by Brian Desborough

February 21st, 2004

from HyddenMysteries Website


I was then simply a young inexperienced “naive idiot” in a very very sophisticated and successful covert psychological warfare operation run by the late Brenden O’Regan of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the late Harold Chipman who was the CIA station chief for all mind control research in the Bay Area in the 70s.
Jack Sarfatti

(former director of the Physics/Consciousness Group at the Esalen Institute).


“But I don’t want to be among mad people,” Alice remarked.
“Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat:
“we’re all mad here. I’m mad, you’re mad.”
“How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
“You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”
Lewis Carroll

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Imagine, if you will, a chaotic mental institution where the patients are in charge of the administration. In actuality, such an entity really exists: it’s extremely large and is known as the New Age community. This community purportedly is involved in the study of spiritual and scientific matters of an esoteric nature, which would be very commendable if it really were the case.


Sadly, the commercial sector of the New Age community is a multi billion dollar enterprise which in turn has spawned a massive outpouring of books and lectures promulgated by unethical persons, who are more intent upon making a fast buck and enlarging their egos than in conducting meaningful esoteric research, prior to writing or lecturing. In consequence, the New Age community has been inundated with a seemingly endless stream of false esoteric dogma and mediocre scholarship, which has had a profound effect on the belief structure of most New Agers.


That this is so is well demonstrated by the fact that globally, hundreds of thousands of New Agers, including prominent business persons, scientists and members of the intelligence community, have abandoned their ability to discriminate between fact and fiction and instead implicitly believe in the existence of a supposed group of non-physical entities collectively known as the Council of Nine.


The Council of Nine Myth

The saga of The Nine began in 1952, when neuropsychiatrist Andrijah Puharich invited Indian mystic Dr. D.G. Vinod to his parapsychology group known as the Round Table Foundation. Vinod purportedly channeled entities who proclaimed that they were the “Nine Principles of God.” Puharich later, in 1971, gave Israeli stage magician Uri Geller the post-hypnotic suggestion that a supposed astral entity named Spectra, channeled by Geller, was connected with The Nine. Not surprisingly, the hypnotized Geller readily affirmed that this was so. After parting company from Puharich, Geller stated that if The Nine were indeed extraterrestrials, they were “a civilization of clowns.”

Following Geller’s departure, wealthy British racing driver Sir John Whitmore became associated with Puharich, who allegedly relieved him of a considerable portion of his fortune. The pseudonymous “Bobby Horne” and the noted psychic the late Peter Hurkos, channelled for Puharich for a while; Phyllis Schlemmer was then appointed by Puharich to be the official channeler for a purported entity who called himself “Tom.” Tom claimed to be the spokesperson for The Nine. Many of the channelings concerned ancient Egypt; Tom repeatedly refused to state the purpose for which the Great Pyramid was constructed.


As I stated in my book “They Cast no Shadows,” the Great Pyramid originally contained stone check-valves, the remains of which mysteriously disappeared and the sockets which accommodated the check-valve trunnions were cemented over in the twentieth century of the present era. Scale models of the Great Pyramid have been constructed in America and Austria and both pumped water very efficiently (Herodotus reported that the Great Pyramid was surrounded by water when he visited the site and that a tunnel connected the pyramid and the Nile). In view of such a mundane function, why were The Nine so reticent in disclosing the pyramid’s purpose?

Puharich’s group attracted many influential disciples, including European nobility, members of the Bronfman liquor family, James Hurtak (who became Puharich’s principal aide), Gene Roddenberry of Startrek fame and Supernature author Lyall Watson. Not surprisingly perhaps, Watson was evicted from the group at the request of the purported entity “Tom” after Watson began to suspect that The Nine was an elaborate hoax orchestrated by Puharich.


Another group member, Ira Einhorn, later stated that he had concluded that Puharich himself was “humanly directing” the Nine communications.1 The previously mentioned Sir John Whitmore introduced another channeler of The Nine named Jenny O’Connor to the prestigious Esalen Institute. Under the influence of O’Connor and The Nine, the Institute underwent a major restructuring, which included the firing of its financial officer. Disturbingly, seminars held at Esalen involving channelings of The Nine were attended by Russians who later held important positions in the Gorbachev administration.2


Puharich, who developed a dental microchip implant for use in the CIA’s MKUltra mind control program, was not the only person with connections to a major intelligence agency who duped gullible New Agers. As I mention in my book "They Cast no Shadows,” Helena Blavatsky was the protégée of Lord Bulwer Lytton, who was head of British Intelligence and also Grand Master of the Scottish Rite Masonic Order. The dreaded Russian intelligence agency known as the Okrana was involved in the founding of Blavatsky’s Theosophical Society.3


In private correspondence with her sister, Blavatsky revealed that her so-called “Ascended Masters” were, in actuality, merely nicknames she had assigned to the various wealthy Freemasons and Rosicrucians who were patrons of her Theosophical Society.


Thus “Koot Hoomi” was really a Russian spy, while “Master Hilarion” was a Cypriot named Ooton Liatto. Another supposed “Ascended Master” was the notorious Indian Raja named Baba Khem Singh, who was noted for holding drunken orgies and for keeping a harem! Near the end of her life, an angry Blavatsky wrote to her American friend Charles Southeran that phony psychics were claiming to channel her non-existent “Ascended Masters.” 4



Social Engineering and Mind Control


In actuality, the New Age movement is a gigantic social engineering project that was established for the purpose of fostering an acceptance of a New World Order.


