by Mike Adams
the Health Ranger
June 08, 2013

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What do,

  • Google

  • AOL

  • Skype

  • Facebook

  • Apple

  • Hotmail

  • Yahoo,

...all have in common? They have all been caught turning over private user data to the government's spy agency, the NSA.


All these companies routinely turn over the emails, voice calls, text chats, photos, files and even logins and passwords of their users, including Americans.

"There is a massive apparatus within the United States government that with complete secrecy has been building this enormous structure that has only one goal," journalist Glenn Greenwald recently told Piers Morgan (who knows all about spying and hacking people's private data).


"And that is to destroy privacy and anonymity not just in the United States but around the world."




Tech companies rush to issue (false) denials


Immediately after these revelations surfaced over the past few days, all these companies began denying any involvement with the NSA.

"Google CEO Larry Page and Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg are denying reports that depict two of the Internetís most influential companies as willing participants in a secret government program that gives the National Security Agency unfettered access to email and other personal information transmitted on various online services," reports the San Francisco branch of CBS News.

But what nobody is yet revealing is that all these companies are required by law to LIE to their own customers about secret government surveillance.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, you see, makes it a federal crime for any company participating in the surveillance to publicly acknowledge the existence of that surveillance.


Thus, executives at,

...and others would all face arrest and federal prosecution as "terrorists" if they admitted the truth to their own users.

That's just how far down the rabbit hole this government surveillance program goes:

Not only does the government spy on you and everything you do - "they quite literally can watch your ideas as you type" - the government can also force all the tech companies cooperating with the spying to publicly deny the existence of the program.

But the New York Times - yes, the NYT which hardly ever engages is actual journalism - has gone public with an article confirming that these tech companies did, indeed, concede to the NSA surveillance program:

"They opened discussions with national security officials about developing technical methods to more efficiently and securely share the personal data of foreign users in response to lawful government requests.


And in some cases, they changed their computer systems to do so," says the NYT in an article titled Tech Companies Concede to Surveillance Program.

Except it wasn't just "foreign users," it turns out.


The program quickly ballooned to encompass users in the United States, too.


The NYT goes on to report:

In at least two cases, at Google and Facebook, one of the plans discussed was to build separate, secure portals, like a digital version of the secure physical rooms that have long existed for classified information, in some instances on company servers.


Through these online rooms, the government would request data, companies would deposit it and the government would retrieve it, people briefed on the discussions said.

This is how companies like Google and Facebook can claim, with a straight face, that the NSA doesn't have "backdoor access to our servers." They don't need it!


What actually happens is that Google, Facebook, Yahoo and others simply deposit all user data at another location - a "gateway" where the NSA copies it off.

Now you understand how to correctly parse this fake denial by Google's chief executive Larry Page, who says,

"The U.S. government does not have direct access or a 'back door' to the information stored in our data centers."

It doesn't need "direct access." It has INDIRECT access that was set up by Google!

Here's the slide from the top secret PRISM program that tells the truth.

 (Click here for the original source page at the Washington Post)




How the government flipped the script on "foreign terrorists" to "domestic threats"


All this is, of course, an outrageous abuse of the Patriot Act and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).


Because when both of those were being debated on the Senate floor following the false flag attacks of 9/11, it was promised that "this would never be used against Americans."


Hence the name "Foreign" Intelligence Surveillance Act. It was only about "foreigners," because they were the terrorists, right?

But over the last decade, the U.S. government flipped the script. All of a sudden the Obama administration was targeting "domestic threats" which it identified as veterans, patriots, conservatives, gun owners and anyone who believed in the Constitution.


It didn't take long for the surveillance grid to be redirected toward the American people.


Now, instead of FISA being used to track Bin Laden through a network of caves in Afghanistan, it was being used to track Bob Jones, a Kentucky farmer who owns a shotgun and carries a Bible.

This demonstrates just how easily these unconstitutional powers can be abused. History has shown that when the government is granted such powers, they will always turn them against the People sooner or later.


Hence the reason for the Fourth Amendment and the entire Bill of Rights - something that both Bush and Obama seem to think doesn't exist.




Anyone who believes the denials of Google and Facebook is a fool


At this point, of course, anyone who believes the ridiculous denials of Google and Facebook is an outright fool.


Google, for starters, has been run by spooks from the very beginning. Many of its top engineers are straight out of the NSA. Backdoors have been in place from its inception, just FYI.

Google allows the government to psychologically profile all its users. By watching what you query in the search engine, they can build a profile of all your interests, habits, perversions and political leanings.


Gee, do you think that could be used against you by a vindictive, criminal government that has already been caught using the IRS to intimidate and threaten conservative groups?

This is why more and more people are switching over to Startpage:

It's the "no surveillance" search engine. Personally, I use Startpage for almost all my searches - especially when I'm researching something for a story that might get me flagged as a terrorist by the Google/NSA surveillance grid.





