by Michael E. Salla, PhD
September 11, 2006
from Exopolitics Website


Introduction [1]

On the fifth anniversary of the ‘9-11’ attacks, more citizens than ever before are questioning official versions of the attacks and the adequacy of the 9-11 Commission Report.


According to an August 2006 Scripps Howard/Ohio University national survey, 36% of Americans believe 9-11 was an ‘inside job’ with government agencies complicit in what occurred.[2] A Zogby poll in May 2006 found that 42% of Americans believed that official explanations and the 9-11 Commission were covering up the truth.[3]


There has been a steady stream of authors, journalists, researchers and media personalities coming forward to declare that 9-11 was an ‘inside job’. Some of the more prominent include the theologian Dr David Ray Griffin author/editor of a number of books on 9-11 including 9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out (2003), Michael Ruppert author of Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil (2004), and actor Charlie Sheen who went public with his views on March 2006.[4]


Finally, a website was recently created by a committee of scholars criticizing official explanations and also arguing that 9-11 was an ‘inside job’.[5]

With the ever growing number of those claiming 9-11 was an inside job and that there was an official cover up, it comes as no surprise that many now view the 9-11 attacks as part of an historical pattern of governments using ‘false flag’ operations to overcome opposition to their policy objectives. A false flag operation is best described as a covert operation conducted by “governments, corporations, or other organizations, which are designed to appear as if they are being carried out by other entities.”[6]

An increasing number of books and videos are now discussing historic false flag operations in relation to 9-11. The more prominent include David Griffin’s, The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11 (2004); Barrie Zwicker’s more recent, Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-up of 9/11 (2006); and Alex Jones recent video, TERRORSTORM: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism (2006).


Griffin, Zwicker and Jones examine historic 'false flag' operation to present the historical context for analysis of events surrounding 9-11 and the contrived “war on terror”. In historic ‘false flag’ operations such as the burning of the Reichstag in 1933, the 1953 Iranian coup, the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964, intelligence operatives from governments staged events that would be blamed on targeted groups in a way that would facilitate government polices to increase their power or topple foreign governments. More controversially, Griffin argues that the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack was a false flag operation and that this demonstrates the magnitude to which false flag operations can be conducted.[7]

Zwicker and Jones discuss how the Nazis directly benefited by covertly orchestrating the burning of the Reichstag and blaming it on communists. Similarly, they describe how US and British policies directly benefited by false flag operations aimed at the popular nationalist Prime Minister of Iran, Muhammad Mossadeq, who was accused of pro-communist sympathies. This led to a coup in 1953 whereby the Shah of Iran was able to assume dictatorial powers that reversed the controversial nationalization policies of Mossadeq.


The 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident according to Zwicker, Jones and Griffin was another false flag operation whereby communist North Vietnam was blamed for two attacks on US warships. Documents later released conclusively showed that the second attack never occurred. They also describe failed false flag incidents such as the attack on the USS Liberty by the Israeli Airforce in 1967 during the six day war. They claim that the sinking of the Liberty would have put great pressure on the US to enter the war in support of Israel which planned to shift responsibility to Egypt.

Griffin, Zwicker, and Jones have all cited the Operation Northwoods documents that showed the Joint Chiefs of Staff had approved false flag operations in the early 1960s that involved terrorist attacks against American infrastructure and even cities. These covert actions would have been blamed on Cuba and used to justify a military invasion but were never approved by the Kennedy administration ( Griffin, Zwicker and Jones use this and other cases as evidence that false flag operations have a long history in the covert actions of many governments including the US.

Having persuasively presented evidence that governments have in the past used false flag operations, Griffin, Zwicker and Jones turn their attention to the 9-11 attack; and, to varying degrees, a number of other ‘terrorist attacks’ in Britain, Spain and Bali. In all these cases, Griffin, Zwicker and Jones present evidence that these were false flag operations.


They cite historic documents, interview whistleblowers, identify inconsistencies in official versions, and circumstantial evidence that all point to these recent terrorist attacks being false flag operations. In terms of the 9-11 attack in the US and the July 7, 2005 (7-7) attack in Britain, they examine security drills that led to much confusion on the part of security forces that permitted security lapses that may have allowed the attacks to occur.


Zwicker and Jones argue that such drills are a characteristic of false flag operations where it is critical to have security forces not involved in such covert operations stand down.


