by Montalk
May 17, 2016

from Montalk Website






Not everyone can be fooled all the time, but enough can be fooled enough of the time to make democracy work against the people.


The flaw is built into the system of democracy itself, giving the illusion of choice that placates voters while simultaneously herding them by appealing to their lowest common denominators.


The latter happens through demagoguery and cultural programming via media, education, entertainment, and dialectics.

Parallels have been drawn between German fervor for Hitler as a strong masculine figure who would make Germany great again, and the modern RINO fervor for Trump as a strong masculine figure who would make America great again.


Both of these show how easily a desperate nation can slide into fascism.

America is supposed to be a constitutional republic where people vote for those smarter, more dedicated, more experienced, and wiser than themselves to decide on the affairs of the nation. But due to political correctness and over-reliance on polling, the republic process has been short-circuited.


Further, lobbying by special interests makes these politicians deviate from the potentially myopic will of the people when it serves selfish ends, compounding the problem. Very few representatives selflessly do what's best for the country and their constituents in the long-term, which is how it's supposed to be.


So the Republic has devolved into a mix of herd democracy and covert oligarchy, the latter controlling the first through cultural programming since they own the media, entertainment, and textbook companies.

So in effect we have a nation of fools and a government of maniacs.


The beginning contains the end; flaws built into the system from the start, or added along the way, have propagated a chain of effects that lead toward certain inevitabilities, namely the eventual collapse of the system.

To give an example of how a flaw propagates decline, consider the following:

  • On the one hand it is rightful and just that blacks and women were given the opportunity to vote since they are humans with freewill and citizens of this nation, thus they deserve to be represented.


  • On the other hand, with power comes responsibility, and the power to vote should come with the necessary education, self-mastery, and wisdom to overcome certain cultural and biological biases that interfere with voting responsibly.

Liberalism sprang up as a political embodiment of low-awareness, emotional, irrational impulses because so many did not care for the history and rationale behind the founding of America, due to being preoccupied with their own racial or gender identification and viewing the fundamentals of liberty as the uninteresting concerns of stuffy old white men.


(The scourge of Marxism and efforts of degenerates like Alfred Kinsey also contributed).


It's ironic that liberals owe their very existence, residence, and way of life to the principles this country was founded upon, yet they choose to ignore that and even work against it.


How is this any different from humans polluting the very ground on which they stand and grow their food?

The idea behind voting is that everyone gets to vote regardless of their reasons, as if having that right comes without any qualifications, and therein lies the flaw:

Consider how, despite gun ownership being a right according to the Second Amendment, there are restrictions on gun purchases and ownership because guns in the wrong hands endanger lives.


That is easy to see because gun in hand, loud bang, and body on the ground are simple visuals that happen in quick succession and therefore don't require much mental capacity to understand, hence why that image is used with ease and effect by statists selling gun control measures.

Yet, voting has no restriction beyond basic registration, despite the vote (representing the epitome of quantity over quality) being what ultimately leads to tyrannies that lead to genocide.


But that particular chain of cause and effect, where popular support for madmen leads to the deaths of millions, is too big of a concept for some to handle. It's not something that low-information voters think about.


They can't see beyond today and therefore think, feel, and react with infantile abandon. Long term thinking they dismiss as conspiracy theories.

The problem of voting could be solved by making voters take the U.S. Citizenship test, the same one that all immigrants seeking naturalization must already take; but voting tests are illegal and un-Constitutional according to the Voting Rights Act of 1965.


The prohibition of tests is due to southern racists rigging them to keep out minority voters; what they did was so horrible that the knee-jerk overreaction is to irrationally lump saner alternatives (like the U.S. Citizenship test) into the same category.


That is yet another flaw built into the system that guarantees collapse in the end.

Short-sighted emotional thinking applies not only to liberals/socialists but plenty of other ideologies including racists and Trump-supporting "conservatives in name only" who largely consist of angry older white males driven by cultural xenophobia and nationalism rather than true patriotism and constitutional libertarianism.


