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A Message from the Circle of Sirius

A brief Cosmology of events leading up to the NOW!



350.000 B.C.

- Fear based ego contamination spreads through this Universe like a wildfire eventually contaminating even to the base levels of eternal verities in the Creator Laboratory. Mass sentience has degenerated into a mass of arrogant, violent rebels who begin to use their intelligence to develop destructive weapons and mind control technology


300.000 B.C.

- Beings within this life wave corrupted their knowledge and take it to the extreme by trying to fuse science with sorcery, in collaboration with fallen verities. Strange genetic spawns are formed by sorcerer- scientists who are intent on playing god, these beings become the drone armies. Spiritual circuitry is severed in this sector of the galaxy.


This manifests on this planet as huge global tectonic collapses and, under tremendous pressure, the underground magma reservoirs explode out through the crust via the mid-oceanic rifts, sending huge geysers of basalt-laden waters miles into the sky, where it disperses through and consolidates with the mist-like atmosphere of the planet, which in turn ’primes’ the hydrodynamic cycle.


Emptied of their contents, vast subterranean caverns form which are later colonized, and mountain ranges and continents are pushed upwards. Sorcerer-scientists on the island-continent of Atlantis open up a rift in hyperspace as an experiment with crystal-based electromagnetic manipulation goes out of control, releasing electromagnetic ’subspace fallout’ for thousands of years to come.


These ’Atlanteans’ try to escape the global cataclysm by taking refuge in the underground caverns below the east coast of North America and western Europe. Many however perish from suffocation, starvation, or from drowning as their bases are flooded.


250.000 B.C.

- ET Alchemists choose Earth as a base from which, working in under the direction of fallen deities, they genetically engineer a race of reptilian humanoids using a reptilian and/or saurian DNA base.


These reptiloids, some of whom have been fused with humanoid and other strains of DNA, get out of control and rebel. Fallen angels - astral parasites - poltergeists incarnate these creatures and successfully attempt to assimilate - absorb - integrate their physical nature into their own beings.


Some remain physical and migrate into existing underground caverns, whereas others are phased-out of the third dimension... from time to time these "repti-poltergeists" or "wer-dracs" possess powerful world leaders in order to assimilate their physicality, thus creating a tri-symbiotic being - a virtual perversion of nature - that is part poltergeist, reptilian, and human... all integrated or superimposed as one entity.


Many of these remain on the surface of the planet, and develop methods for "blending in" with the human population [molecular shape shifting, technotic projection, laser holograms, superficial bio-phasing, etc.]. Several of these escape to Antarctica [at the time a semi-tropical continent] and develop a powerful empire.


200.000 B.C.

- The center of human civilization is in a lush kingdom in the Gobi region of central Asia. Blue-eyed, blond-haired humans, in alliance with a tall humanoid branch known as the ’Nepheli’, wage war against the reptilian empire in Antarctica.


The Gobians, in a desperate measure to defend their infiltrated and threatened society, use an experimental super-weapon [a cobalt warhead?] against the Antarcticans, and the explosion knocks the planet off its axial alignment and sends most advanced cultures back into the stone age, except for those who escape underground in order to maintain their scientific continuity.


When the planet stabilizes, the poles have shifted. The Gobi begins to turn into an inhospitable desert, burying the remains of the pre-Nordic kingdom under tons of sand; and Antarctica is turned into a frozen wasteland, which in turn buries the remnants of the reptilian empire under tons of ice.


Wholly Mammoths in Siberia are frozen solid almost overnight. With their main center of power shattered, reptilian forces in secret outposts all over the planet band together and are forced to take refuge within huge cavern systems that had been discovered underground which remained intact.


These multi-leveled hydrothermal caverns become their new abode, especially a massive underground system centered below the general region of Nepal and stretching from Benares, India to Lake Manosarowar, Tibet. Many of the former GobiNordics’ also escape underground, into recently discovered cavern systems below the general region of Mongolia and central Asia.


As with the reptiloids, the ’Nordics’ carefully conceal the entrances to these underground realms, in order to protect themselves from unwanted intruders.

Lower down, the Reptilian and Nordic cavern systems intersect, leading to inevitable underground conflicts between the two super-powers. Other Nordics migrate westward and give rise to those tribes which will eventually become the Scandinavians, whereas other more fanatical factions invade India [the ’Aryan’ invasion of the Indian sub-continent] and bring with them their ’Hindu’ traditions of ’gods’, who were essentially humans or ’ancient astronauts’ from earth, utilizing sophisticated technology.


