June 12, 2021
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There is a connection between 5G antennas and the "vaccine".


Graphene is manipulated from the outside, that is possible with the new technology.


Graphene frequencies are included in the 5G bandwidth and people receiving this misnamed "vaccine" are being inoculated with graphene oxide, which becomes magnetic in contact with hydrogen from biomolecules.


That is, it becomes magnetic once inside the body. This can happen the same day of inoculation, days, weeks and up to 3 months later; and it is not only restricted to the inoculation area.


This graphene oxide aims to reach the cerebral neurocortex, as biostatistician Ricardo Delgado and Dr. José Luis Sevillano from La Quinta Columna have already discovered.

"Nobody has been able to dismantle so far these speculations and these 'conspiracy theorists' lucubrations", says Ricardo Delgado, "and to the people who have a little head and who are honestly inclined about the phenomenon, this fits (...)


So we have the obligation of checkmate. Our prize is that they give us explanations."

"This makes people magnetic," adds Dr. José Luis Sevillano.


"And it ends with this. This was unthinkable a few weeks ago. Who was going to put a stop to this? Well, from heaven they have sent us help, that this is magnetic and visible, because if it had not been visible, my friend.... Farewell!


Nobody would have noticed. And with this goodbye, the vaccination campaign is over and all the fraud of this whole issue we have been living through is exposed".

During program number 48, "Graphene oxide has its absorption band in 5G", a user asked the following question in the chat, and which was later answered by Dr. José Luis Sevillano:

"If there is no SARS-CoV-2, what do Fauci and the Wuhan lab have to do with any of this?"

"Nothing. It is precisely the element of confusion so that people continue to pull the biological part.

Smokescreens, scenarios of a diversionary operation which, in military language, is what is called a smokescreen (...)


There is only one thing that is real here - whoever it hurts because they were wrong at the time to take other routes - and that is that there is a technology that was put in place at the same time that this pandemic was set in motion.


And there is an objective in that pandemic and that is to vaccinate everybody, remember? I don't know how to say it anymore, that this vaccine does not protect from the disease, neither from transmitting it nor from catching it.


You cannot vaccinate everybody with that intention because it does not work, and yet everybody is being pushed to the vaccine.

It was said that the Spanish national team was not going to be vaccinated because they were not a population at risk, nor did they have a particularly high risk, on the contrary.


However, the rest of the world is. We are not all at risk and we all are, but they are not. Do you realize that the strategy is to vaccinate?


If we have a goal to vaccinate everybody and in addition in three doses every year, then what the hell!

(...) What virus have we ever treated in the world to have three doses a year? Of what?


And yet, you see a massive vaccination - inexplicably massive - because there is no justification for the effects that this vaccine is supposed to have on the organism that does not immunize against contracting it or infecting it.


And you see all the antennas that are being put in at a speed in this last year. So, don't you know how to add up? What I have been saying here for a long time: the elements are very clear.


You still think that there is still a biological agent out there."

You just have to connect the dots.


World leaders have talked about what the future holds with 5G antennas and what they would achieve in people, in their minds, at a thought level. In this regard, Ricardo Delgado comments as follows:

"Sebastián Piñera from Chile - so you can see that in an official presentation where he presents 5G - talks about controlling thought: about inserting emotions and feelings and that we will be happy - as we are told in the 2030 agenda.


But of course, if they insert thoughts of happiness, maybe it is happiness... or maybe not. In some moments they will make us aggressive, stupid, malleable or whatever they want.

(...) Graphene has moved so much money, so many billions of euros that it is normal that it has been able to buy people.


In this sense, it is clear to me that people have already swallowed, communicated and lost any kind of conscience, even though they know that this is really going to provoke. What it is going to provoke, surely, is a hecatomb or an authentic genocide, which is what it intends.


Somehow they have seen it as a golden opportunity for the Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030."

Everything seems to be reaching a point of no return.


Mass vaccinations have taken place all over the planet and governments and their minions are still coercing people to get vaccinated, however, there is still time to 'stop things', says Dr. Sevillano:

"We still have a few weeks left, let's see if we can stop things. Don't lose track.


This has to be denounced as much as possible to stop it. If we stop vaccination, we stop the rest. If they dare - after people become aware that the vaccine is not what they told us - I don't think they dare to turn on 5G technology, because the vaccine is magnetic and all that discourse is linked to 5G technology.


Everything. In other words, if we manage to stop vaccination, we will have managed to pay for the other (...) The enemy must be disarmed, if you do not disarm him, he will create an epidemic or whatever he wants.


So, please, I repeat, I am getting tired, but it is a desperate cry to everybody, to appeal to the authorities.