They present persuasive evidence that the war on terror is contrived with the goal of depriving citizens in the US and western democracies of their civil liberties, and to neutralize domestic opposition to the war in Iraq.



Who was really behind 9-11 and other terrorist attacks, and why?

With regard to the question of who was really behind 9-11 and other terrorist attacks, a number of 9-11 authors provide what they believe to be the real factors driving the contrived war on terrorism.


To facilitate this study, I will concentrate on four that represent the major thrust of 9-11 arguments: Griffin, Zwicker, Jones, and Ruppert, and simply refer to them collectively as the 9-11 authors.


To varying degrees the 9-11 authors point to efforts led by the US and Britain to capture the oil resources of 'rogue nations' such as Iraq in order to gain control of the oil industry. By capturing Iraq, driving oil prices up, corporate interests in the US and Britain stand to make enormous short term profits. As the supply of oil reaches peak production, an idea most strongly championed by Michael Ruppert, this ensures that US/British corporate interests are in the driver’s seat for benefiting in the long term from skyrocketing oil prices as industrializing nations such as India and China generate increasing demand for oil.


Control over the vital oil industry would therefore enable US corporate dominance in global financial markets well into the next generation. This would make China and India, potential future competitors to US global dominance, more subservient to US policies.

The 9-11 authors argue that it is not just oil interests seeking to benefit from wars in Iraq, but also the armaments industries in the US which are by far the world’s largest weapons suppliers. Essentially, US corporate contractors need a contrived war on terrorism to continue to sell their military products to the Pentagon which needs to conduct punitive missions against rogue nations. The ultimate rationale for the arms industry is driven by corporate greed to take advantage of security threats to maintain a perpetual war economy that is funded at the expense of the ordinary tax payer.


Eisenhower’s famous farewell address warning of the dangers of the military-industrial complex is most commonly cited as evidence of such a danger.

In addition to US financial dominance and corporate greed, the 9-11 authors offer their ultimate rationale for the contrived war on terrorism. This is the theory of Pax Americana that what drives US policy is the need to establish US hegemony around the planet. Griffin, Jones, Ruppelt and Zwicker argue that by the Bush administration claiming that 'rogue states' are 'harboring terrorists', and developing Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) that would be given to the terrorists, the US has the rationale to launch preemptive wars and establish control over nations opposed to US dominance.


They cite neo-conservative figures associated with the New American Century Project as exponents of this imperialist agenda to establish US global dominance.[8] Consequently, the war on Iraq was justified using the WMD thesis that Saddam Hussein was allied with terrorist groups that he would have used as proxies to launch such weapons on the US. While US global hegemony would be justified on the need to make the world safe for democracy, the true rationale according to 9-11 authors is to make the world profitable for key US corporations allied with the oil and armaments industries.

The assessments of the 9-11 authors of false flag operations as being rooted in the greed of the oil and armaments industries, and the imperialist designs of neo-conservatives continues to attract much support from many disenchanted with official explanations for terrorist attacks on the US and Britain; the spinning of the intelligence data used to justify the war on Iraq; and the enormous profits generated by corporations involved in the oil and armaments industries.


In particular, Griffin’s, Zwicker’s and Jones’ analysis of false flag operations is helpful in identifying the catalyst for government policies that result in diminished civil liberties and dampen domestic opposition to preemptive wars ostensibly aimed to "protect democracy", but which provide windfall profits for large US corporations. The 9-11 authors analyses focusing on US imperialism helps identify the enormous influence of neo-conservatives in the Bush administration in dictating official government policy.


There is however a missing factor in the analyses of the 9-11 authors focusing on the trifecta of the oil industry, the military-industrial complex, and US imperialism. A factor that provides a deeper level of analysis for what is really driving US policies in the Middle East and elsewhere around the planet.


The 9-11 authors are missing the exopolitical factor.



Understanding the Exopolitical Perspective

Exopolitics is based on extensive evidence that extraterrestrial civilizations are visiting the Earth and that this evidence is systematically covered up by both government agencies and military departments in the US and other major nations in what has been described as a “Cosmic Watergate”.[9]


The mainstream scientific view that the speed of light presents and insurmountable obstacle to the physical presence of extraterrestrial visitors has been increasingly challenged by new theories concerning faster than light speed travel.[10]


Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1962) suggests that our understanding of science periodically undergoes a paradigm shift. Exopolitics represents a paradigm shift in political thinking about the underlying forces driving domestic and international affairs.

