Manipulator Perspective

This perspective covers conspiracy theories suggesting that an advanced race of ETs with enhanced psychic abilities and superior technology, has been either overtly controlling or covertly manipulating humanity ever since the first human presence on the planet.


Elaborating on this theme of ET 'manipulation', Bill Cooper writes:

"[t]hroughout our history the Aliens have manipulated and/or ruled the human race through various secret societies, religion, magic, witchcraft, and the occult." (26)

It is even claimed that these ETs played a direct role in creating the human species.

The most often cited scholarly source for conspiracy theorists falling into this perspective is the Sumerian scholar Zecharia Sitchin. (27) In his translations of thousands of Sumerian cuneiform texts, Sitchin describes how an ancient ET race, described by the Sumerians as the
Anunnaki or as the Nephilim in the Old Testament, created humanity by genetic engineering. Mixing their own DNA with that of the primates then existing on Earth, the Anunnaki created humanity in order to exploit it as a slave race and a natural resource for the Anunnaki.


The Anunnaki are described as giants more than 8 feet tall, who have both humanoid and reptilian factions, but the latter could shape shift back and forth between these forms and into others when it so suited them. Sitchin claimed that these are the same beings variously described in the Book of Genesis, the Book of Enoch, and that biblical stories of the Elohim, rebel angels and the Serpent referred to the conflict between different factions of the Anunnaki over how to manage humanity. (28)

Sitchin describes this ET race as having overt control of the human population for millennia, but then largely disappearing from the scene approximately 5000 years ago after an intense factional battle between them. Presumably, the bulk of the Anunnaki left the scene believing it was no longer necessary to exercise direct rule over a humanity that was ready for self-rule.


However, a rebel cohort that disagreed, comprised elements of the Reptilian faction who remained behind intent on secretly monitoring and influencing human affairs from deep underground ET bases to demonstrate how unfit humanity was to exercise stewardship over the planet Earth. Such a scenario is consistent with the chronology used by the Egyptian historian Manetho who claimed that prior to the 30 dynasties of human kings that ruled Egypt, there was direct rule by the Gods and the demigods. (29)

The view that remnant Anunnaki ETs are hidden on Earth is supported by Dr Courtney Brown and others who have conducted extensive
remote viewing sessions on the presence of ET races on and off the planet. (30) Brown has concluded that a rebel faction of Anunnaki, who he and others describe as Reptilians, is concealed on Earth and it is estranged from the larger body of their race. According to the investigative journalist, Jim Marrs, (31) and the controversial British author, David Icke, (32) this remaining band of Anunnaki, has influenced humanity through human proxies that eventually became the aristocratic families of Europe and other nations.


These human elites maintained certain esoteric traditions by which they could maintain contact with those Anunnaki rebels concealed in different locations on Earth. Brown, Marrs and Icke claim that this advanced race covertly influences humanity in order to produce resources that sustain these hidden ETs. (33)


The author/channel Alex Collier, claims that the small number of Anunnaki beings at the moment concealed on Earth eagerly await the return of the Anunnaki elite, who they hope will end the secrecy of the Anunnaki history and presence, and reestablish overt Anunnaki control and end the need to rule covertly through unreliable human proxies. (34) Brown describes the Anunnaki remnants as often being in conflict with the ET intruders, the Grays. (35)

In the Stargate Conspiracy, Lynne Pickett and Clive Prince describe the process by which this advanced race of ETs established religion as a control instrument for humanity. (36) They argue that clandestine government agencies are aware of the Anunnaki remnants on Earth and are divided over how to respond to the anticipated return of the
Anunnaki elites in the immediate future who may attempt to reestablish overt control over the planet.


Brown, Picknett and Prince claim that clandestine government programs are using 'exotic' technologies such as psychotronic weapons activated by thought, enhanced psychic abilities, 'star gates', and even time travel, to militarily prepare for the return of the Anunnaki who possess a technology supposed to be superior to anything reverse engineered from downed Gray space craft. (37)

Conspiracy theories falling into this perspective suggest that humanity needs to counter subversive efforts of the concealed Anunnaki remnants, and prepare for the potential threat posed by the returning Anunnaki who may attempt to deprive humanity of their sovereignty by reestablishing overt control on the basis of global mismanagement by human elites.


This perspective suggests those Anunnaki remnants concealed on Earth continue to manipulate international events through human proxies to create the right international environment to influence the decision of their superiors. War, poverty, and environmental collapse are presumed to constitute the favorable climate for the return of the Anunnaki elites who would present themselves as saviors of humanity who would solve these problems and punish human elites responsible for them.