The reptilians and their underground ’snake-world’ also appear in Hindu traditions, which refer to the reptiloids as the ’Nagas’, a subterranean race of space-faring reptilians who are very menacing to the human race.


Also, ancient vedic texts from India record accounts of strange machines, mercury-powered airships called ’vimanas’, and even nuclear warfare, resulting from the technology that the ’AryanNordics brought with them during the invasion of India.


150.000 B.C.

- The ’Nordics’ underneath the Gobi region [within the ’Aghartikingdom and its capital ’Shambhala the Lesser’] and the Reptiloids underneath the region of Nepal [the seven-leveled reptilian underworld of ’Patala’, with its capital ’Bhoga-vita’] continue to wage a species war against each other, first within the caverns of Asia, then within the caverns of the Americas and other continents, then a war for domination of the air, and finally taking their conflict to the Moon and Mars.


100.000 B.C.

- The Nordics and Reptiloids of the SOL system [and of Terra/Earth/Shan] discover hyperspace travel. America would discover how to manipulate hyperspace much later during the Philadelphia Experiment, only 40 years following the Wright Brother’s first heavier-than-air flights.


Accessing hyperspace is relatively easy, the problem comes with trying to manipulate hyperspace without tragic and dangerous side effects. Over the next 70.000 years, - a large segment of the galaxy and several dimensions are colonized, due to the advent of instantaneous interstellar and inter-dimensional travel.


Life forms on Earth had succeeded in "breaking out of the cradle". In most cases the masses of the planet have been intentionally kept in technological darkness and poverty, especially by the more malevolent star-faring groups, in order to provide a constant supply of slaves, bio-genetic sources, and resources for variousaliengroups which had their original genesis on planet Earth.


All throughout history regular ’brain-drains’ have recruited the most intelligent minds that the surface of planet earth had to offer, these being initiated into the secret societies which operate underground, off-planet or in other dimensions.


The war-like masses of planet Earth, who were considered a potential threat to the interventionists and non-interventionists alike, are manipulated into a long-range plan of eco-political servitude. The malevolent aliens are terrified at the prospect of a Nordic-backed ’open’ or ’free’ society on planet Earth breaking out of the planetary ’cradle’ and thus threatening their galactic empire; and the benevolent aliens are fearful at the prospect of a Draco-backed ’controlled’ society [such as the Nazi space forces] being used as mind-controlled warriors to fight the Draconians’ galactic battles for them.


A Nazi/Bavaria space force based in Antarctica would eventually be responsible for helping the Draco collective to enslave several worlds within the immediate 21 star-system sector of the galaxy.


On earth these atrocities were being carried out by a third faction - the ASTARTE or ASHTAR cult (nothing to do with the Ashtar Command), based in caverns below the Egyptian/Giza desert. This cult - which much later had close ties with Nazi occult societies, elements of conventional religiosities, and International Bankers who are the REAL controllers of the planet - forms out of a collaboration between humanoid and Reptiloid techno-sorcerers who are part of an interplanetary ’Masoniclodge style organization.

Fallen elements of the human and serpent [beast] races begin to develop genetically-engineered bodies to be used by their Luciferian masters in order for their masters to operate in and manipulate 3rd dimensional matter and technology. Many of the so-called ’Grey Aliens’ are conceived. Fallen elements from the three creations: angels, humans, and beasts, are now fully collaborating as part of Lucifer’s ancient rebellion and conspiracy against the creative plan.


The ’Greys’ are a frankensteinian combination of reptiloid, insectoid, humanoid and even plant-like DNA combined with sophisticated cybernetics and implant technology which links them into a group-mind, ultimately controlled and incarnated by fallen verities themselves - Satanaku’s attempt to imitate God and ’create’ a race of his own. It is not a creation however, but merely a perversion of that which has already been created.

The ’Ashtar’ collaboration by this time had been infiltrated and contaminated by the rebel verities which manipulate much of this ’universal’ and non exclusive collective by masquerading as ’ascended masters’. They eventually establish a large network based in Sirius-B. A faction however rises in Sirius-A which resists the expansionist philosophy of the main ’Ashtaralliance and becomes known as the Sirius A Alliance.