Thus the racist and anti-semitic overtones espoused by Blavatsky were echoed by the Lucis Trust (formerly the Lucifer Publishing Company) founded by Alice Bailey and her thirty third degree masonic husband Foster. Both Blavatsky and the Bailey’s promoted eugenics and the notion that people of color were mentally inferior to the Aryan race (a prominent trustee of the Lucis Trust has been former US Defense Secretary and World Bank President, Robert McNamara).

The mind control of unsuspecting victims is a major component of the aforementioned insidious social engineering project. Many people who believe that they were abducted by extraterrestrials are unaware that they have been victims of the Operation Greenstar mind control project, in which they have been electronically programmed to believe that they were abducted by E.T.’s. Sadly, most hypnotists are too inexperienced to effectively elicit the true facts by means of hypnotic regression.5


Not surprisingly perhaps, some people who lecture and author books about UFO’s are members of an intelligence disinformation group known as the Aviary. Some Aviary members are assigned the task of interviewing members of the public who believe that they have been contacted by E.T.’s in order to ascertain whether the subjects are existing mind control victims or genuinely have been in communication with benign extraterrestrial beings.


Only E.T.’s who are willing to reveal technology of a military nature are permitted to enter our planetary air space; E.T. craft originating from benign realms are attacked upon approaching planet Earth, either by means of scalar weaponry initially tested under Project Sealight at Port Hueneme, California, or by means of the wedge shaped electrogravitic interceptor craft which patrol deep space from their base at Vandenberg AFB, California.


The Turkey Farm Children

What, you may ask, has the above to do with the Indigo children? Simply that the infamous Dr. Puharich subjected children (some as young as nine) from seven different countries to intensive hypnosis at a facility known as Puharich’s “Turkey Farm.” The purpose of the project was to determine whether the children possessed the ability to remote view targets of military and intelligence interest. A secondary purpose of these insidious and unethical experiments was to ascertain whether the children’s psychic abilities emanated from an extraterrestrial source.


The hypnosis experiments ended in August,1987, when the Turkey Farm burned down during an arson attack and Puharich fled to Mexico. Significantly perhaps, the arson occurred only one month after Puharich filed a patent claim on a very successful hydrogen generation system for powering automobiles. Such an invention, which would have permitted vehicles to use water as an energy source, is anathema to the international energy cartel.6


Sadly, Puharich’s unethical treatment of the children who participated in the hypnosis experiments left some of them traumatized. This is reminiscent of children who were badly traumatized while attending a daycare center in Southern California which was a front for an intelligence agency’s mind control project (one of many in America).

At the same time that Puharich was conducting his hypnosis experiments at the Turkey Farm, scientists in the Peoples Republic of China were studying the amazing psychic abilities of a young boy. Soon after, they discovered other Chinese children who were similarly gifted. The 1970’s also was a decade in which scientists at UCLA discovered that some highly intelligent children possessed more DNA codons than most humans; these particular children also suffered from Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (a misnomer since such children possess a rare intelligence gene and consequently become quickly bored unless intellectually stimulated).


A high degree of intelligence together with attention deficit disorder, are typical characteristics of young children who also are suffering from multiple personality disorder which has been induced during mind control programming (the mind control programming of infants frequently takes place at intelligence agency facilities fronting as religious day care centers). Such programmed children are later triggered to perform as high school shooters, to become intel couriers or to be sex slaves for high level politicians—many of whom are pedophiles.7



Exploitation of the Indigo Children


Mind control programmers don’t waste their time and financial budget attempting to program children of low intellect. As soon as word of the UCLA discovery entered the public domain, New Agers began publicizing (and profiting from) the situation, calling the kids “Indigo Children” or “Crystal Children” (all human cells contain liquid crystals). To make matters worse, some unthinking New Agers (possibly born with their brains located in the lower extremity of their bodies) began establishing groups where parents of such gifted children can take their offspring to socialize with kindred souls.


The establishment of such groups for “Indigo Children” was manna from heaven for mind control programmers. No longer do they have to laboriously search for such potential hapless victims, all they have to do is to infiltrate such groups as “helpers.” At the present time, there are at least six hundred such groups for Indigo Children throughout the world. I am personally aware of one well known New Age writer and lecturer who is involved with Indigo Children on behalf of a certain intelligence agency; doubtless there are others.


The writing is clearly on the wall, dear reader—if you have a very intelligent child who suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder through being bored at school, intellectually stimulate the child, striving to make him or her a renaissance thinker, equally adept at the arts and sciences while at the same time maintaining a very low public profile. Never, under any circumstances, allow your child to join an Indigo Child group. I’ve spent many years in a support capacity, assisting traumatized survivors of mind control programs; I don’t want to be burdened with traumatized Indigo Children whose New Age parents were too indolent or irresponsible to think for themselves.

It appears to be the consensus of New Agers that the Indigo Children are a new race of beings whose function will be to effect a paradigm shift to a higher dimension for humanity to enter into.

