by Elva Thompson
August 24, 2015

from HeartStarBooks Website

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"Pragmatically speaking,

I like the fact that the masses vote, abuse drugs,

believe in Jesus, follow sports, and worship a flag.

They are tools of social engineering

that keep the many sedate, pacified,

and out of many people's hair

(chiefly, my own)."

Matt Paradise

Bearing The Devil's Mark



Sea Shepherd Global.




The satanic fabric of society

Definition of civilization:

Having an advanced or humane culture, society, etc.

Our so called 'civilized' society is built on a monstrous Lie.


It is not humane or advanced, it is a cold blooded, satanic hierarchical system built on the suffering and blood of mankind and the animal nations.


All life forms on this planet are under attack from a perverted and insane consciousness; a debased mind set that has descended into a bestiality far below the innocent realm of animal instinct.

All of us that do not speak out against barbarism and cruelty in all its manifestations, are complicit in the ongoing destruction of our planet and its creatures. Sadly, many of us have become carbon copies of impostor consciousness, perverse in our thinking and blind in our ignorance and insensitivity.


We play into, and give credence to a satanic system of debt, political choice, medical fraud, mind numbing fake news, planetary despoliation… and, are in effect, accomplices and co-conspirators of inequality and oppression.



Nothing happens by accident

The violent events that happen in this world are not accidental.


They are carefully crafted scenarios, hatched by the criminally insane, the thirteen satanic families of the coven, and their political enforcers.


In the double speak of evil,

  • war is peace

  • liberation is enslavement

  • help and relief are hindrance and exploitation

  • education is the ignorance of falsehood



Black Magic

The thirteen elite families are practicing black magicians.

They know the laws that govern this dimension, and are aware of auspicious astrological times of power. They use planetary alignments and conjunctions to enhance financial crashes or to start a war.





They do nothing by chance, being creatures of ritual and repetition.


They have duped, drugged and distracted us with the sensory stimuli they constantly apply through their 'entertainment' outlets, and, even though we may be aware of their plot to take over the world, many feel helpless in the face of such blatant evil and corruption.

To keep us chained to a dimension of the senses, and block our divinity, they have to manipulate the energetic health of our planet with malignant, terrified energy.


They know we are immersed in a sea of vibration, resonance and frequency, and they manipulate the grid with human sacrifice.



Negative energy

Because of the horror injected at the power points on our planet by the satanic elite, humanities collective soul is tarnished and degraded by the dark, demonic impulses which flow throughout our world.


The planetary grid is kept in a low state of vibration by 'shock and awe' collective fear, child torture and sacrifice, brothels, factory farms, vivisection laboratories, slaughter houses, the terrorizing of civilian populations and the constant barbarism of war.

The real casualties of war are 'we the people'. We are not paid mercenaries to murder. We are humanity, poisoned, maimed and displaced by the whim and balance sheet of our satanic masters.


We are adrift in a hostile world where trauma is the norm, and lies are served up for breakfast, lunch and dinner.



Heads or tails - The two sides of the coin

Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pairs of opposites.'

The Kybalion

To take on the satanic elite and level the playing field, it is important that we understand the dynamics of duality.


In the Matrix game of 'us and them' there has to be two opposing sides:

Those who mend and those that break… those who give and those that take.



In our dual world both types of consciousness exist side by side.


They are the opposing maspects of the same force forever battling it out in the matrix game of snakes and ladders.

The game of 'us versus them' is tailor made for impostor consciousness and will only cease when humanity refuses to play the game… but that's a long way off… for many don't even realize there is a game, and those that do, don't realize they are playing it.



The disconnect from divinity

Trauma creates disconnection from the heart, and once we lose this vital connection we become entrapped in the five sense world of sensation and self-gratification.


No longer are we selfless beings.


We are held captive by the impostor consciousness that inhabits the world of self gratification. The ego "I" that eclipses our divine multi-dimensional nature, and inhibits our spiritual awareness for growth.



The loss of the sixth sense

We can only use the five chakras of,

  • touch

  • taste

  • light

  • smell

  • sense of space, create our physical reality.


