by Rick Martin
November-December  2001

from FourWinds Website



I would say that anyone who takes an objective view of the evidence extant, they will conclude that:

Yes, UFOs are real; yes, there are classified projects dealing with them; yes, there are energy and propulsion systems derived therefrom; yes, some of them are extraterrestrial in origin; none of them are hostile; yes, there are projects that have successfully built energy and anti-gravity propulsion systems based on these devices, and they have illegally “classified” them.

And I say illegally because I know that there are U.S. Presidents, as well as key members of Congress, and key committees in the Congress, that have been deliberately lied to and denied access to those projects. So there is no way that you can interpret those as “legally constituted” projects. They are illegal, rogue projects.

For this reason, we’re saying that the witnesses who we’ve identified, as well as those scientists who have knowledge of these technologies, should view themselves as “free and clear” to come forward with their information; that the use of the National Security Act and other illegal provisions have been illegally applied in this particular instance, and they have no controlling legal authority.
Steven M. Greer, M.D.

emergency room physician, Founder and International Director of CSETI (The Center for the Study of ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence), and more recently a key figure in The Disclosure Project. The above statement was made to The SPECTRUM on October 16, 2001 as part of an interview to appear in a later installment of this feature story.


I would simply like to say that the Greatest Story in Human History is not about them, Rick, it’s about us. It’s who WE are, and what WE are, and how WE came to be. It isn’t merely about where we are, at the moment. It is about where we are going. We are a species, and we are a race that will survive. And, in all honesty, we have good friends in high places!
Robert O. Dean

respected elder in the UFO community, a former military officer who held a “Cosmic Top Secret” clearance granted by NATO, making him privy to some of the most sensitive and explosive information of all time. Bob Dean has chosen to break his oath of silence (for some years now), and made the above statements to The SPECTRUM on October 17, 2001 - as part of an interview to appear in a later installment of this feature story.

Despite many decades of intense and sometimes ruthless cover-up, the walls are crumbling down. The time of the Great Awakening is upon us and no topic deserves center-stage attention more than the subject of UFOs.

Now, just where does one begin to discuss a topic as vast and complex and impacting and, yes, as “cosmic” as is the subject of extraterrestrial interactions with planet Earth?

The Internet and bookstores are filled with hype and glitz about ETs and UFOs. But what is The Truth?

Furthermore, how can one presume to sort the true from the false, and discern that which is of value concerning this important but purposely-often-made-murky subject?


You talk with the ones who KNOW and are placing THEIR necks on the line to awaken their fellow citizens of planet Earth. The ones who know are not necessarily the ones in the “expert” spotlights, attracting the big grant money. More likely, they’re the ones being ridiculed or even persecuted in an attempt to silence them and discredit their Truth.

You are about to take a journey that will weave you through a number of personalities and stories.


Some you may have heard about or already know about; others you may not. Hopefully, by the time we reach the conclusion of this series (which, for practical reasons, will have to span several issues of The SPECTRUM) you will have a greater understanding and awareness of both the present status and the long-hidden history of this amazing subject so central to defining our identity as human beings.

While it would be impossible to present everything of value on this subject in a less-than-book-length outlay, I will endeavor to share some of the very best, most credible sources of information, and wherever possible include references for additional exploration, such as books and websites and related materials.

After spending the greater part of the last two months working on this feature story, it has become evident that any discussion of The Truth about extraterrestrials and UFOs will, by necessity, need to be told incrementally. Therefore, rather than water-down a perfectly wonderful, complex story, or present just one tiny aspect, we have elected to “serialize” this story into two or three installments to try to cover the playing field more completely.

Over the years, I’ve uncovered and written about several historically vast and sweeping subjects that have been purposely buried in mystery.


But I have a confession to make: THIS story is the granddaddy of ALL conspiracy stories, with more twists and turns and layers than politicians have excuses. And by it’s very nature, no one seems to have a grasp of “the whole story”, but rather, only pieces or fragments—that sometimes can lead to very distorted conclusions.

I’m reminded of the old expression:

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Well, from the moment I started work on this story, it seemed I had help from every direction - both seen and unseen.


I am thankful for the Guiding Hand that led me through the maze and often right to the doorstep of some fascinating and provocative sources to share with you.