The moral categories used to describe the
Anunnaki presence, in contrast to the Gray ET presence, clearly fall into the malevolent range. There are few morally redemptive features of the ET presence concealed on Earth, and suspicion over the intentions of the larger body of Anunnaki presumed to be returning.


In contrast to the intruder perspective which focused on a clandestine government conspiracy not to reveal the ET presence, this perspective focuses on an ET conspiracy to subvert and control humanity through human proxies. The primary information sources for conspiracy theories in this perspective are drawn, in order, from the last three categories of Remote Viewing, Independent Archeology, and Channeling.


Given the weak to moderate evidentiary strength ascribed to these information sources, a ranking of weak/moderate evidentiary support can be given to this perspective.






Helper Perspective

According to conspiracy theories that fall into this perspective, ETs are here to help humanity deal with a myriad of political, socioeconomic and environmental problems, but this is not disclosed to the general public by clandestine government agencies.


The ETs in this category are described as humanoid in appearance, with a height of 8 feet and above, and often having the physical characteristics of Northern Europeans. (38)


Some of the principal supporters of this perspective include:

  • Dr Steven Greer who has personally interviewed and analyzed hundreds of whistleblower testimonies on the ET presence that support their benevolent intent and actions;

  • Dr Richard Boylan who has interviewed an extensive number of witnesses of ETs and their craft;

  • Alfred Webre a former Science adviser to the Carter White House now based at the Stanford Research Institute who is a pioneer in advanced communication techniques with ET races. (39)

According to this perspective, the helper ETs are here to assist humanity in a number of interrelated ways.

  • First, the helper ETs assist humanity in empowering themselves by developing more advanced levels of consciousness whereby humans use a greater proportion of their inherent psychic capacity and spiritual potential. The theme of self-empowerment through spiritual activities such as prayer, meditation and connecting with the energy field of the planet is a recurring theme in descriptions of what the Helper ETs are attempting to teach global humanity. (40)

  • Second, ETs pass down knowledge of advanced technologies and alternative energy sources that are more harmonious with the biosphere which they regard as a living organism which needs to be protected. The early twentieth century inventor, Nikola Tesla, is often cited as one assisted by ETs to develop and disseminate these environmentally friendly technologies.

  • Third, ETs play an important role in encouraging humanity to achieve peaceful resolution of international conflict, and in preventing nuclear proliferation and the use of other destructive weapons.

  • Finally, the helper ETs describe the Milky Way galaxy, and indeed the universe, as being populated by numerous advanced civilizations. (41)

A number of former government and military officials have provided testimony that support this perspective of ETs as helpers.


ETs have displayed significant concern for nuclear weapons and even, in some instances, disarmed nuclear weapons. According to Captain Robert Salas in testimony given in December 2000 as part of the Disclosure Project, 16 nuclear armed missiles were simultaneously disarmed in two separate launch facilities after guards reported UFO's hovering over two NORAD facilities in March 1967. (42)


Other sources report that during the early years of the Eisenhower administration, a group of ETs secretly met with US government officials appointed to deal with the ET question, and offered to assist with a number of environmental, technological, political and socioeconomic problems, with the sole condition that the US dismantle its nuclear arsenal. (43)


When the government officials declined, this group of ETs subsequently withdrew and played no role in the government's clandestine program to reverse engineer ET technology for advanced weaponry. According to the statements from witnesses in the Disclosure Project, a number of 'free energy technologies' are possessed and used by the government, but are not disclosed to the general population. (44)


According to Dr Richard Boylan, the B2 stealth bomber operates largely using anti-gravity technology for its propulsion system but this is not disclosed to the general public who believe it relies on conventional fuel sources. (45)


It is claimed that these 'helper ETs' would subsequently concentrate their efforts with consciousness raising of the general public; warning of the hazards of nuclear and 'exotic' weapon systems reverse engineered from ET technology; limiting the environmental impact of clandestine projects; encouraging the development of alternatives to using fossil fuel as an energy source; and preparing the general populace for eventual disclosure of the ET presence.

The rapidly growing information of these helper ETs comes from an extensive range of sources. Former military and government 'whistle blowers' have revealed the activities of clandestine government agencies and interests opposed to incorporating ET technology into the public arena. (46)


An extensive number of witnesses of these Helper ETs continue to make reports about being physically visited by helper ETs and communicating with them either by both verbal and/or telepathic means, that are collected and closely analyzed by a number of highly credentialed individuals and organizations. (47)


Further sources of information are participants in scientific remote viewing projects either conducted under governmental supervision or private organizations; and individuals who claim to be in telepathic communication with these helper ETs and often become popular 'channels' of insights for the general public.

