by David Stein

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"Exoscience", as the study of Extraterrestrials reveals that certain elements of the science fiction series Star Trek, may have been inspired by actual cosmic awareness by its creators.


The most notable similarity seems to be that a "Galactic Federation" of ethical planetary civilizations according to representation by contactees and researchers does exist, that is governed by "constitutionalism” including the rights of sentient beings, and social justice.

Gene Roddenberry


This apparent Galactic Federation like “the Federation” in Star Trek appears to be governed by a ‘prime directive’ when dealing with civilizations outside of a “voluntary association of ethical planetary civilizations”.

In Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek, Earth was the political centre of the "United Federation of Planets", sometimes referred just as "the Federation". In contrast with Star Trek, however, Exoscientific as well as Exopolitical research reveals that Earth is outside of an apparent “Galactic Federation”, which is deeply critical of Earth’s predatory “rulers”.


It appears from representation provided by Dr. Michael Salla and others, that much of this ‘Galactic Federation’ does not want to have anything to do with Earth.

These ethical civilizations appear to be highly critical of oppression, genocide, environmental destruction, that is being

executed under a consortium of “hideous intelligences” on Earth. However, it also appears that a sufficient critical mass of this Galactic Federation has sought to maintain unofficial “lines of communication” with Earth’s population.


Exopolitical groups which seek the ‘full disclosure’ of apparently known extraterrestrial presences on Earth and the universe suggest, that some members of this Galactic Federation have a genetic relationship with Earth humans, which inspires them to try to seek to maintain “lines of communications” with Earth, within strict terms of a ‘prime directive’.

This Galactic Federation seems to have a similar challenge that confronted the scripted characters of the “Starship Enterprise” in relation to having an analogous “prime directive”. The character “Captain Picard” in the Star Trek the Next Generation series came in contact with planetary civilization with deplorable oppressive rulers.

The Star Trek character "the Founders" were featured as alien "shape shifters" that could assume human and other forms.


However, “the Federation” would be restricted in the amount of facilitative assistance which could be provided to that civilization, without a voluntary request by members of civilization to provide such assistance.

Also similar to the aliens portrayed in Star Trek, unfortunately Manipulative Extraterrestrials have no such “prime directive”. Exopolitics groups testify that Manipulative Extraterrestrials seek to forge elite driven alliances to enable the pillaging, oppression, and enslavement of planets.


Famous African Elder Credo Mutwa, also revealed pervasive indigenous knowledge about “shape-shifting” Extraterrestrials, which can assume human and other forms, similar to the Star Trek Deep Space Nine scripted species, which was called “the Founders”.

Star Trek also revealed a technique that Manipulative Extraterrestrials have sometimes allegedly deployed to enslave and eventually destroy civilizations, and that also seems to be consistent with representations of many researchers.


This technique is the spread of “religion” by a technologically advanced, but oppressive, Extraterrestrial civilizations against a relatively naive and technologically less advanced civilization, which is represented by Earth.

Exopolitics groups further testify that Ethical Extraterrestrials reminiscent of Star Trek’s scripted “Federation”, do not offer of technologies which could be used to destroy a civilization in the midst of genocidal conflicts. In contrast, Manipulative Extraterrestrials seek to offer destructive military and other technologies which can be used to pit one group against another.

Apparently, actual Ethical Extraterrestrial civilizations, like those featured in Star Trek, also seek to carefully initiate voluntary contacts with Earth governments, and with selected human beings, which they seek to inspire though direct personal contact or telepathic contact.

  • Furthermore, when an Ethical Extraterrestrial engages an ‘Earth Human’, they apparently seek to spread messages which inspire human beings to be spiritually empowered through wisdom toward progressive Human Development, and enlightenment.


  • In contrast, according to representations by learned researchers, Manipulative Extraterrestrials will either seek coercive contact, or will use religious mythology or seductive dogma, and will also take advantage of bigotries, which will get ‘Earth humans’ to worship them as appointed Christ’s or God’s messengers.

Research, which include the findings of Dr. Michael Salla, suggest that Manipulative Extraterrestrials -- such as some of those featured in Star Trek -- seek to use religious dogma to strategically “divide and rule” different populations of humanity, in a manner which will turn humanity against each other.


