About the Cover Picture

The cover photo was taken by a friend and photographer William Boudreau during a summer thunderstorm while viewing downtown Minneapolis. People familiar with the skyline will recognize this as the IDS tower prior to the addition of many other large buildings in the area.


This photo was used in one of the 1980 publications of my original 3-part comet paper published in the interdisciplinary journal KRONOS that detailed the electrical nature of the solar system.

It is a very “striking” photo as it illustrates the immense power of an average electrical discharge in our atmosphere from an average summer storm. The point is that an electrical discharge from a raging large comet passing near Earth would melt this building and leave a gaping hole in the ground. People are simply unaware of the magnitude and awesome power of the dramatic Earth Changes that can be imparted by a Large Comet.

I am always amazed at modern Ph.D. space scientists who have spent their existences with their noses in text books, but have no grasp of reality when they look at the solar system and view the awesome forces that were needed to create what we see today. These same scientists are the ones that try to tell people not to prepare in advance of what we know is certain to occur on Earth sometime in the future.

In the late 1990’s Earth was hit by an enormous electrical discharge of electrons that arrived from the Planet Jupiter. It took out several communications satellites and did severe damage to power grids and other facilities on the surface of Earth. Scientists who were responsible for explaining this never did find the real cause, and let it slip into the distant past without ever making the connection.


Large comets are capable of unleashing much larger electrical discharges towards Earth, and the ancients from all over the world have described in detail exactly what they saw and the damage that was done.

I keep reiterating these facts in this pamphlet. It is already known that as the time of Planet X approaches, these same scientists will be called upon to assure you that there is nothing to worry about and will be the biggest hindrance to the proper preparation and survival of the general population.


Unfortunately, most people will believe them.


by James M. McCanney, M.S.


Today we are finding the remnants of ancient societies the world over, with some thousands of feet under the ocean’s surface. Huge cities existed in South America long before the so-called Ice Age or the alleged crossing of the Bering Strait by early hunting tribes. Recently, a mastodon was dug from the barren tundra of Siberia. It died and froze so quickly, that it was still standing on all fours with undigested tropical plants in its throat.


Under two miles of Antarctic Ice Cap lies the unfrozen Lake Vostok. What we are learning is that .. . the history that is being taught as “standard knowledge” is totally wrong. There is a tremendous effort in some sectors of modern society to keep the truth of our real past from being told.

Whether this is your first introduction or you are a veteran to this field, this book contains one of the most complex and far-reaching topics that you will ever encounter. Thousands of extremely talented scholars have spent their entire careers researching in and around the subjects that are affected by the topics covered in this book. It affects every aspect of every discipline from astronomy and planetary geology to paleontology and biological evolution, from the history of man and politics to the origins of religion.

The “key” that this book offers is a time tested scientific framework that gives a firm direction to understand our past, present and future. It is backed by a person who “has been there”, and can stand up to the onslaughts of a room full of angry resentful astronomers and pompous NASA space scientists. It is not a “fluw" book that simply repeats over and over with different catch phrases that a given theory explains everything you ever wanted to know, but with no substance.


This book gets into the details of how the solar system works, and why you will see and experience certain phenomenon... the “Earth Changes”. These are explained so the average person will understand the theory and principles.

The overdue replacement of NASA’s “Dirty Snowball Comet Model” with Professor McCanney’s Plasma discharge Comet Model, marks the downfall of traditional astronomical theory and the introduction of the true understanding of the history and development of the world.

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Preface to Surviving Planet X passage

This may be the most important book you ever read. To fully understand the reasoning behind this book you are encouraged to also read the text Planet X Comets and Earth Changes by the same author. You do not have to read that book to use this book however.

This book has been kept as short as possible and the cost as low as possible, and has been written so the average person without any astronomy or scientific training can use it.

This pamphlet will teach you all that is essential to begin to prepare and hopefully survive the passage of a celestial object that could pass within the inner solar system where Planet Earth circles our Sun. It must be stressed that the intruding object need not necessarily pass all that close to Earth to affect dramatic Earth Changes.


There has been a myth propagated by NASA and the scientist community that only if an object hits us directly could it inflict a damaging effect on Earth. This myth is totally false. The main book Planet X Comets and Earth Changes goes into great detail on this and other topics but cannot be repeated here (although many of the end results will be contained in this pamphlet ...the so called “Earth Changes”).

We know from historical records and archaeological ruins found the world over that, in what we now call “pre-historic” times, there were millions of people living around the world in very large population centers. There was a vast world wide cataclysmic event that destroyed these civilizations. Of these, the civilizations that survived all learned quickly that they had to immediately start planting and harvesting food under very adverse conditions. Those that survived also realized that the days and years had been changed.

