by Brandon Smith
June 03, 2021
from Alt-Market Website






Back in April I published an article titled 'Globalists Will Need Another Crisis In America As Their Reset Agenda Fails'.


In it I noted an odd trend which many of us in the liberty media have become aware of over the years - Almost every major man-made catastrophe in the US and in many other parts of the world in the past couple decades has been preceded by a government or globalist "exercise".


These exercises and war games tend to mimic the exact disaster that would eventually strike the public only days or weeks later. Sometimes the mock disaster exercises and the real events happen at the same time.


The Covid 'pandemic' was no exception. It's quite miraculous...


I have specifically outlined the bizarre "coincidence" of the World Economic Forum's Event 201 exercise, a war game co-funded by Bill Gates and Johns Hopkins and launched in October of 2019.


Event 201 simulated a global novel zoonotic coronavirus 'pandemic' (supposedly spread from bats to people) that "required" a global lockdown response.


Only two months later the real thing actually happened. Almost every aspect of the Covid event has played out exactly as was practiced during the WEF war game.


One very disturbing element of the Covid response has been the coordinated suppression campaign by Big Tech platforms from YouTube to Facebook and Twitter.


This campaign has sought to undermine or destroy any facts, data and opinions which run contrary to the government narrative on Covid, even if the official narrative on Covid ends up being completely wrong.


The strategy was described in detail during Event 201 and it was executed with extreme efficiency among supposedly disconnected companies and governments around the world.


It's almost as if they KNEW a coronavirus 'pandemic' was about to happen, and they were already staged to control the public reaction well in advance.


And let's be clear because I do not want to seem ambiguous; the World Economic Forum and their globalist partners have been the prime beneficiaries during the 'pandemic'.


As WEF head Klaus Schwab has excitedly noted over and over again, the 'pandemic' is a perfect "opportunity" for globalists to fast track what they call the "Great Reset" agenda - a plan to completely dismantle the current political and economic framework of the world and rebuild it into a highly centralized socialist civilization in which they are in complete control and personal freedom is a faded memory.


This is why recent revelations of Covid's probable lab origins are not at all surprising. Just mentioning this idea a year ago in social media was enough to get you banned.


And, if you want to know where to find the truth, always look first to the subjects you are not allowed to discuss.


As I stated in my article 'How Viral Pandemic Benefits the Globalist Agenda', published in January of 2020 at the very beginning of the outbreak:

"I have a hard time ignoring the strange "coincidence" of the high level biohazard labs in Wuhan in favor of the idea that the virus was launched by chance due to the odd diets of central Chinese people.


Given the evidence it appears that the coronavirus was gestated in a lab, not in someone's bat and snake soup. 


In 2017, scientists outside of China warned that these labs were not secure and that a virus might escape one of the facilities...


I would use the term "escape" loosely, as there is a possibility that this event was created intentionally..."

Elites like Dr. Anthony Fauci (a close associate of Bill Gates and Bill Gates SR.) directly funded studies at the Wuhan Lab through the NIAID since 2015, and specifically funded the study of the infectious transfer of coronaviruses from bats to other mammals including humans.


And yes, the NIAID was in fact involved in "gain of function" experiments using SARS and coronavirus variants at this time, despite Anthony Fauci claiming otherwise.

The National Institute Of Health's (NIHs) own website confirms this...

All of these facts support the argument that Covid is a lab created bioweapon, and in my view according to the evidence so far it was released deliberately in close alliance with the Chinese government.


Fauci even somehow "predicted" in 2017 that Donald Trump would face a,

"surprise infectious disease outbreak" during his presidency, stating that "we will definitely get surprised in the next few years..."

The scheme has certainly worked to an extent. In large portions of Europe, Asia and Australia the WEF is getting what it always wanted.


That said, some things did not go as planned.


For example, Event 201 predicted an initial 65 million people dead within the first year of the 'pandemic'; this did not happen, and it was not because governments saved any lives.


In fact, government lockdowns and restrictions did nothing to stave off the spread of Covid and independent studies have proven mask mandates to be completely ineffective in stopping the virus.