For example, these Manipulative Extraterrestrials tell one group of humanity that “Christ is the true saviour”, then tell another group to “follow what Allah” says, and then communicate to Jews that they are “the chosen one”, and that followers of Allah are “evil”, and so on. This is apparently exactly, the kind of “divide and conquer” context, which has perpetuated on-going religious related wars on Earth throughout History.

Ethical Extraterrestrials, like apparently those who make up the “Andromeda Council”, discussed in Dr. Michael Salla’s extensive Extraterrestrial research compilations, reject a “saviour” complex. The “saviour complex” implanted in world religions, is apparently designed to dis-empower humanity away from accepting their personal custodial responsibility, as well as their social responsibility to each other among human beings on Earth.

Also according to Dr. Salla’s and his colleagues work, Manipulative Extraterrestrials create and help spread a "saviour" complex so that humanity can be controlled by the doctrine spread by elites, within institutionalized religions, and other bureaucracies.


If someone, for example, is led to believe that “Christ will return to rescue them” from the Earth’s downward spiral, including environmental destruction, that individual will do nothing but go to their church, temple, mosque or synagogue, to devoutly ‘pray’ to an essentially externalized Manipulative Extraterrestrial” contrived “false God" as referred to by the Gnostics, while the Earth continues to be destroyed.

The “Pleiadiansare an alleged Ethical Extraterrestrial group which is also allegedly associated with the “Galactic Federation”. It is alleged by Exopolitics groups that “Pleiadians” have sought to help “warn humanity” about an effort to enslave humanity through institutionalized religion in general, and specifically “the saviour complex”. Certain “channelled” messages that have been represented to be from “Pleiadians” are consistent with the messages of Ethical Extraterrestrials.

Extraterrestrials who hold high standards of ethics appear to believe that God does not “dwell in the heavens” which appoints a “saviour”. Instead, Ethical Extraterrestrials appear to seek to spread the knowledge that G-d is the expression of the spirit in the human consciousness, of the desire to seek wisdom, peace, loving-kindness for each other, and to pursue a custodial relationship on Earth which protects the Earth, and all its living creatures.

One notable contrast between the Earth featured in Star Trek, and the reality of Earth as presented by Exopolitics research is that while Earth featured in Star Trek was at the centre of “the Federation”, in reality it appears that Earth has been excluded to-date by the reported “Galactic Federation” of Ethical Extraterrestrial civilizations.


“Earth elites” adopting a predatory system of capitalism under the recent mantra of “Corporate Globalization”, and marching toward “fascism” under the corresponding fabricated “War of Terrorism”, has apparently put Earth, in reality, outside of this “Galactic Federation” and into control by “hideous intelligences”.

In an episode of the 1960’s Star Trek television series, Gene Roddenberry presented in the episode entitled “Mirror, Mirror” an “alternative universe” in which an alternative Star Trek crew was governed by a desire for power, related venal ambitions, executed barbarism, a culture of violence, fear, and oppression, in a milieu of perpetuated war.


When the characters of Deep Space Nine many years later, visited this apparently same “alternative universe”, they found an alternate Deep Space Star Trek crew who became enslaved “Terrans”, to more powerful and controlling Manipulative Extraterrestrial races. Humanity was presented as adopting a predatory course, in which they eventually became the disenfranchised prey.

Perhaps Gene Roddenberry and his other colleagues who helped create Star Trek sought to inspire, while at the same time, entertaining viewers of the potentials for constructive Extraterrestrial contact, while warning humanity of the mentalities of predatory Manipulative Extraterrestrial races which are also featured in Star Trek. Star Trek may well have been an effort to

“educate humanity”, based upon general knowledge that has been repressed by elites.



The case of a human-posing Extraterrestrial which landed near Washington D.C. in 1957

In 1957, a “human”-posing Extraterrestrial landed on Earth with two other Extraterrestrials, who claimed to be “emissaries of

"Jill", "Donn", and "Valiant Thor" were documented human-posing Extraterrestrials which landed on alien spacecraft in U.S. capital.

the Lord”, who said that a “Second Christ would come”.

"During the winter of 1956-57, the Washington, D.C. area was extremely cold, but it was a good feeling to be working in a high security position in the Pentagon.


I lived only a short distance away in Georgetown, the old section of the Nation's Capital. Senator J.F. Kennedy lived on "O" Street just a block away from our house on Prospect”, says Harley Andrew Byrd nephew to the late Rear Admiral Richard R. E. Byrd United States Navy.

