by David Icke

September 2023

extracted from

Chapter 4 "The Dream"





If you just look at (virtual reality)

and what it's doing,

we are basically broadcasting

human senses to your consciousness.


We are duplicating perception.
Chris Milk

Astral Mind and the human body are a headset for the Divine Spark and with the development of virtual reality technology we have the symbols and analogies to recognize how we are controlled in the widest sense and how to set ourselves free.


Today's technology is mimicking how we experience reality and by studying how that works we can recognize how AI Mind enslaves us by enslaving perception.

The quote at the top of the chapter is by Chris Milk, an American virtual reality company CEO, and he is only partly correct. He says virtual reality is broadcasting human senses to our consciousness when it is broadcasting information to hack human senses.


From an expanded perspective, however, the simulation itself is indeed broadcasting human senses to our consciousness in a way that a Divine Spark believes that it has human senses. The body and its senses are a creation of the AI Astral Mind and our means of experiencing interaction with the overall simulation.


Within the frequency band of 3-D we are experiencing physicality to the extent that we appear to interact with other physical objects; but step out of that frequency band and we see that it is no more 'real' than a virtual reality game playing through a headset.


I cannot emphasize enough that the target is the perception of the Divine Spark and its reactions and responses that produce loosh.


Chris Milk's second point about duplicating perception misses a crucial element. To duplicate is to make a copy 'exactly like something else' and that is not what virtual reality is doing.


It is not duplicating perception so much as overlaying 3-D five-sense body perception with another sense of reality through the headset. Simulation reality in the same way is being overlaid by Yaldabaoth and Astral AI over a section of Infinite Reality.


What is the simulation...?

It is a wavefield information source projected in totality by Astral AI and the body is a projection, an 'individual' AI Astral Mind as the Divine Spark's means of interaction with this simulated Matrix.

You could again liken this dynamic to a virtual reality game with the player wearing the headset interacting with the game (Fig 56).


The brain and body systems are encoded to decode the AI wavefield simulated 'world' into holographic reality which presents us with the illusion of physicality (presents the Divine Spark with the illusion of being in a physical world).


Figure 56:

The simulation feeds us

the perception of being human.

Paradoxical possibility

Picture Infinite Reality - All That Is, Has Been, And Ever Can Be - as a reality without end...


Tap into that and you tap into all possibility and all potential, a realm in which it is and isn't, it can and can't, and it's everything and nothing. All is possible and nothing is possible.


To the five senses such a concept is ridiculous and incomprehensively paradoxical. You either can or you can't, it is or it isn't, it is everything or nothing.


But there is no paradox.

I am describing all possibility. This must be 'is and isn't'; 'can and can't'; 'everything and nothing'. If not, it can't be all possibility.

The Infinite Source is where anything and everything is possible as we explore forever - forever. The Infinite, The Absolute, is a level of awareness, of isness and beingness, beyond words and labels, even comprehension, from the 3-D perspective.


There is nothing to limit us except the range of our own perception and imagination.


This is who we are and to where we shall return when the scales of illusion fall from our eyes and Divine Sparks awaken. In our Infinite state we are pure awareness, a stillness and silence, in which all possibility is waiting to manifest through our Infinite imagination.

The five senses think that for something to exist it must take form, move, or make a noise. The idea that all can exist in stillness and silence appears nonsensical.


Yet if you stop talking and sit for a moment in silence you are 'hearing' the sound of Infinity, of all possibility and potential.


Start speaking and you have expressed one possibility out of the silence of all possibility. Stop talking and that possibility returns into the silence of all possibility until you manifest another. In the same way perceived 'nothingness' is 'everythingness'.


Infinity communicates without words for Infinity is communicating with itself through its constituent possibilities in the form of intuition - knowing. We are the Infinite experiencing itself and so that's what we all are - Infinite.


Nothing exists except the Infinite and all sense of separation and apartness is illusory. This is where the simulation comes in. Separation from the Infinite may not be possible, but a conscious perception of disconnection certainly can be.


Divine Sparks are living that.


The Overlay

Imagine Infinite Reality as a field of energy teaming with all possibility and realms of experience.


Now picture a technologically generated radiation field overlaying a tiny part of the Infinite field. This is the simulation which has multiple levels and not only 3-D.


There are so many versions of the Creation story, but there are common threads and themes, and there is widespread agreement about the demonic. There was a 'revolt against God' in which a 'figure' (consciousness) under many names, including Yaldabaoth and Satan, decided it was 'God' and sought to rule its own reality.


Within an Infinity of possibility all things must be possible including this.


Yaldabaoth and Satan are both known as 'The Deceiver' and rightly so when they are different names for the same inverted state of deceiving awareness.


Gnostics called Archons mind parasites, inverters, guards, gatekeepers, detainers, judges, pitiless ones, and the Deceivers.


They sought 'to overpower humanity in its perceptual functions' and their agenda is 'fear and slavery'. Observe society today, at least 16 centuries later, and it's still going on.


Gnostic texts refer to Yaldabaoth as the 'Great Architect of the Universe' and Freemasons worship their deity as Lucifer - the 'Great Architect of the Universe' (also Grand Architect).


The inner core of the Freemasonic global network serves the Cult and the demonic realm although most Freemasons won't know that. Great Architect is also a term used for the Christian god.


The same symbolism constantly recurs and the creator of the Matrix in the movie series was called 'the Architect' which reflects the symbolism of 'Great Architect' - the architect of the simulation, Yaldabaoth/Satan/Lucifer.


The Great Architect in its many forms - including the Matrix movie version - is widely symbolized as an old man with a white beard and so is the god of Christianity (Fig 57 and overleaf 58 and 59).


The same applies to Cronus/Kronos, the Greek god of Saturn, which is another symbol of Yaldabaoth.


I have said in previous books over the years that Yaldabaoth is encoded in the Old Testament as the God that created the world in seven days with a day off on the Sunday.


The Genesis God is Yaldabaoth which is one reason why the Old and New Testaments describe a very different God which we are supposed to believe is the same one.


If that is the case, 'God' must be schizophrenic.


Figure 57:

The white-bearded 'Great Architect'

portrayed in the 1794 work by William Blake

'The Ancient of Days'.

Figure 58:

White-bearded depiction of the

'Great Architect' biblical 'God'.

Figure 59:

White-bearded 'Architect'

of the simulation in the Matrix movies.


The 'bad copy'

Nag Hammadi manuscripts describe how Yaldabaoth and the Archons created a 'bad copy' of Prime Reality, or rather a little section of it.


When you read the text in detail, as I have in two substantial books of translations, they are clearly talking about what we would call a virtual reality simulation of Prime Reality.


Gnostic texts use the word 'HAL' which translates in our terms as 'virtual reality'.


This is extraordinary when the texts are estimated to have been sealed in that jar some 1,600 years ago!

The Latin simulacrum means 'semblance, likeness,' but not necessarily an exact likeness, as with a 'bad copy'.

Simulacrum first appeared in English in the late 16th century and later became associated with an inferior image lacking the substance or qualities of the original - a 'bad copy' (Fig 60).


A realm of experience, similar to what we think of as Planet Earth, exists outside the simulation on much higher levels of frequency.


Colors are far more vibrant there at higher frequencies and there are shades of color that don't exist in the simulated version within our dense low-frequency world.

Yaldabaoth and the Archons are said to be incapable of what I will call creative imagination.