Not only is evidence of extraterrestrial visitation in the contemporary era being covered up; but, perhaps more significantly, evidence of an historic extraterrestrial presence that has sponsored past human civilizations is also covered up. This means that both the knowledge and technology of extraterrestrials currently visiting the Earth, and historic evidence of earlier extraterrestrial visitations, have become paramount national security concerns that are kept hidden from the general public.


The true extent of the national security implications concerning public disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence is revealed in a Brookings Institute study for NASA in 1960 claiming that public discovery of an extraterrestrial intelligence could lead to the collapse of Western civilization.[11]


The impact of an extraterrestrial presence and its implications for politics, science, economy and culture, could very quickly lead to a collapse of vital institutions for every country on the planet thereby threatening the sovereignty of major nations. Furthermore, according to a number of former military whistleblowers, UFOs have disabled or destroyed US nuclear missiles on a number of occasions.[12]


This partly reveals the secret concern of policy makers over extraterrestrial visitors. In short, the national security implications of an extraterrestrial presence trumps every other national security issue, and is the Rosetta Stone for understanding the true dynamics underlying global politics and international finance.[13]

Evidence for the cover-up of an extraterrestrial presence is extensive and persuasive. Hundreds of credible whistleblowers have emerged from the military, government and corporate sectors to describe the cover up various aspects of UFOs and the extraterrestrial hypothesis. The testimonies of many of these government whistleblowers are available through private organizations such as the Disclosure Project.[14]


Furthermore, leaked classified documents have disclosed critical features of the national security system created to deal with the extraterrestrial presence. Many of these documents are available through the popular “Majestic Documents” website.[15]


Numerous websites, books and organizations have presented the evidence and testimonies of thousands of witnesses, ‘experiencers’, researchers and whistleblowers revealing the extent of extraterrestrial visitation to Earth.

The 9-11 authors fail to identify a number of key exopolitical factors behind false flag operations. These factors have to do with,

  • the political management system created for extraterrestrial affairs

  • the technology and knowledge about extraterrestrials that are located on the territory of different foreign governments

  • the ‘black budget’ needed to finance covert operations based on acquiring extraterrestrial technologies and information

Given the highly classified nature of extraterrestrial affairs, all these activities occur without any congressional or legislative oversight in the US and other major nations such as Britain, Russia and China.


I will now examine five exopolitical factors that need to be considered when analyzing false flag operations in general.



Five exopolitical factors and False Flag Operations

  • The first factor is the existence of a covert web of interlocking governmental and military agencies in the US and around the world created to manage extraterrestrial affairs. Often described as the ‘secret government’, this organization operates in parallel with the more conventional political system comprising elected representatives and appointed government officials.


    This is similar to Lewis Lapham’s distinction between the “provisional government” and the “permanent government” wherein the former comprises elected officials while the latter comprises special interest groups drawn from corporations, military and educational sector.[16] Individuals in the conventional system of government, Lapham’s “provisional government”, are only briefed on the basis of “need to know” and not due to their rank or position.


    Consequently, it has been demonstrated that sitting Presidents can be kept out of the loop as occurred in the cases of presidents Carter and Clinton.[17] President Clinton reportedly said to senior White House reporter Sarah McClendon:

    "Sarah, there's a secret government within the government, and I have no control over it."[18]

    The ‘secret government’ managing extraterrestrial affairs sits at the apex of the unelected “permanent government” and has been described as MJ-12 or PI-40.[19]

    Major false flag operations such as 9-11 almost certainly involve the ‘secret government’ using such operations as part of its broader agenda in managing extraterrestrial affairs. It is very unlikely that transitions in the “provisional government”, such as the 2000 election of George Bush and the appointment of neo-conservatives to prominent positions would be capable of producing false flag operations on the order of 9-11.


    The ascendancy of neo-conservatives to high government positions would not be sufficient to enable false flag operations to proceed due to the potential opposition of many career bureaucrats and government officials. Only a more long term and secretive management system that exists outside of the rotation of elected political officials could hope to rein in career bureaucrats and government officials.


    Consequently, given the magnitude of the 9-11 attacks, this could only have occurred with the assent of the secret (or permanent) government that used neo-conservatives appointed to senior positions in the Bush administration (the ‘provisional government’) as the instruments for achieving the former’s policy goals. The uncritical support of major governments such as Britain and Australia in subsequent policies adopted by the Bush administration, is due to the ‘secret governments’ of these nations coordinating their policies in a global management system created for extraterrestrial affairs.