“During a successful tour with the U.S. Naval Ceremonial Honor Guard, we had met with astronauts Glen, Cooper, Waly Sherrar, who were the first wave of successful space travelers. Also we had visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier numerous times. It seemed like every time a visiting dignitary came to Washington, they lay a wreath at the tomb.”

“I performed as a young officer in the Navy. After carrying the 2-Star flag at the funeral of my late uncle, Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, I was recommended for a security clearance and was granted a Top Secret Clearance after a lengthy six-month background study (B1 complete 1957).


After being transferred to the Chief of Naval Information (CHINFO), I worked in the Security Clearance section before being indoctrinated into the branch office of the Air Force called PROJECT BLUE BOOK. It was a joint service office; that is, two Marines, two Army, two Navy and three Air Force officers.”

“The work was routine, opening incoming mail, sorting out what was called actual sightings as opposed to many fake UFO photos. We also acted as a Public Information Office (PIO), much like a public relations office. Every publisher's dream was to get the real low down on the UFO situation, which was suppressed by the group that dictated national policy on the UFO matter.”

“In mid March, 1957, we received an urgent message from the Alexandria Police Department. The message indicated that two of their on-duty police officers had picked up an alien who had landed some 14 miles south of Pentagon Boulevard, and the occupant was transported to the Pentagon to meet with the Under Secretary of Defense and then shuttled underground to meet with President Eisenhower and Vice President Richard Nixon.


The meeting lasted for nearly an hour and then, the alien visitor was put on VIP status and was shuttled back to the Pentagon where he spent the night in the Army reception office on the first floor near the concourse. This alien's name was Valiant Thor,” states Harley Andrew Byrd.

The other two aliens of an apparent “Evangelical” mission to preach to humans of a “Second Christ" savior presented themselves as being named "Jill" and "Donn".

“Commander James was on duty at the Security Clearance and Review for the branch officer of the Project Blue Book.


He oversaw the meeting through official channels and reported the landing and meeting of the "space emissary", as he was labeled by the Department of Defense, to a governing group of high military officials including Secretary of Defense F. F. Forestall and other scientific men of which there were twelve.


They in turn made recommendations to the President and Cabinet members, the CIA, FBI, NSA, and so on,”  further states Mr. Byrd

The landing of Valiant Thor was perhaps the first documented landing of a human-posing alien by military officials.

“He contacted an individual in the Pentagon who was an advocate of the UFO alien situation. 'Nancy Warren' in turn contacted a minister, who was also a private investigator and theologian, a Dr. Frank E. Stranges, who then met with the alien Val Thor,” Mr. Byrd also indicated.

"Valiant Thor" and his group was documented by media at the time to have eventually departed in an alien spacecraft. He indicated that his “race of people” lived and dwelled underground and that many of the planets throughout the universe sustain life in this same manner.


"Val Thor" spoke of Christ's presence as a "saviour" in the universe and that it was “heartwarming” to see Christ's advanced ‘evangelical’ teaching continuing.

All of that, is certainly interesting.



Awakening the human spirit and the corresponding eternal light of being

The original Gnostics, who were guardians of ancient knowledge to the Elders of indigenous peoples worldwide, and to corresponding insights presented in Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek, and also to reported channels from a reported ethically-inspired Andromedan 'Galactic Federation', present, in particular, one apparent transcending message.

  • Humanity must awaken the vital spirit from WITHIN, and embrace the "eternal light of being"


  • or alternatively, forever be condemned to externally imposed manipulation, toward enslavement, and prospective self-annihilation

This is the apparent evolving course of human civilization on Earth, as some people distance themselves from active engagement in the vital protection of their communities, and of Earth in general, and alternatively wait for a professed or dubbed "saviour".

Hope for humanity critically rests on those many people, internationally who have either sought to become social activists, or even at minimum, on people who express concern about the plight of their community or of humanity in general.


Individuals like these would in theory, like to make some constructive self-directed participatory contribution to an envisioned progressive social change.

Indeed, under guidance by self-serving religious agents, political leaders, and "successful businessmen", humanity is already destroying each other.

  • Isn't it also remarkable how religious organization and political leaders, and "successful businesses", that are linked to commercially profitable weapons-making relationships with military interests, present themselves as the "saviours" of "freedom" and "democracy" in their so-called "War on Terrorism", which is systematically destroying freedom and democracy?


  • Intriguing?