In sum, the Helper ET perspective depicts the ET presence as being clearly benevolent in their moral orientation, and that their intentions and activities aim to assist humanity deal with a range of global issues, including rogue ET elements intent on destabilizing global institutions, the biosphere or abducting the human population.


The conspiracy theories that stem from this perspective focus on the efforts of clandestine governmental organizations to suppress information of the presence of the ET helpers, and even contrive a military conflict with ETs in general in order to maintain the status quo. The primary information sources for conspiracy theories in this perspective are drawn from all the categories, with the most persuasive being from the Whistle blower and Witness categories.


This suggests strong evidentiary support for this perspective







Watcher Perspective

The fourth perspective can be distinguished from the first three insofar as it relies exclusively on the last two categories of sources - individuals claiming to be in telepathic contact with ETs from higher dimensions and independent archeologists. (48)


The main idea advocated by these authors is that many ETs are primarily here to simply observe how humanity resolves its numerous societal and global conflicts at a time when cosmic energy surges in the solar system and the galaxy adds to the intensity of these conflicts. Apparently, humanity represents an elaborate galactic experiment designed to influence the whole galaxy in how it responds to the galaxy wide energy surges.

According, to this perspective, the current period corresponds to the concurrent transition of a number of time cycles revealed by the
Mayan Calendar. (49) The resulting cyclic transitions lead to an intensification of all the energetic aspects of civilizations which, according to the supporters of this perspective, leads to two likely outcomes. One is that the civilization implodes due to the intensification of all the latent conflicts and dysfunctional energies that come to the surface and prove to be unmanageable.


The second outcome is that the energy surges make it possible for a jump in evolution from the 'dimensional reality' that a particular civilization finds itself in, to a higher dimension where more refined powers of creation are possible. The planet Earth, Humanity and the galaxy, it is claimed, has a deadline to prepare for this transition to a higher dimensional or 'density' level at the end of the current 5200 year cycle of the Mayan Calendar in December 2012. (50)

The 'channels' promoting this perspective, suggest that
the Watcher ETs knew that due to the history of the galaxy a devastating galactic war would be likely to break out with the forthcoming energy surge. (51) In order to prevent this from happening, the Watcher ETs decided to sponsor a hybrid race that would comprise the diverse genetic pools found in the galaxy.


As a result of genetic interbreeding, and physical interventions by differing ET races at appointed times, this race of beings would experience a history that closely mirrored that of the galaxy. If this hybrid race could resolve its internal differences by the time of the energy transition to achieve a comprehensive political unity, then this would provide an example for the rest of the Galaxy for how to proceed in dealing with its own history of galactic conflict. Thus it is claimed that the human race was born as a 'Great Experiment' whose true purpose was known only to the Watcher ETs and the prophetic elite of other ET races. (52)

In sum, the Watcher perspective suggests that a galactic/cosmic conspiracy exists where humanity has been set up to create a solution to a galactic problem not of its own making.


The Watcher ETs are represented as merely observing how humanity integrates its diverse heritage and resolves the historic conflicts expected to emerge over the next decade. Rather than directly intervening in human affairs, the ET Watchers are portrayed primarily as observers who over the course of millennia are somehow able to influence or decide which other ET races are allowed to intervene in human affairs. The ET Watchers are depicted as being able to calculate the effects of such interventions in a way that predisposes humanity to arriving at a uniquely human solution to a complex galactic problem.

The moral dimension of this perspective is neutral due to the observational nature of the ETs described, and the long term effort involved in promoting and learning from the 'human experiment'. The primary information sources for this perspective are drawn overwhelmingly from Category E, Channels, thereby suggesting weak evidentiary support for this perspective.

Despite its weak evidentiary support base, an interesting aspect of this perspective is that it integrates the earlier perspectives into what appears to be a coherent conspiracy framework integrating all the other conspiracy theories. One might view this perspective as the 'mother of all conspiracies', where this grand galactic conspiracy by higher dimensional ET races, lays the foundations and rules for all other conspiracies involving ET races and human elites.


A summary for all the perspectives examined, and the various conspiracy theories, moral orientations, primary sources and evidentiary support ascribed to each perspective is presented in Table 1.