Since many within the Ashtar collective are linked together psionically via 3rd, 4th and 5th density implants, it was not too hard for the Draconians - who also have access to 3rd, 4th and 5th density realms - to ’hack in’ to the collective and begin to manipulate it, in spite of any good intentions of some of those semi-individuals who are a part of the Ashtar Alliance.


Many of those ’Nordics’ who adhere to strict non-interventionist ethics establish the core of their civilization near the Ring Nebula of Lyra, and the Reptiloids establish the base of their empire in Alpha Draconis (Thuban), whereas other reptilian factions who do not believe in the predatory activities of the ’Draconians’ themselves break off and establish independent colonies in other star systems such as Capella (these reptilian factions now serve tirelessly with the Cosmic Hierarchy to end the disharmony).


The next 1000 years see the Ashtar Collective largely ineffectual due to in-fighting and internal sabotage, over time though the integrity of the collective was re-established leaving this group as the foremost authority in the galaxy on the subversive tactics of the draconian empire.


50.000 B.C.

- In a sudden surprise attack, the Alpha Draconian empire destroys three Nordic colonial worlds in the Lyra region, many other planets were ravaged during these Lyran Wars by a group known as the Draco Borg Collective.


The first thing that they did was subtlety infiltrate all strata of society and use implants to exercise mind control. They then systematically erode the collective soul matrix and assimilate the population into their group memory complex, effectively replacing the soul history of the population with their own memories, turning them into drones.


This is exactly what elements of that collective are attempting to do here now on this planet. If you look around, you will see more and more people here that are just not home, they seem oblivious to the highest good yet are driven by purpose alone which manifests as selfish ambition. Many world leaders are totally under the control of the dark forces and negative ET’s, many actually have had physical surgery to implant cybernetic control mechanisms.

When this system was assimilated, a group who were not susceptible to these primitive forms of mind control came to this system and established an outpost of the Sirian High Command, their role has been education and peace keeping ever since. Over 50 billion men, woman and children perished in the initial attacks on Lyra.


Vega Lyra escapes the destruction and is able to put up a defense, and receives some of the surviving refugees from the devastated worlds, whereas other refugees escape to Rigel Orion, and to the Pleiades cluster, where they commence to terra-form several worlds which become the base of a large Federation of Worlds.


The Hyades and Andromeda constellations [not necessarily Andromeda galaxy] are colonized, as are several worlds within the anti-matter [DAL] universe. Much later in this period, an elite High Command is formed which comes to be known as the Circle of Sirius, membership is strictly limited to monadic groups sourced of eternal verities which due to their unalterable loyalty to the creators plan are immune to the negative ego and mind control technology of the fallen verities.


32.000 BC

- The Nordics in Rigel, after massive infiltration by Draconian forces, wage a desperate war against Reptilian and Grey forces. The surviving Nordics are forced out of the Orion open cluster and take refuge on the Jovian moons of Sol, in Sirius-A, and in Procyon. Other humanoids flee to the outer Orionite systems, yet because of their close proximity to the central empire must capitulate much of their sovereignty over to the Draconian collective. These peoples are used by the collective to serve the empire in a similar fashion as peasants serve a king or dictator, yet on a much larger and more tragic scale.


18.000 BC.

- The Orion cluster is now fully controlled by the "United Worlds of Orion" which in turn serves under the authority of the Alpha Draconian empire, Rigel and Bellatrix being major centers of Orionite power. This sub-empire of Orion consists all-in-all of six Orionite star systems at the core, which have succeeded in conquering and subduing several worlds throughout this sector of the galaxy in order to feed their empire’s parasitical lust for conquest, many of these worlds are slave-planets where descendants of human colonials live, although their horrifying existence could probably not be considered ’living’.


The atrocities of the Draco-Orion empire are known throughout the whole galaxy and has earned itself the title, among many of their Federation enemies, of "The Unholy Six". Devastating battles are waged between the Pleiadeans and Orionites. Whole worlds are devastated.


The Sirians, many of whom are descended from refugees from Rigel Orion, begin a long history of interstellar conflict with the Orionites over the disputed sector of space, a star cluster in the immediate vicinity of Sol, containing some 21 life-bearing star systems and 287 inhabited worlds.