Within these groups someone had the ability to rebuild the celestial calendar so that planting and harvesting could proceed. They did this in some locations with just primitive stone patterns on the ground. Others built complex pyramids and structures to track the Sun, Moon, Planets and stars.

Without this . . . none of them would have survived. The other thing that is noticed about these ancient cities and communities is their new calendar tracking devises always were keenly aware of tracking the Planet Venus. Today we all know Venus as the Morning and Evening “’star”. But to the ancients it presented a terrible reality. Venus was a massive comet that was originally captured by the Planet Jupiter an estimated 600 years prior to approximately 3650B.C.


It was known by many names during the time that it moved in the plane of the planets, first devastating the water planet Mars. In that encounter, Venus the huge comet sucked the atmosphere and oceans from our sister planet and the ancients witnessed and recorded this event.

As Venus the comet moved into the area of Earth’s orbit around the Sun, the ancients experienced two separate close Earth “passages” that devastated Earth and its inhabitants. We know from the Mayan Calendar that these two events occurred approximately 57 years apart and at least one of these close encounters caused the calendar to change. It also caused a movement of the north celestial pole (a physical pole shift) and caused extensive earthquake and volcanic activity. 75% of all species went extinct, yet man survived.

As Venus the comet had its orbit reduced by the comet tail drag (see the text Planet X Comets and Earth Changes for details), the ancients watched Venus very closely with their celestial tracking calendars and recorded this for posterity on clay tablets and stone walls of ancient temple cities. The Mayan religion and codex states that the “Plumed Serpent God of the Night Sky” Quetzalcoatl roamed the sky in a lawless way and “his heart (the planet sized comet nucleus) eventually became the planet Venus”.

Modern science rejected this fact and has, since the 1950’s, been harboring incorrect theories related to how the solar system develops new planets, the age and dating of the planets and moons, they are incorrect about what comets really are, and most of all they have completely failed to understand the electrical nature of the solar system. There is a step that every reader of this pamphlet must make.

That is, you must ask yourself what makes sense to you and must judge for yourself whether you will make the appropriate steps to try to protect you and your loved ones based on what this book says.

We are now looking into the future at the possibility that another large object will arrive in our solar system and we already know that many world governments have already taken major steps to prepare complex cave cities to protect a few elite people. They have stocked these for an eventual stay of 50 to 100 years complete with food, medical supplies and all other human requirements. They have kept this a secret and are essentially leaving the public to fend for themselves. Most will die in these caves however.

With little time and resources to prepare, there would be certain high casualty rates amongst the populace. With even a small level of preparation and information the survival rate could be much greater. In addition to not telling the public, government officials have introduced complex misinformation campaigns meant to divert the public’s attention from the real issues.


Some of these are in the form of Internet web sites to create “cult-like” crazy groups that are “promoting Planet X dialogue” from people who claim to talk to aliens or get information from the dead. It is expected that 95% of the public will get their first information regarding “Planet X” from misinformation articles especially crafted for the news media and referring to the misinformation campaigns noted above.


The goal has been to make the entire topic sound crazy and equate it to previous past “scares” such as Y2K, alignments of the planets and other government contrived stories. Another effort has been to admit some other made up story about an Earth “disaster” to gain the public attention, but then to place it thousands or millions of years into the future. This has always worked to fool the public notions.

Each person has to decide, from the information presented, what will be right for them. The question is not whether one or more large object(s) will come into the inner solar system and cause extensive damage to Earth, the only question is WHEN AND HOW MANY.


This pamphlet will not give details or timing of any particular object or set of events, but states that as a society, as a culture and as a species, we must cease putting our time and resources into petty earth wars over greed and oil and we must redirect this effort towards saving ourselves as a species that is deserving of this planet.


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About the Author

James M. McCanney, M.S. received a sound classical physics training at St. Mary’s University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in physics and mathematics in 1970. He was offered full scholarship awards to three major US physics graduate schools to pursue his graduate physics studies. However, he chose instead to postpone graduate studies for a period of three years while he traveled and taught Physics and Mathematics in Spanish in Latin America.

During this time he spent a good deal of time traveling to ruins of ancient cities and archeological sites, studying firsthand many times as the ruins were dug from under dirt that had not been moved for thousands of years. Also during this time he developed the basis for his theoretical work that would, at a later date, deal with the celestial mechanics of N-bodies and plasma physics. It was here also that he learned to appreciate the fact that the ruins and devastation he was witnessing had to have come from celestial events that were so devastating that they left the Earth and these stone cities in ruins, in some cases, leaving no trace of the inhabitants.