The reason for the comparatively small body count is the fact that Covid's death rate is only 0.26% among otherwise healthy people. The only place where Covid is a true threat is in nursing homes among elderly people with preexisting conditions.


Because of the miscalculations of the elites, the reset agenda appears to be failing in some parts of the world.


In the US, resistance to the lockdowns as well as the experimental vaccines has grown exponentially to the point that dozens of states are now passing laws which prohibit enforcement of Covid restrictions and "medical passports".


The alternative media has also proven resilient against censorship and information suppression, and we have been proven to be right time and time again...

We were the first people to warn that the death rate of Covid was being exaggerated (the WHO and other establishment institutions predicted a death rate of at least 3%, FAR above the reality).


We were the first people to warn that the lockdowns and mask rules did nothing to stop the spread (states that removed restrictions ended up with FALLING infections and deaths).


And, we were the first people to warn that the virus was behaving more like a bioweapon, and that its origin was more likely the Level 4 lab in Wuhan, China, right down the street from the animal market that the Chinese government originally claimed was the source of the outbreak.


We were also one the first people to warn that the 'pandemic' would be used as a rationale for the enforcement of vaccine passports, which would create a two tier society designed to force people who do not want to take the mRNA vaccines into compliance.

We have been proven right once again as the state of Oregon has become the first in the US to demand proof of vaccination (a passport) before residents are able to enter any businesses or establishments.


We have consistently been called "conspiracy theorists" throughout this event by government bureaucrats and the media.


This dynamic is important to understand because I believe the situation is far from over and that more crisis events are about to be engineered (or they will magically happen by coincidence).


My biggest concern right now is the upcoming 'CyberPolygon' exercise being headed by the WEF this July.


The war game is meant to,

"simulate" a cyberattack on vital infrastructure that would lead to a shutdown of the global supply chain, or at least the supply chains within certain nations.

As I warned in April, the timing of CyberPolygon is suspicious...


As the Covid lockdown agenda is breaking down in the US and the vaccine passports are not winning favor among a large percentage of Americans, the globalists will need another crisis even if they hope to achieve their goals for their Great Reset.


Only weeks after I published my initial concerns about CyberPolygon, a massive cyberattack was reported which struck the 5,500 mile Colonial Pipeline.

The pipeline supplies gasoline to most of the eastern seaboard and after a week of being shut down numerous states were reporting gas shortages.

The story has since quietly faded from mainstream news cycles.


In the past few days, yet another major cyberattack has been reported against JBS, a meat company that supplies around 23% of all US beef and pork.


Production at JBS has shut down, and now there is the possibility of meat shortages across the country if the problems are not solved soon.



Is it just coincidence that these large scale cyberattacks are happening with greater frequency in the lead-up to a WEF's CyberPolygon simulation?


Or, is CyberPolygon another Event 201?


Is it a beta test for a disaster that is planned for the near future?

The WEF is openly comparing future cyber attacks to Covid outbreaks, so I'm inclined to suspect the latter:





The supply chain issue has come to the forefront in the wake of the 'pandemic' as retailers have had to deal with intermittent shortages, and manufacturers are facing a lack of components.


Not only that, but inflationary troubles are also weighing on supplies.


That said, a cyberattack is another animal entirely:

whether or not the event is real or staged, the supply chain is fragile because of global interdependency.

In the US, there are many necessities that rely on foreign manufacturers or the "just in time" freight system.


Preparedness and long term storage are not a part of the vocabulary of the common US business.


I don't really know if the supply chain could be shut down completely using a cyberattack, but in combination with inflation and draconian 'pandemic' restrictions, it is possible to disrupt the flow of goods for weeks at a time.


It is also impossible to predict how many people are prepared for such a calamity.


My hope is that more than 30% of Americans have at least begun the path to prepping, but undoubtedly a majority of the country has not.

All it would take is a couple weeks of shortages or a grid down scenario and most people would be facing starvation, among other things.

If Event 201 is any indication, then we should remain vigilant and watch carefully for another major cyberattack affecting the supply chain within two months of the WEF's CyberPolygon exercise in July.