10.000 BC.

- Core systems of the Draconian collective include:

  • Alpha Draconis

  • Rigel Orion

  • Epsilon Bootes

  • Zeta II Reticuli

Core systems of the Ashtar Alliance include:

  • Sirius-B

  • Arcturus

  • Aldebaran

  • Altair

Core systems of the United Federation include:

  • Taygeta Pleiades

  • Tau Ceti

  • Vega Lyra

  • Procyon

To better understand these three networks, you could say that:

  • the United Federation’s MAIN focus is on spiritual development

  • whereas the Ashtar Alliance’s is on intellectual advancement and the development of the ideal of Christed civilization

  • and the Draconian’s on material conquest

We live in a universe of spirit, mind, and matter.


The important thing to remember however, is to ensure that spirit dominates over matter, rather than the other way around [that is, a top-down flow of LIFE rather then a bottom-up flow of CHAOS]. There are fallen verities who would try to counterfeit true spiritual LIFE.


You will know them by their ’fruits’, and by their obsession with materialism, and their advocation of material means for salvation of spirit, for instance so-called salvation by surrendering to a psionic- electronic COLLECTIVE which discourages free agency, sovereignty, creativity, liberty and self-expression. Such a false ’salvation’ tends to KILL the spirit rather than set it free.


However, the Federated worlds MUST subdue and tame the Draconians, otherwise the Draconians - who are motivated by unbounded material appetite just like their rebel/fallen angelic masters - will annihilate the Federation worlds, which the Draconian collective considers to be the only obstacle standing in the way of full galactic assimilation and conquest.


They are especially hostile to those hard-core non-interventionists who would try to police the galaxy in an effort to prevent interventionist forces from interfering with the sovereignty and destinies of independent worlds.


1.500 A.D.

- Draconian Reptiloids and Rigelian Greys try to attack and conquer the Nordic colonial world in Procyon. They fail, and use the excuse that it was all a mistake and misunderstanding.


Incredibly, the Rigelian Greys gain the confidence of certain self-serving members of Procyon intelligence by offering to exchange advanced technology in order to make up for the harm done to them as a result of being forced out of their former home-world in Rigel during the Orion wars. The Dracos/Greys gain access to all levels of Procyonian society through a Trojan-horse type of subversion and infiltration.


At a critical point, the Dracos-Greys carry out a sudden coup, and Procyon falls to their control. Many are killed and many, many Nordics are taken captive to be used as slaves or for biological/DNA sources for experimentation. Many of these mind-controlled Nordics are used to gain the trust of the inhabitants of other targeted worlds, including planet Earth. Procyon inter-dimensional freedom fighters finally liberate their people in the latter part of the 20th century [earth-time]. The three MAJOR interstellar superpowers in this sector of the galaxy continue to expand multi-dimensionally, wars rage, empires rise and fall into oblivion, whole civilizations are enslaved and liberated, only to be enslaved again.

The battle between spirit and matter continues. Many worlds which have lost the knowledge of their ancient genesis on planet earth begin to discover the truth. All eyes begin turning towards planet earth and to the galaxy-shaking events which are beginning to form there. The Creator continues to focus upon Earth with the mysterious and awesome plan to bring the corrupted creation back into harmony utilizing ascendent aspects of loyal monads that have been scattered among the stars.


The Creator Gods do not seek to destroy the material forces of chaos, but to cleanse them and bring them back into alignment with the original plan and purpose of this Universe and beyond. This is accomplished individually. We are God’s vessels to ’tame’ the material forces of the universe and bring them into alignment with spirit. Mankind originally possessed such supernatural dominion in the beginning, however they/we forfeited it by succumbing to the lies of the fallen verities who possessed the ’serpentrace as described in Genesis chapter 3.


This effectively spawned suspicion and fear within humanity and the simple faith in God which served as the conduit for the flow of divine LIFE was broken at our end, and our supernatural dominion over nature was lost....


2.000 A.D.

- The conflict between the Pleiadeans and the Orionites is now focusing on planet earth - which with its strategic location and resources and central role in galactic history is the KEY to the success or failure of either side.


In Sirius, a massive civil war erupts as Draconian and Orionite infiltration of the Ashtar/Astarte alliance is exposed by factions loyal to the Androme-Pleiadean non-interventionists.


Many within the Alliance,

  • especially in Sirius-A, begin to ally themselves with the Androme-Pleiadean Federationists,

  • whereas many within Sirius-B, including reptiloids, align themselves with the Draco-Orion collectivists.

A Draco-Orion backed armada, with battleships upwards of 50 miles long, leaves Sirius-B at sub-light speeds in order to maintain third dimensional integrity [it’s easier to phase-in to other-dimensional realities through exceeding light-speed, than it is to phase-back-in to third dimensional reality from an other-dimensional mode].


