03 - How Aliens View the Universe

As astronomers often note, there’s probably great diversity of life in the universe.

For example, in one of the Milky Way’s globular clusters of stars, scientists recently discovered a planet that appears to be 11-12 billion years old. The planet appears to have wandered into its current location due to the gravitational pull of a passing star or some other disturbance. Since Earth is only 4.5 billion years old, if we subtract the difference, we see that the newly discovered planet is 6.5 to 7.5 billion years older than Earth.


Assuming that ancient planets of the sort lacked some of the heavy elements needed for life, we should probably allow another billion years or so for supernovas to have seeded the earliest planets with enough oxygen and other vital elements. As such, we see a scenario in which life could easily have formed on other planets as much as 6 billion years before life began on Earth.


In more recent “re-cycling universe” models of cosmology, the origins of life could go even further back in time.

The Kepler satellite find of many Earth-sized, possibly habitable planets in 2010 increases the probability of alien life throughout the universe.


UC Berkeley astronomer and discoverer of extra-solar planets Geoffrey Marcy said,

“The data tell us that our galaxy, with its roughly 200 billion stars, has at least 46 billion Earth-size planets, and that’s not counting Earth-size planets that orbit farther away from their stars in the habitable zone.”

(ScienceDaily.com, 10-29-10)

With many billions of Earth-size planets in our galaxy, let alone the 100 billion other galaxies, we can expect to find great numbers and varieties of aliens.

How would beings who evolved 5-6 billion years ago appear to us today? If we assume, as some reports suggest, that so-called "gray aliens" are about 60,000 years more advanced than we are, we can calculate that aliens who evolved on the earliest planets of the visible universe would be about 100,000 times more advanced than is the difference between humans and so-called “gray” aliens.


My estimate of gray history may be slightly off, but the basic implications are clear.

Not all aliens will be alike. Some will be significantly more advanced than others. They will think differently and will be categorically more capable than aliens like the grays and their associates. In short, we shouldn't loosely generalize when speaking about all aliens in the universe. We need to be more specific.

Although the most physically advanced aliens in the universe will probably hyper-dimension much of what they do beyond our relatively primitive viewpoint, they should nonetheless be mortal, liquid-based life forms. Given what we know about the weirdness of quantum physics (i.e. that all quantum particles and energy packets are thing-less, non-concrete, and actively prone to larger universal fluctuations), we can assume that the most advanced aliens' sense of themselves won't be concrete in the old 19th-20th century human sense of physics.


After years of interactions with aliens, we’ve learned that the primary concern of advanced aliens is the larger, universal ecology. Why the larger ecology? The answer is simple yet requires a little background about aliens who are closer, on the evolutionary scale, to humans.

In their interactions with humans, aliens are good observers. To some extent, all are studied scientists. More importantly, all aliens who visit this planet are skilled in telepathy, the ability to not only read another's thoughts, but to communicate complex, diagrammatic information in ways that often astound the human initiate.


As such, they can see through humans with a kind of extra-dimensional insight. To do so is the norm, not the exception among alien societies. They're able to do so for a variety of reasons.

To begin with, telepathy is possible via a brain's propagation of extremely low frequency waves (e.l.f.’s). Low frequency means there’s a long distance between any two wave crests. When we’re in a quiet, resting state, our brain waves are e.l.f.

For more on the subject, we turn to Eisenhower White House National Security Council staff member Col. Phillip Corso, who wrote a book about how he helped the Army distribute downed alien technology from the 1947 crash of an alien craft near Roswell, New Mexico.


Corso’s book is required reading for those who want to understand US officials’ attitudes regarding aliens. Corso wrote that the Pentagon realized how a thought-reading alien headband from the Roswell crash worked after the Pentagon did research on long brain waves (like e.l.f.’s).

Corso wrote,

"The medical examiner wrote that measurements of brain activity taken from the EBE (extraterrestrial biological entity) who was still barely alive at Roswell showed that its electronic signature, at least what they were able to measure with equipment back in 1947, displayed a signal similar to what we would call long, low-frequency waves.


And the examiner referred to a description by one of the Roswell Army Air Field doctors that the creature's brain lobes seem to have been not just physiologically and neurologically integrated but integrated by an electromagnetic current as well.


In other words, extremely long waves not only occur in the human brain; they are found in alien brains, as well. Extremely low frequency waves, or e.l.f.’s, are also used in alien mind-activated technology".