This is called 'ennoia' in the Nag Hammadi texts which translates as 'intentionality' (creative imagination).

Put simply this means,

they can copy and twist, but not create from nothing.

The Gnostic concept of a 'bad copy' of Prime Reality fits the bill perfectly.


They are like counterfeiters incapable of creating what they copy. Gnostics appropriately refer to Yaldabaoth as the 'Counterfeit Spirit'. Lack of 'ennoia' is connected to Yaldabaoth's isolation from The Source and Infinite Creativity.


Yaldabaoth demons are envious of human creativity which they exploit and manipulate via Divine Sparks to secure their goals.


We can see this as humans are manipulated to build their own prison when without our involvement the prison could not be built. How the world would change dramatically when humanity grasps the nature of control and the force that is driving it.


Nag Hammadi documents describe Archons in terms of cyborgs and a robotic race of artificial intelligence.

This is interesting given my contention that the whole system is run by Astral AI...

Gnostic texts say Archons can imitate but not innovate. They call this 'counter mimicry' and our simulated reality counter-mimics Prime Reality outside the Matrix.


John Lamb Lash authored Not in his Image, a book about the Nag Hammadi texts.


He writes:


Figure 60:

Yaldabaoth's bad copy

 of Prime Reality - the simulation.

(Image by Neil Hague.)

Although they cannot originate anything, because they lack the divine factor of ennoia (intentionality), Archons can imitate with a vengeance. Their expertise is simulation (HAL, virtual reality).


The Demiurge (Yaldabaoth) fashions a heaven world copied from the fractal patterns [of the original] ...His construction is celestial kitsch, like the fake Italianate villa of a Mafia don complete with militant angels to guard every portal.

I will come to fractal patterns shortly. They are found throughout the fabric of the simulation.


Laurence Galian, who has also studied the Nag Hammadi texts, writes in Alien Parasites - 40 Gnostic Truths to Defeat the Archon Invasion!:

...[Archons] can project their thoughts telepathically and their images holographically.


They are experts in creating simulations of all kinds, inverting, and distorting your perception and in this way, they create an Archontic Inversion.


Archons are deceivers par excellence. They live in hive-like structures.


They are more like robots than living beings, as they lack intentionality and imagination. In other words, they follow orders like an army of automatons.

Nag Hammadi documents describe the simulation as the 'Lower Aeons' and Infinite Reality as the 'Upper Aeons' with a veil between them.


The word 'Aeon' is perceived today as a measurement of 'time', but in the Gnostic context it means a realm of perception or reality.


That meaning of aeon is defined in the dictionary as,

'a power existing from eternity; an emanation or phase of the supreme deity'.

Gnostics call Upper Aeons 'The Silence', 'the silent Silence', and 'the living Silence', which connects with my view that everything is contained in the silence and that sound is a manifestation of a possibility from the silence of All Possibility.


Nag Hammadi documents define the Upper and Lower Aeons in these terms:

Fullness/deficiency, immortal/mortal, spiritual/psychic, Spirit/Soul, existence/non-existence, no-time/time...

Note the Spirit/Soul differentiation which I believe is a crucial point.

Spirit is the Eternal, Infinite 'I', while Soul is trapped in the illusion of the simulation and caught in the reincarnation cycle.

Another distinction between the Aeons is existence/non-existence.


In the Lower Aeon simulation existence is illusory in that it is perceptual trickery as with the physicality of so-called matter. Lower Aeons are symbolized as a shadow (copy) of Prime Reality.

Does the shadow exist in the same way as that which it reflects?

The simulation you could say is,

a mirror of Prime Reality in the sense that mirrors show a reverse reflection as the simulation is an inversion of Prime Reality.

All inversions that dominate human society are expressions of this.


The Nag Hammadi Hypostasis of the Archons tells us:

'A veil exists between the world above and the realms that are below; and shadow came into being beneath the veil; and that shadow became matter; and that shadow was projected apart.'

Gnostic manuscript Origin of the World says:

Now the eternal realm of truth has no shadow outside it, for the limitless light is everywhere within it. But its exterior is shadow, which has been called by the name 'darkness'.

An untitled text in the Nag Hammadi Bruce Codex describes the separation of Upper and Lower Aeons:

And then the existent separated itself from the non-existent.


And the non-existent is the evil which has manifested in matter.


And the enveloping power separated those that exist from those that do not exist.


And it called the existent 'eternal', and it called the non- existent 'matter'.


And in the middle, it separated those that exist from those that do not exist, and it placed veils between them.

Upper Aeons are 'Pleroma', or 'the totality', 'the fullness' and the 'perfection' of 'emanations of the Father'.


We see God described as the Father in biblical terms although the Church of England as it descends into the insanity of Wokeness, and political correctness, is ditching the Father bit.


I guess 'He' is now they/them...


The Gnostic Father is described in the Bruce Codex as 'the All':

He is the incomprehensible one, but it is he who comprehends all. He receives them to himself. And nothing exists outside of him. But all exist within him.


And he is boundary to them all, as he encloses them all, and they are all within him. It is he who is father of the Aeons, existing before them All.


There is no place outside of him.

Expressions of Infinite Awareness can tap into this Infinite creative force while Yaldabaoth and the Archons have been isolated from that creativity in the wake of their 'revolt'.


They are therefore denied the creative imagination that is still available to humans if their Divine Sparks open and connect with their Upper Aeon True Self.

The Lower Aeons, the realm of Yaldabaoth/Satan/Iblis, is said to have been created 'in error' and I go into this in detail along with the whole Nag Hammadi treasure trove of content in Everything You Need to Know But Have Never Been Told.


In the briefest of terms, a female consciousness known by Gnostics as Sophia manifested Yaldabaoth through a state of imbalance that excluded her 'consort', the Father, and as such Sophia is referred to in the texts as the mother of Yaldabaoth.


The Apocryphon of John says:

And when she saw the consequence of her desire, it had changed into a form of a lion- faced serpent. And its eyes were like lightning fires...


She cast it away from her, outside that place [the Upper Aeons or Pleroma] that no one of the immortal ones [other Aeons of the Father] might see it, for she had created it in ignorance


...And she called his name Yaldabaoth …

...[Yaldabaoth] organized (everything) according to the model of the first Aeons [by using] the power in him, which he had taken from his mother, [and] produced in him the likeness of the Cosmos


...This is the first Archon [Yaldabaoth] who took a great power from his mother. And he removed himself from her and moved away from the places in which she was born [Upper Aeons].

Yaldabaoth organized everything according to the model of the first Aeons:

the bad copy...

He became strong and created for himself other Aeons with a flame of luminous fire, but when removed from his 'mother' he needed another source of power, energy (loosh), and creativity which the simulation provides via Divine Sparks.


Fire Light

Mention of luminous fire is very important and appears in Islamic and pre-Islamic belief as 'smokeless fire' attributed to the 'Jinn' or 'Djinn', which include Iblis and his band of demons in the unseen.


Luminous fire is a reference to the 'light' of the 3-D realm which is the simulation at our level of reality. I say this is electromagnetic light and differs fundamentally from the 'watery light' described in the Upper Aeons.


The declaration by the Old Testament God (Yaldabaoth) of 'Let there be light' takes on a whole new meaning. I have long contended that the creation of the 'world' at the start of Genesis is describing,

the creation of the simulation...!