Their destination is the SOL system, where they intend to help enforce an electronic New World Order dictatorship that human agents of the Draco-Orion-SiriusB alliance - who are members of international banking fraternities - have been implementing on earth from their bases,

  • near Gizeh, Egypt

  • Dulce, New Mexico [controlled by ciakars or winged dracos, white dracos, and green dracos]

  • Pine Gap, Australia (click right image)

  • the German Thule Societies’ M.A.L.T.A. base in the Alsace-Lorraine region of Germany

  • the ’New Berlin’ base in the New Shwabenland region of Antarctica.

Massive abduction, indoctrination, and implantation programs targeting Earth’s citizens have been carried out through previous decades in order to facilitate the take-over of planet earth and its annexation into the Draconian-Orionite collective.


Massive Andromedan, Pleiadean, Tau Cetian, Procyonese, Arcturian, Iummite, Vegan, Koldasian and other forces loyal to the United Federation and the non-interventionist directives have established a massive ’blockade’ near the orbital sphere of Neptune in order to prevent this sector including planet Earth from being interfered with by incoming Draconian-backed forces, who are aware of their ancient genesis on planet earth and who are intent on overthrowing or enslaving the human race at this critical time in our planet’s history, so that they can take back ’their’ planet.







More recent eventualities


- During the first half of 1996, a large mothership was found by the Andromedans to have parked itself just outside our solar system in violation of a non-interference treaty negotiated in 1967.


The Ashtar Collective and the Sirian High Command reconnaissance later in 1996 revealed a large number of draco/reptilian soldiers in cryogenic stasis on board.


The Andromedans have stated that the origin of the craft was the Ursa Minor system.


In 1997, the Draco Forces invaded the Sirius System in the arrogant belief that they will be able to annihilate the headquarters of the Sirian High Command. These forces were tricked into believing that they had the official sanction of key members of the Ashtar Collective/Sirius A Alliance and were lured into a trap which devastated the local battle fleet of the Draco/borg Collective.


The mothership in our solar system was then destroyed by the Ashtar Command when attempts were made to enforce the surrender of the ship.

Since the 1997 almost annihilation of the Local Draco fleet by the Federation/Ashtar Alliance, many negotiators have been busy traveling throughout the galaxy performing ambassadorial functions to head off a possible Galactic War by negotiating some type of treaty or truce. The intended goal is to keep any conflict with remaining forces from expanding out beyond as few a systems as possible.


Groups from the Pleaides, Procyon and Tau Ceti have been having confrontations with those from both the Orion system and the Draconians within the outskirts of our solar system. The action is designed to maintain the quarantine in our solar system.


It was reported that loss of life has occurred on both sides of the conflict. Furthermore, seven ships are currently parked in Earth’s atmosphere with the purpose of creating a blockade defense system for Earth. The blockade consists of two Andromedan, two Pleaidian and three Procyon ships. Procyon humanoids have recently become strong partners in the effort to quarantine Earth so that we are given a chance to evolve on a natural basis.


The Procyon humanoids have been only recently liberated from the Dows (Greys), so they are every supportive and compassionate regarding the position of the population on Earth.

Since 1998 another large armada of ships have however been amassing in the Sirius B system pointing to a possible conflict between the Sirius B system and the Orion system over the quadrant in which Earth is located. Facts do however seem to support the existence of a shaky alliance between the two groups that is maintained because of a common interest in the population of the Earth. Although events in the continuum can change, at present it is believed that the armada is largely in a standoff position.


A recent conference which included representatives from Sirius Alliances, the Orion Empire, the Galactic Federation and the Ashtar Collective [No Dows (Greys) or Draconians (Reptilians) were evidently present at this meeting] revolved around the subject of territorial rights and quadrant title to certain parts of our Galaxy.


The official stand is that Earth be left alone so that we can be allowed to evolve without further interference. The Sirius High Command/Alliance-Ashtar Collective-Galactic Federation Group is more than capable of taking on the entire Orion Empire on their own and they are not alone in their support of the evolution of the sector in which Earth is located.

The so called negative ET groups active on Earth at this time are not officially sanctioned by the Orion Empire or the Draco/Borg Collective, more so they are renegade elements of these groups who do not desire peace for the galaxy. The real solution to this is for everyone individually to clear their negative ego, advance through the
ascension process and clear their soul and monadic extensions. Only this will see and end to this conflict for all time.