(p. 192, The Day After Roswell).

As a University of Chicago physicist proved decades ago, long, low frequency waves can pass straight through the body of a human (or alien) and through other dense structures.


Why? Because an atom is mostly just a void of seemingly empty space. The nucleus of an atom can be compared to a small, bizarrely fluctuating pea situated at mid-field in a large football stadium, while the electron would be a tiny micro-dot located way out in the furthest bleachers. So, energy waves can pass through an atom easily.

Energy waves can pass through the internal and external structure of your head, as well as the seemingly solid objects around you. As was documented in a series of experiments done under carefully controlled conditions at the Stanford Research Institute in Palo Alto during the 1970's, people can sensitize themselves to certain energy waves in order to remotely view a distant person's perceptions, effectively reading another person's thoughts.

How can they do so? Human brain wave frequencies normally range from about 5 hertz (cycles per second) to 30 hertz, although they can spike beyond that range, which allows for some unusual phenomenon, to say the least. A resting human’s brain waves range from 5 to 11 hertz, which are “extremely low frequency” wavelengths (e.l.f.'s). They’re part of the basis for telepathy.

The Army’s discovery in Roswell implies that we, too, can cause thoughts to stream out and away from, or at angles to our brain synapses (connections between nerve cells) via e.l.f.'s. In addition, we may be able to leap beyond our brain nerve structure via what some physicists call “scalar electromagnetic” frequencies in order to nearly instantly communicate across great distances (more about this later).

In short, Corso suggested that way back in 1947, the Army had evidence that aliens could reach out beyond their brains to interact via mind-activated/mind-sensing “psychotronic” technology. Evidence suggested that even without advanced technology, the Roswell aliens’ brains were able to communicate with each other. In later pages, we’ll see how humans can do so, also.

How does a brain focus energy waves in order to do telepathy and remote sensing?


Your brain has about 10 billion brain cells, each of which has gentle curvatures in it that can focus your attention in every direction without even turning your head to face one way, or another. Better yet, each brain cell has from 10,000 to 20,000 tiny string-like dendrites reaching out to communicate with other brain cells, and there’s abundant curvature there, also.


Given that there are reportedly 1014 smaller atoms in a single cell, alone, your brain contains up to 133 x 1024 atoms in it. Each atom has different varieties of curvature in it, and that too, is conducive to complex focusing via nearly instant communication across energy plasma. Better still, in each atom are an even greater number of quanta (atomic particles and packets of energy) that can focus energy in various ways.


Although it isn’t easy to control one single quantum, your thoughts are a larger, aggregate manipulation (cohering and de-cohering), a back-and-forth resonance of many quanta. As a recent feature film noted, the variety of possible combinations of signals between brain cells in your head is greater than the total number of atoms in this universe! So, there are fantastic capabilities in your mind, and there are even more between a number of different minds.


As some people say, there’s a universe within. Some researchers confuse alien telepathy with “channeling.”


David Jacobs, PhD is skeptical of channeling and defines it as when,

“a person in a self-altered state of consciousness believes he/she is receiving communication from an unseen spirit or entity who answers questions or imparts wisdom.”

Some channelers speak of contacting ghosts or spirits from another time.


Meanwhile, telepathy is starkly different - it happens in real-time and always involves faint, remotely physical aspects. Basic telepathy allows an individual to neatly identify the other individual(s) with whom he/she is communicating. Telepathy is a nearly immediate exchange in which the mind’s vocal and other physical characteristics of all participants are clearly manifest, due to intricate mind-body networking. Although advanced technology can be used to try to secure an alien telepath from unwanted probing, the alien is always identifiable to those who are practiced in telepathy.

Some, like Jacobs, are cautious about telepathy because it isn’t private or because it can apparently navigate faster-than-light fluctuations in space-time. Much of Jacobs’ abduction research is premised on alien statements communicated telepathically to abductees. In some cases, however, aliens may use telepathy abusively like propagandists who use neuro-linguistic programming to influence others.

The best defense? An educated awareness.

So, how can we tell the difference between human and alien telepathy? To begin with, we must be able to distinguish our own thoughts from those of another human. In telepathic interactions, the initiate must first become sensitized to the difference between his or her own active thought processes and his/her more quiet states of mind.


As Russell Targ, PhD in physics, writes, in order to recognize messages from an external source, you must be able to make your mind essentially blank.