I personally don’t subscribe to this elitist belief, for at the present time, the human race has devolved to an exceedingly low level, as is evidenced by the barbarous wars of the past century and the incredible environmental damage currently being perpetrated to planet Earth. As that marvelous maverick scientist Professor James Lovelock has so rightly stated, any species which inflicts major harm to planet Earth is doomed to extinction. In my book “They Cast no Shadows,” I present astrophysical and historical evidence which suggests that a major celestial event involving Venus and Mars wreaked havoc for planet Earth six thousand, eight hundred years ago, in the form of a simultaneous global flood and ice age, destroying most of the human race in the process.


This may help to explain why geologists postulate that the present Martian landscape is less than ten thousand years old, judging from the lack of eroded rocks, despite violent Martian sandstorms.


The Shemsu Hor

In the aftermath of this calamitous celestial event, most humans devolved into being merely hunter-gatherers. In order to “jump-start” a new civilization, an amazing race of beings appeared on Earth. Known as the “Shemsu Hor,” (meaning disciples of Horus) noted Egyptologists such as the late Schwaller de Lubicz (1891-1951) found that pre-dynastic Egypt had no evolutionary development, but rather received its civilization intact from elsewhere. Ancient texts have revealed that these great civilizers were the Shemsu Hor, some of whose skeletons have been discovered at Saqquara, in Egypt.

The Shemsu Hor were a fair haired, blue eyed race and taller than the indigenous Egyptians. Curiously, their skulls possessed an astonishing physical characteristic: unlike conventional human skulls, the front and rear halves of the Shemsu Hor skulls did not knit together. In consequence, as the brain grew during infancy, the rear half of the skull was forced backwards. This pronounced deformation caused the skin to become very taut, thereby giving the Shemsu Hor the facial appearance of a serpent! Very significantly, the deformed Shemsu Hor skulls have been found in regions of the world where ancient structures were constructed with massive stone blocks, e.g. the Giza Plateau, the pyramids of Central America and the Hal Saflini Hypogeum in Malta.


The term “Shem” is of Akkadian derivation, being derived from the Babylonian term “shamash,” meaning “serpent,” Akkadia being the former name of Kurdistan. It is also in these particular regions that Mother Goddess figurines have been found who bear the facial features of a serpent. Interestingly, the Dead Sea scroll entitled “The Testament of Amran,” bears the phrase “… his face was that of a viper.”


According to my own research, the Shemsu Hor descended upon a mountain (almost certainly Mount Hermon) during the global flood and later became known as the Annana, Annanage, Annunakki or Nephilim. According to Sumerian texts, they resided upon the upper slopes of the mountain for many years at a valley they called “Edin,” where they taught various skills to a group of humans known as the “Watchers.” After the floodwaters receded, the Shemsu Hor migrated to Mesopotamia, where they introduced agriculture and other skills to the native hunter/gatherers.8 Egyptologists claim that the Great Pyramid was constructed circa 2500 BCE.


In order to validate the claim of Edgar Cayce that the pyramid actually dates from 10,500 BCE, the Cayce Foundation commissioned the Radio Carbon Dating Laboratory at Southern Methodist University to determine the construction date, using mortar samples taken from the Great Pyramid (the samples contained charcoal fragments from the cooking fires of the construction workers, thus enabling carbon dating to be used). For accuracy, the samples which were calibrated by means of the tree ring procedure, revealed a construction date for the Great Pyramid of 3000 BCE, i.e. prior to the period of the pharaohs but during the Egyptian sojourn of the Shemsu Hor.


The Royal Order of the Dragon

The magnificent civilizing era of the Shemsu Hor in Egypt appears to have ended circa 2250 BCE when a necrophilic priesthood known as the Royal Order of the Dragon became the overlords of the Egyptian populace. From that time on, the Egypt of antiquity lost the technology necessary for constructing buildings incorporating massive stone blocks. The Order of the Dragon cult still exists at the present time. Membership has included Vlad the Impaler (Count Dracula) and the 17th Earl of Oxford, Edward de Vere, who wrote a poem entitled “Romeus and Juliette” at the age of eleven for Queen Elizabeth 1st and who almost certainly was the principal author of the Shakespearian corpus, not Shakespeare nor Sir Francis Bacon.


When the Shemsu Hor disappeared from the pages of early Egyptian and Maltese history, some of the local inhabitants began the custom of binding the skulls of their babies between two flat boards, in order to simulate the elongated skulls of the Shemsu Hor overlords who had re-introduced civilization in the wake of the global flood.

At approximately the same time period that the era of the Shemsu Hor ended in Egypt, the Olmec people of Central America were still primitive jungle farmers until, according to Mesoamerican history, the Olmecs were visited by a tall white-skinned individual possessing fair hair, blue eyes, a white beard and an incredibly elongated head—a perfect description of a Shemsu Hor. In a remarkably short time period, the Olmecs developed a very sophisticated culture and skills which enabled them to construct the first pyramids in Mesoamerica.


With the knowledge imparted them by this mysterious stranger whom they revered, the Olmecs constructed a fortress incorporating cyclopean stone blocks at La Venta. Near the site, American archaeologist Mathew Stirling discovered a large rock sculpture bearing the image of a Shemsu Hor, replete with elongated head and sporting a long beard (full-blooded Mesoamericans were unable to grow beards).

