by Matheus
September 20, 2018

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The Swedish icebreaker Oden

on its way to the North Pole in August 2018.

(Photo: Alfred-Wegener-Institut

Mario Hoppmann,



Armstrong Economics writes,

"I find it really incredible how these people promote that everything on the planet is somehow our fault.


Most of the ancient city of Alexandria, Egypt, from the time of Cleopatra is under water. Sure, that must have been caused by too many chariots in rush hour and the farting of horses like cows that the EU regulates."

The war on truth has gone nuclear...


Paul Craig Roberts says,

"Truth is under fierce attack."

I am really not being given much choice:

To protect my work in medicine I will have to self-censor, meaning stop (or at least try to stop) writing about climate change and politics and all those things which are on the mainstream's hit list of topics.


Or stop using my own name when I do.

Over a year ago I stopped writing about the nasty situation in Europe with the refugee crisis and all the crime and rape stemming from it.


I might even have to keep my mouth shut about the terrorism in medicine, and many other forms of terrorism, which I have been writing about since forever.


Google is on a witch hunt against many things betraying the founding principles of the Internet. Facebook and even Twitter have been implicated as well.


Free speech is a thing of the past yet we can still say what we want but the consequences can be cruel. In today's world, lies are the truth, and truth is a lie and how can we tell the difference when the press, controlled by 8 people and their vast organizations, are shouting at us 24/7.


The World is Giving Up on Freedom, with Neoliberalism ending in authoritarianism rising around the globe again.


Seems like the future is not going to be fun at all...





Taking Off the Gloves


California Gov. Jerry Brown bashed President Donald Trump's record on the environment Thursday, saying that Trump will be remembered on climate change as a,

"liar, criminal, fool - pick your choice."

I think this is pure projection so I will call Brown a pathological liar, criminal and a stupid fool who knows nothing about climate change but everything about politics and the deep states lies about everything.


Samoan Prime Minister agrees with Governor Brown:

Leaders who deny Climate Change are 'Utterly Stupid.'

This is how stupid politicians can be. He is really not talking about climate change, which we are going through, he is talking about manmade global warming because of CO2 emissions.


There is a whole lineup of scientists including astrophysicists who are a lot smarter than these politicians or any writer working for the mass media who write what they are told to write.


But people love lies, love to be led by the nose, or to be herded like cattle...





"Earth is set for BIG FREEZE," reads headline in The Express.


Website Space Weather says:

"For the 133rd day this year, the face of the sun is blank. With only 241 days of 2018 passing, that means the sun has remained spotless for the majority of the year."

Experts warn this is a sign that a solar minimum is in progress.


The last time there was a prolonged solar minimum, it led to a 'mini ice-age', scientifically known as the Maunder minimum - which lasted for 70 years. The Maunder minimum began in 1645 and lasted to 1715 when sunspots were exceedingly rare.


During this period, temperatures dropped globally by 1.3 degrees Celsius leading to shorter seasons and ultimately food shortages.


Vencore Weather (now 'Perspecta Weather'), a meteorological website, said:

"Low solar activity is known to have consequences on Earth's weather and climate and it also is well correlated with an increase in cosmic rays that reach the upper part of the atmosphere."

Scientists are foreseeing a new era of ice and cold with inherent damaging impacts on world agriculture, disease and political fallout.


The world's press and politicians, on the other hand only see record heat destroying our future. The last people we can trust on scientific issues are politicians. That should be obvious because they cannot be trusted for anything.


A 2016 Pew Research Center study (Public views on climate change and climate scientists) found that 51% of Americans do not believe global climate change is due to human activity.


Donald Trump is among the 51%.


Through the years I have quoted many scientists who know that in the end it is the sun that drives climate on earth, yet the press still insists that a 97% expert consensus among climate scientists that humans are responsible for global warming so they believe that should settle this question once and for all.





Across the globe's tropics right now, seven superstorms are swirling over oceans.


There is no doubt that we are suffering through intense climate change but there is more than doubt that the climate is changing due to manmade global warming.


Very few people understand that when the sun's energy drops even a little, solar winds diminish allowing more cosmic rays to touch down on earth creating more cloud cover, precipitation, cooling and intense storms both above ground and below in terms of earthquakes and volcanic activity.





End of Summer


Everything you are going to read below is happening in the summer.


Its still summer but winter is arriving in some places. The official start to fall comes Saturday, but it IS still summer after all, although you wouldn't know it with September snow records already being broken in Alberta.


Temperatures will remain well below seasonal this week and there's more signs of summertime snow by week's end.


Heavy snowfall forecast for Iceland at the end of summer,

"could pose a substantial threat to livestock."