Targ likens this state of mind to stilled water, or a dark black screen. As such, we can discern the thoughts of others, which are unlike our own. They are out of character. They have a different internal tenor and may contain information and images entirely new to the receiver. If the initiate can’t still his or her mind, he/she may not be able to make such distinctions. Targ trained hundreds of remote viewers for the US government during the Cold War.

You must first become skilled at noting the difference between your subtly and gently inter-dimensioned thoughts, versus your thoughts that have a nearly audio-like verbal character. Some of your thoughts are framed in terms of how they might later be spoken, while others are more complex and may converge from a number of different internal perspectives. Once you see the difference between the two, you will know your own internal tenor.


Thoughts communicated by an external source may have a more audio- like, verbal character. They may diverge from your accustomed way of thinking, hence they are out of character. They stand out.

When we mull an idea over, we tend to examine it from a variety of perspectives, which have a soft and familiar precision in our minds. A kind of internal dialogue may go on, yet we’re in complete control of it.


A telepathically communicated message will diverge from the receiver's precise internal configuration. It will seem different in a number of ways. More skilled telepathic communicators can carefully monitor a receiver's thoughts in order to pose certain ideas at fairly natural-seeming junctures, yet, once the receiver is able to still his or her own mind, he or she will note that the external source communicates in a way that’s unlike the receiver.

Over time, one gets a feel for how other humans think.


This is important because when an alien comes into the mix, the alien's thoughts will be strikingly different from those of the receiver. The alien will begin from a more scientifically and telepathically advanced frame of reference. To the human receiver, the complexity and the insights conveyed by the alien will seem unusually intelligent, highly profound and different.


Focused alien telepathy tends to arrive in imagery that is subtler and more complex, with softer, more airy outlines than the thought of a typical human. To the human initiate, such thoughts may seem like surpassing genius, which they are, in a sense. Telepathically communicated alien thoughts may involve a variety of new ideas and artistic-seeming details, an astounding inventiveness - sometimes even a complex kind of humor.


Compared to a human, aliens thoughts seem relatively abbreviated, finely textured yet multiply-packed with information - words, graphics, a geometric kind of modeling, and a resonance with the nature surrounding you/them - all at the same time.

As abduction researcher David Jacobs puts it,

“The aliens communicate telepathically with humans and with each other. When abductees describe the communication process, they say they receive an impression in their minds that they automatically convert into their own words for comprehension.”

(The Threat, p. 95).

Abductee “Karin” told Harvard abduction researcher Dr. John Mack about alien telepathy:

“Do you know what telepathy is? People say it’s the ability to hear somebody’s thoughts, like you can hear inside their heads. But that’s not (merely) what telepathy is. It’s a resonation… We’re so telepathic on a normal everyday basis.”

(Passport to the Cosmos, p. 71)

Writing about the Roswell crash, Col. Phillip Corso cited military documents about the alien(s) who briefly survived the Roswell crash in 1947.


Corso wrote that on approaching an injured alien,

“witnesses said they heard no ‘words’ in their mind, only the resonance of a shared or projected impression much simpler than a sentence but far more complex because they were able to share with the creature a sense not only of suffering but of profound sadness, as if it were in mourning for the others who perished on board the craft.”

(The Day After Roswell, p. 97)

In other words, telepathy conveys more than mere words. Sgt. Clifford Stone, former Army on-duty telepathic interfacer with aliens says,

“you can hear, either verbally or mentally, what they are saying, but as an interfacer you feel what they feel (i.e. sadness, happiness, fear, anger, hate, love, sorrow).”

(Above Top Secret posting, Je ’08)

If telepathy of a possibly alien sort occurs in your life, you may want to inquire as to who it is and why they’re communicating with you.


If you receive answers that are definitely not you, not your way of thinking and you’re sure of it, you may engage in a kind of dialogue. Chances are it won’t be entirely verbal. Why? Because aliens think in terms of a highly complex, if not multi-dimensional geometry.


Mathematicians call such geometry "topology."


Topology is the geometry of elastic, flowing form (and extra-dimensional connectedness). Aliens model their thoughts to both mirror, and dimension through, the elastic, ever-flowing forms of the quantum continuum. Aliens think in terms of multiple thresholds lying between every quantum particle (energy packet), unlike most humans, who tend to think that an electron is an electron, a distinct thing.


