by Jim Euclid
29 April 2012
from Regolish Website


We the people of this earth, as sovereigns of all living animals, plants and minerals put aside the long and troubled history of our past.


We the people of this earth renounce all prior wars, misdeeds and inflictions upon our fellow humans, animals, plants and minerals that were based on religious, ethnic, cultural, political and commercial conflicts.


We the people of this earth renounce all prior contracts, covenants, agreements (verbal, written or otherwise sealed) that have been the making of what was seen as a planet belonging to either no one (terra nullius) or to other than the indigenous humans of this planet (terra incognito).


Let it be declared, in full cognizance of the disclosed history of earth that the residents of this planet, we the representatives of all nations do agree to declare this planet a sovereign soil:

terra exigo (this full land owned in its entirety, by the population of earth peoples who have lived here and call this nation, continent and planet their own).

Humans were born here and thus have inalienable rights of ownership of this planet.


We affirm this with the open declaration of what has transpired in past years as a culmination of our rights of self-determination, freedom from physical and mental slavery and the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.


We accept no king, god or overlord save that which we personally believe within ourselves and bear the right of every man woman and child to honor their own inner god, and not the god of another.


In accepting this, we look to ourselves as creators of or own futures.


We reject all powers outside ourselves who declare they have powers both temporal or legal upon our sovereign land.

All decisions ratified in light of this charter are based on choices that are made in the light of non-violent expression of personal autonomy and the relinquishment of external forces which may attempt to subvert the liberty, freedom and justice of each individual within and upon this planet and its moon(s).

The following declarations are made to all spacetime-faring visitors:


  • Earth, its humanoid people, animals, plants and property is from this time forth and shall remain the full and proprietary domain of the said planet, people, animals, plants and minerals, and will remain so for the entirety of the planet's existence

  • No infringements in property ownership, overt or covert, shall be made by any external people, government or ruling body without full disclosure of intended actions to all the people of this planet by way of general democratic referendum.

  • Any decree shown to have violated the contract of this charter shall be deemed a breach of the rights of the planet earth, her people and animals and be void and invalid and result in the immediate expulsion or removal of rights of said non-earth citizens.

  • No participation shall be given with or to any race whose motivation is to utilize resources upon the domain of this earth or its moon(s) for their own benefit

  • No non-earth visitor shall violate or interfere in any way with the existing religious, cultural, legal political or commercial practices extant on this planet

  • Visitations by non-earth citizens shall require the express permission of representatives of the earth council(s), in full and open publication to all members of this planet via international broadcast and referendum

  • That all intergalactic relations respect the rights of this individual planets, their people and properties as a sovereign and united colony of the Milky Way Galaxy

  • Full disclosure is given of all planetary intentions, ensuring the fostering of openness, trust and negotiation while promoting common prosperity, liberty, responsibility and freedom

  • That all non-earth citizens observe planetary and national boundaries with respect

  • That all non-earth citizens avoid human dependency on non-earth technologies through offers of to any less advanced or less developed native terrestrial race

  • That we (earth's citizens) and they (visitors) respect and protect all earth's resources both human and biological for future generations, with the implicit understanding that earth is the giver and sustainer of all life

  • That we retain the right to settle our own government, national conflicts without the need for extraterrestrial intervention unless explicitly asked for

  • There is full and total amnesty of all earth's past historical grievances, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial of all sins (both commissions and omissions)

  • That the citizens of earth retain the full and unequivocal right to refuse participation with any non-earth citizen should we believe (rightly or wrongly) that their intentions are dishonorable, questionable or deceptive both ethically or spiritually

Guiding Rules of Engagement

by Jim Euclid
6 May 2012

from Regolish Website


The rules of engagement with foreign 'agents' or ETs, as interpreted from 'Allies of Humanity', are based on the assumption that no non-terrestrial agent or group are necessarily superior, either ethically or spiritually, regardless of technological advancement.

These guidelines are in the spirit of honoring the sacred will of all sentient life.


Any engagement must honor the sacred sovereignty of humanity by dictating that:

  • we rightly non-participate with any race whose motivation is to utilize resources on earth for their own benefit


  • they do not violate or interfere with existing religious, cultural, legal, political and commercial practices

  • visitation rights by ETs is given with informed consent by all citizens of this world

  • there is a democratization of intergalactic relations, respecting sovereignty of individual planets, their peoples and properties

  • there is given a full disclosure of all global intentions, ensuring the fostering of openness, trust and negotiation while promoting common prosperity, liberty, responsibility and freedom

  • they observe planetary and national boundaries with respect

  • they avoid human dependency through offers of technology to any less advanced or less developed native terrestrial race

  • they do not violate our human rights for freedom of expressing our unique and varied cultural, political and religious beliefs

  • they and we protect all terrestrial resources, both human and biological and respect the earth as a giver of all life

  • there is no intervention in human conflicts save the giving of advice as a non-interfering third party

  • there is forgiveness of all past transgressions between terrestrial and extraterrestrial races

  • allowing humanity the autonomous right to dictate our own sovereignty over all of this planet's resources both human and biological in present and future times

  • humanity has the right to refuse participation with any race of any origin should we believe their intentions are less than honorable, ethical or spiritual