To give us explanations, because what I want is that we stop this, otherwise Mr. Piñera is going to have the remote control of the Chileans, Mr. Sánchez the remote control of the Spaniards, the gentleman from here who I cannot mention because he causes problems - you know who.


That is to say, they are going to have the remote control of everybody, for God's sake! (...)


Seeing the figures they give you in vaccinated people.


I would be scared, so please move quickly and to all those who have given you that, ask for explanations and block the doctors already telling them not to continue vaccinating.

"Check this out and note there and don't even think of vaccinating anyone else, look what they did to me."

Please put pressure down there to stop this. And to everyone you can, warn them of the relationship between this vaccine here and that which is around (5G antennas).


Let them start realizing it now.


This is one more stage of the operation that corresponds to us to make people aware, but first of all it is for the vaccination and to see their reaction.


When you see the reactions, your blood will run cold and you will immediately think about the antennas."


Sebastián Piñera's speech on 5G and technologies capable of inserting thoughts and feelings:



Video also HERE...


"The start of the bidding process for the 5G network.


Let's listen to the threats that we sorted in that meeting with the leaders of the world: it is the possibility that machines can read our thinking and can even insert thoughts, insert feelings.


Well, some say the best way to predict the future is to invent it.


Well, that's what we all aspire to. 5G is a tremendous leap forward, it's a cosmic leap, it's a Copernican leap, because really what 5G technology is going to mean is an even bigger change in our lives than all the previous technologies have built in this area.

I wonder: how important is the beating heart to human survival? Vital.


And do we worry about the beating heart? No. There is an intelligent system inside our body that makes multiple organs perform tremendously sophisticated functions, with perfect coordination.


And very few decisions come to our consciousness. Most are made autonomously and intelligently by this nervous system.


The same is going to happen with many other spheres of our lives thanks to this technology and an imperative whose urgency and importance does not require second readings is to modernize our state so that it is a change that reaches every home in our country."

Regarding the speech, Dr. Jose Luis Sevillano analyzes and comments:

"He has said something even more serious.


We are talking about the 'social nervous system'. Social...


That is, a collective mind that dominates at a distance. It is no longer the central nervous system yours in which you are independent and autonomous and you see what you do with you, but your government. Not you.


A social nervous system that dominates, that controls you. They just have to inject people with something periodically and antennae.


They already have that social nervous system they are looking for.

We've been saying it for a long time: humanity is in danger.

Since they started doing what they started doing a year and a bit ago, we are in danger. But it is already so clear to them that they are no longer hiding.


They go out and put on a show.


They tell you to your face what they are going to do with you and on top of that you have to applaud them:

"Man, what a cool social nervous system. They're going to manipulate my thoughts and feelings."

But who do you take us for, sir? How far have we human beings come to applaud you?


I say:

if there had been someone sane in that room, he would have jumped in there to grab that guy by the neck and tie his hands behind his back to take him directly to the police station.

He is already announcing to us that they are not going to dominate us as if we were slaves, with an external technology that you have no control over because you know what those waves emit when they emit them and because nobody knows it, right?


Notice how we've racked our brains here, both Ricardo and I to figure out what's going on.

At each wave, as we have had to identify the signs of load, of density of each wave. How that birds crash? What cars and metallic material and street furniture sparks. That the signs are cut. What have we had, that household appliances melt?


We had to look for strange signs around us to realize that they were manipulating that.


Look at how we had to move around to realize that. I mean, they can do whatever they want whenever they want and you're not going to notice.


So, please, go to the doctor, put pressure on him and let's turn all this upside down, turning all this upside down, because life is going well for us and we should not go around revolutions.


The existing structure is good, what happens is that it is in the hands of bad people.


And these people must be thrown out immediately, quickly. They have to be thrown out. They do not give explanations in the face of an urgent and serious social demand.


Then, they have to be thrown out.

We start with the doctors, who are responsible. We insist. A barrier is placed there. They are the ones who do not stop this operation.


And then we start to tell people that this has to do with the other, and then that is over too. And little by little we take the reins of our future, which you can see that someone is already designing it.

Did you hear what that gentleman (Piñera) said, that the best way to predict the future is to invent it? But you, you bastard, you are the one who is going to invent it!


You are not going to give the rest of us the option of inventing our future. You're going to invent it for us, aren't you?


And you're going to play fortune teller like them:

"Fourth wave in 15 days."


 "It's just that we got sick at Easter."

I don't know what's going to happen, I don't know what disaster. We are being predicted a "brain tsunami". Do you see how they invent the future?


They don't predict it, they invent it and they told you.


They control it"...