    This involves many quasi governmental organizations such as the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, and the Council of Foreign Relations that supply the resources and leadership for dictating long term secret government policies around the planet.[20]


  • The second factor to consider for false flag operations is the need by the secret government to maintain exclusive control of all extraterrestrial technology and evidence found around the world. This involves the removal of any physical evidence of extraterrestrial visitation from the public realm, and the relocation of this to the classified scientific laboratories of the US or other major nations. There are numerous instances of extraterrestrial vehicles crashing around the planet.


    These have been documented and analyzed in a recent book by Ryan Woods, Majic Eyes Only.[21] In all these cases, governments are expected to comply either through inducements or sanctions with these covert efforts led by the secret government which is global in scope. National leaders who do not comply run the great risk of being removed from office.

    For example, the 1979 coup that removed the Prime Minister of Granada, Sir Eric Gairy, was a false flag operation designed to prevent Gairy from getting the United Nations to seriously move forward in investigating the UFO issue. Gairy was instrumental in Grenada's sponsorship of the only United Nations Resolution dealing with UFOs (passed in 1978) and was scheduled to meet with UN Secretary General on 13 March 1979, to discuss further UN initiatives on UFOs based on extraterrestrial material recovered in Grenada.[22]


    On the same day of his meeting, his government was removed from power in a revolutionary coup led by Maurice Bishop. Gairy’s case suggests that false flag operations resulting in coups led by disgruntled elites may be a result of a policy of forcing out of office non-compliant national leaders to the global system covering up UFO/extraterrestrial information. Such leaders are replaced by more compliant individuals who can be easily discredited or removed in the future.


  • The third exopolitical factor is the need to gain control of any territory that once hosted ancient civilizations that contain artifacts providing valuable information or technology left by extraterrestrials. These ancient civilizations have buried within their ruins much information and even technology gained through extraterrestrial intervention that allegedly occurred millennia ago.


    For example, there is much evidence that the ancient Sumerian civilization was sponsored by an extraterrestrial civilization known as the Anunnaki.[23] Sumer, known as the cradle of western civilization, was located in southern Iraq and was subjected to a number of archeological excavations supported by Saddam Hussein’s regime.

    There is growing evidence that the 1991 and 2003 US led military interventions in Iraq were aimed at gaining access to some of the ancient archeological sites in Iraq in order to find any information or technology concerning the Anunnaki.[24]


    The fabrication of intelligence data concerning Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and alliance with terrorist organizations was a false flag operation intended to justify US military intervention in 2003 in order to ensure Iraq’s extraterrestrial assets could not be exploited by Hussein’s regime or fall into the hands of strategic competitors such as Russia and China.


    Evidence for this fabrication came in the September 2006 Report by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that confirms that intelligence data used to justify the Iraq war was ‘overstated’.[25]


  • The fourth exopolitical factor concerns the use of weather modification technologies that former Secretary of State William Cohen confirmed as existing in 1997.[26] False flag operations using weather modification technologies are used to shift blame onto ‘unpredictable’ environmental factors, when in fact such technologies are being used as an instrument of national policy. Such technologies can be used to create natural disasters or events that coerce nations into complying with the global secrecy system concerning extraterrestrial affairs.


    This global secrecy system ensures that scientific information, alternative energy technologies and information concerning extraterrestrials is not released into the global media. For example, the December 2004 Asian Tsunami affected a number of nations including the Indian sub-continent. At the time, India had been at the forefront of a growing number of disclosures concerning extraterrestrial visitation.[27]

    It is very possible that the Asian Tsunami served as a signal to India that weather modification technologies could be used if India pursued its disclosure policies. Subsequently, the Bush administration signed in July 2005 an extraordinary agreement to help India develop its nuclear industry, and continued to allow US industries to outsource jobs to India. This suggests that a mix of inducements and sanctions using weather modification technologies is used to gain the compliance of rising nations such as India that might otherwise challenge the global secrecy system.


  • The final exopolitical factor concerns the ‘real’ black budget in the US. Official estimates of the black budget by the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) focus on CIA disclosures revealing the true size of the budget funding the activities of all US intelligence agencies. Revealed by the CIA to be 26.7 billion dollars for fiscal year 1997, this money appears in single line items on the annual Pentagon budget, and has been estimated by the FAS to be 30.1 billion for fiscal year 2007.