Within those multiple thresholds lying between, if not virtually connecting all atomic particles, aliens look for information content that’s often non-local in character (smeared out and around in space). Apparently, aliens can resonate into such a space and can discern information content.

You don’t need an alien’s brain physiology to be able to do so. The human brain is already capable of complex telepathy, remote sensing, and extra dimensional awareness. Indeed, as math professor Barbara Shipman at the University of Rochester notes, honey bees do a pollen-locating dance for other bees that corresponds to what mathematicians call “the flag manifold,” an extra dimensional configuration.


Lacking cognitive filters for such ideas, animals may already use extra sensory perception. For example, just before the tsunami devastated Southeast Asia in December of 2004, dogs tugged their owners uphill and elephants picked people up then carried them to higher ground - before the tsunami was even visible.


Researchers have found that when humans simply think about the possibility of extra senses, new dendrites grow between their brain cells. In other words, the simple awareness of extra senses, or dimensions, may allow us to grow brain connections to accommodate such awareness.

Now, here's a critical bit of information for you to consider, a tested and important check that you can do if you ever interact with an alien. Resonating within those same multiple thresholds between all quanta (and between thoughts - in any space) are trace aspects of a larger, sentient awareness, i.e. the origin of an idea, the previously encountered thought interactions surrounding it, etc.


Aliens are aware that to a certain extent, their internal "view" into or across such thresholds involves a more deeply dimensioned kind of scrutiny in return. It has to do with the non-local character of time, the ability of more advanced minds to sample such thresholds and be aware in much larger terms.


Any good alien knows that in some vague way, their reach into and across such a thought threshold is either known, or can be known in return. There may be more extra intelligence looking back inward than there is in the alien (or human) looking outward. A good alien knows this and will behave accordingly, as though he or she must remain open and aware that he/she can be seen through, as such, in much larger terms.


A bad or misguided alien may not acknowledge the larger scrutiny beyond the given alien. Worse yet, a bad alien may assume that humans are too backward and unaware for the larger, more universal terms of interaction to even be valid, in the first place.

The result can be literally criminal.


An alien from a relatively primitive society might excuse his misdeeds or low-order thoughts (i.e. the alien suggests destructive thoughts to a human) because the alien thinks the human's way of thinking is invalid. In what is nearly the worst case, a colonizing alignment of aliens may treat humans as though we’re little better than cattle. In the worst case, a more advanced group of aliens would use the colonizing offenders as an advance guard and would offer them material incentives for doing so, i.e. excessive planet grabs and resource-taking.


Such offenders would ignore more universal terms of non-violation in order to take advantage of unsuspecting humans. It would be a dangerously unbalanced equation, so to speak.

In short, humans must be responsible for their own future potentials in such cases and must argue the larger, more peaceful universal terms - sometimes in advance of human society having achieved a global legal and ecological order that can compete with aliens. Experience has shown that although aliens can communicate and see through a human telepathically, they usually won't trust a human with information for which the human isn't responsible.


Responsibility of the sort relates to all of humankind, and more.

In later chapters, more will be said about how to distinguish an alien's thought from your own. First, we must characterize alien thought in order be able to recognize it. As was suggested above, in addition to electromagnetism (light waves), mind is characterized by other energy relationships that aliens say provide a fundamental basis for telepathy.


For example, fluctuations of "negative energy" in the space around us are the basis for what is known as "electrogravity," a kind of artificial gravity that has extraordinary data and communications potential. Again, some researchers refer to electrogravity as “zero point energy,” while others call it “scalar electromagnetism.”


* It’s a kind of artificial gravity - it pulls energy right out of empty space.

As Dr. Steven Greer of CSETI and others have noted, negative energy fluctuations can penetrate the densest of objects and can connect to communicate over great distances in ways that appear to exceed the speed of light. This is important.


Time and time again, aliens have indicated that negative energy fluctuations, in conjunction with everyday light waves, are part of the basis for both alien telepathy and alien "psychotronic" technology (devices remotely activated by thought).

Negative energy will be explained in clear and easy detail in the next chapter. Suffice it to say, aliens generally assume that most humans are relatively naive, in part because they don't know about negative energy and how it can connect across the universe. From an alien perspective, humans who don't know about negative energy are easy to take advantage of.


They can be abducted and deceived, using fairly simple alien technology.