The Olmec empire mysteriously collapsed circa 100 BCE, some of the Olmecs relocating to Belize and the Yucatan Peninsula to become known as the Maya, while other Olmecs travelled west to Central Mexico, where they founded the Toltec Empire. The elongated skulls of the Shemsu Hor have been discovered in both of these areas.

A Major Russian Scientific Discovery

A strange anomaly of the major pyramids in both Egypt and Central America is that their entrances are offset from the pyramid centerline by a distance of 7.3 meters—obviously not by happenstance but by design. But why? The answer to this puzzle is to be found in a box of research papers marked Sovershenno Sekretno (State Secret) and displaying the number 27086 in the archives of the Institute for Scientific-Technical Information, which is a branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


It appears to be the intent of the Russian government never to release the contents of the papers into the public domain, for they are based upon experimental data which not only disproves Einstein’s gravitational theory but also renders much of presently accepted theoretical physics unacceptable. In other words, the world of theoretical physics requires a major overhaul. The suppressed research papers were the efforts of the brilliant German physicist and mathematician Dr. Hartmut Müller while working at the Institute for Cosmic Research in Russia, during the 1980’s.

The basis of Dr. Müller’s research was the discovery of a non-electromagnetic interaction between physical biotic systems. It was later found by Russian scientists that this previously unknown “biofield” interaction even occurred between supposedly inanimate objects such as rocks or interstellar material.


Later, in 1988, microbiological experiments conducted aboard the Mir spacecraft determined that the biofield was actually gravitation and amazingly, modulated gravitation possessed the unique capability of transmitting biological data—a fact independently verified by the distinguished physicist and Sumerian scholar George Merkl, PhD. Russian experiments conducted during the 1960’s and subsequently suppressed by the Russian Academy of Sciences, revealed that gravitational waves are able to travel at a minimum of twenty times the accepted velocity of light and that a “biofield” pervades the entire universe.


Planetary Evolution

After examining this extensive corpus of scientific data, Dr. Müller was able to deduce that a logarithmic scalar gravitational standing wave pervades the entire universe. “So what?” you may be wondering. Simply that this standing gravitational wave confers appropriate resonant data to every biotic system within the universe, thereby imposing an enduring effect upon planetary evolution. Contrary to popular scientific belief, Dr. Müller’s research reveals, much to the chagrin of human genome geneticists, that genetic information is not contained in DNA strands.


Instead, DNA and RNA molecules generate optical holograms which are in resonance with, and driven by, specific frequencies generated by the universal standing scalar gravitational wave. Every living cell resonantly receives the appropriate data in the form of weak electromagnetic coded signals from the universal scalar wave necessary for biochemical processes such as protein synthesis.9


Remarkably, in order to shield advanced biogenetic knowledge from the eyes of the profane, the simplistic images depicted on Sumerian clay texts by the Shemsu Hor, contain encoded data appertaining to protein synthesis and the manufacture of an elixir which repairs damaged cells and restores dead cells to life. Some 50,000 Sumerian clay texts contain coded images of cytoplasm, black protein, nucleotides and reticulated endoplasm. The Sumerian textual code was broken by the late George Merkl, PhD, that incredible genius whose suspicious death does not appear to be from natural causes.

Living cells reject external electromagnetic fields which lack biologically relevant data, thus enabling cellular growth to proceed in a controlled manner. Unfortunately for all life within our biosphere, much of the electromagnetic smog generated by high voltage powerlines and telecommunication systems contains arbitrarily chosen frequency spectra of biological significance, thus pervading and polluting the biosphere with energy fields not in attunement with the cosmos. It’s not so much the intensity, but the biological information content of electromagnetic smog that is so damaging to all biotic cellular processes (the gigahertz frequency spectra of computers and cellular phones for instance, transmit frequencies which are resonant with human bone marrow cells).

The Shemsu Hor not only introduced a new civilization to Egypt, Malta, Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica, they also left us clues that they had an in-depth knowledge of the universal scalar gravitational standing wave and its importance in the cosmological scheme of things, for in addition to offsetting the entrance of the Great Pyramid, the dimensions of its Grand Gallery, King’s Chamber and so-called sarcophagus, are resonant with the geometry of the universal scalar wave, as are the magnificent Gothic cathedrals of Europe.


The latter were designed by initiates of a Mystery School known as the Fraters Solomonis, who not only designed the cathedral interiors to be resonant cavities, but also encoded into the church architecture numerology, alchemy and astrology. By studying the sacred geometry encoded in the architecture of the world’s major pyramids, it becomes self-evident that the profound legacy bequeathed us by the amazing Shemsu Hor is that in order to endure, humanity must establish a civilization whose cultural and technological foundations incorporate a cosmology which is in attunement with the universal logarithmic scalar gravitational standing wave.

If planet Earth and perhaps even the entire universe is to survive, modern science and particularly that sector of it beholden to the military industrial complex, must abandon its present irresponsible ways and display competent global stewardship, learning to understand and work with the cosmos instead of against it. Hopefully dear reader, my lengthy and semi-lucid mutterings are beginning to reveal to you the probable future role for which the Indigo Children have incarnated. Before their coming of age however, several global catastrophic events will almost certainly occur which will, for all practical purposes, terminate our present so-called “civilization” (an obvious oxymoron).


