles of this outgrowth is like that of a newborn nervous disorder, slowly engulfing our entire ecosystem.


Evidence of this is witnessed in,

  • the aftermath of toxic byproduct fallout used in the process of global geo-engineering weather modification, producing a fallout of toxic brew found to be destroying and hampering the growth of natural indigenous food crops, for which Monsanto is offering chemical resistant GMO seeds/plants and Bovine Growth Hormone stimulated livestock


  • the die-off of bee populations, are accompanied with stories popping up everywhere on how the bee die-off can be replaced with mechanical bees and other flying pollinators


  • natural trees replaced with mechanical carbon scrubbers, etc, etc.


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Having read Lash's book, one quickly gets the distinct impression that the Gnostics, speaking of the ancient Archon's inability to create anything, had instead a penchant for mimicry of the natural order, are in fact citing current events in the grips of similar replicators, such as world chemical giant Monsanto-IG Farben and its love affair with,

  • Synthetic Biology

  • BioEngineering

  • GeoEngineering




The Pentagon has come up with its most radical project yet.


DARPA is looking to re-write the laws of evolution to the military's advantage, creating "synthetic organisms" that can live forever - or can be killed with the flick of a molecular switch:


"The Gnostic theory of the Archons, found in the Nag Hammadi Codex, contains a great warning for humanity, to alert us to those forces that can alienate us from the Earth and cause us to betray and abandon our own humanity.


According to these texts, Archons are non-organic physic parasites that feed off fear and negative energy."



Reptilian lord of Archons



The Gnostic mythology of our world says that the gods at the center of our Galaxy, two gods in particular, Sophia and Theletos designed the experiment of the human animal, or creature, the Anthropos.


Once they had calibrated and designed that creature, by as it were, investing certain qualities into a sort of plasma of nucleic acid, they coded the human genome in the galactic center, projecting it outward into the limbs of the galaxy so that it could seed itself in various worlds while they watched what happened.


This is the Gnostic scenario of world creation.


But there's an anomaly. It so happens that the Aeon Sophia the young goddess involved in designing the human species, is said to have been a young Aeon, and she was impetuous, she was outrageous in fact. She had a lot of passion, and she felt a tremendous empathy and curiosity for the experiments that would unfold with this new species called 'humanity.'


She became so fascinated with the idea of the Anthropos that her desire to see it realize itself, for humanity to fulfill its full divine potential, pulled her out of the Pleromic company at the center of the galaxy.


This is called the plunge, or fall of the Wisdom Goddess.


It pulled her out into the region of the galactic limbs. Gnostic cosmology describes how a feminine Aeon called Sophia, or Wisdom, was so passionately attracted to the dark matter of chaos beyond the Pleroma that she plunged ecstatically into it.


Gnosticism draws a critical distinction between the Reptilian and Serpentine, a distinction crucial to understanding the Archon story. It seems that a few scholars, such as David Icke, have woven their own subjective drama into the Gnostic narrative.


By taking the Serpentine element out of context and conflating it with reptilian Archons of Gnosticism, Icke does serious damage to the true wisdom of the coiled Kundalini energy of Gnosis that sleeps at the base of the spine.


The Gnostics taught that normally an Aeon, which is a massive torrent of pure luminosity and life and love and generosity and wisdom and playfulness doesn't go outside the boundary of the galactic core.


There's a definite boundary between the Pleroma, which is the core of the galaxy and the realm of the galactic arms. They don't go out because they don't like to interfere with the experiments they've set up.


For the Aeon Sophia plunge like a massive power spike out of the galactic core and into the arms produced a huge disturbance in the galactic arms, an anomaly, or mistake as translated by some scholars.


As a result of the impact of her Aeonic luminosity upon the dense matter that is floating in the galactic limbs, she spontaneously produced this cybernetic, alien species, the Archons, who are kind of like locust, or insects.


They are inorganic and they are a mercury silicone based organism, rather than a carbohydrate organism like organic creatures like us.


Abiogenesis of Acari Insects, a document published by the British Royal Society of Science, in London, around 1840. It records the experiment of a certain person who used electricity to spontaneously create insects.


What he did was..., he had a plate full of metal filings - an analogy to the pulverized galactic material floating within the galactic arms - he directed an electric current upon it, which produced actual mites, spontaneously from the electricity.


The process is called Abiogenesis, like the Gnostic description for the generation of the Archons is a spontaneous generation without organic life, it is Abiotic.