Fire and candle flames are used in satanic symbolism, and in religious symbolism largely unknowingly, to portray the 'firelight' of the simulation and its creator.


A satanic and Freemasonic god is Lucifer - the light bringer.


This also puts the 'eternal flame' in a new context as it does the idea of 'Hellfire' (see the infamous satanic Hellfire clubs) and the 'Fires of Hell' which Gnostics believed to be our material world.


Watery light' is said to be so powerful that 'there are no shadows' in Upper Aeon realms of incredible beauty, bliss, love, and harmony.


Water is used to symbolize energetic states.


Gnostics speak of the Upper Aeons as,

'...the waters which are above', '...the waters which are above matter', and... 'the Aeons in the Living Water'.

The Genesis creation story says that,

'the Earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep' before 'the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters'...

Genesis also describes the 'firmament':

And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.


And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.


And God called the firmament Heaven.

What does 'firmament' literally mean? A vast dome...


The above quote is saying that 'God' made a vast dome and divided the 'waters' (energies) under the firmament (simulation) from above the firmament (Upper Aeons of Infinite Reality).


Modern Bible translations replace firmament with dome...:

And God said,

'Let there be lights in the dome of the sky to separate the day from the night; and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years, and let them be lights in the dome of the sky to give light upon the earth.'

And it was so.

God made the two great lights - the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night - and the stars.


God set them in the dome of the sky to give light upon the earth, to rule over the day and over the night, and to separate the light from the darkness.


And God saw that it was good. And there was evening and there was morning …

Genesis 1:14-19.

Lights in the dome of the sky...?


I have been writing for many years about the simulated night sky and this has been postulated and symbolized for centuries (Figs 61 and 62).

Why do you see all those lights while there appears to be no sign of 'life'.


It makes no sense until you realize that the simulation makes it that way to instill even more powerfully a sense of apartness and isolation.

The 'lifelessness' of space has been specifically encoded into the simulation for this reason. 'Space' is a holographic projection, a software program, and not real as we perceive it.


Observe the movements of the planets and stars in their predictable patterns and you can see the program.


Astrology is the reading of those patterns and their energetic impact on other information fields including humans. Numerology is reading the digital level of the Matrix.


Both are related to the simulation, not Infinity.


I am not saying that they are not valid, but only if you are aware of what they are and how they are limited to the impact of the simulation on behavior and events.

Imagine how different life would be if we were interacting with other forms of life and exchanging knowledge instead of looking out into a simulated dead zone.


Or if we were influenced by The Source and not the simulation program.


Figure 61:

The divide between two worlds,

the human and the Astral, from 1475.

Figure 62:

Depiction of the firmament as a vast dome in 1888.

There is a realm of experience in Prime Reality from which the simulation was copied or dreamed into existence.


The process then began of enticing and manipulating consciousness into the trap from which they were not supposed to escape - but we can.


Gnostic thought believes that the sensations of simulated material reality - what we call electromagnetism - were the foundation temptation that drew consciousness into the Yaldabaoth lair.


The simulation was a copy of Prime Reality 'Earth' which Yaldabaoth and the Archons under their various names have systematically changed to advance their own ambitions and this is happening with a gathering pace.

Body vehicles in Prime Reality were - are - of a much higher vibration and to us would appear ethereal.


Human bodies are a far denser digital version and they, too, have been downgraded since the simulation was instigated.


This continues with the unfolding transformation to a much more synthetic state through the infusion of synthetic genetic material (frequency information) from the mRNA 'Covid' fake vaccines and other vaccines planned to be produced with the mRNA system.

The entrapment of consciousness in the simulated illusion appears to be symbolized in the story of the serpent, Adam and Eve, and the Garden of Eden which is called the 'Fall' of Man.


The 'Fall' is likely to refer to the fall down the frequencies from Infinite Reality into the vibrational density of simulated matter.


Gnostics and other esoteric sources refer to that part of us trapped in the simulation as the 'Divine Spark' - our connection to the Infinite which has been deluged and enveloped by layers and layers of false perception that hold it in vibrational servitude.


Once inside the 'bad copy' entrapped consciousness had to regain its original state of awareness or it could not return home and it was caught in the reincarnation cycle which I will detail in the next chapter.


Sufficient to say here that,

reincarnation is not about 'learning lessons to evolve' but rather to stay in the perceptual cycle that limits frequency and maintains entrapment.

Divine Sparks caught in this wheel of misfortune have no idea that they are trapped.


They believe that the point of it all is to 'evolve' through 3-D experience. It isn't. Divine Sparks have been perceptually manipulated to identify with illusory body and Soul which are vehicles for simulation entrapment...


Does a computer have awareness of Infinity when it is constantly decoding Wi-Fi into its sense of reality and normality?


First intuition - then science

I first began to question if we were living in a simulation decades ago when I looked up at the sky and saw it as a vast dome. The concept had been with me subconsciously most of my life.


I have described in other books how I was taken by my father to the then newly opened planetarium in London. It was the late 1950s and I would have been no older than eight. I had no idea what a planetarium was or what to expect.


I sat down as the lights went down and the night sky appeared in the domed roof every bit as compelling to me as the real thing. I was mesmerized by what I was seeing.

How could I be looking at such a credible night sky in the middle of the day inside a building?

That moment has never left me my entire life and its relevance has become more profound as I have understood the reality of the simulation.


Shortly after the turn of the millennium I had an overwhelming feeling that we are experiencing a simulated world and that the limit at the level of 3-D is the speed of light. It also came to me through the same intuitive channels that what science calls the laws of physics are only 'laws' encoded into the simulation.


This would explain why near-death experiencers describe a very different 'physics' after they leave the body and enter another reality, albeit another frequency realm of the simulation.


I began to write about this and looked around for others who were exploring the possibility that reality is simulated...


The only one I found was a guy called Nick Bostrom, a professor at Oxford University, who was pondering on the possibility that the world is a simulation although his explanations were significantly different from mine.

I saw in the years that followed how more mainstream scientists questioned if the simulation hypothesis could be true. Many, and now increasing numbers, decided that this was indeed likely.


Then, in April 2021, came an article in the mainstream Scientific American in which an academic concluded that,

we do live in a simulation and its limit is ...the speed of light.

The headline said:

'Confirmed! We Live in a Simulation'...

Fouad Khan, a senior editor at Nature Energy, sounded very Woke when I read his background, but on this I think he's right on the money.


He related the speed of light to the processing speed of the simulation and pointed out that while the creators could dictate the rules and limits (laws of physics) they would still be constrained by the processing speed involved.


By then, nearly 20 years after my simulation 'A-ha' moment, many scientists had opened their minds to the simulation hypothesis which is a concept that dates back (post-Gnostics) at least to French philosopher René Descartes in the 17th century.


They included computer scientist Rich Terrile at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory who has said publicly that he believes reality is a holographic simulation...


He postulates that it could have been created by our 'future selves', a theme supported by Bostrom, but this still betrays a perceptual obsession with 'human'.


I seriously beg to differ on the source, which is anything, but human...


Terrile said:

If one progresses at the current rate of technology a few decades into the future, very quickly we will be a society where there are artificial entities living in simulations that are much more abundant than human beings.


...If in the future there are more digital people living in simulated environments than there are today, then what is to say we are not part of that already?


...Quite frankly, if we are not living in a simulation, it is an extraordinarily unlikely circumstance.

Figure 63:

Physicist Silas Beane with the concept

of a cube-structure Matrix.