With this new understanding of archeology, astronomy of the ancients, physics and the world around bun, Mr. McCanney returned to graduate school in 1973 and earned a master’s degree in nuclear and solid-state physics from Tulane University, New Orleans, LA. He was again offered a full fellowship to continue on with Ph-D. studies, but once again he declined and returned to Latin America to study archeology and teach physics, mathematics and computer science in Spanish. He continued his work to explore the mysteries of celestial mechanics and its relationship to the planets, moons and other celestial bodies.

In 1979 he joined the faculty of Cornell University, Ithaca N.Y. as an introductory instructor in physics. It was during this time that he had access to NASA data returning daily from the Voyager I and II spacecraft as they traveled by the planets Jupiter, Saturn and beyond (as well as data from many other space craft). It was here he recognized that his theoretical work regarding the electro-dynamic nature of the solar system and universe had its signatures in the new data that was streaming in from the edges of the solar system.


All standard science continued to look at gravitational explanations for the working of the planets, moons and other objects of the solar system, while Mr. McCanney was applying his electro-dynamic scientific theories, and ventured to say for the first time that comets were not dirty snowballs. His papers were published at fist in the standard astrophysical journals, but soon he began to receive resistance from the standard astronomical community and within a short period of time, the journals would no longer publish his theoretical work. Mr. McCanney was removed from his teaching position because of his beliefs regarding the electro-dynamic nature of the solar system.

Contrary to the traditional belief that the solar system formed all at one time 4.5 billion years ago and has not changed significantly since, Mr. McCanney’s theoretical work essentially stated that the solar system was dynamic and adopting new members on an ongoing basis. He pointed to the planet Venus, the Jovian moon Io, the Saturnian moon Titan and the small planet Pluto (which supports an atmosphere even though it is so distant from the warmth of the Sun and has insufficient gravity to hold an atmosphere for long) as being obvious new members of our solar system. He stated that all this was proof that the way this occurred was by “planetary capture”.

His theoretical work additionally stated that comets were not dirty snowballs, but were large electrical “vacuum cleaners” in outer space. The comets were drawing in vast amounts of material by way of powerful electrical forces and there was potential for very large comets capable of disrupting the planetary structure that was already in place. His innovative theories on plasma physics and a new model for fusion in the solar atmosphere provided the basis for the electric fields and plasma discharge phenomena that have become the core elements of his theoretical models of the true nature of the solar system in which we live.

Upon being fired from the physics department for his radical beliefs, Mr. McCanney was rehired shortly thereafter by the mathematics department also at Cornell University, where he taught for another year and a half and continued to publish his papers in astrophysical journals. Once again astronomers forced his removal and he was once again blackballed from publishing in the astrophysics journals in 198 1.

During this time Mr. McCanney established himself as the originator of the theoretical work regarding the electrical nature of the cosmos, which today is being proven correct on an ongoing basis by space-probes returning data from outer space. Many of his predictions such as x-rays to the sunward side of comet nuclei, that comet nuclei would be found to have no ice or water frozen on their surfaces and that comets interact electrically with the Sun to affect Earth weather, have now been confirmed by direct measurements in 1986, 1996,200 1 and 2002 respectively. Many other more abstract concepts have also been verified.

There exists a rare combination of factors that makes Mr. McCanney a unique person who stands alone in the development of the scientific theories summarized in this book. Some have tried to borrow and copy this work, but when observers consider the factors involved they too will agree that the extensive rewriting of standard scientific structures had to be accomplished by someone with a rare set of characteristics and circumstances.

He was always at the top of his classes in Mathematics and Physics and was always creating his own formulas and proofs. His education was soundly based in classical and modern physics. He was able to recognize that when the basic new aspects of the functioning of the solar system were understood and then verified in space probe data, he had the ability to extend this information and take it to all its logical conclusions. This all occurred while working in and around the top rated scientists of the day at Cornell University who were still at least 2 decades behind what Mr. McCanney was discovering and writing.

Another unique condition was that Cornell University offered a rare location since it was not only a Library of Congress (if it was in print it was there), but also it was a repository of data for NASA. Armed with his existing theoretical work and this incredible source of information, and with the timing that coincided with the daily arrival of new data from the Voyager and other space craft from the far reaches of the solar system, he was in a totally unique position to do what he has done.

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How to Use This Text

You should read this book in sequence to gain the most understanding from its contents. It would be a good idea to learn with other friends so you get the most out of your studies. Also do not mix this information with other sources. Traditionally trained scientists and astronomers do not understand the issues involved and have proven recently that they have no clue regarding the causes and effects of the Earth Changes.

