by Mark Sircus
March 06, 2019
from ColdClimateChange Website







Again we read 55º below zero wind chills - blowing snow - early March!


Frostbite on exposed skin in as little as 5 minutes. This past weekend, yet another ferocious, "punishing" blast of record cold air invaded the central U.S., and then it attacked the eastern and southern U.S., the National Weather Service said.


Temperatures will be as high as 20 to 30 degrees BELOW NORMAL, read that again, below not 'above' normal.


The global warming story is now a popular apocalypse story.

"We will literally destroy all life on the planet turning it into Venus. It's the rapture for Gaia worshipers," writes Tom Luongo.


"The climate cycle is changing in front of our eyes. The sun is shutting down and will likely remain so for at lest another ten years, possibly far longer.


The climate is only just now catching up to this fact. And we are woefully unprepared for this fact as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez goes full Marxist retard touting a Green New Deal."

Democrats continue to deny the science of natural and man-made global cooling setting themselves up against real world events:

  1. Dramatically changing weather patterns.

  2. Spectacular cooling this winter. (See below)

  3. Changes in Solar activity - The onset of a Grand Solar Minimum.

  4. Deliberately ignoring increases in cosmic rays, which increase cloud cover and precipitation.

  5. Ignoring what NASA and other scientists are saying.

  6. Ignoring that global warming ended years ago and that global warming predictions have failed as evidenced by an enormous amount of ice at the north pole.

House Democrats have introduced a "Green New Deal" aimed at making the United States carbon neutral in 10 years, also setting the agenda for Democrats who plan to make climate change a central issue in the 2020 presidential race.


The plan, introduced by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Edward Markey, calls for new projects to modernize U.S. transportation infrastructure, de-carbonize the manufacturing and agricultural sectors, make buildings and homes more energy efficient, as well as universal health care, federal job and training guarantees and other progressive staples.


Republicans call the plan a "socialist manifesto" that would,

"take our growing economy off the cliff and our nation into bankruptcy."




Ocasio-Cortez's New Green, calls for,

"economic security to all who are… unwilling to work", brilliant in its lunacy. Economic security for people "unwilling to work"?


Who's going to sign up for new taxes to support people 'unwilling to work' or be retrained? In a country running out of money everything on Cortez's list would need to be borrowed.


In office for only two months Ocasio-Cortez shows us how idealistic one can get.


Thinking global warming is real she believes she is trying to head off a global catastrophe from man-made warming; and like all democrats cannot stand to entertain the possibility that they can be completely wrong.


The New Yorker Magazine says that the basic idea of the Green New Deal is to pour government money into transforming the economy in ways that might head off the worst of climate change and that this needs to be done urgently.


It is true that the worst of climate change is yet to hit us but when it does it is going to be cold not warm that we have to deal with.


The Magazine said,

"To her credit, in such a short time, she has helped change the terms of the debate."

What she has really done is to make the Democrats and magazines like the New Yorker look like perfect fools while setting the stage for Trump to win the next election.


Richard M. Ebeling writing for The American Institute of Economic Research said,

"Anyone who takes the time to read the proposed Green New Deal legislation can only conclude that the authors are living in a fairyland that is also deeply out of touch with reality.


Read through the list of desired and, indeed, demanded activities the congressional sponsors say they want the federal government to undertake over the next decade.


The sponsors resemble a child running around the toy store saying, 'I want that, and that, and that, and that, and…' while all the time completely oblivious to the fact that everything they want costs money that their parents do not have an unlimited quantity of."




There is a long list of sponsoring congresspersons that,

  • want an end to global warming

  • want an end to poverty

  • want an end to social injustice

  • want an end to racism, sexism, and ethnic discrimination...

They want a fossil fuel-free environment with renewable-energy sources and high-speed railways and on an on into trillion dollar fantasy land...


Only a socialist can still believe that government planning can solve all the problems of the world, that merely commanding resources and directing people can take care of humanity's economic and social shortcomings, and all within a decade of setting the plan in motion.


James Howard Kunstler has some poignant things to day about the Democratic party and the entire drift of the left.

"The Democratic Party has gone and hoisted the flag of 'socialism' on the mizzenmast of its foundering hulk as it sets sail for the edge of the world.


Bad call by a ship without a captain. The next time socialism is enlisted as a tool for redistributing wealth, we will make the unhappy discovery that most of that wealth is gone."