There is currently an agreement with the Draco Collective that they may abduct only people who are walkins of their own. The latest negotiations see the Draco Alliance acknowledging that their days are numbered, many of the leaders are experiencing enlightenment and demonstrating willingness to cooperate with the Federation to establish long term peace.


The warrior classes however have different ideas and know nothing other than the instinct of domination and carnage. We still have a long way to go, however if we all clear our negative egos then this will cease.

The grays are developing a new human/reptilian hybrid with a soul matrix for them to embody into. This is the purpose of the abductions and this work is supported by the Cosmic Hierarchy provided free will is not violated. Judgment and Persecution makes things polarize more.


Put yourself in the position of the Grays for a moment, they are unable to reproduce, their development along scientific lines and self directed mutation over aeons of time led them to destroy their soul matrix, if they do not develop a new hybrid matrix then they will cease to exist.


This would be disastrous for this galaxy as they are meant to be embodying the ’dark’ polarity in this creation, without them this creation cannot achieve its purpose of synthesis of extreme polarities.


All beings involved need to get their heads out of a place where the sun does not shine and forgive what has been, embrace the NOW opportunities for new learning, and so create future moments of peace and harmony. I have personally met several of the new hybrid reptilian/humans, and I like them, these new embodiments of that polarity seek peace and understanding like we do.


The more ancient elements cannot be trusted, yet we must work with these new enlightened aspects of that energy to restore integrity to the creators plan, if we as senior lightworkers do not then there is no hope. We must lead by example, we will and are leading by example and we are in the home stretch of harmony and balance reigning again!

Each and every person who clears their negative ego effects a victory towards harmony and peace within the galaxy which is a victory beyond measure!



How does this kind of thing happen?

Early scientists were attuned to the laws of nature and the energies of the world and its land and to the energies of the universe.


But as technology and the scientific perspective gained momentum that link to spiritual truth was gradually lost and fell away as a discarded robe. Science became its own god, which meant it was given a form of worship and all discovery and invention were hailed as the way ahead and the way of growth. This is why science and its inventions in reality led to an impact that has devastated the lands and its peoples and almost the planet itself.


When something becomes so powerful and important it brings reward and admiration and greatness among the human races but it has lost its sensitivity and its link to the spirit and therefore has gone astray and has not fulfilled what it could have done. We are not speaking against progress, we are not speaking against the brilliance of some minds and we are not speaking against man¹s need for protection, shelter and growth but we are saying that how wonderful it could have been if it had been attuned.

Before recorded history, in your work on many of the worlds in the universes, there are examples where science is the servant rather than the master and has therefore retained its balance and created a place of balance, unity love and peace. Before recorded time the ancients used science to create, to build and to attune the energies of the individual to the energies of the universe.


Such beings that then lived were completely in balance. But as with your present world and over time and with contact with galaxies that were less attuned and balanced, a regression and the worship and pursuit of ways not consistent with the forces of the universe began and continued. We are not saying this was wrong and we are not saying this was right, it just was or as we would now say it is the is. It is also part of the cycles that characterize most civilizations in all its forms. And so, while science is necessary and essential it is better balanced with spiritual awareness.

Can we give an example? Nuclear fission has such wonderful potential but without the spirit has become a devastation for your world. If the ’scientists’ that worked with this energy had been attuned to the spirit and to the universal consciousness you would see such energy replacing the sources that scourge the earth. Mankind has the potential to harness the energy for good but man also has the potential to employ the energy to enlist fear that leads to conflict, destruction and devastation. This is not the only example.


Your ozone layer and the holes therein, your smog filled cities and the layers of chemically polluted silt covering so much of your ocean shores are other examples. As the new beginning grows into a continuum of growth there will be the opportunity to reverse much of what has happened, but we must first bring mankind to an awareness of the spirit, the universal consciousness and that each in God. Once this is realized all that happens will happen in and to restore and maintain balance. For when the spirit is glowing and vibrating with pure radiant energy, the thoughts that lead to inventions and discoveries are also glowing, vibrant and pure.


It is important that each one who hears this message reflects on at least one discovery that has created imbalance. If you replace that invention in you mind by thinking of how it could have been different and served mankind then all such thoughts will link into the universal consciousness from which those who do discover can draw ideas that will change and develop positive and balanced outcomes.


It can also help mankind rediscover the wisdom and power of the ancients, for herein is the way to future growth and a future balanced universe.