    Conventional wisdom is that the ‘black budget is funded by the Pentagon which creates dummy projects and exaggerates the costs of actual defense expenditures (e.g., toilet seats), and channels all these funds into ‘deep black’ projects. However, the real size of the black budget is estimated to be closer to one trillion dollars per calendar year which is more than double the whole Pentagon budget of $420 billion for Fiscal Year 2006.


    This vast sum of money is accumulated by the CIA not for ensuring US corporate profits nor for financial dominance, but to fund a secret network of deep black projects that constitute a second Manhattan Project.[28]

    In his book, The Dark Alliance, Gary Webb revealed compelling evidence that the CIA was involved in the drug trade, and that local law enforcement agencies were deliberately undermined in their efforts to capture the major players in the drug trade due to CIA intervention. Evidence for this has been amassed by Michael Ruppert on his From the Wilderness website and book, Crossing the Rubicon.[29]


    If the CIA is complicit in the funneling of drugs into the US in order to generate an enormous pool of illicit funds, the main purpose of these funds is not to enrich ‘drug barons’ or corrupt politicians, but to fund the second Manhattan Project. Furthermore, profits generated from the armaments, oil and other industries, both legal and illicit, are accumulated by CIA front companies that are also funneled into deep black projects that escape Congressional scrutiny.


    These highly immoral funding activities are tolerated on the basis of the national security concern of hiding the true extent of the extraterrestrial related projects created in response to an extraterrestrial presence.



Conclusion - Incorporating the Exopolitical Perspective on 9-11 and False Flag Operations

False flag operations can lead to US military intervention in areas that can help maintain the drug trade that the CIA uses to generate funding for black budget projects.


False flag operations such as the Tonkin incident and the September 11 attack led to military intervention in areas vital for the drug trade: Indochina and Afghanistan.


According to Zworkin and Jones, the Tonkin incident was orchestrated to ensure that the US would enter the war in Vietnam to maintain US global hegemony through military efforts to prevent communist expansion in Indochina, and provide armaments industries with new weapons orders. However, the Vietnam war fulfilled deeper exopolitical purposes for the US, one of which was to help the CIA to profit from lucrative drug running operations.


This is something that Ruppert himself identifies but he opposes an exopolitical perspective due to his refusal to consider evidence substantiating UFOs.[30] Similarly, the US intervention into Afghanistan was also motivated, according to Ruppert, by the desire to restore the drug trade that had been threatened by the policies of the fundamentalist Taliban regime that had all but eliminated the heroin production cycle.[31]

The 9-11 authors provide a cogent case that recent terrorist attacks in the US, Britain and other countries have the distinguishing features of false flag operations that have been used in the past by governments to target potential opponents, create contrived threats, and to erode civil liberties.


The various books and videos dealing with 9-11 as a false flag operation are powerful warnings of the extent to which governments can go in order to augment their power. In explaining the ultimate goal of these false flag operations, the level of analysis of the most well known 9-11 authors, Jones, Zwicker, Ruppert and Griffin do not go deep enough into revealing the true agenda and beneficiaries.

According to Jones, Zwicker and many others, the ultimate beneficiaries of false flag operations are the corporate barons behind the oil and armaments industries, and the imperialistic designs of US neoconservatives currently dominating the Bush administration. This supposedly provides a persuasive explanation for who is ultimately behind the war on terrorism and why it is being pursued.


Rather than corporate greed and imperialistic intentions driving the war on terrorism, there are deeper factors that concern covert policies involving deeply classified projects involving extraterrestrial technologies funded by illicit black budget sources that use front companies in the oil and armaments industries. This is where the explanations for 9-11 offered by Griffin, Jones, Ruppert and Zwicker do not go far enough in identifying the true parameters of the ‘inside job’ that led to 9-11.


Corporate greed and neo-conservative imperialism are not the driving force behind the war against terrorism, but the vehicles used to generate funds for a second Manhattan project that trumps all other national security concerns in the US and other major nations.

With the internet and increased communications threatening to undermine the global secrecy system covering up evidence confirming an extraterrestrial presence, the war on terror provides a means of distracting the public, discrediting researchers seeking to expose this evidence. The war on terrorism also provides a useful cover for continuing to generate enormous sums of revenue for a second Manhattan project that escapes government oversight and to increase the power of the secret government in control of the distribution of this revenue.


