by Dr. Mathew Maavak
May 27, 2024
from DrMathewMaavak Website


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The 'Great Blackout'

is arguably the most expedient pathway

towards the Great Reset.


But how will it pan out?


As I had written recently, the Earth was subjected to a dynamic solar flare from an active sunspot called Region 3664 between May 10 and 13.


It peaked on May 11 as a significant X5.8 class flare.


The X-class constitutes the most powerful category of solar flares and has the potential to impair human and animal health as well as degrade utilities and telecommunications infrastructures.

We are in the midst of a new helical cycle called Solar Cycle 25, which began in December 2019 and is expected to peak into a "solar maximum" between late 2024 and early 2025.


An unprecedented X class solar storm, accompanied by massive coronal mass ejections (CMEs), may set back societies by months, years or even decades.

The biggest incident of this kind in recorded history, registering X45 on the solar flare scale, was the Carrington Event which occurred on 1 Sept 1859.

It caused widespread disruptions to telegraph systems, particularly in North America and Europe.

Telegraph lines experienced voltage surges and fires broke out at several telegraph offices. A few telegraph operators were even electrocuted.


These telegraph systems, which were in their infancy, were quickly rebuilt. A repeat event in our hyperconnected world however may simply be catastrophic. 


To begin with, I am not sure if Elon Musk's constellation of Starlink satellites - numbering anywhere between 4,000 and 6,000 - can withstand anything stronger than an X30 solar flare.


A relatively mild solar storm had doomed 40 of them in 2022.  


Only remote or rural areas, which are relatively unplugged from our hyper-wired world, stand a chance to revert to some sort of normalcy after a Carrington Event.


Humans can learn to live without the Internet, electricity and transportation systems relatively quickly but they cannot survive without immediate access to food and water.

Why do you think billionaires, who relentlessly promote destructive globalist agendas, are building survival bunkers in remote areas around the world? 

Those living in cities, without skills to source, generate or process food and water, will face mayhem unless utilities and telecoms systems are restored within three days.


Humans can survive without water for up to three days but the cumulative psychological impact will be incalculable.


As the US writer Alfred Henry Lewis once noted:

"There are only nine meals (i.e. three days) between mankind and anarchy."

This was said back in 1906, when societies were far more cohesive and resilient. 


An entire generation today, without real life skills and hopelessly hooked on instant multimedia gratification, would crack much sooner than three days.


One can only imagine the hordes of zombies straggling along various streets, trying to come to grips with life without Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram.


The vulnerable will face hordes of looters and assorted anarchists who will be razing down down entire neighborhood blocks when they are not attacking people at random.


It will be reminiscent of scenes from The Purge franchise.


Without access to functioning  telecommunications systems, it would be next to impossible for police forces and national guard units to restore law and order across the board.


Even if emergency systems are deployed, law and order personnel will likely face makeshift roadblocks and attacks from anarchist elements. We were given a preview of this during the George Floyd "protests".


Hospitals, to the extent where they are accessible, would be inundated with the sick and dying. 


Martial law may only benefit high value individuals who will be ex-filtrated - to the extent possible - from their urban hellholes to safe havens in improvised military camps or makeshift security zones.


These operations may be synchronized with the targeted elimination of identified dissidents.


Say goodbye to your favorite Substack authors if and when this happens. 





Urban Prepper Traps


Those who had stockpiled essential items in their city dwellings will face new and unforeseen dilemmas. 

Cooking food from stored items would only alert the dazed, angry and hungry coexisting nearby.


Flushing the toilet even once a day would alert neighbors to the fact that someone has a ready supply of water in their vicinity.

In the midst of this pandemonium, highways would be gridlocked by vehicles crawling out of urban zones.


Then again,

if an X30+ solar flare does strike, most vehicles would have been knocked out of commission.


This is the acid test for a genuine solar storm incident.


You have been forewarned. 

The scenarios I depicted above are nothing new.


They have been regularly gamed out in various military exercises as well as in movies and novels.


During this period, repeated flares of a magnitude exceeding X30 or greater may destroy all backup systems that had been stored in military Faraday cages.


Urban dwellers in Developed Nations can recover from a one-time superflare but most will not survive repeated bombardments from the sun. 



What if a takedown of utilities and telecommunications is conveniently blamed on a superflare, accompanied by spectacular auroras around the world?


What if many of the recent auroras witnessed from May 10-13 were not the result of solar flares?


What if many of them were the result of High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) experiments? 

According to, several AI chatbots had concluded that many of the auroras witnessed recently may have been the result of HAARP experiments conducted from May 8-10.


To the perennial skeptic, these visual extravaganzas appear like a trial run for something more sinister. 





Engineered Cyberattacks 


Socioeconomic dams across the Developed World are about to burst.

The system can no longer be fixed.


The global corona-psychosis was a fiasco of sorts.


Trust in governments has hit an all time low.


It is now time to unleash a new global false flag

UK Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden recently advised his fellow citizens to build "national resilience" by stockpiling food and water that can last for at least three days, along with candles, torches and hand crank radios which can provide a degree of "analogue capabilities". 