Giant US government Internet spying scandal revealed


The Washington Post and The Guardian have revealed a US government mass Internet surveillance program code-named "PRISM".


They report that the NSA and the FBI have been tapping directly into the servers of nine US service providers, including Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Yahoo, YouTube, AOL and Skype, and began this surveillance program at least seven years ago. (clarifying slides)


These revelations are shaking up an international debate.


StartPage has always been very outspoken when it comes to protecting people's privacy and civil liberties. So it won't surprise you that we are a strong opponent of overreaching, unaccountable spy programs like PRISM. In the past, even government surveillance programs that were begun with good intentions have become tools for abuse, for example tracking civil rights and anti-war protesters.


Programs like PRISM undermine our Privacy, disrupt faith in governments, and are a danger to the free Internet.


StartPage and its sister search engine Ixquick have in their 14-year history never provided a single byte of user data to the US government, or any other government or agency. Not under PRISM, nor under any other program in the US, nor under any program anywhere in the world.


We are not like Yahoo, Facebook, Google, Apple, Skype, or the other US companies who got caught up in the web of PRISM surveillance.


Here's how we are different:

  • Our company is based in The Netherlands, Europe. We do not fall under US jurisdiction, so we are not subject to US regulations, warrants, or court orders. That means we can't be forced to participate in programs like PRISM, nor do we have to comply with FISA court orders, PATRIOT Act requests, FBI data demands, or warrants and subpoenas issued by US judges.


  • What's more, StartPage does not store any user data, so government agencies have no incentive to ask us for it to begin with. We do not record the IP addresses of our users, and we don't use tracking cookies, so there is literally no data about you on our servers to access. Since we don't even know who our customers are, we can't share anything with Big Brother. In fact, we've never gotten even a single request in the fourteen years we've been in business.


  • StartPage uses encryption (HTTPS) by default. Encryption prevents snooping. Your searches are encrypted, so others can't "tap" the Internet connection to snoop what you're searching for. This combination of not storing data together with using strong encryption for the connections is key in protecting your Privacy.



It's not just our policy - it's our business.


We are working hard to offer you an encrypted email service later this year called StartMail.


We have to stand up and protect our freedoms from increasing overreach from data gatherers. You've made the right choice by using


Now is the time to tell others!


Robert E.G. Beens
CEO and




For example, if I'm researching a story on the Oklahoma City bombing, I might search for something like, "how to make a fertilizer bomb" just to get background information on the story.


Such a search on Google would immediately get you flagged by the NSA as a possible terrorist.

That's because journalism has been criminalized under the Obama administration. As an example, examine how the Department of Justice used its power to intimidate and surveil hundreds of Associated Press reporters.


It even accused a Fox News reporter of being involved in a conspiracy against America for merely asking a State Department official his opinion on an international matter.




Collusion between tech companies and bad government


Isn't it obvious at this point that the police state spy grid has gotten completely out of control?


This collusion between tech companies and abusive government has become a threat to the freedom and safety of the American people. Big Brother isn't merely something that might arrive in the future... it's here! You are being tracked right now.


Everything you type, post, say or search for is being recorded and data-mined to psychologically profile you and even predict your future behavior.




If we don't stop this, it's only going to become more abusive and dangerous


This system is already being wildly abused, yet what we're seeing today is only the beginning.


Under a government that strips away the Second Amendment from the People while surveilling all their private communications, no one would be safe from Big Brother.


No communications would be private, and anyone who criticized the White House could be arrested and "disappeared" into Obama's network of secret prisons that he has continued to operate.

As a society, we have gone off the cliff and are plummeting toward total tyranny. When privacy is lost, freedom is destroyed.


If we cannot hold phone conversations and online conversations in private without being surveiled, tracked and data-mined by our own government, then any idea that America is still the "land of the free" is a cruel hoax.

But Obama says "trust me!". All this spying is perfectly fine, he claims, because the government is running it and all the government people have been "fully briefed" on it. Never mind the fact that the People have never been told this is happening!


You're supposed to just trust that Obama won't abuse this and that as long as you have nothing to hide, the government won't come knocking on your door one day.




Obama is America's sociopath in the White House


I'm not the only one who finds this explanation not merely absurd, but wreaking of mental illness.


Obama has become America's sociopath. While he vacuums up all your private conversations, phone calls, medical information and personal photographs, he says you're supposed to trust him because he knows "who the good guys are."

Really? Because it seems increasingly obvious to everyone else that Obama and the entire federal government are the bad guys engaged in outrageous violations of the Bill of Rights on a routine basis. And everything the goes does is rooted in hypocrisy.

For example, this is a government that says we can't video tape police on public streets because that's somehow breaking "wiretapping" laws.


And yet, without any warrants whatsoever, this same government can read all your emails, listen to all your phone calls and even track your geographic locations when you initiate those calls. This is all being justified by invoking "terrorists" that the government itself actually runs!


Nearly all the so-called "terror plots" taking place in the USA today are, in fact, run by the FBI!

What's wrong with this picture?