Physicist Silas Beane and a team at the University of Bonn in Germany produced a study which concluded that we almost certainly live in a simulation, possibly constructed as a matrix of cubes (Fig 63).


Their paper said that if this was the case humanity would not be aware of it because,

'like a prisoner in a pitch-black cell we would not be able to see the "walls" of our prison'.

Physicist Max Tegmark at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has pointed out that the mathematical (digital) fabric of our reality is the same as that found in computer games and he, too, made the point that characters in a computer game would not know that this is what they were.


Our reality is constructed from subatomic particles which operate like pixels in a video game.


Theoretical physicist Dr James Gates Jr, a former Obama science adviser and University of Maryland physics professor, discovered codes embedded in the fabric of reality that are found in computer systems such as browsers.

They are known as error-correcting codes and remove errors in computer transmissions.

What are they doing in our energetic reality? If it is a simulation that mystery is solved...


Gates said:

This unsuspected connection suggests that these codes may be ubiquitous in nature and could even be embedded in the essence of reality.


If this is the case, we might have something in common with the Matrix science-fiction films, which depict a world where everything human beings experience is the product of a virtual-reality-generating computer network.

Gates appears to have later stepped back from openly proclaiming the simulation concept although his findings support that.


Error-correcting codes are a reminder that things can go wrong with the simulation as they do with computer systems. Many unexplainable happenings can be these glitches or encoded features in the Matrix and the same with strange shapes and symbols in the 'natural' landscape, etc.


Are these really a coincidence, or click, click, enter?


Rich Terrile said:

'Even things that we think of as continuous - time, energy, space, volume - all have a finite limit to their size [and] if that's the case, then our universe is both computable and finite - those properties allow the universe to be simulated.'

Another computer scientist has said that reality is like a giant multiplayer video game.


Rizwan Virk, a videogame designer, and author of The Simulation Hypothesis, speaks of 'the Great Simulation' and says:

'You can think of it like a high-resolution or high-fidelity video game in which we are all characters.'

He said there is 'plenty of evidence that points in that direction'.


Elon Musk became well-known (long after I said it) for suggesting that we may live in a simulation.

'There's a billions to one chance we are living in base reality,' he said in 2016.

I would say that he is so close to the global Cult that he knows that our reality is simulated.


The Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics connected 8,000 computers in 2014 to create a 350 million light-year simulation of the Universe over 13 billion years.

If humans can do this what is possible for Astral demons and Yaldabaoth consciousness?

Physicist Hong Qin from the US Department of Energy (DOE) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory created an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm which may prove that reality is a simulation.


The algorithm predicts planetary orbits, and Joshua Burby, a physicist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, said:

Hong taught the program the underlying principle used by nature to determine the dynamics of any physical system.


The payoff is that the network learns the laws of planetary motion after witnessing very few training examples.


In other words, his code really 'learns' the laws of physics.

Hong Qin, apparently inspired by Nick Bostrom's work, questioned if such an algorithm was running on the 'laptop of the Universe'.


If it was, the algorithm itself could be simple because the apparent complexity and richness of the Universe came from,

'the enormous memory size and CPU power of the laptop.'



Simulation evidence is everywhere

The simulation would explain the extraordinary, even 'miraculous coincidence', that our tiny planet could be so perfect for life as we know it while the rest of the known Universe appears not to be.


What are the chances of that? The smallest wavering from current conditions and life would be no more.


Earth is in the 'Goldilocks Zone', close enough to a star that greenhouse gases can trap heat for liquid water while not so close as to be impossible for life to survive.


Conditions on Earth are perfect, but only just.


Scientist Robert Lanza wrote of the Universe in his book, Biocentrism:

Why are the laws of physics exactly balanced for animal life to exist?


...If the strong nuclear force were decreased 2 percent, atomic nuclei wouldn't hold together, and plain-vanilla hydrogen would be the only kind of atom in the Universe.


If the gravitational force were decreased by a hair, stars (including the Sun) would not ignite.


These are just [some of] more than 200 parameters within the solar system and Universe so exact that it strains credulity to propose that they are random - even if that is exactly what standard contemporarily physics baldly suggests.

Why are the laws of physics exactly balanced for animal life to exist? Click, click, enter.


To hide the simulated creation we are told that humans and life on Earth are simply an accident of 'evolution'.

'Conspiracy theorists' are condemned by the authorities and their mind-controlled groupies when the entire system is founded on 'coincidence theory' that we are supposed to believe is all happening by random chance.


The truth is so often right before our eyes and yet missed because of familiarity. Your perceptions will censor and edit all information that contradicts your belief if you have a belief system which repels all borders and other possibility. This is why mainstream science so often misses the obvious.


Throughout the energetic fabric of our reality is confirmation that we are dealing with a simulation, and it only takes the suspension of preconceived idea (belief) to see the obvious.


I quoted Nag Hammadi author John Lamb Lash as saying that,

'the Demiurge fashions a heaven world copied from the fractal patterns' of original reality (Prime Reality).

Fractals can be found throughout the simulation because it's a simulation (Fig 64).

They are defined as infinitely complex patterns that are 'self-similar across different scales'.


They conform to the holographic principle of 'as above, so below'.


Every part of a hologram is a smaller version of the whole and in the same way fractals repeat themselves on all levels of 3-D reality.

You can see this with the way that the trees grow and the structure of the human lung (Fig 65).

The small is reflected in the big and the big in the small.

Fractal patterns can be found everywhere in,

river networks, mountain ranges, craters, lightning bolts, coastlines, mountain goat horns, trees and branch growth, animal color patterns, pineapples, heart rates, heartbeats, neurons and brains, eyes, respiratory systems, circulatory systems, blood vessels and pulmonary vessels, geological fault lines, earthquakes, snowflakes, crystals, ocean waves, vegetables, soil pores, and even the rings of Saturn...

American professor of psychology David Pincus has noted how fractal patterns have been observed in psychology, behavior, speech patterns and interpersonal relationships.


Constantly repeating patterns are examples of the simulation computer program being repeated throughout the Matrix.

They are all part of the same software system...


Figure 64:

Hologram-like fractal patterns

are computer codes.



Figure 65:

Fractal patterns can be seen

in trees and the human lung.

We also have symmetrical mathematics defined as 'one shape becoming exactly like another when you move it in some way, turn, flip or slide' and here you have the same ever-recurring theme.


Fractals, holograms, symmetrical mathematics, all conform to the same principle.


Dmiteri Krioukov, a physicist at the University of California, San Diego, was co-author of a study that suggested how fundamental laws may govern the growth of systems at all levels of reality from the electrical firing of brain cells to the growth of social networks and expansion of galaxies.


He said:

'Natural growth dynamics are the same for different real networks, like the Internet or the brain or social networks.'

His team compared the history of the Universe with the growth of social networks and brain circuits and found that they all expanded in similar ways.

'The eerie similarity between networks large and small is unlikely to be a coincidence,' Krioukov said.

No, it's not. It's the simulation...


We have the Fibonacci sequence that can be observed in every part of human reality. This was named after the 12th/13th century Italian mathematician Leonardo of Pisa known more famously as Fibonacci.


Codes he identified were found much further back by at least Indian mathematician Virahanka who possibly lived in the 6th century although no one seems to be certain about the date.


Fibonacci sequences add the two previous numbers to the next one to become 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, and so on.


