WWII and The Marcabians

Volume 9 ThE Magazine

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Shortly before the end of WW2 a large German flotilla consisting of the newest and largest U-boats of the German navy at that time left the north shores of Norwegian at Kristiansund with the destination Antarctica. Being such a large convoy it was naturally detected by the allied forces who came to meet the Germans in the North Sea with a great naval fighting force in order to destroy the German armada.


What the allied forces didn't know that the German u-boats were fitted with new engines which were hundreds of years ahead of that time and could virtually run forever and very fast. Those u-boats that Schauberger engines fitted combined with extraterrestrial technology of the Alderbarans and Arrianis.


The German armada was also fitted with vril-guns against which the allied forces were no mach. When the battle was over the entire allied force was destroyed, where as the Germans had not a single casualty.

In order to understand what really went on during the WW2 Nazi area, one must learn to discard everything in history that is presented to us as truth by the mass-media, since the media is entirely owned by the Black Nobility of Europe and their stooges. The Black Nobility are the creators of the Committee of 300 and all the other organizations that go with it - especially the Bavarian Illuminati.


They are the human façade behind which lies the Marcabian realm - the shapeshifters. The Marcabians are a reptilian race which came to earth over 4000 years ago from the star system of Canus Major and turned our beautiful world into a slaughter-house ever since.


Enki; Enlil; the Nefilin; the Nibiruan and the Anunnaki or what ever other names there are, have nothing to do with the Bavarian Illuminati; here is where David Icke will have to do a little more research. The Starfire-ritual is an Marcabian affair; a very macabre ritual indeed - what a befitting name.

The Arrianis and the Aldebaranies, together with the "dGe-lugs-pa" - the yellow caps monks of Tibet - (the highest ranking lodge of Tibet) - set up the whole scenario of the Third Reich in order to eventually break the power of the Bavarian Illuminati - (the Marcabians).

The USA is presently totally under the fist of the Bavarian Illuminati and Montauk Nazis which are completely under Marcabian control.

On the other hand there is a flourishing civilization in Neuschwabenland in the Antarctica where 3,000.000 free Germans live in a secret valley and underground city who are totally opposed to the Montauk Nazi Agenda.


There are Reichs German bases:

  • in the Bermuda triangle under the sea

  • in underground cities of the Canary Island

  • high up in the Himalayan mountains in Tibet

  • in the Andes of South America

  • in Iraq, which was the real reason for the Iraqi war

The Iraqi were first persuaded to take back Kuwait which was Iraqi territory in the first place. We all know what occurred after that - or do we???

One of the main reason why the Illuminati wants a war in Iraq is to destroy the gigantic German space crafts which are stationed there.

The American Illuminati has also football field size discs zooming around that area, but they are no mach for the German Flugscheiben. One of the world's top secrets is that the German Reich has never surrendered! The German Wehrmacht (Defense Forces) under Doenitz have signed a ceasefire agreement which was broken by USA in 1946/47 and again 1958 when they send Admiral Byrd to destroy the Neuschwabenlaender.

In 1946 the Illuminati forces in the USA send a 4.000 strong force of marines down there only 400 returned, after suffering a total defeat.

Presently the Reichs German together with the Alderbaranians have about 6,000.000 soldiers ready for combat at a moments notice, distributed all over the world. They also have a fleet of about 25.000 flying discs of all sizes.

The Black Nobility Illuminati is preparing for a major war (WW3) which they want to start in the Middle East. They instigated the Chechnian war in order to enrage the Moslem world to be ready for a holy war against the western world. Again and again young American Blood is being sacrificed and misused for the dirty work of the European Black Nobility.

Marcab Confederacy

from Wikipedia Website

The Marcab Confederacy is said to be one of the most powerful galactic civilizations still active.


He describes it as:

various planets united into a very vast civilization which has come forward up through the last 200,000 years, formed out of the fragments of earlier civilizations. In the last 10,000 years they have gone on with a sort of decadent kicked-in-the-head civilization that contains automobiles, business suits, fedora hats, telephones, spaceships — a civilization which looks almost an exact duplicate but is worse off than the current US civilization.
("Auditing Comm Cycles")

The capital of the Confederacy is said to be "one of the tail stars of the Big Dipper", probably Alkaid, a star 108 light years distant from Earth. The Marcabians used to rule Earth at some point in the past but lost control of it due to "losses in war and other things".

The Marcabians had an oppressive political system:

"if [a person] was considered to be in contempt of court or anything like that, [he was] simply fried since there was a curtain of radioactive material which went clear across the front of the bench anywhere that a witness or anybody would stand, and so on."

("History and development of processes: question and answer period")

They invented income tax as a means of punishment, with the death penalty imposed for making even the slightest mistake in returns — "one comma wrong and it's 'dead forever'." The Marcabians also appear to have been distinctly socialistic, having "had plan balanced economies" (presumably some form of planned economy). ("E-Meter Actions, Errors in Auditing")

They were also keen on motor racing and every once in a while Scientologists undergoing auditing "will run into [memories of] race tracks and race-track drivers".


Hubbard described this in some detail in a 1960 lecture:

They had turbine-generated cars that went about 275 miles an hour (443 km/h). They ran with a high whine. I notice they've just now invented the motor again. And they had tracks that were booby-trapped with atom bombs, and they had side bypasses. The tracks were mined, and the grandstands were leaded-paned.
("Create and Confront")

The tracks were deliberately designed to be as dangerous as possible, with, "a mountain that you went up to the top of and fell off", and death was commonplace.


This, however, was not a problem, as Marcabian medicine was so good that nobody ever died permanently. According to author Russell Miller, Hubbard liked to reminisce to his followers about "how he was a race-car driver in the Marcab civilization".


One of the people who accompanied him aboard his private fleet in the late 1960s described Hubbard's stories of life with the Marcabians:

LRH said he was a race driver called the Green Dragon who set a speed record before he was killed in an accident. He came back in another lifetime as the Red Devil and beat his own record, then came back and did it again as the Blue Streak. Finally he realized all he was doing was breaking his own records and it was no game any more.
(Miller, p.280)

Hubbard describes exactly this in his lecture "Create and Confront", telling how he went through multiple lives as a Marcabian racing driver with names like The Green Rocket, The Red Comet, The Silver Streak, The Gold Bomb, and so on.

Hubbard stated that the Marcab Confederacy was now using Earth as a "prison planet". When a person dies or "drops the body", as Scientologists put it, his thetan is pulled into a Marcab-established "implant station" or "report station".


The idea that Earth is a "prison planet", maintained by "entheta beings" or Targs who dumped their enemies on Earth, was first put forward in a 1952 lecture, "Electropsychometric Scouting: Battle of the Universes". A steady flow of flying saucers is said to be still dropping off more entheta beings.

The report area for most has been Mars. Some women report to stations elsewhere in the Solar System. There are occasional incidents about Earth report stations. The report stations are protected by screens. The last report station on Earth was established in the Pyrenees.
(Scientology: A History of Man)

The thetans are brainwashed and sent back to Earth, where they find a new body to inhabit. Only Scientologists who have reached the level of "Operating Thetan" are said to be able to avoid this fate.