It's was the 10th of September and snow has begun to blanket parts of northern Alberta, including in Fort McMurray and Grande Prairie.


Environment Canada issued a special weather statement on Monday, saying a cool air mass will invade much of Alberta this week.


An icebreaker encounters the most difficult ice conditions in 15 years at the North Pole and no one thinks its funny. According to global warming theory 'there should be no ice'.


The hysterical cry is always the poles are melting and the seas are rising but none of this is really happening except in the fantasies of the press and governments.


The picture at the top is of the Swedish icebreaker Oden on its way to the North Pole on the 22nd of August but encountered difficult ice conditions not seen in a long time.


About four miles away from the North Pole, the Oden eventually had to stop its journey since a massive ice flow on the top of the Pole prevented the onward journey.


The entire controversy about climate change does matter.


For instance, congress is wondering if the Coast Card has done enough to mitigate possible delays and additional costs, because losing the tiny specialized ships (ice-breakers) for an extended period of time could hamper the United State's ability to operate in the increasingly contested and immensely strategic Arctic region.






Environmentalists have held protests around the world demanding stepped up measures against climate change.


How can humans stand up to climate change when the climate is always changing and not always in the same direction?


When we try to change the climate, we do stupid and dangerous things like geoengineering to cool a cooling planet. That is exactly what they are doing...


There is nothing more unwise than going against basic science. And when an astrophysicist says the sun is cycling down to a grand minimum it is not something to argue about or ignore. It just is...


Environmentalists have lost their integrity (and sometimes their sanity) in large part because they pick the wrong causes. They howl like wolves about CO2 when the real danger is mercury pollution coming out of the coal fired plants.


Meanwhile, with all the hysterics about ice melting Greenland Ice Sheet is far above the mean. This chart from the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) speaks for itself.


The blue line shows Greenland ice-mass balance as of today.


It is far, far greater than the mean - the average, if you will - from 1981 to 2010 (dark grey line).




Some of the comments from Canadian farmers:

The Farmers' Almanac predicts a "colder-than-normal" season, stretching from the Continental Divide to the Appalachians.

"A very long, cold, and snow-filled winter," said editor Peter Geiger.




What the Press Does Not Like to Show










Giraffes and elephants wander about in the snow after freak blizzards hit Africa.


Animals more used to the searing heat have been swanning around in the snow after freak blizzards hit the Savannah. Giraffes, antelopes and elephants were all among the beasts braving the freeze after the white stuff hit South Africa over the weekend.


Though it remains nearly impossible to connect climate change directly to any particular weather event, it's becoming increasingly difficult to dismiss the scientific claim that the sun is the chief in charge of the weather down here on earth.





Disasters causing billions in agricultural losses, with drought leading the way


Natural disasters are costing farmers in the developing world billions of dollars each year, with drought emerging as the most destructive in a crowded field of threats that also includes floods, forest fires, storms, plant pests, animal diseases outbreaks, chemical spills and toxic algae blooms.


Now we can add cold to the list.


Farmers have suffered "devastating" lamb losses in eastern and central North Island in New Zeeland over the last two weeks with an estimated toll of about 100,000.


AgriHQ analyst Mel Croad described the North Island losses as a devastating blow for farmer morale.

"It's been a cruel start to the spring for many sheep farmers, the first week delivered cold weather and heavy rain which is a pretty tough environment for new born lambs and couldn't come at a worse time for sheep farmers."

Florence battered the Carolinas this past week, millions of animals died.


An estimated 5,500 pigs and 3.4 million chickens and turkeys in North Carolina have died as a result of the storm, according to the state's Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.


Climate change is real and its dangerous. We have reason to worry yet world food stocks are still plentiful.


In Argentina, as GDP contracted 4.2% in Q2 of 2018, a drought at the beginning of the year slammed soybean and corn production.







Global warming is dead on arrival.


We are living in a cooling world because we revolve around a temporarily cooling sun. It has happened before and will happen again and again because the sun runs in cycles, as does everything else.


The trend down in temperatures has been happening for the last few years and is presently accelerating to the coldest we have seen in our lifetime.


Coldest in more than 120 years in Worcester, Massachusetts. In Canada record cold is being set against records go back to the 1870s when Ulysses S. Grant was president of the United States.


Record cold is being set in many places on Earth but all the press can report on is manmade global warming.


The sad fact is that the press has hundreds of millions of people believing in something that is not happening.


The "grand solar minimum" we are entering, lasting through 2070, will result in,

  • diminished magnetism

  • infrequent sunspot production

  • less ultraviolet (UV) radiation reaching Earth,

...all bringing a cooler period to the planet that may easily span 50 years...