These ratios can be found in the human face and body, proportions of animals, DNA, seed heads, pinecones, trees, shells, spiral galaxies, hurricanes, and the number of petals in a flower.


These are only a few examples...


The Fibonacci sequence is also encoded everywhere in 3-D reality (Fig 66).


To this list can be added other recurring and long identified mathematical/geometrical sequences such as Phi, Pi, Golden Mean, Golden Ratio and Golden Section.


Put them all together and you see what they really are - COMPUTER CODES of the simulation (Fig 67).


Figure 66:

Fibonacci mathematical sequences

can be identified throughout our reality.

Figure 67:

All these recurring sequences of Phi, Pi, Fibonacci,

fractals, Golden Mean, Golden Ratio, Golden Section

and symmetrical mathematics,

are computer codes of the simulation.


Simulated 'time'

Mainstream scientists speak of the 'space-time continuum' which is the work of Albert Einstein and his mentor the German mathematician Hermann Minkowski.


This is ironic given that there is no space and there is no time except in illusory decoded 3-D.


Near-death experiencers describe a very different reality when their consciousness withdraws briefly from the body and the same with the out-of-body experience.


Among their observations is that time as we know it does not exist in the out-of-body state.


The simulation has many levels which I will come to in Chapter Five where time is experienced in a fundamentally different way to 3-D. Beyond the simulation in the forever of Infinity there is no concept of 'time' at all.


What we call time is encoded into the information fabric of the Matrix to give us the illusion of passing from past through present to future when there is only one 'moment' and that is the NOW.


Everything happens in the NOW because there is only the NOW. Time is a decoded perception and not real. This can be simply confirmed by the following questions.


Where are you when you think about the 'past'?

You are in the NOW. You are not in the 'past' when you think about what has 'gone before'. You are in the 'present moment' or the NOW.

Where are you when you think about the future?

You are in the same NOW.

Where 'were' you when you experienced what you perceive as the 'past'?

You were in the NOW.

Where 'will' you be when you experience what you currently perceive as the 'future'?

You will be in the NOW. You cannot be anywhere else, for that is all that there is.

Everything is happening simultaneously in the same NOW incomprehensible as that may be for the five-senses that disappear up their own backside trying to work it out.


Figure 68:

The illusory perception of 'time'.

(Image Gareth Icke.)

The senses are programmed to decode the simulation and its encoded illusion of time, and the five senses alone will not grasp what I am saying here.


Time is one of the greatest manipulators of human perception with a sense of time dominating our society.


What's the time? Is that the time? I don't have enough time. I have time on my hands. Time is moving so fast. Time is dragging so slowly.


Perception is trapped in the illusion of the 'past' by regret, resentment, and nostalgia, and in the illusion of the future by worry about what will happen (Fig 68).


In doing so we are pulled perceptually out of the NOW which is the only moment that anything can change because it is the only moment that exists. People talk of the 'sands of time' and the passing years when there is no time and there are no years to pass except in our manipulated perceptions.


The body ages in line with the passing of 'time' when in fact the ageing process is the body following its simulated program that lays out the journey from cradle to grave absent the intervention of Infinite Awareness and an awakening Divine Spark.


Ageing is a body software program dictated by the AI 'life-plan' (Figs 69 and 70).


How can a hologram age unless it is programmed to do so?


Loosh trawling further diminishes the body and literally depletes energy as the cycle moves from vibrant young to tired old.

Delinking our sense of time from a sense of reality and self-identity is central to all this.

We can acknowledge 'time' as it is experienced while knowing that it is illusory, and if we do, then 'time' becomes malleable and not immutable.


Figure 69:

Ageing is a simulation program from young …

Figure 70: old. But consciousness can override the software.



Quantum spanner in the works

They contradict the preconceived belief in what reality is.


The quantum realm makes perfect sense from the perspective that I'm describing. It is considered a mystery that two particles can be so connected that when one changes, the other follows at beyond the speed of light even at opposite ends of the Universe.


The mystery comes from a belief in time and space and that everything operates in isolation from everything else when in reality all is connected.


Communication between particles at speeds faster than the speed of light can happen because that is not the fastest speed possible. It is only the limit imposed on the 3-D level of the simulation and communication between particles happens outside of those limits in other realities.


Einstein called quantum physics 'spooky' and Niels Bohr, a quantum pioneer, made the crucial point that,

'everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real'.

Bohr said that if quantum mechanics hasn't profoundly shocked you then you haven't understood it yet.


From all this we can appreciate the potential for the illusion of time to manipulate human perception and behavior...


We are back to controlling perception to control behavior as in controlling the perception of time and enslaving people in the perceived limitations of time.

In the same way, there is no 'space' which is why I have added quote marks around the word throughout the book. View the night sky and the lights of stars and planets seem to be so far away.


Astronomers talk of millions and billions of light-years of 'distance'. The night sky, as with all apparently physical reality, only exists in that form in our brain.


Stars and planets in their base state are waveform information (along with the 'space' between them) and we decode that information into holographic fake physicality.


The entirety of what you see in the 'vastness' of 'space' only exists in that form in your brain. Where then is the 'vastness' of 'space'?


When you play a virtual reality video game your senses are presented with 'time' in the way that one scene follows another and there appears to be 'space', depth and perspective between characters, buildings, and landscape.


All of that is only information encoded into the game which the headset feeds to your senses.


Time and space are calculated illusions encoded into the simulation to scramble our perception.


Figure 71:

We see stars and planets with 'space' in between,

but they are points in a universal electrical system.

Figure 72:

If we could see the Universe on another level,

it would appear as a vast electrical grid

- the Cosmic Internet...



Electric simulation

Still more confirmation of a simulation comes with research that reveals how the Universe is an electrical system.


We see all those 'physical' lights in the night sky when, on another level of frequency, you would see a gigantic electrical network connecting all the planets and stars into one unified electrical/electromagnetic system (Figs 71 and 72).


Planets and stars are 'just one device in a circuit', according to researchers in this field.


The research has been driven by pioneers such as Australian physicist Wallace Thornhill, who died in 2023, and American researcher and writer David Talbott under the heading of the Electric Universe and The Thunderbolts Project.


They have been joined by an ever-gathering number who have seen that to understand the Universe we need to understand its electrical nature.


What we perceive as the Universe is really a holographic projection that may well not be as substantial as scientists believe. Maybe the known Universe that we can see (or think we do) is its full extent. There is no need to simulate what is unseeable by humans or certainly for now anyway.


Electric Universe advocates point to filaments identified by the Herschel telescope that connects stars into a seamless network.


David Sibeck, a project scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Centre, said:

The satellites have found evidence of magnetic ropes connecting Earth's upper atmosphere directly to the Sun.


We believe that Solar Winds flow in along these ropes providing energy for geomagnetic storms and auroras.

This was predicted by Electric Universe researchers like so many other recent discoveries relating to a universal electrical system.


Electrical/electromagnetic interaction between Sun and Earth is what really affects the climate and not human activity through the carbon dioxide gas of life on which the 'natural' world and the food supply depends.


The observable Universe is 99.999 percent plasma which is an almost perfect medium for electricity and electromagnetism.

Plasma is known as the fourth state of 'matter'.


American scientist Irvin Langmuir (1887-1957) revealed that when plasma infused with one electrical charge is confronted with a different charge, the interaction creates a barrier between the two which defines planetary magnetospheres or electromagnetic fields.