A Scenario for Global Warfare

The British Museum has archival correspondence which passed between the 19th century Illuminists Giuseppe Mazzini and Albert Pike. The letters discussed Illuminati plans for three World Wars. The first World War was for the dismantling of the German Empire and the creation of the Soviet regime. The intent of WW II was the collapse of the British Empire and the creation of a Jewish homeland. Both wars occurred exactly as intended.


The scenario for WW III calls for a nuclear war in the Middle East in which all major nations take sides, thus eventually escalating it to a global affair, after which China becomes the major global super power and the human survivors become so disenchanted with existing religions that they readily embrace a new Luciferic religion which currently is being planned at a retreat in Crestone County, Colorado.

Russia, Japan and China are presently in the process of conducting a major armaments build-up for the purpose of launching a nuclear first strike and invasion of America, as a precursor to WW III.10


There is a joker in the deck of cards which the Illuminati war planners apparently overlooked, however. Dr. Alexey Dmitriev is the leading Russian authority on Global Ecology and Fast-Processing Earth Events. He and his scientific staff have discovered that as our solar system travels through interstellar space, it has recently encountered a region of highly charged ions which have permeated throughout the solar system. Dr. Dmitriev hasn’t suggested a source for this massive influx of additional energy, but I suspect it may largely be the result of the implosion of a super dense neutron star which occurred on August 28th,1998. According to NASA, it released energy estimated to be equivalent to the total energy output of the sun during the past 300,000 years.


Be that as it may, the result of this energy field currently permeating our solar system is creating major geophysical changes: magnetic pole shifts have occurred on Pluto and Uranus, the magnetic field intensity of Jupiter has doubled and an atmosphere is forming on Mars and the Moon. The Russian scientists have observed that this energy influx is currently entering the poles of planet Earth, drastically effecting the electromagnetic structure of the planet, resulting in major irreversible environmental changes to our biosphere.


Earth changes recently observed by the Russian team include a heating of the earth’s crust, a major increase in geomagnetic pole shift and increased evaporation of sea water off the African coast which Dr. Dmitriev suggests may cause a reversal in Gulf Stream direction. He also attributes the recent increase in solar activity, catastrophic storms and earthquakes to this influx of interstellar energy and predicts probable changes in ocean depths due to major mountain building. He states that these major environmental and geophysical changes will impose special adaptive challenges to all the various life forms on planet Earth, possibly resulting in a total revision in the range of species, and life, on Earth.


A possible major geophysical threat which may have been initiated by this influx of celestial energy (or by geophysical scalar weaponry) is the recent volcanic activity occurring in Wyoming at Yellowstone National Park. The park is the site of a supervolcano which, according to volcanologists, has caused the world’s most catastrophic upheavals during the past two million years and is overdue for another major eruption.

Unlike typical volcanoes, whose lava is sufficiently fluid so as to vent to the atmosphere without creating a major explosion, the magma underlying supervolcanoes is too viscous to flow harmlessly to the surface and form a lava cone. Instead, the magma flows laterally for several miles before erupting. Supervolcano eruptions are characterized by an initial release of superheated steam to the atmosphere, followed by a catastrophic explosion accompanied by a tremendous discharge of pyroclastic ash. The last time the Yellowstone volcano erupted (640,000 years ago) the pyroclastic ash cloud was 2,500 times greater in volume than that discharged by the Mt. Saint Helens eruption and covered the entire western half of the United States in a thick layer of ash which extended as far south as the Gulf of Mexico.


At the present time, the surface temperature at Yellowstone Park over an area seven miles wide by twenty eight miles long is two hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Geologists have discovered a bulge one hundred feet high in the bed of Yellowstone Lake; large quantities of fish have died in the lake and streams and animals are fleeing the park, indicative that a cataclysmic eruption will occur in the near future. Such a massive disaster would undoubtedly precipitate the economic collapse of America.


The Mayan Long Count Calendar

In order to comprehend the relationship between the Indigo Children and our narrative of impending danger for the human race, it’s necessary to study the origin of the well known Mayan calendar and its doomsday prophecy. Some New Age writers and lecturers have stated that according to the ancient prophecy, the world will end cataclysmically on December 21st in the year 2012. This is a total fallacy—it will not be the end of the human race.

The Mayan Long Count Calendar and its so-called doomsday prophecy actually originated with the Olmec peoples, not the Maya, using the advanced astronomical knowledge bestowed to them by their Shemsu Hor civilizers. The calendar is even more accurate than the one we commonly use today! There were two other Mesoamerican calendars which, when used in conjunction with the Long Count Calendar, reveal not only the Shemsu Hor knowledge of planetary precession but also a means for accurately forecasting celestial events spanning millions of years.


Accompanying the Olmec calendar was a creation myth that was recorded in the codex known as the Popul Vuh, which became the bible of the indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica. The creation myth was an account of a battle between the forces of good and evil. The serpentine dark area of the Milky Way whose Mesoamerican name is Xibalba Be, was believed to be the road leading to the domicile of evil beings. The myth revolves around the death and resurrection of a warrior known as Hun Hunahpu, whose name symbolizes the December solstice.