For example, Dr. John Mack noted that in order to comfort the humans they abduct, aliens might suggest that the aliens came to Earth from another dimension or the future, as though it were a magical realm the abductee can’t understand. Meanwhile, aliens of the sort are physical, biological forms who use fairly basic technology.

So, what in the world is “negative energy” and where do we find it?

Human scientists say that normal energy (like light) curves and bends outward into space - it radiates outward in waves and we can track its movement in a positive sort of way. Negative energy (i.e. in gravity or an atom’s nucleus) pulls and cycles inwardly - so it’s negative, in a sense. Since it pulls and connects inwardly, it’s negative. *We aren’t talking about electrical charges, by the way - that’s a different subject.

Like gravity, “negative energy” pulls down into a dense, inner space like what we see in atomic nuclei, while normal energy flows and spreads outward into space. Weirder still, are aliens hint about a kind of inner hyper-space in the universe that allows them to take shortcuts when they travel, faster-than-light, from one location to another.

To give you an idea about how aliens think about this new, negative energy used in their technology and faster-than-light travels, here are some human abductees’ quotes about alien use of energy. Each abductee talks about how alien energy somehow folds into itself and takes a shortcut through a kind of inner space while, at the same time, it expands far, far outward.

When speaking about her passage into alien realms, abductee Julie told Dr. John Mack,

“I expanded outward…” On that plane, “reality folds into itself.”

(p. 55, Passport to the Cosmos).

Ironically, former Eisenhower White House National Security Council staff member Col. Philip Corso wrote that military researchers found that when the downed Roswell craft shifted magnetic poles around the craft,

“it was as if gravity was being folded around the outside so that the wave enveloped the craft.”

In other words, a gravity-like energy folded inward, while, at the same time, the craft rode inside of a kind of wave moving outward. (p. 101, The Day After Roswell)

Abductee Paul told Dr. Mack about how he and aliens moved through space with alien technology:

“It’s like hopping… Energy, like folds into itself, and you’re just somewhere else… everything folds, inverts into, and folds inside itself… People aren’t supposed to know this yet.”

(p. 224, Abduction).

Andrea, another abductee interviewed by Dr. Mack, talked about how she was transported to an alien ship via the new energy:

“Everything’s moving all around… Like it’s rolling back, and rolling back, and going forward. I’m like expanding...It’s like waves of energy...I’m flying.”

(p. 65, Passport to the Cosmos)

Again, we hear about energy essentially rolling back or folding into itself, while at the same time, it expands outward like a wave.

Finally, abductee Eva told Mack about how she and aliens moved through hyperspace:

“You need to speed up the energy, and then you go into another dimension where the reality is different...You feel like you’re contracting and expanding at the same time… It’s like you become on the one hand, part of everything, and everything becomes part of you,” but “at the same time you contract into an infinitesimal point.”

(p. 250, Abduction)

Speaking more generally, Eva said she exceeded her old physical sense of being during experiences with aliens:

“Linear time/space is contained within the greater perspective, but not vice-versa.”

Abductee Karin told Mack that in alien space,

“the fourth dimension” - “everything is always present,” and “three dimensional reality is included within it.”

She said an “altered state of consciousness” surrounds her alien experiences,

“a finer, higher vibration” within which she perceives details she normally wouldn’t. Over time, she said, the higher dimensional vibration lets you be “very aware of your soul. You’re very aware of your higher consciousness…”

(p. 56, 216, Passport to the Cosmos)

So, let’s summarize what abductees said.


When aliens float them out into space using alien technology, the abductees actually feel the flow of energy around them. In some cases, aliens even comment on what’s happening. Somehow, energy folds into itself - it drops into a kind of inner space while, at the same time, it expands far and quickly outward. Later, we’ll see how various aliens talk about this kind of energy, or energy relationship, and then we’ll see how it agrees with new human ideas about science.

How important is this seemingly extra-dimensional “negative energy” in an alien's education?


On a gray alien's planet, for example, a five year-old alien child who hasn't begun to grasp how negative energy connects through hyperspace would be considered mentally handicapped. By the age of ten or eleven, a relatively advanced understanding of hyperspace is expected. Readers should remember that, here on Earth, any middle school child who can learn the basics about light waves and atoms can easily comprehend hyperspace. Easily.


You may not realize it, but you already think in terms of extra-dimensions, i.e. the past, the future, the universe, and more. By the time you finish the next chapter, negative energy and hyperspace should be easy for you to understand.