"6 months ago I figured a recession would kill Trump's chances in the next election. But Radical socialism could save him," writes Mike 'Mish' Shedlock.


"Through Karl Marx, Vlad Lenin, and the rest of the gang, ever-strategizing to somehow mitigate all that suffering.


Their Big Idea was that if government owned the industry (the means of production), then the riches would be distributed equally among the laboring masses and the squalor eliminated.


You can't blame them for trying, though you can blame them for killing scores of millions of people who somehow got in the way of their plans," continued Kunstler.

Moderate Democrats have distanced themselves from the fantasy that calls for,

free housing, health care and higher education for all Americans,

...preferring only to endorse the portions that directly address climate change.


With all the daily hard propaganda about the absolute certainty of man-made global warming clearly 38 percent of Americans do not buy the story. That is 90 million or more people...!


Not everyone is vulnerable to the massive brainwashing job and the extremes of propaganda, which now includes the statement there is only a one-in-a-million chance that humans aren't the cause of man-made global warming.


Seems like they can come out with a study to say anything they want.


Brandon Smith writes,

"Whenever the establishment attempts to saturate the media with a particular narrative, it is usually with the intent to manipulate public perception in a way that produces self fulfilling prophecy.


In other words, they hope to shape reality by telling a particular lie so often it becomes accepted by the masses over time as fact.


They do this with the idea of globalism as inevitable, with the junk science of climate change as 'undeniable' and they do it with AI as a technological necessity."

The entire integrity of the world media is being trashed from a wide range of issues but especially by the global warming scam...


Robert Bridge writes,

"Things are going from bad to worse for the US legacy media as its trust credentials have reached an all-time new low, as if that were possible.


It has even achieved a lower trust rating than lawyers and members of Congress. Indeed, the cynicism on the street should have every mainstream media purveyor in a state of absolute panic."

In reality, beyond the scope of this essay, is an appropriate accusation laid at the feet of the mass media and their owners:

corporate sponsored terrorism.

Just look at how they handle the vaccine question. Look at how they handle any question.


Mainstream mouth pieces serving the interests of established power...





Mother Nature Plans to Crush the Democratic Part





Seems like Mother Nature has plans to destroy the Democratic party, the mass media and their elite owners.


All the global warming predictions are going out the window. Instead of mild snow-less winters we have record cold and record snow.


Spring is coming soon but there is no promise of an end to the record breaking cold and snow. Six feet of new snow has fallen right now in California.


Over the next two days, the mountains could see 80 inches of snowfall.






One Billion Climate Refuges Coming Says Al Gore


Al Gore really believes in man-made global warming and has made a fortune based on that belief.


He says there will be a billion climate refuges but he has it all wrong with which way they will go. He insists they will go north but that would be crazy because it is getting so cold and snowy in the north that northerners will have to sooner or later begin to move south to live a comfortable existence or even just to survive.


Former Vice President Al Gore appeared on TV and reiterated his belief that climate change is responsible for the migrant caravans from Central America heading to the U.S.

"The estimates are that in this century there could be as many as 1 billion climate refugees migrating across borders to other countries," Gore said.


"That's a threat to political stability and peace."






This year the climate changed. It got much colder and much more snowier.


Storm after storm is lashing the United States, with no end in sight, with cold and snow records being smashed to smithereens. We have very quickly gone back to the cold climate of the late 1800's as sunspots disappear almost completely from the sun.


NASA has warned us that the upper atmosphere is cooling rapidly because of diminished ultraviolet rays but no one in the global warming crowd is paying attention.


Chris Martenson writes,

"Our daily experience of the world is now being shaped by people busy writing scripts and narratives that are so preposterous that they might as well be penned by screenwriters grasping for new ideas in the 8th season of a show that has already burned through every conceivable plot angle.


Make no mistake: The Powers That Be are desperately lashing about as their grip on the narrative, and the power they derive from it, weakens.


The fact that their story is one of unbridled greed and offers a hopeless future works against them. It's only a matter of time before it all falls apart."

Doug Casey says,

"Climate change has got an aura of 'moral' righteousness about it.


Marxists, socialists, and leftists are making Greenism into a new religion. Of course, it's not designated as such; but these things are actually secular religions.


They're sold on the basis of being morally correct. They have dogmas, sins, saints, devils, clergy, heretics, crusades - the whole nine yards.


That's a major reason why Greenism and global warmism are so popular. People always want to feel morally righteous, and that God is on their side.


These things appeal to emotion, not reason. It's all about psychology, not science."