By using the three calendar system, the Maya were able to predict that April 21, 1519 heralded the dawn of nine terrible periods spanning 52 years each, in which the Maya would lose their freedom and disease become prevalent. This was the fateful date when Cortez and his conquistadors arrived in the New World. This particular period ended August 16th, 1987. According to the Maya, we are presently in a transitional era of social unrest, war and major geophysical changes.


The present era will change when we enter the Fifth Sun—the Mayan doomsday, on 4 Ahau 3 Kankin—December 21st, 2012. This is the day when, for the first time in almost 26,000 years, the sun will conjunct the Milky Way and the plane of the ecliptic. This forthcoming celestial event does not result in the annihilation of life on Earth, as claimed by some New Age writers, but rather the beginning of an era in which humankind will be able to subdue the forces of evil if it elects to live in a harmonious manner, instead of waging war.


The Kwajaghan

As we have seen in this narrative, the Shemsu Hor arrived on Earth at a period when humankind had devolved to the level of hunter-gatherers, in order to create new civilizations in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Malta and Mesoamerica. We are presently entering an era of major earth changes and global warfare which is destined to once more reduce humanity to the level of hunter-gatherers. Does this imply that the Indigo Children have incarnated at this time period in order to usher in a new civilization, like the Shemsu Hor did in antiquity?


I don’t believe that this is the divine plan. Similarly, I wouldn’t expect to see a return of the Shemsu Hor, otherwise they would have already arrived for the purpose of establishing the precursor to a new and very advanced civilization.


The intervention into human affairs by the Shemsu Hor was a noble and timely gesture, even though their bizarre physical bodies were unsuited to life on planet Earth, for the enormous size of their skulls would have made walking upright very difficult and painful due to the Earth’s high gravitational environment. In all probability, the Shemsu Hor came from a planet where the gravity was considerably lower. Similarly, we can’t expect the arrival of extraterrestrial space craft bearing benevolent beings, since it is the formal policy of the United States National Reconnaissance Office to order the interception and destruction of any extraterrestrial craft whose occupants are unwilling to provide advanced weapons technology.

All is not lost however. For many centuries, a little known côterie of humans known as the Kwajaghan have intervened in global affairs periodically in order to disseminate culture in regions where it is lacking. Headquartered in Afghanistan, members of this secret society possess remarkable telepathic powers and receive communication from a non-physical directorate. After studying with them, Abelard of Bath brought astronomy to the western world in the 8th century C.E. and Sufism was spawned from the teachings of the Kwajaghan. Something more than an injection of fresh culture will be needed however, if the Illuminati succeed in fomenting World War III and the earth changes predicted by Dr.  and his Russian scientists become a reality.


The Downfall of our Global Overlords

There is an upside to such calamitous happenings however. A vast global network of interconnected very large subterranean facilities have covertly been constructed for the purpose of safely accommodating the global movers and shakers, together with their treasonous law enforcement and military lackeys when the planned World War III goes nuclear. Even though deep underground facilities are very earthquake resistant, they will not be able to withstand the extensive mountain building predicted by Dr. Dmitriev’s scientists. Such massive geophysical earth changes are consistent with the doomsday prophecy of the Maya.


Between now and the year 2012, the planet Venus will transit the Sun—an occurrence which historically has resulted in violent earth changes and severe weather patterns. This is why the ancient Egyptians regarded Venus as an entity which punishes humanity for its lack of spirituality. The Venus transit tends to culminate with a prolonged period of minimal sunspot activity and extremely cold weather.

If such calamitous earth changes do in fact occur, they will facilitate a cleansing of planet Earth. Governments and transnational corporations will cease to exist. The global monetary system—the lifeblood of the global movers and shakers will have collapsed and public utilities will not be operational. Such a massive planetary cleansing will provide humanity with the opportunity to implement advanced energy and pesticide-free agricultural technologies which are not dependent upon fossil fuels or artificial fertilizers.


This does not imply that we have to resort to primitive energy concepts such as solar energy or wind power (which annually kills many birds) for advanced free energy technology can be utilized in order to provide inexpensive and non polluting electrical power (unsightly overhead power lines will be a thing of the past).


This will be an era when allopathic medicine and pharmaceutical companies will become a redundant barbarism and people will be able to lead disease free lives.


Help from beyond Planet Earth

In order to accomplish the transition from our present global war-based “civilization” to one which will enable humanity to live peaceful and prosperous lives after the period of planetary cleansing, a team of non-human beings from another realm began arriving on planet Earth during the 19th century.


The souls of these beings entered the bodies of babies whose souls voluntarily departed during a near death experience. It is essential to differentiate between these non-human beings and opportunistic human souls known as “walk ins” who incarnate into a body whose soul has departed for other reasons.

One of the first of these non-human beings to arrive on earth entered the body of a young boy who had been born in Eastern Europe in 1857.


The boy was adventurous but displayed no remarkable talents. One day he attempted to fly by leaping from a considerable height with the aid of an umbrella. Badly injured, it was while he underwent a near death experience that his soul apparently was replaced by that of a non human. As soon as the body had recovered from its injuries, the boy suddenly displayed a talent for mathematics and physics and later was awarded some 1200 patents for his inventions which included the AC dynamo. He also laid the foundation for free energy systems and anti-gravitic devices. This incredible inventor and towering intellect was Nikola Tesla.