According to a Daily Mail report dated 21 May 2024, these contingency measures will help citizens deal with,

"potential emergencies such as prolonged power cuts, cyber attacks and floods".

On the surface, some of these threats have been linked to a,

"new axis of anti-western states including China, Russia, North Korea and Iran". 

Dowden had announced an "emergency alert" system in 2023 which will dispatch warnings to millions of mobile phones in the event of an ongoing or impending national crisis.


The UK Cabinet was reportedly inspired by Finland's,

"72-hour concept" plan for coping in situations where "society's services are disrupted or even discontinued".

Now, here is where things get a little murky.


The Finns have also been encouraged to tape up their windows and doors in the event of a national emergency and to await instructions via radios. (Note: The Finnish plan is generic).


As far as I know, taping up exterior gaps in a dwelling is only resorted to under two extraordinary circumstances:

  • a pandemic outbreak/biological attack

  • a chemical attack

Are the global parasites planning to unleash Disease X? 





Just how does a massive cyberattack, solar superflare or an environmental calamity gel with duct tapes? 


Sure, some chemical plants may suffer catastrophic meltdowns when their cybersystems are compromised but any spillout would be limited to a few urban areas. It will not be a global event.


Furthermore, taping up windows and doors would be of no use when a nuclear plant suffers a meltdown. Think of Chernobyl for starters. 


But the real goal here seems more ominous.


The groundwork for these series of events has already been laid out.

In late 2021, when it was apparent that the corona-psychosis was fizzling out, the World Economic Forum (WEF) declared that the world was,

"in the midst of a 'cyber pandemic'." 

Nothing of that sort happened...

A surge in cyberattacks is not the same as a "cyber pandemic".

Were hospitals which were allegedly overburdened by mass hospitalizations during the "pandemic" subjected to cyberattacks?


I thought these were the rare situations which psychopathic hackers typically drooled over?



An explosion at a Power Station in NYC




According to WEF 'supremo' Klaus Schwab, the "Covid-19 crisis" would be seen as,

"a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyberattack".


so there may be a bigger global disruption ahead...?

All the supposedly antagonistic stakeholders have been bought over.


The opening session of the 2021 WEF cyber polygon pow-wow was kicked off by Russia's Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and the event featured a heavy Russian representation.


Rather coincidentally, Russia is on the forefront of the Digital ID agenda.


Another thing to note about Cyber Polygon is its logo.

Have we not seen iterations of it elsewhere? 




You would think that the Russian security services would have raised a few red flags over an event logo that smacked of pedophile symbolism.


These symbols were featured in a 2007 FBI bulletin and they were compiled by its Cyber Division's Innocent Images National Initiative.


Somehow the FBI does not maintain a link to this document. 





'The Great Blackout'


I believe our global puppet masters are planning to launch a coordinated series of cyberattacks worldwide via digital kill switches


During this short window period of confusion and mayhem, these attacks will be initially blamed on the,

"new axis of anti-western states".

Even Hamas may be blamed for this "attack on humanity".


Later, the narrative may shift in an attempt to avert WW3. A few HAARP-engineered auroras around the world may rapidly create a new global consensus.


The cyberattacks will eventually be blamed on a clique of "anarchists" worldwide who took advantage of solar disruptions and the accompanying human misery.


Your bank accounts and pension funds, in the meantime, would have disappeared overnight. Your Bitcoins will be worthless. Many will die in their homes, in the streets and in non-functioning hospitals.


Any return to societal normalcy would be contingent on acquiring national Digital IDs which will enable the provision of essential products (i.e. food to medicine) via Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).


Without Digital IDs, you will not have access to essential services like the Internet or any other form of mobile communications.


There will be promises to restore your bank accounts and pension funds but it will soon transpire that the solar flares, rioters and hackers had "erased" them altogether.


As I had written last year:

You may have been very careful with your finances; you may be free of debts; free from any outstanding loan for any of the properties (houses, cars, farms etc.) you had purchased but you will no longer own them within six years.


You may even have millions in the bank, along with a well-cushioned pension fund, but they will no longer be available at your disposal.


Rights to everything that you own will be steadily transferred to a national coordinating authority which in turn will report to a centralized international body.


There is nowhere to run in the emerging planetary prison.





Day-to-day functions of the Great Reset Society will be mediated by blockchain and social credits.


As for the global oligarchy, special CBDC credits will be dispensed for the management of sprawling enterprises that are deemed vital to society.


It will be communism on digital steroids:

a dynamic form of communism that will finally "work" after many failed attempts. 

I would like to call this engineered event the "Great Blackout" and it is arguably the most expedient pathway towards the Great Reset.



there is one event which will throw a planetary-sized spanner into this hypothetical globalist machination...


Ironically, it will be a real solar superflare in the form of either a Carrington Event or the much more destructive Miyake Event.


Digital IDs and CBDCs would be useless after this event, for society would have to revert to a pre-digital modus vivendi for a considerable period of time. 





A solar superflare may set back societies by decades, along with a much reduced global population...