They and their liberal opposames represent a false dichotomy that tries to push itself as the only reality, as something the rest of us are supposed to choose between when we succumb to the fallacy of binary thinking.


Yet both are nothing more than under-informed reaction machines that live and vote in ignorance.


The mentality of wanting to "nuke those ragheads" is an example of short term thinking because it doesn't take into account the consequences of blowback years down the line.


Not to mention, disregard for the death of non-combatants puts these folks on the moral level of mass shooters.

Low-information voters whether liberal or nationalist are destroying this nation. If we allowed little children to vote, the outcome would have been more of the same if not better; how is it that someone of adult age who is a mental and emotional toddler is allowed to vote, hold office, and direct the affairs of a country?


Were we to allow citizens of North Korea to vote in our elections, policies here would swing increasingly communist and Americans would not support such a thing.


Yet liberalism and neoconservatism undermining the very foundation and purpose of America shows that something similar has already happened here, just with a different demographic entering the political sphere.

Therefore the problem lies in the quality of the voter base, whether they are "enlightened" or not. An enlightened republic is the best kind of republic, but that's a pipe dream at this point.


America was founded on lofty ideals that require vigilance, awareness, and responsibility to maintain a system of justice, liberty, and opportunity.


It cannot be otherwise.

"A republic… if you can keep it," said Ben Franklin when asked what the Founding Fathers had come up with.

Once those who are unqualified, incapable, or subversive to that ideal begin dominating the voting and political process, it's only a matter of time before the nation as a whole begins to deviate from those ideals and hence justice, liberty, and opportunity begin to diminish.


That's what is happening now.

And because the end is built into the beginning, the inevitable end is that the system will collapse, just as every civilization in history has collapsed. Every system succumbs to its flaws sooner or later unless its people have a self-correction mechanism, which requires them to be sufficiently aware, willing, and capable to overthrow corruption and re-establish order based on just principles.


That quality is absent in the majority of Americans today who are disconnected from history, reality, and the future.

Collapse is a form of correction, but a brutish one with uncertain outcomes because it is reality's last resort.


The final result of too much political correctness and liberalism is,

  • corruption

  • oppression

  • resentment

  • economic collapse

  • extremism

  • revolution

  • balkanization

Once you "run out of other people's money" the welfare state implodes and blood runs in the streets as the resentful extremist opposition rises to the occasion; that is what history and current affairs teach us.

The universal solution, it seems, is education. Make voters smarter and they will vote smarter.


But the correct political information has ironically been deemed politically incorrect. Further it has been relegated to being "just another political ideology" that must compete on an equal basis with all the other ideologies out there instead of being elevated as the core foundation of our existence as a nation.


Thus the Bill of Rights is under attack from all sectors, except by the small minority who still defends it in whole because that minority understands its historical, philosophical, and spiritual context and necessity. In a democracy, the minority always loses.


So the correct information is locked out of the public and academic school systems and mainstream media. As a result, the 51% cannot be reached or mobilized to make the necessary changes.


Therefore education is only a solution for the smaller minority, but the country as a whole will continue like a runaway train to its inevitable demise.

But this note isn't supposed to be a political rant. The preceding was a preamble to a more fundamental discussion. The fact that history repeats over and over no matter the culture, whereby all cultures no matter how lofty their beginnings eventually degrade to a lower baseline, that says something about flaws in the human species that go deeper than just the software.

There is something wrong with the hardware.


Most of it centers around primitive biological drives dominating over sane and rational thought. In men, it is a disposition toward reactive violence, bravado, machismo, and tribalism; in women it is toward emotional thinking and emotional manipulation. Cave men and babies.


Both commonly suffer from personal and collective egotism and tunnel vision. And both tend to operate via binary thinking and other logical fallacies. These irrational impulses dominate the political landscape today, as they have since the dawn of time.


It takes a sentient spirit with love of truth, justice, and liberty to override these hardware flaws and do good, but with a portion of the population being spiritless, dim in consciousness, or morally corrupted, you could say that spiritual necrosis dominates the populace and that good men and women are the exception not the rule.