That Tesla was no mere mortal is evidenced by the fact that upon recovering from his near death experience, the boy began solving mathematical problems with the aid of ternary logic. What’s so unusual about that? Simply that human society has adopted a binary code for the purpose of managing its affairs. Binary (Boolean) logic upon which our present computer software industry is based, only employs two values: one or zero, in other words binary logic only provides for “yes” or “no” answers, without an alternative.


Ternary logic on the other hand allow values to not only increase or diminish, but also to remain constant. Because our computer software lacks a third logical alternative, an abnormally large number of circuit elements are required in modern computers, resulting in harmful high frequency electromagnetic radiation, overheating and slow computing speeds. Russian technologists actually developed a remarkable computer in 1958 which employed a ternary code and tri-stable memory elements. Later ternary models were significantly smaller and faster than present day P.C..’s, less complex, had simpler circuitry (consisting of ferrite cores and diodes) and never overheated or crashed. Marketing pressure perpetrated by Microsoft prevented Russia from commercializing its superior computer technology.

When humanity begins to restart its new civilization sometime after 2012, it’s imperative that the world of commerce adopts ternary logic in order to find true attunement with the cosmos, for both the universal logarithmic scalar standing wave and all of nature incorporates ternary logic. The universal standing wave for instance, has zones of growth, stability and even decay, with which all natural systems within the universe resonate.


A Role for the Indigo Children

One hundred and six of these aforementioned non-human beings presently are living on planet Earth for the purpose of disseminating advanced cultural and technological concepts, so that a new civilization can be implemented following the forthcoming period of planetary cleansing. It is the legacy presently being bestowed upon humanity by these non-human beings that is intended to be adopted by the current generation of Indigo Children after attaining adulthood, for they have the level of intellect necessary for comprehension of these advanced concepts. After attaining adulthood, what type of civilization will arise if the Indigo Children implement these advanced and already experimentally proven concepts in a wise and spiritual manner?


Disease will become a thing of the past if the medical science encoded upon Sumerian clay texts by the Shemsu Hor (and ignored by academia) is implemented. These amazing texts not only depict facets of protein synthesis but also details of an elixir which enables diseased human organs to be totally restructured at a cellular level. When this seemingly magical elixir was recently replicated, one drop of insulin added to a vial of the elixir resulted in the creation of living pancreatic cells in the solution!

New elements unknown to science will be achievable by a process involving a reversal of proton spin direction, thus facilitating the manufacture of new types of metals and gemstones. The implementation of free energy systems will provide the planet with non-polluting electricity and cost-effective and virtually silent transportation systems.


Advanced agricultural systems not dependent upon artificial fertilizers and free from pesticides, will not only drastically improve the quality and quantity of crop yields, but also will facilitate the much needed reforestation of planet Earth. The present archaic and life threatening methods employed for fighting forest fires can be replaced by a very efficient phase conjugated electronic system.


The Mondragon System

All of these proven concepts could already have been implemented were it not for the satanic group of global overlords who have a vested financial and political interest in the subjugation of humankind. How are we to prevent this evil body from inflicting another dictatorial and corrupt global bureaucracy upon us after the period of global cleansing? In my book entitled “A Blueprint for a Better World,” I suggest that this insidious problem could be resolved through the establishment of a global network of self-sufficient cooperatives.


Although cooperatives such as the Israeli kibbutzes or those established under Marxist regimes have proven to be very inefficient, the same cannot be said for the Mondragon cooperative system of Spain, which comprises the eighth largest Spanish economic entity, manufacturing products as varied as industrial robots and ferryboats. The network has its own educational and medical systems and a credit union with assets exceeding one billion US dollars. What the remarkable Mondragon system lacks however, is its own electrical and water utilities.


By adopting the Mondragon concept and adding free energy and water utilities which possess the capability of providing each household with structured water, a global network of such cooperatives could provide a very high living standard for all its members as well as equal voting rights for women, thus eliminating the proverbial glass ceiling. Why would anyone elect to live under a corrupt governmental system infested with political and bureaucratic parasites, if a global network of cooperatives created by the Indigo Children after attaining adulthood, offered humankind the opportunity to live disease free and affluent lives in attunement with the cosmos?

Sadly, the mists of time have obfuscated the fact that humans soon forgot the remarkable technological legacy bequeathed them by the great civilizers the Shemsu Hor, electing instead to perpetrate the greed and barbarism which has perpetuated to the present time. Hopefully the next generation of humans will exercise wisdom and create a long-lasting benevolent and prosperous civilization, utilizing the advanced cultural and technological concepts provided by the group of non-human souls presently residing on beautiful planet Earth.


References and Notes

1. Communication between Einhorn and Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince. Einhorn later was convicted in absentia for the murder of his girl friend Holly Maddox. His flight from law enforcement allegedly was aided by Barbara Bronfman. Picknett and Prince are the authors of an excellent book concerning “The Nine,” entitled “The Stargate Conspiracy.” Berkley Books, New York, N.Y., 1999.

2. The Esalen Institute was created after its founders visited a retreat in the Andes owned by Nazis who had fled Germany at the conclusion of WW II. Esalen currently oversees the activities of the Gorbachev Foundation. Incredibly, Gorbachev is a member of the committee which selects US military bases for closure!