Table 1

Summary of ET Perspectives and Conspiracy Theories


 Source of Conspiracy

ET Moral Orientation

Primary Sources

(Top 3)

Evidentiary Support


Clandestine Government Organizations


Whistleblowers Witnesses

Remote Viewers



Remnant Anunnaki ETs


Remote Viewers

Independent Archeology




 Clandestine Government Organizations


 Whistleblowers Witnesses

Remote Viewers



Watcher ETs


 Independent Archeology








Implications of Exopolitics for Policy Makers & Global Peace

Much of what has been written so far will predictably have little impact in the policy making community in the event of a continued government policy of non-disclosure of the ET presence and of clandestine government projects set up to deal with different aspects of this presence.


Recent signals that the US government and other governments are deliberately leaking information supporting the ET presence, suggests that some form of official disclosure can be predicted in the near future. Numerous authors affirm that the government has been recently pursuing a policy of acclimation, preparing the general public for disclosure of the ET presence. (53)


The emergence of hundreds of former government, intelligence and military officials who have become, or are willing to become, 'whistle blowers' on their participation in clandestine projects and/or suppression of information involving ETs gives credence to some form of acclimation program. While discussion of the ET presence might appear premature given official non-disclosure of such a presence, the evidentiary support determined earlier for a variety of perspectives on the ET presence, will assist in making a case for when such a discussion is appropriate.

Of the four perspectives two were found to have weak evidentiary support. The Manipulator perspective had a ranking of weak/moderate evidentiary support which suggests that it would be premature to discuss its policy implications until such time that stronger evidence is found to support this perspective. (54) The fourth perspective, the Watcher, had the weakest evidentiary support among all of the perspectives.


Once again, it would be premature to discuss the policy implications of this perspective in the absence of stronger support to validate such an ET presence. (55) I will now review the two perspectives, Intruder and Helper, found to have the strongest evidentiary support, and their implications for policy makers and global peace.

The 'Intruder perspective' has a high degree of evidentiary support and therefore merits close scrutiny in terms of its policy implications. This perspective portrays the ET presence as intrusive and a potential threat, and thereby lends itself to US and allied government policy responses that supports the acquisition and use of reverse engineered ET weaponry in addition to other exotic weapons gained in clandestine projects. This perspective suggests an ongoing military confrontation where the US and allied governments militarily cooperate in ways designed to counter what is perceived as a potential ET threat.


While this may encourage greater global political cooperation, it does so on the basis of a clandestine and coordinated military build up that would at best translate into a form of non-belligerence, rather than global peace, which characterized much of the Cold War era. A Cold War therefore prevails where the physical aspects of this conflict with ETs is kept hidden from public awareness, but consumes national resources as those policy makers participating in clandestine government organizations, try to upgrade defense industries to better contain or confront ETs anywhere on the planet in which they appear.

As analysis of this perspective pointed out earlier, intrusiveness can be distinguished from hostility or aggression. There is little evidence that the gray ETs have displayed hostility or aggression to either military forces or the civilian population. It may therefore be concluded that it is premature to support a Cold War type confrontation with this ET race. This suggests that resources devoted to a secret military confrontation need to be restricted and placed under close scrutiny by elected public officials who would be more responsive to a responsible policy debate over how to interact with the Gray ET species.

The third perspective, the Helper, has strong evidentiary support which merits discussion of its implications for policy makers. This perspective poses a difficult challenge for those political leaders since it is based on a policy of disarmament of a range of reverse engineered and exotic weaponry, nuclear weapons, and other destructive weaponry that presumably harm the biosphere. For example, weapons such as extremely long wave (ELF) sonic waves used for sonar tracking in the oceans, presumably to monitor ET activities, cause great harm to marine life.


Similarly, the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) which uses microwaves deflected off the Ionosphere, also causes environmental damage and is argued to be an instrument of mind control. (56)


These weapon systems were included in a comprehensive list of space-based weapon system that a congressional representative from Ohio, Dennis Kucinich, introduced for consideration as a bill by the US congress in October 2001. (57) In implementing such a wide-ranging disarmament program as outlined in Kucinich's bill, The Space Preservation Act, policy makers would be confronted with the dilemma of sacrificing what they perceive to be the chief means of a military defense in the case of future conflict with an ET race.


The helper ETs suggest that through a radical overhaul of human society to empower individuals, eradicate social and economic inequalities, adopting environmentally sustainable energy sources, and using new technologies for communication and transportation, humanity would ultimately develop more viable form of global defense against ET interference.