Many of the alien sources for this book have hinted at such science. Grays have hinted indirectly, while Haven aliens, described in Alex Newald's book Coevolution, and other aliens have described it in more detail: negative energy and related phenomena are used to manipulate computer data, to achieve faster-than-light deep space travel, and to effect faster-than-light communications.


Some Milky Way aliens and other, hyper-advanced aliens (of yet-unspecified historical duration) have resonated on such themes, hinting, for example, that the larger universal ecology depends on preventing the overuse of such energy by greedy, oversized populations. The two latter-noted groups of aliens have gone so far as to suggest that we, humans, need to reduce our population numbers if we want to develop a larger, global system that uses such energy, lest we shorten the life of the sun due to the effect such energy has on the surrounding space-time continuum.

How could that happen? The answer is so simple that a middle school student can understand it. But first, here’s some background on the “weirdness” of the new physics you may have read about in your local newspaper.

For years, humans have wrestled with the difference between Einstein's famous relativity theory and “quantum physics,” a more precise model that arose 23 years after Einstein first announced his theory.


As physicist Michio Kaku says, relativity is an idealized theory "of marble," while quantum physics is a downright weird, yet precise model that's more like grainy wood, in comparison. Aliens have hinted repeatedly at how the two theories can be reconciled.


To do so, we need merely borrow a leaf from Edward Witten, Princeton's leading light of what is called "string theory," a multi-dimensional model of the universe.

Witten says that, in order to understand the deeper complexities of the world around us, including the atomic quanta (energy packets) of thoughts in our heads, we need to think in terms of multiple mathematics (M-theory) - not just the old, linear version of coordinate planes, right angles and triangulations. Witten's favored version is called "topology."


Again, topology is the geometry of elastic, flowing form. If you've read but one single article about quantum physics, you probably know that quanta (discrete units of energy like photons, electrons, etc.) never sit still. Quanta are always moving, sometimes disappearing in one place then almost magically reappearing in another nearly instantaneously.

So, why do we need multiple mathematics (multi-maths)? The answer is easy.


We need maths that flow in parallel to our current math, maths that twist and dimension right through our old linear math in both smaller, and, at the same time, larger universal terms. We need maths that can do what gravity does: connect the universe on the largest scale all the way down into and through the smallest scale sub-atomic particles.


In short, we need alternative maths that converge from various perspectives at the same time, not just the one, linear arrow of time that flattens all that we see like a pancake. Aliens suggest that our old 20th century math is a good start but is incomplete because it supposes that our tiny corner of the universe is definitive, which could cause us to think that we can model the entire universe solely in terms of the visible phenomena around us. We can't.

Aliens suggest that humans tend to forget that in order to even observe atomic details within the universe, some of the universe must remain invisible in order to facilitate the very act of observation, itself.


So, what remains invisible? Time, space, gravity and more - including other, essentially condensed versions of such phenomena.


Various aliens hint at a gravity-like connectedness that keeps all the little quanta of the universe active with energy, yet strangely non-local (smeared out and around in space) at the same time. Tiny atomic particles can disappear and do weird tricks when we try to watch them. They simply won't sit still for us, no matter what we do.


Physicist Werner Heisenberg summed this all up in what we call "the uncertainty principle."

To make multi-maths easy for you to understand, here's an alternative math that a highly advanced and most helpful alien (possibly of this galaxy) suggested to me several years ago - along with oblique reference to Witten and the human need to exceed certain restrictions that a competing group of aliens (colonizers from another galaxy) is trying to impose on humans.


* More about such later.

Our first alternative math is a simple thought exercise: Let's assume that in the actual observed physics of the universe there are no whole numbers. Why no whole numbers? Because the only whole number in the actual physics of this universe would be the number 1 representing the entire universe - from the very beginning(s) to the very end(s) of time. Everything else would be fractions or decimals, tied together with inherently fluctuating, alternative values.


So, all that we see now is but a fraction of a much greater universal whole. The larger universal whole would be something like the number 1 or 0 (probably both at the same time), depending on our frame of view. Easy isn't it?

There's one small catch. If we model the universe from its weird beginning(s) to its equally weird ending(s), we begin to notice that the universe does a strange, quantum-like trick whenever we try to sum it all up - as the whole number 1, for example.