But to go even deeper, it is our perceptions being limited to the five senses that make us unaware of the malevolent strings that exploit our flaws by tugging upon our thoughts and emotions.


That is, by default we cannot see and therefore cannot defend against the paranormal forces that influence, shadow and outright possess the vulnerable among us.


Such forces include,

  • demons

  • aliens

  • dark ghosts

That is not anything acknowledged by the purely 3D-minded conspiracy professionals who prefer blaming the Bilderberg Group or the ever-convenient Jews.


The paranormal element should be obvious and familiar to anyone who has done sufficient research into,

  • occultism

  • UFOlogy

  • parapsychology

  • Forteana,

...or has pondered over their own anomalous personal experiences.


The ultimate secret is that the fourth wall is the fifth column.

Once people who are under the control of such forces enter positions of influence (authors, councilors, counselors, judges, politicians, scientists, celebrities, etc.) then these along with the "hired clappers" among the population can direct the rest.


Add to this body of covert manipulators the various,

...and it's no mystery how the human species has been played like fiddles.

Unseen forces exploit the flaws in our hardware to generate malicious cultural software that inevitably leads to a crash of the system, which in real life means death and suffering and oppression.


As such, our planet functions as a wine press for the occult loosh economy with regular harvests.

Therefore education is a superficial solution that only works for some people for limited time. It works best in smaller areas for shorter times, which is why political activism at the local and state level is more effective than anything at the national level.


It's a software patch for flawed hardware that must be enjoyed while it lasts.

But nothing will change permanently unless there is a change in our physical and metaphysical hardware.


That is, we need,

...that support and lock these in place.


That is the only everlasting solution.


The lesser alternative would be some benevolent dictatorship that whips everyone into line under penalty of annihilation, which may correct things in function but not in spirit and is therefore only an artificial solution that goes against the very thing we are trying to do, which is support freewill toward the entelechy of our spiritual evolution.

Due to epigenetic processes, genetics should change automatically in response to changes of awareness, but being that most monks who spend a lifetime of study and meditation are still here as physical as ever, it seems that some type of intervention from above may be required if this process is too difficult to kickstart on its own.


That intervention could come in the form of,

  • a cosmic spiritual energy wave that activates those receptive to it

  • as a form of genetic modification or interbreeding with an appropriate alien race

  • or a combination of both...

The latter has been done before, and may happen again.


Old models become obsolete as new models are introduced. The human genome as it currently exists may go the way of the Neanderthal.


Note, however, that this is not at all advocating the Gray alien hybrid breeding program, because instead of empowering or awakening, the aim of the Grays and their handlers is to further suppress our spiritual potential by handicapping us with the Grays' own autistic, servile, and docile traits.


Hence we must be very careful with any imposed genetic modifications, as alien groups offering it will most likely have malicious motives.

As for the human race itself using genetic engineering and eugenics to "improve" itself, that is a terrible idea because those "improvements" would be based on transhumanist fallacies and questionable political agendas.


Just as media and education have become managed by state psyops, genetic engineering and eugenics would ultimately be managed by those who have special interests in domesticating us "wild creatures" into something more profitable to their agenda.


And further, with modern science being oblivious to the metaphysical framework, engineers would tweak DNA with total disregard for the dependencies between soul and genetics and how that factors into karma, destiny, and spiritual homeostasis.


This can lead to empty bodies or various metaphysical pathologies.

Preferably we should go the route of spiritual apotheosis through divine irradiation and subsequent epigenetic unfoldment. That is not anything we can force, as it must be given by divine grace.


Patience is a necessity, but the risk is doing nothing while waiting, in waiting to the point of passivity.


We should instead prepare to weather the collapse of 'the system', do the best we can to safeguard and uplift spirit wherever it is found, do what is most fulfilling to our own spirit, do what is most in harmony with time-tested wisdom, and move in synchronization with divinely orchestrated moments of kairos...