3. Prominently associated with the Theosophical Society during its formative years was Russian military attaché Count Muraviev-Amursky, who was an intelligence operative of Count Alexander Ignatiev, whose family were the longtime controllers of the dreaded Okrana—Russia’s pre-revolutionary intelligence service. After the 1917 Russian Revolution, Soviet influence infiltrated into several Theosophical and Ordo Templi Orientis lodges in Europe, including the Viennese Blue Lodge of Theosophy, with which both Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud were associated.


The Carl Jung Foundation allegedly has been linked to mind control cultic activities. Jung devoted much time to developing ways to alter the mindset of the masses. In addition, he lectured at The Children of the Sun at Ascona, Italy—a learning center for Illuminati offspring. He established a safehouse there for Lenin and Trotsky and lectured to Mary Mellon, who later founded the Bollingen Center in America; this center spawned several cults. Jung was not only an influential advisor to Nazi sympathizer and CIA Director Allen Dulles, he also instructed Alice Bailey, whose book “Education in the New Age,” outlined a social engineering program which later was adopted by the infamous Club of Rome. In it she wrote: “...the science of eugenics will grow.”

4. Numerous present-day supposed channelers claim to channel St. Germaine. He was the son of the postmaster at St. Germaine and was employed by British Intelligence as an agent provocateur— something British Intelligence has publicly admitted. He spent several years in Russia under the name of “General Weldon” and assisted in elevating Catherine the Great to the Russian throne. Because he spent so much time travelling around Europe creating political mayhem, British Intelligence created the cover story that he had remarkable occult powers and astrally projected to various European cities.

5. Initial programming is often accomplished by applying a mixture of thorazine and DMSO to an object which the intended victim will touch, e.g. a cocktail glass at a party or the handle of a car door. Thorazine is known as “the hypnotist’s friend” A powerful muscle relaxant, it is quickly transported through the skin by the DMSO. An experienced mind control programmer only requires five minutes to hypnotize a complete stranger by this method and give post-hypnotic amnesia.


The victim is later given intensive programming which includes placing a helmet on his or her head. The helmet contains solenoids tuned to a frequency of 3.83 Hertz. A computer graphics program depicting Gray aliens is encoded into the victim’s brain via the solenoids prior to the victim receiving post-hypnotic amnesia and the suggestion of an extraterrestrial visitation at a future date, which will appear very real to the victim. This is why, in instances of hypnotic regression, it is imperative that the hypnotist elucidates the source of the data provided by the subject.


Mind control victims invariably are programmed multiples who have been given several alter personalities whose task is to defend the programming at all costs by either intensifying the programming or attacking the de-programmer. Past life regression is, in a similar manner, frequently very inaccurate simply because the subject’s unconscious mind has encoded information while the subject was casually browsing through a history book or bible, possibly many years previously. This is known as cryptoamnesia.

6. Puharich’s invention, for which he claimed an efficiency of 115%, is detailed in my book “A Blueprint for a Better World,” published by

7. UCLA has had a long and shameful history of mind control research, much of it perpetrated under the direction of the late Dr. Jolyon West. West “interviewed” Sirhan Sirhan prior to his trial for the assassination of Senator Robert Kennedy. The Kennedy autopsy report claimed that he was shot from a range of 1½ inches, whereas eyewitnesses saw Sirhan fire from a distance of six feet.


According to a former LAPD detective, Sirhan fired blanks. Sirhan was programmed in Costa Mesa, California by two men, one of whom was disguised as a priest. A religious fellowship in the same area serves as both a mind control facility and as a center for local satanic cults, whose members include law enforcement personnel.

8. According to the Sumerian texts, one of these great civilizers was named Dinger en lil li (Enlil) whose name means “Lord of Agriculture.” To the Phoenicians he was known as Tas Mi Kigal or Mikal. After his death, the superstitious Sumerians deified him as “Lord of the Air” and assuming that he could fly, depicted him with wings and became Archangel Michael.


On pre-Roman British coins inscribed with the name “Mikal,” he was depicted as having wings. This is not surprising since many British monoliths bear Phoenician inscriptions made by the Phoenician Bryt clan, who arrived in Britain circa 2900 BCE. As Lord of Agriculture, he is celebrated in Christian churches at Harvest Festival, which falls on Michaelmas Sunday. The cult of angelology was not part of the Judaic religious corpus until the Jews inherited it during their Babylonian captivity.

9. The universal logarithmic scalar standing wave is the only source of energy within the universe. All other physical objects, ranging from the sun to human cells merely draw energy from the universal wave by means of resonant coupling. Because of this harmonic coupling, the universal wave determines the physical form and growth characteristics of all living creatures, from simple protozoa to mammals, thus invalidating Darwinism.


The distribution of matter within the universe is controlled by the universal wave, allowing for a flow of matter toward node points of the wave, thus preventing random and uncontrolled galactic growth. The logarithmic wave could be considered as the engine of God. We should honor both Dr. Müller for his outstanding contributions to science and also his German publisher Dr. Hans-Joachim Ahlers, who publishes Raum & Zeit, which is the only independently published prestigious scientific journal in the western world.

10. Two cabinet members of the People’s Republic of China—the Minister of Defense and the Foreign Minister respectively, have publicly predicted that war between America and China will occur within five years