Like an anxious child, the universe simply won't sit still. Instead, as we sum it all up (as the whole number one) it does strange tricks at both ends of time. It tucks back into itself - it turns itself inside out with smeared out, non-local qualities.

This poses a strange paradox. Whenever we try to sum the universe up as a whole number quantity, it effectively disappears at both ends of time. It also disappears into black holes for much of the intervening time. So, how do we make sense of this strange dilemma? The answer is easy.


We simply remember that the universe can never be observed as a whole because neither the observer nor the observation process is allowed outside of the universe to see the whole. Instead, when we try to sum up the entirety, the universe can only approach a whole number quantity (i.e. the number 1 or 0) but can never quite reach one. When modeled as a complete whole, the universe either disappears altogether, or it cycles into itself and appears everywhere fractionally, in weirdly non-local ways.

In short, our first alternative math is simple, but precise.


It suggests that, on a more basic level - way down within the tiniest depths of all quanta, so tiny that such depths make the smallest intervals between light waves seem enormous, all quanta (particles and energy packets) resonate back and forth in a way that’s fractional, i.e. what physicists Richard Feynman and John Archibald Wheeler called "fractional wave form.”


They don’t just resonate in one linear direction. Instead, they smear out into space-time; they’re non-local and can cycle backward in time.

The fractional nature of all that we observe points toward a new model of the universe. Hawking and Hartle call it a "no-boundary condition," meaning that the universe has no edge. Instead, it cycles back, or folds into itself via the inward pull of black holes, gravity, and the atomic fusion that brings atoms closer together in all the stars of the universe.

Where else might we see evidence of a no-boundary condition? In the fact that, due to the nature of time, every place in the universe seems as though it is the present, the apparent center of the universe because light that arrives there was emitted in the past. We also see that the universe is about 27.5 billion light years across (its diameter), not 13.7 billion years (its radius from here to one seeming edge) as is the current scientific estimate of its age.


This is called the "horizon problem."


Obviously, the visible universe has expanded in all directions, but consider the following.

The distant past can be seen all around us at those far fringes of the universe where we see those early stars and galaxies from more than 13 billion years ago whose light is only now reaching us. Meanwhile, due to inflation and other strange early-universe physics, that same past is all connected to itself in momentary, faster than light ways, according to the theory of inflation.


In other words, our entire present-day universe fills but one gap of nearly instantaneous, faster-than-light connectedness between those distant, past parts way out there on the almost-visible fringes. Weird, isn’t it?

Better yet, we see a no-boundary condition kind of "duality" in the irony that all quanta (discrete packets of energy) are smeared out and non-local in character, coupled with the fact that such quanta (like photons and electrons) cohere so that they don't release all of their energy outward at any given moment. Why not? Because, in part, all quanta appear to cycle, or fold, inwardly - they’re held together, somehow.

All of this points to a new, more definitive model of the universe, which aliens hint at regularly.


In this new view of the universe, the definitive perspective isn't solely the current, visible contours of the cosmos. Instead, it's a multi-mathematical sum of perspectives connecting tiny, sub-quantum phenomena to much larger phenomena on a cosmic scale. As such, black holes wouldn't be universes within themselves but would be a new category in science - a bizarre and massive kind of quantum.


Aliens state that such thinking allowed them to re-define the nature of space-time slightly beyond the Einstein limit (the speed of light).

More specifically, in 1997 one Haven alien hinted as follows (in a context remotely monitored and jointly communicated by a yet more advanced alien). At that time, I was attempting to develop a topological model of mind (elastic, ever-moving), a model that included more complex universal parameters. In order to do so, I, too, wrestled with the contradictions of relativity vs. quantum weirdness, i.e. the fact that, as physicists suggest, quantum weirdness points toward a higher-dimensional simplicity in the universe.


As I sat thinking, the given alien(s), who had previously offered helpful hints, communicated an image of a wooden box with its top off. Inside the box was the entire universe, dark but lit with intertwining galaxy superclusters.


To make the hint explicit (along with some verbal content) the given alien(s) then showed a type of whitish wave cresting across the top of the universe-in-the-box, the whitish wave crests resembling those in the famous painting The Great Wave, by Japanese savant Katsushika Hokusai.



The message? The physics that confounds us has a quantum cosmological explanation.


“Quantum cosmology” models the entire universe, and conceivably other universe cycles, in terms of quantum wave function (waves and particles appearing and disappearing, a weird non-locality, etc). It models time in terms of volume and dimension, not lines.