Cyberattack Drills Going Live?

by Thomas Müller
June 03, 2021
from WinterWatch Website

GIF: Winter Watch




'Once men turned their thinking over to machines

in the hope that this would set them free.

But that only permitted other men with machines

to enslave them.'

Frank Herbert (1920-1986)





All these Cyber Attacks might be Live Drills for what is Coming later this Summer - Cyber Polygon 2021

By sheer coinciding, another ransom-ware attack has taken down operations of another major American industry.

This time, the target is America's largest meat processer, JBS.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Tuesday said that the hacker group behind the attack is,

"likely based in Russia."

Wednesday morning, in another of a series of whodathunk moments, the FBI issued a statement revealing that Russian-linked hackers "REvil and Sodinokibi" are behind the ransom-ware attack on JBS meat processing facilities.


JBS acquired a fake, plant-based meat company for $500 million, and its CEO has been using Joe Biden's "build back better" slogan and other World Economic Forum and United Nations jargon...


It has moved into the faux-burger market in Europe.





First, it was Texas energy, then the Colonial gas pipeline and now meat.


All of this is happening as shortages are commonplace, caused by massive economic distortions from lockdowns, money printing crack up boom and "stimulus," and putting people on permanent unemployment largesse.


Is this a distraction to justify the rise in prices (aka inflation).








As another precursor to yet another drill going live - namely, the July 9, 2021, Cyber Polygon cyberattack "exercise" simulations - we learn that overnight downdector users reported AT&T service across the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area experienced widespread outages.


About the same time, Apple reported problems with the functioning of its Apple Card credit card and payment system that was affecting all users.


The Cyber Polygon exercise will focus on simulating the downing of the global internet, as well as disruptions to power supplies and control grids. That's right.


In July, the summer month for peak heat in most of North America, there will be forced power outages.


What will happen when the air conditioning goes out while temperatures hover around 100 F in America's largest cities?


The final spark for the long, hot, summer conflagration will be when Derek Chauvin is exonerated on a technicality. And it's not exactly like a warning hasn't been issued by the Wizard of Oz, Mr. Diabolica himself, Klaus Schwab.


He announced at the last World Economic Forum gathering that the coming,

"cyber 'pandemic' will make COVID-19 look like a non-event."



Anyone beginning to see a pattern?


Meat packers and gas pipelines can be hacked but not elections?

Thanks, comrade.


Any company big enough to be a cyberattack target is big enough to design work-arounds.





They never attack,

  • 'Beyond Meat'

  • 'Woka-Cola'

  • 'Proctor & Gamble', they?


How odd...

Somehow Tesla doesn't have any semi-chip shortages.


You won't see a solar panel company "hacked" or a vaccine company.

Watch for more "attacks" on anything and everything that supports self-sufficient, regional or middle class economies, such as the hack that nearly poisoned the water supply of Oldsmar, Florida, in February.


Part of Agenda 21 is to reduce meat consumption,

not for those at the top of the pecking order, just for the "commoner" plebs...

It's also engineered to remove humans from normal processes so that they can be laid off and the Crime Syndicate minions running the corporations still get a big bonus.


Of course, this is great for the shareholders until the day the automation breaks "Dune"-style, and then everything collapses because no one knows how to fix anything manually any more.


We've seen how easy it is to scare people with a flu that rarely kills old fat already ill people.


Just think how scared and aggressive people will be with no gas in their tank or no food on their table, or in sweltering heat without air conditioning.


Shock the system and test the results...

First an energy shock


Then an oil shock


Now a food shock


Yes, they probably have a money shock planned for the future.

So, time to go with the nice, safe, government-backed, digital dollar?


The best way to deploy it is to get people clamoring for it.

They will use this to disable access to "unsafe" dissident sites, just as Cass Sunstein and his ilk recommended.

This is a fifth-generation world war being run by a global Crime Syndicate, and the enemy is any and all competition.


They use alarmist imperatives as a cover for yet more greed, corruption, enslavement and to feed their lust for power and control.