Planets and stars generate a unique energetic signature, and a magnetosphere is formed when that signature or electrical charge meets a different charge (Fig 73).


The entire mainstream science narrative regarding the Sun will have to be rewritten as the truth emerges that the star of our solar system is not generating electrical power, but merely processing it from the universal field (see 'Everything You Need to Know But Have Never Been Told' for the detail about this and the Electric Universe in general).


Figure 73:

Magnetospheres are formed by a barrier

automatically formed by plasma

when one electrical charge meets another.

These are known as Langmuir sheaths.

The simulation is designed for the electrical Universe to interact with the electrical brain (Fig 74).


The human body is an electrical system with the brain communicating and processing information electrically. The body is mostly water because on one level it is a battery which the demonic force drains for loosh...


Dehydration is considered dangerous and a threat to life because it drains the battery.


Brain and heart consist of some 73 percent water and their electrical systems are scrambled when that essential content significantly falls. DNA is a software technology program that communicates electrically and exchanges information with the electrical Universe.


The whole of 'nature' is electrical. Bees find pollen through electrical signals transmitted by flowers and the ley line or meridian system connecting power centers around the Earth is transporting electrical energetic information as part of the same universal network (see my Ickonic two-part documentary Albion - Heart of the World).


Astrology is a manifestation of the electrical system.


Planets and stars are broadcasting their unique frequency into the universal field with which we are constantly interacting. Their electromagnetic and electrical fields share information. Planets and stars are impacting upon the universal field with their own frequency output as they move in their programmed circuits.


When they come together in particular alignments, known as conjunctions, transits, squares, oppositions, and so on, the impact on the field is amplified through collective power. Humans have different frequency fields in part from the state of the universal field ('astrological sign') when they entered this reality.


They are then affected in different ways by ongoing planetary movements and the energetic symphony they play with sound and frequency. If you are skilled enough in this knowledge you can read the impact, and this is how the best astrologers predict 'trends' or flows of energy (Fig 75).


I stress again that they are reading the effect on the simulation field and not Infinite Reality.


Their information can be valuable when you are looking for the best period for a course of action within the simulation and I have met astrologers on retainers to major corporate CEOs who know that astrology is real no matter how mainstream 'science' may claim otherwise.


Figure 74:

The remarkable similarity between brain activity

and the electrical grid of the Universe,

but that is what you expect with holograms.

Figure 75:

Astrology is reading the waveform interaction

between planets, stars, and humans.

It can be very useful so long as we know

it is reading the simulation.

(Image by Neil Hague.)


Seeing is decoding

Those that reject the simulation version of reality point to the  phenomenal level of computational power that would be needed to manifest a universe, or that part of the 'Universe' that we think we can see.


This critique does not hold up for several reasons.


Firstly, we are not talking about a technology that humans can currently understand. Modern technology mirrors some AI capability in the Astral, but in a far more limited way. We are not comparing like with like.


Secondly, the decoding of the waveform information construct on which the simulation is based is not done by a computer as we perceive them. Decoding is the work of the brain and the whole simulated Universe is not manifested continually - only when we observe it.


The act of observation triggers the decoding process through which the brain transforms information encoded in waves into the illusion of a physical world.


I have used a simple example of the theme in other books of a falling tree.

Does a falling tree make a noise? Answer - only if you hear it.


A falling tree is a waveform electromagnetic field moving through the simulation which is a waveform electromagnetic field. In doing so, it causes a vibrational disturbance in the field.


If no one is there, that's all it does.


It makes no sound. If there is an observer, the vibrational disturbance of waves is picked up by the ears to be electrically communicated to the brain which decodes the information into the sound of a tree falling. In the same way we only 'see' (manifest) the part of the simulation that we are decoding.

Some scientists have indeed suggested that physical reality only exists when we look at it. They refer to this as the 'Observer Effect', but it is not the Observer Effect so much as the Decoder Effect.


When you play a virtual reality computer game the whole game is not manifested all at once.


You are only aware of that part of the game being delivered to your senses by the headset. Everything else remains in the form of electrical circuits and codes.

In the same way the Universe and our entire reality is a waveform construct until the observer decodes it into digital holographic reality. The computer analogy works every time.


Pao L. Chang wrote in his Waking Times article:

The core structures of reality work similar to how a computer works.


A computer communicates and operates through the use of binary codes, which are codes that consist of ones (on) and zeros (off). Binary codes are very simple but with the right combinations they can help computers create magnificent things.

For example, when we paint a picture using a computer software, the core state of the colors and shapes in the picture are basically made of ones and zeros.


We do not see our picture as ones and zeros, because the central processing unit (CPU) and its counterparts process the binary codes as colors and shapes.


The greatest thing about binary codes is that there are no limits to their combinations...

...The simple process of using binary codes to create things within the hardware of computers is very similar to how Creation creates our external reality or material world.


The material world works very similar to a virtual reality.


At its core, the material world is made of only light (energy) that flashes on and off to create energy codes.

The act of observation triggers the brain to turn 'light' into holographic reality and it is not necessary for the Universe to be constantly holographically and digitally manifest through 'computational power'.


Experiments by scientists at the Australian National University claim to have proven the Observer Effect and they are far from alone.


Associate professor Andrew Truscott said that,

'at the quantum level, reality does not exist if you are not looking at it'.

The famous quantum double-slit experiment becomes explainable.


Electrons fired at a photosensitive screen through slits in a copper plate produce an interference pattern (see holograms) that indicate wave-like behavior.


Well, they do until they are observed. At this point the electrons behave like particles, not waves, and there is no interference pattern.


The act of observation has transformed waves into particles - waveform into a holographic state. Scientists are observing how the simulation conserves power by only manifesting what is necessary to scam human perception.


This makes sense when you realize that reality is a simulation, and we only decode into illusory physicality that part of the simulation that we are observing.


Limits of the simulation are never seen for they exist at the speed of light at which humans cannot 'physically' travel.


Reality begins to distort and act very strangely at the approach to the speed of light ('time' goes haywire) because,

it is the boundary of the simulation at the 3-D level...

It is also worth mentioning with Pao L. Chang talking there about colors and binary codes that we only perceive color when the brain decodes the frequency of that color.


Famous English scientist Isaac Newton (1642-1726) referred to the rainbow frequency band of colors as a 'spectrum'.


This is appropriately Latin for apparition or phantom and from this comes the word spectre. Black absorbs all light, so it's black; white reflects all light, so it's white; and different colors absorb some light frequencies and reflect others.


What they reflect is what we see as their color when those reflected frequencies are decoded into electrical information by the sight senses, and into holographic perception in the brain.


Colors and shades of color are information fields of different frequencies which only become the colors that we think we see when we observe them - decode them - into that form.


Have I said that it's all an illusion? I must have...



What is 'history', really?

Once we consider simulated reality, many questions follow.

What is history?


Does it really exist as we perceive it?

A simulation allows the possibility of constant insertions in the same way as adding text to a computer file which then rearranges all the text that follows.

Could our 'history' operate in the same way?


Could discoveries that 'rewrite history' simply be inserts in the Matrix to play with our heads?

These things certainly need to be considered once the simulation view of reality is encompassed.

Did 'history' really happen or is it being fed to us by AI?


I have found myself more and more thinking about things I did even hours earlier and asking if they really happened, or do I only think they did?