Quantum cosmology ties tiny quantum-scale fluctuations, or resonance, to larger cosmic-scale phenomena. They’re tightly, precisely inter-related in ways that are easy to understand, although it requires some thinking. The same alien(s) later suggested that part of an explanation for alien physics lies not within a solely faster-than-light perspective, but within a plus or minus the speed of light complexity - a kind of hyerspace that inter-connects distant locations in nearly instantaneous ways.

The same alien(s)offered another helpful hint.


One day, while I pondered the fact that cosmology implies that there was a pre-condition prior to the first moment(s) of this universe, the same alien conveyed an image of quantum fuzz before the first moment(s). Such fuzz has been hinted at in cosmology articles - it looks like an aggregation of dark, fuzzy spots representing deep quantum fluctuations scattered around in a bizarre, singularity-like condition “before” the first moment(s) of this universe.


The alien’s hint?


There, connecting two of the fuzzy spots, was a transparent tunnel curving around behind the cluster of fuzzy spots - representing a kind of quantum tunneling or nearly instantaneous relationship between such fluctuations. The hint further suggests that the universe didn’t begin with a Big Bang but is recycled through a strangely-connected succession of universe cycles. *More about this, later.

The inter-connected, fractional nature of all that we see further defines the alien outlook because aliens see themselves as inter-dimensioned fractions of larger social wholes. When gray aliens say they see humans as "containers," as Bob Lazar was briefed, they're hinting at such a relationship, although in subdued, fatalistic terms.


When Haven aliens told Alec Newald that they don't think in terms of "personal" relationships, they were hinting at the same. And when humans talk of spiritual transcendence, they define themselves in more enduring social terms, also. Aliens talk less of spirituality in the human sense, more about a larger shared ecology for which there are social obligations (helping others, sharing rather than wasting; personal transparency).

The most advanced aliens that I’ve encountered (within what is called "community of mind") see this entire universe as a bizarre yet intricate social near-whole. They resonate back and forth within it - in extraordinarily intelligent, beautiful ways. Various aliens hold out the possibility that the best of this universe can hope to cycle into a further extension of a universe.


This has been stated explicitly, in precisely such terms.


For those who can't comprehend evolution into an extended cycle of the universe, there’s one starkly graphic analogy in every person's life. When we die, we lose our familiar physical basis for individuality, yet, if aliens are correct, a deeper dimensional basis retains a nearly complete record of our existence. I don't mean to sound contrite, but just imagine how it would be if, instead of the physical notion of death, there were no escape from this universe.


Some of us would assimilate within a higher-order collective without individual pretensions, while others would fail to cohere in recognizable form.

Draw your own conclusions.

Not only do aliens think, or at least parallel, their thoughts in mathematical terms, they try to see in complex geometric terms.


They do more than merely "see" as such; they try to psychically merge and blend within the complex, ever-flowing topology of the universe. They resonate back and forth with each other. Many try to literally "be" the most intelligent form-within-other-forms that they can conceive of in the universe.


This isn't a leech-like mechanical act. Instead, it's a deeply sentient yearning for belonging, a hope for encouragement and understanding in the search to better themselves and correct their lives. This is not to suggest that there aren’t corrupt aliens who take others for granted, aliens who've been de-sensitized by time and a presumed superiority. Advanced knowledge is a responsibility that never ends. Aliens, too, must always be vigilant.

While I was writing this book, certain aliens criticized me for exposing too much, for possibly allowing other humans to take vital, sensitive information out of context.

There have even been threats by the most aggressive and intrusive alien contingent visiting Earth (Roswell “gray”-related colonizers not native to this galaxy). My reply? As is required of the best of aliens, I place all such knowledge in the regenerative social context in which it was offered. The mathematical implications of the "new" energy universe aren't solely numerical; they have shared social and ecological meaning.

For example, when we talk about “electrogravity” and hyperspace, much of the human future is called into question.


Aliens explicitly ask whether humans can rise up and overcome a corrupt human elite that wants to privately own and militarize recovered alien technology, a narrow and often fatuous group of wealthy lawbreakers who want to leave the rest of humankind in ignorance. Aliens say that humans will either get it right and learn to use electrogravity non-destructively, or humankind may perish by its own greedy hands - before we become a threat to other worlds.


Not all planets survive such selfishness, apparently.


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