The authors and researchers associated with the thesis that 9-11 was an ‘inside job’ have pointed us in the right direction in terms of government complicity. They deserve credit for helping open the eyes of the American public to what really transpired in 9-11 as evidenced in the recent Zogby and Scripps polls. However, the 9-11 authors do not identify the different exopolitical factors that reveal the deeper agenda behind false flag operations.


This is understandable given the way in which advocates of a ‘Cosmic Watergate’ concerning UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation have been ridiculed in the past. Invoking evidence pointing to a “Cosmic Watergate” could easily be perceived by some as a means of jeopardizing public consideration of objective studies of 9-11.


Even worse, considering exopolitical factors may even lead to accusations of mis-information designed to throw 9-11 researchers off track. However, surveys such as the 2002 Roper Poll show that approximately 70% of the American public believes the government is not telling the truth about UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation.[32]


This suggests that there is great benefit in connecting the 9-11 and UFO cover ups to better understand the key actors and institutions involved in false flag operations and possible exopolitical factors.


It is only through a systematic understanding of the exopolitical perspective that the true motives underscoring the ‘war on terror’ and the nature of the ‘secret government’ can be fully gauged, and a durable solution found that prevents future false flag operations.




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Re: False Flag Operations, 9-11 and the Exopolitical Perspective

Fri Sep 15, 2006 11:10 am
from ExopoliticsYahooGroup Website

Aloha all, here's a cross post from the prepare4contact forum where I discuss more of the hidden dynamics of 911, and my recent article on false flag operations.

In peace,
Michael Salla, PhD

Hello Linda, there is now a powerful movement questioning the Bush administration’s take on 911.


This movement is growing by the day and it’s only a matter of time before it succeeds in exposing the real culprits behind 911. That will be a tremendous shock for many who accept the Bush administration line that a group of terrorists based in Afghanistan orchestrated the whole attack. For me, many elements in the Bush administration’s explanation stand out as red flags.


The attack on the Pentagon with no evidence of a plane crash and only a small entry area; the collapse of WTC 7 which was not directly hit which the structural engineers tell us is impossible; tales of firemen entering the impact areas of WTC 1-2 saying they were getting the fires under control. So the idea that both towers collapsed due to the extreme heat generated by the burning jet fuel is a lie. I recommend spending time at the website to read up more on these anomalies and the analyses of Dr Steve Jones and Dr David Ray Griffin.

In short, 911 is an inside job and that truth is fueling what will be a mass movement for truth that eventually leads to street demonstrations, etc. As you know, in my paper (above) I point out that the reasons given for why 911 is an inside job, corporate greed and neo-conservative imperialism, don’t go far enough to uncover the real dynamics and actors behind 911. That’s why an exopolitical perspective is more persuasive.


The various elements of the massive operation that resulted in a ‘staged’ or ‘assisted’ terrorist attacks on 911 could not have been pulled off by a cabal of neo-conservatives who had only been in the job for 8 months before 911. That’s important to realize, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Cheney, etc., had only taken office in January 2001, so they didn’t have time to plan and orchestrate something like this which would have required the cooperation of career officials in key intelligence agencies and military departments.

9/11 required a more deeply entrenched secret government action that got the neo-conservatives to do their bidding for an operation that had already been planned. Kind of like the way, the Kennedy administration inherited the CIA’s Bay of Pigs operation.


In my view, the same secret government that manages the ET presence (Majestic 12/PI 40, etc) got the neo-cons to do their bidding since the former have a deeper exopolitical agenda for being in Iraq as I discuss in the paper.

When the 911 truth movement succeeds, as I think it ultimately will, the neo-conservatives will be offered up as ritual sacrifice to a furious public. That will satisfy many, and they will be tempted to go back to sleep.


But the true culprits are hidden more deeply in the system and takes us in the direction of Majestic-12/PI-40, etc., and the ET projects who made it possible for Cheney, et al., to give the go ahead for 911 to occur.

Exposing the shadow government and the Cosmic Watergate will be the next challenge. However, the truth seekers will be aided by a more alert general public who will take more seriously that a shadow government is really orchestrating events rather than a bunch of neo-cons driven by imperialism and greed. That will take us to the door of Cosmic Watergate.


That will be necessary otherwise there will be more false flag operations which really are a great danger to all of us.