The implications for global peace suggested by the ET helper perspective is that primary obstacles to peace are clandestine government projects that use reverse engineered technology and exotic weapons with little regard to the damage caused to the biosphere, the refusal to disclose the true nature and motivations of the ET helper's presence, and government secrecy over the discovery of alternative energy sources that can relieve pressure on the biosphere as a result of fossil fuel consumption. Accordingly, efforts such as the
Disclosure Project organized by Dr Stephen Greer focus on the illegal secrecy of these clandestine projects and institutions, and the importance of alternative energy sources for preventing environmental catastrophe and international conflict.

This perspective offers the most far reaching vision of a global peace where humanity comes together to eradicate social, environment and economic problems by responsibly incorporating ET technology. While the third perspective is morally desirable, it poses the greatest challenge to policy makers who have exercised clandestine control over the ET question, and who have an ingrained disposition that military defense is the best insurance against intrusive ET activities and the technological superiority of such races.


This suggests that the clandestine decision making processes originally designed as a safeguard against ET interference, need to be reassessed and placed under close scrutiny by elected public officials who would be more responsive to a responsible public debate over how to deal with the difficult question of disarmament and the ET presence.






Policy Recommendations - the Need for Exopolitics and advancing Global Peace

It has been concluded that of the four perspectives comprising a range of conspiracy theories on an ET presence, two have sufficient evidentiary support to be seriously considered by policy makers, and to be further studied.


On the basis of evidence supporting these two perspectives, the following five policy recommendations can be made.

  • First, the quality of evidence substantiating an ET presence and clandestine government cover up has a significant degree of credibility and persuasiveness. This supports the creation a new field of public policy, exopolitics, which would study these two perspectives in the current political climate of an officially sanctioned government policy of non-disclosure of the ET presence.


    There is therefore a need to outline the main concepts, theories and information sources used in exopolitics as an emerging field of public policy. Furthermore, efforts need to be devoted to analyzing the policy implications of exopolitics in all areas where the ET presence has an impact.

  • Second, there is a need to promote official government disclosure of an ET presence, and to make more representative the policy making process that has evolved in government responses to such a presence. The magnitude of the issues raised by the ET presence merits a vigorous public debate over the ET presence and how to interact with ET races. This would lead to a more representative decision making process in contrast to what the evidence suggests is a restricted decision making process on the ET presence run by a small number of government officials 'appointed' in a manner which raises serious concerns over their accountability, constitutional status and lack of congressional oversight.

  • Third, there is a need to reveal the full nature of national security policies undertaken by clandestine government organizations in militarily responding to the ET presence. Evidence provided by a number of sources reveals a clandestine government policy that uses reverse engineered ET weaponry in addition to other exotic weapons gained in clandestine projects to target and bring down ETVs.


    The evidence suggests that a covert military confrontation has been underway for more than fifty years where the US and other major governments have been secretly cooperating in ways designed to monitor, contain and engage with what is viewed as a potential ET threat. Such a coordinated military response around the globe to an ET presence consumes national resources as clandestine government organizations, try to upgrade defense industries to better contain or confront ETs, while keeping the general public and elected officials ignorant of these military activities.

  • Fourth, there is a need to release into the public arena all knowledge about alternative energy sources which have a commercial application but are withheld on national security grounds. There is substantial evidence to suggest that reverse engineered ET technologies have been used in the development of energy sources for 'black projects' such as the anti-gravity propulsion system that is claimed to fuel the B2 bomber. Given the environmental impact of the continued use of fossil fuel energy, there is a need to release into the public arena all available technologies that have commercial application.

  • The final policy recommendation is that there needs to be more effort in determining the extent to which congressional oversight is required for organizations created to deal with the ET presence. There is evidence to suggest that elected public officials including even sitting Presidents, have been denied access to information on the ET presence on the basis of national security considerations.


    While the argument that national security considerations may at times require public secrecy and even non-disclosure to most elected public officials, there needs to be more effort devoted into working out an effective and constitutional process establishing firm guidelines for such a process.

While the relevance of exopolitics as an emerging field of public policy may justifiably be questioned in a pre-disclosure political environment, the seriousness of the claims and the evidence provided by those conducting exopolitical research, and the policy implications drawn by exopolitical analysis, deserves close attention from academic researchers, policy makers and the general public.


Exopolitics provides an opportunity for understanding how humanity can better share and manage the resources of this planet with other species, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial, thereby contributing to a more peaceful and harmonious planet for this and future generations.







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