We have lost contact with our inner self and multi-dimensional awareness, and are unable to access our sixth and seventh sense:



However, the animals we torture, hunt and murder in the manifested world, still retain awareness of the 6th and seventh sense. They are in effect, nearer to divinity than self seeking, arrogant humanity, and are more aware of their place in this reality than we are.

Animals flee from a tsunami, they do not run like a dull sensed human towards impending death to take a photograph!



Who are the animals?

Rudolph Steiner postulated in his books 'Man as Symphony of the Creative Word' and 'Occult Science' that man the microcosm, reflected the macrocosm, and that the animal kingdom were specialized parts of the whole spread out in creation.

Following Rudolph Steiner's research into' Man a symphony of the Creative Word, Sir George Trevelyan in his book 'Operation Redemption' had this to say about the animal realms: the microcosm and the macrocosm.

"Thus the ruminants may be seen as the digestive system externalized.


Across the face of the earth is extended this mechanism of digestion, the cow consuming grass and fertilizing the living earth. The lion seems to be the chest in specialized development, the rhythmic system of heart and lungs.


How slight are its digestive organs, how powerful its manned shoulders and thorax, how royal its glance and its roar!


The eagle, representing the bird kingdom, is seen as a metamorphosis of the head and larynx. It has no great intestine, its body is a system of warm air sacs to keep it floating, the glory of its plumage flashing in the sun compares with the flashing of thoughts in man.

Thus snakes are the guts, the fishes, as recognized in astrology, are the feet. The crustacean, floating in the sea, are like the floating organs in the blood such as kidneys, and it is well known that blood and seawater are chemically practically identical.


Thus man, the microcosm, reflects the macrocosm and the bodily organs appear spread out through the animal kingdom."

If this is indeed a truth, the understanding will be accompanied by a terrible revelation.

If the animal kingdom with all its variations are aspects of ourselves, then we have been co-opted by the Matrix Program of 'us versus them' the impostor consciousness, to attack the very fabric of our being.

The planet is dying… because homo sapiens is dying. His spiritual defeat is on the horizon, and his brave new cyborg world will be populated by his robotic consciousness.


He will have fallen once again….


The Return

"We can only escape from the world by outgrowing the world. Death may take man out of the world but only wisdom can take the world out of the man.


As long as the human being is obsessed by worldliness, he will suffer from the Karmic consequences of false allegiances. When however, worldliness is transmuted into Spiritual Integrity he is free, even though he still dwells physically among worldly things."
Manly P. Hall

'Transmutation, not presumptuous denial, is the weapon of the master.'

The Kybalion

All great philosophers have postulated that the wonder and transcendence of cosmic consciousness can only be attained when 'self' is expunged.


Self, the chattering, fearful ego mind of "I", that guards the gate of consciousness at the expense of spiritual reality.

It is difficult for many of us to cultivate a quietude of mind because the soft voice of the soul can only be heard when our ego stops talking long enough to hear it. The ego is constantly trying to interfere with our efforts to contact our true nature of the All.

But, only when the ego is subdued, the internal dialogue of conflict shut off, can we participate and re-connect with our multi-dimensional divinity.

From the place of ultimate truth, we realize that everything that exists including the planet and the universe are aspects of ourselves. We know that we only can access 10% of our divinity, our DNA.


The other 90% has been hijacked by the enemy of life, the consciousness of cruelty, and this in turn has created duality. In truth there is no in or out.


It is all the same unified field of That Art Thou.



That Art Thou

Everything exists within a unified field of consciousness and everything is connected. In truth there is no separation, it is only impostor consciousness that blocks our understanding.

Once we withdraw from the game and observe from our hearts, it is possible with intent to psychically re-connect with all of life. This is the path and ultimate goal of the spiritual warrior.



Then all is possible...

We can break a hunted hare from her circle and save her/our life. We can turn a pod of pilot whales away from the horrific brutality metered to them by the servants of darkness, the impostor consciousness.

Through divine synchronicity, we become powerful catalysts for change; beacons of the living truth.


For we have been re-born into the holiest of understanding. Namely: That Art Thou (You Are That). This is our path… the ascension timeline beckons.


Will you be on the bus...?