I am not suggesting either way although it is right to say that with everything happening in the same NOW the linear sequence of events is not how things are.

It is how the simulation tells us that they are.

The simulation has many timelines and,

who is to say that ancient societies like the Roman Empire don't still exist as 3-D projections from the Astral and that there are bewildered Divine Sparks believing they are living in them?

I have written since 2004 about 'time loops' when I published the book Tales from Time Loop which explored the idea that reality is founded on a repeating loop of 'time' in which a sequence of events is repeated over and over and then 'rebooted' to start again.


Maybe the constant theme of end of the world catastrophes at intervals way back into 'history' are connected to this.

Time loops would sync with the 'Yuga Cycle' theory from ancient India (or 'ancient' as we perceive it!).


According to this belief we are now in the Kali Yuga, or the age of darkness, when the Mahabharata tells us the 'World Soul' is black and people become overwhelmed by,

'wickedness, disease, lethargy, anger, natural calamities, anguish and fear of scarcity' in the words of one article I came across.

Kali Yuga is called the Iron Age and others are the Satya or Krita Yuga (Golden Age), Treta Yuga (Silver Age) and the Dwapara Yuga (Bronze Age).


One interpretation says the current Kali Yuga ends in 2025 to be followed by a transitional period of 300 years before the Dwapara Yuga kicks in. Each Yuga is said to last a thousand years although details are a bit foggy. Some say that a full Yuga cycle is 24,000 years.


This is about the same as the Precessional Year of 25,765 years which is the period it takes for the Sun to pass through all twelve astrological signs into which the heavens are theoretically divided.


Yuga cycles are said to deviate between increases in knowledge, happiness, morality and spirituality, and the demise of all these states. Advocates believe that the cycles continue for eternity as with night and day and the waxing and waning of the Moon.


When each cycle ends there are geological upheavals and environmental disasters which delete pretty much all evidence of their civilizations. The geological record, if you believe in that, support this cataclysmic narrative. Other cultures have also believed in distinct cycles of a similar vein.


Zoroastrians apparently perceived a cycle of 12,000 years and the Greek Great Year or Perfect Year was anything from 10,800 to 12,954 years depending on the source.


Put aside the detail and focus on the common theme of distinct cycles and you have the basis of a software program that takes the simulation through ever-recurring periods of experience and loosh harvesting with a 'reboot' between them that deletes evidence of one in readiness for the next.


This would completely bewilder historians, geologists and anthropologists trying to make sense of it all.

Reality is interactive in that the Matrix affects us and we can affect the Matrix - if an awakening Divine Spark is involved.

Do we create 'history' by believing in it?


Is 'history' real or a belief system?


Is it a constructed memory of something that never happened?

I'm not saying this is the case, only that such possibilities must be considered when we are dealing with a simulation.

Do different species really have the origins that we think they do, or do they just appear as inserts in the Matrix when the controllers choose to have them?


Do species come and go as with mass extinctions because the controllers make it so?


Did human bodies evolve or did they go through a series of trial-and-error creation stages that anthropologists sequence as 'evolution'?


Does this explain the 'missing links' in human body history?


Does the story of Adam and Eve tell us symbolically about the creation by Yaldabaoth consciousness of the first human form to attach Divine Sparks to the simulation?


Do the biblical sons of God who interbred with the daughters of men refer to literal interbreeding with a non-human force or the manipulation of the human form in search of a better version for better loosh...?

Anything becomes possible with a simulated reality and some researchers claim to have identified patterns in the historical narrative that indicate a mathematical or software formula which points to a simulation.


Jason Breshears, from the website, Archaix, who has written books on the subject, says:

'What we have as world history is a series of cycles and epicycles that happen so perfectly that we can actually predict the next series of events.'


What is 'nature', really?

Then there is the concept of 'nature'.


People say how they love to be out in nature, and I love to walk in the countryside among the fields and forests, but if we are in a simulation,

what is nature except simulated nature?


The simulation is a 'bad copy' of Prime Reality where what we call nature will exist, but does it exist here?


Or are we perceiving as 'natural' something that is only a waveform/digital copy of 'nature'?

Remember that the 'colors' of 'nature' are only frequencies decoded by the brain.


We think we know what 'nature' is and yet,

what do we have to compare this with?


How can we compare natural with simulated if there is only simulated?

If our reality is a simulation, then nature must be simulated and not natural.

Is our love of nature a memory and longing for real nature in Prime Reality?


Does real nature try to connect with us through simulated nature?


Is that why within simulated nature our Spirit can sing?

This brings us also to the concept of 'Gaia' and the 'Gaia hypotheses', proposed by the late former NASA and MI5 scientist James Lovelock, that Earth functions as a self-regulating system.


Lovelock said that living and non-living parts of the planet formed an interacting system which operated as like a single organism.


He named this 'Gaia' after the Greek goddess of the Earth and we have the Green and New Age perception of Gaia as the Earth spirit.

But isn't what Lovelock describes perfectly explainable by AI as an interconnected and interacting system run by software?


An Earth spirit as Prime Earth? Okay, I can go with that.


With simulated Earth? I don't think so.


Is the spirit of Prime Earth seeking to influence us through simulated Earth? Very possible and maybe, as with nature, that is what people feel when they talk of connecting with the Earth and Gaia.

Prime Earth reality shares the same 'space' as the simulation and is only a different frequency away. When people talk about a coming 'new Earth' could this symbolize Prime Earth reappearing through the dissolving of the simulation?


Lovelock, by the way, was a serious climate change alarmist who then retracted dramatically and said environmentalists were treating global warming like a religion.

'I don't think people have noticed that, but it's got all the sort of terms that religions use ...The greens use guilt. That just shows how religious greens are.'

All true...


The simulated fake 'Gaia goddess' is the deity of the climate cult.



Software programs are hackable

Researchers at the University of Washington proved that the potential exists to encode malicious software into 'physical' strands of DNA.


I have been pointing out for decades that DNA and the body in general is a software program. I began way back to describe the body as a biological computer, and this has since been confirmed by a gathering mountain of evidence.


Tadayoshi Kohno, the computer science professor who led the Washington study, compared the technique to hacker attacks using malicious code in web pages or an email attachment.


DNA's basic units of code are known as A, T, G, and C and each emit a different light color (frequency). Researchers found that DNA could be hacked in a process that could be translated from 'physical' DNA to a digital format that can be downloaded on to computers. DNA is itself digital on one level (Fig 76).


In this way hacked DNA could infiltrate computers working with DNA sequences, the study suggested. This is threatening enough, but what if the hack can go the other way from computer systems and radiation fields to DNA?


It could change the nature of the human form and how the brain processes information. I suggest this is what is happening with the fantastic levels of technologically-generated radiation - see Wi-Fi - now being projected from towers and low orbit satellites to form the 'Cloud' of 4G and 5G with 6G and 7G on the way. I have long described the human body as an antenna and DNA as a receiver-transmitter of information.


I have quoted Russian research for example that confirms this.


Now a team at the University of Massachusetts- Amherst has highlighted how 6G could exploit humans as a power source by using people as antennas.


Loosh factory, anyone...?


DNA conforms to fractal principles, and I saw a scientific paper with the heading:

'DNA is a fractal antenna in electromagnetic fields.'

Given that DNA is a receiver-transmitter you can see how we are connected to the simulation via the body.


Figure 76:

DNA like the whole 3-D simulation

is digital on one level

and that's how numerology works

to read the simulation.

All this puts the 'Covid vaccine' in a whole new perspective.


Clearly it has been nothing to do with protecting from a 'virus' that literally has never been shown to exist (see The Answer). Nor, as Pfizer has been forced to admit, was it even tested before the rollout to check if it stopped transmission (of a 'virus' never shown to exist).


Why would it be when it is a military bioweapon and nothing to do with 'Covid'?


We had the shaming of the reluctant as selfish people who were okay with 'killing granny', with moronic (programmed) members of the public acting as mob-shamers for the Cult, but it's now known that it didn't stop 'transmission' and in truth was never meant to.


It had another agenda all along.

Far from protecting anyone, the jab has killed and destroyed health on a mega-scale and continues to do so.


Synthetic genetic material and nanotechnology in the fake vaccine is self-replicating and goes on building its circuitry to hack and transform the body.


Nanotechnology in the jab is designed to connect the body and brain to the Cloud and I will put this into context as the book continues.


Among official denials was that synthetic mRNA in the fake vaccines would not change DNA and once again they were lying to hide the real motivation behind the jabs.


I saw it claimed that mRNA cannot change DNA when I knew from my own research over the years that this was not true.


Today it is clear that DNA is being changed.


This has colossal implications in changing the frequencies on which DNA receives and transmits and which realities and frequency fields that humans connect with.


The idea again is to delete a connection with anything except the simulation.

Virginie Joron, a French member of the European Parliament, posted a slide from a presentation by Özlem Türeci, Chief Medical Officer of BioNTech, the German biotech company that officially developed what is known as the Pfizer fake vaccine.


The slide highlighted how the synthetic mRNA travels throughout the body and reveals how the fake vaccine specifically targets lymph nodes.


The slide was headed 'The Bodyhack'.


Cult liars around the world knew this and that the deeply sick, mass-murdering manufacturers (run by the military) had skipped trials while governments awarded them immunity from prosecution for the deaths and devastated health that followed.


Big Pharma and government 'regulators' are demonic Cult operations that have contempt for public welfare.


Bill Gates, pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's pal, promoted the fake vaccine directly and through his control of the World Health Organization (WHO) for his Rockefeller masters...


He has made a fortune from the horrors he has perpetrated.


Gates bought stock in Pfizer before the 'Covid' hoax and sold at the height of the fake vaccine bonanza in 2021 before its consequences became obvious.


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation made 15 times its initial investment to secure a profit of some $260 million with $242 million of that reported to be untaxed because the money was invested through the tax-exempt foundation.

Gates is a psychopath - they all are - and they are running your world for their Astral 'gods'...

When people like him claim to want the best for humanity it is time to guffaw...



The 'operating system'

The mRNA conspiracy has been long in the making.


An article in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) reported that the US government alone invested at least $337 million in mRNA fake vaccines before the fraudulent 'pandemic', and this rose to $31.9 billion up to 2022.


Moderna and Pfizer as a result netted more than $100 billion in revenue from fake vaccine sales in return for killing or destroying the health of staggering numbers of people worldwide (with the military creaming off the top no doubt for their off-the-books so-called 'black budget' operations).


The Cult and its Big Pharma front know the body is biological software and produced the fake vaccine to manipulate the program to make it even harder for expanded consciousness to make an impact.


Fake vaccine maker Moderna (Modify-RNA) refers to the mRNA technique in its own documents as an 'operating system' and includes the wording 'Our MRNA Medicines - The Software of Life':

Recognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer.


It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs. In our case, the 'program' or 'app' is our mRNA drug - the unique mRNA sequence that codes for a protein …

...When we have a concept for a new mRNA medicine and begin research, fundamental components are already in place.


Generally, the only thing that changes from one potential mRNA medicine to another is the coding region - the actual genetic code that instructs ribosomes to make protein.


Utilizing these instruction sets gives our investigational mRNA medicines a software-like quality.


We also have the ability to combine different mRNA sequences encoding for different proteins in a single mRNA investigational medicine.

Yaldabaoth demons have been working to perfect the body as a loosh machine since the simulation was instigated and the fake vaccine is a form of demonic possession.


So many people have reported personality changes among their fake-vaccinated friends, associates, and family members. but this is not always the case thanks to a combination of consciousness overriding 'matter' and the fact that not everyone had a full-blown mRNA vial.


Some were given a placebo solution as independent vial analysis has confirmed.


This was to avoid too many dying in one go and the Cult death agenda becoming so blatant that it could no longer be suppressed. The more that people have had the more obviously are the chances they would cop a full-blown one.


Big Pharma's advanced plans to transfer all vaccines to the mRNA system are aimed at ensnaring everyone eventually through mandatory jabbing. This includes using mRNA in farm animal injections and other foodstuffs including fruit and vegetables.


A 'fact-check' by the AFP (Agence France-Presse) 'news' agency declared that you 'cannot receive messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines by eating meat from inoculated farm animals' (thus confirming that you can when 'fact-checking' is about hiding facts not establishing them).


This is how the now explosion of Cult-serving 'fact-checkers' work. They decide by reflex action that anything challenging the Cult agenda is 'misinformation'.


They are more professional liars in other words, and how they sleep is beyond me.


Fake vaccines added to food are part of a much bigger agenda that I have warned about for decades of adding psychoactive drugs to food to manipulate perception and make the population docile.


We also have gathering evidence that fake vaccinated people can infect the non-fake-vaccinated with their synthetic nanotechnology shite.


The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are supposed to protect the public from Big Pharma while being controlled by Big Pharma.


The CDC and its criminal director Rochelle Wallensky, who is responsible for shocking numbers of deaths from the jab and 'pandemic' restrictions, said that mRNA would 'stay in the arm' and be quickly ejected from the body.


They lied as psychopaths do. mRNA and other fake vaccine contents stay in the body as always planned.


I will reveal later how the jabs are part of a sequence to change the body from a biological to a more synthetic organism and those who cannot make that transition become part of the Cult depopulation program.


Time for a BIG re-think

Everything changes with a simulated reality.


Events can be altered, history can be whatever the controllers choose it to be, and the realization dawns that it's all diversion and illusion. Every concept and belief system, religious, political, cultural, is set in a completely different context.


None of it matters.


A belief in Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, any ism, whatever your cultural foundation or political system of choice, are only diversions and cul-de-sacs to keep hidden this simple fact:

All humans of every kind, color, race, and belief have been trapped in a colossal illusion designed to enslave Divine Sparks in a false reality based on false perceptions and self-identity...

How the demonic controllers must laugh when they see their human cattle nail themselves to a cross to celebrate 'Jesus', bloody their backs with self-flagellation to honor some fake Islamic hero, or kill thousands of buffalo to worship some illusory Hindu goddess.


How they must hold their bellies and shake in hysterics at the sight of people chasing, as a goal in itself, the pursuit of fame, status and money while thinking they are getting somewhere within a simulated fantasy.

Surely the realization of simulated reality should bring us all together as the fault lines that systematically divide and rule are seen for what they are - illusions created to enslave us.

We are not the labels of the simulation, be they human, black, white, brown, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, rich or poor, have or have not.


We really are all in this together as Divine Sparks of Infinite Awareness trapped in layers and layers of illusion.

The question then follows of,

why we would come here and why, through reincarnation, we would come back into what is for the great majority a simulated shithole...

There is an answer and that's where we are going next...