Do not listen to people who claim to represent NASA or are speaking on their behalf such as news paper or magazine writers, or even Ph.D. s who defend NASA and are sent to lead you astray. NASA has had ample time to make a public statement over the past 20 years regarding the issue of Planet X and they have made no effort to respond to this issue. They have repeatedly relied on news reporters to slip misinformation into the public eye. Also beware of NASA contrived “news releases” regarding possible “asteroid collisions” with Earth that are dated in the distant future for example.


These are designed to remove your attention to the facts and make you think that you have nothing to worry about . . . at least for now. If NASA does make an announcement, it would only be to control the press as the public was about to learn the truth. The fact is that all government employees, especially those at NASA, are under strict gag orders NOT to tell the public of impending disaster (to prevent a public panic).

Do not use the Internet as a source of information as there is a tremendous amount of purposely placed misinformation and there are many people saying all sorts of incorrect information regarding how the solar system works or what you may see during the approach, passage and aftermath of a Planet X type of object in the inner solar system.


There are many well-intentioned people trying to repeat this information and “interpret” it for others, however the stories get muddied as they forget who said what on their Internet searches. This is an extremely complex area of study and you will find many people who have all of a sudden become what we call “hip pocket experts”.

Rely only on this pamphlet and turn a deaf ear to all the self made experts. Its amazing how all of a sudden everyone you talk to is a Planet X expert and is an astrophysicist (but with no background ).

With that in mind, the sections of this book are placed in a specific order so that when you arrive at the calendar chapter and the following chapter on recalculating a new calendar, you will have a good understanding for the reasons why you have to pay close attention to detail. You must understand all of the factors that can affect what you are doing and your preparations. Once again be careful not to listen to false prophets, your life and those of your loved ones will depend on it. Know what you are doing yourself.


Take time to go outside and study the sky and horizons, have someone read to you as you follow the instructions carefully. Remember that you may not have a book to read from when the time comes to re-calendar your area and you may have heavy cloud cover with little visibility of the night or day skies. You may have heavy winds and torrential rains for weeks. So practice and any knowledge you gain and understand My prior to the passage will be invaluable.

This pamphlet is NOT a complete survival manual. It is specific to the details involved in the encounter with a large celestial object that may affect Earth during a passage in the solar system. There are excellent sources for survival information and products. This book does not recommend any product, service or preparation other than what you determine from other sources and your own consideration.


The fact is that no matter how much you store up or prepare, you may be left standing in the middle of nowhere in your underwear and that is all you may have if you are lucky. The best laid preparations of an underground shelter may find you trapped in an avalanche of mud or flooding. The best stocked underground tunnel system my be nothing more than an expensive tomb. The highest mountain peak may be cast into the depths of the deepest ocean or the strongest boat may succumb to hurricane force winds pounding it on the rocks.

When Christ spoke of the end days in the Sermon on the Mount, as he recounted the days remembered in the ancient texts of the past world wide cataclysms, he stated ‘do not store up goods or make preparations, for it is your faith that will save you... liken yourselves to the birds of the fields who neither store grain nor build shelters.

The father takes care of them so would he not likewise take care of you?’ He also warned that the “learned men of the day will be paid to lead you astray”. And they asked, “with all the misinformation, how would the common man know what to believe”. His answer was simply, “you will know the truth when you hear it, for the truth is written in every man’s heart”.

For all those who I know will read this book who have purchased or otherwise “earned” their way into the secret cave systems prepared by the elite at the expense of the public, and who have kept this a secret knowing full well that their neighbors and friends will be left outside their secured and locked entrances with nothing and to be ravaged in the fire storms and floods that would ensue, your caves will be your tombs, as no man can even imagine the power and furry of the Earth Changes that we are going to witness. It has been well written that the wailings of kings will be as those of the common slave when the Destroyer blows his trumpet across the heavens.

So to all, read and study this book and know it by heart as it will possibly be the most important book you will ever read in your life. It would be better to prepare early and have to wait until the time, rather than listen to the misinformation saying you should wait and be ill prepared mentally for everything that is about to take dace. It may even bring about an era of awakening to the larger picture for which we have been placed on this rare water planet in a remote solar system at the edge of the Galaxy in the midst of this vast Universe.


Regarding the date of passage....

The greatest question that everyone asks and wants to know is “when will Planet X pass?’ First of all there is not just one Planet X. There are many, and each carries with them an entourage of associated objects... some of which are very large also. Anyone of these may be captured to remain in the solar system to become a huge comet with devastating effects on the existing planets including Earth.

The greatest misinformation ploy of the government disinformation crew is to make people think that this is something like Y2K where there is a single place or time of “passage” and that if this does not come to pass, then there is no story or truth to Planet X.

Do not worry about a date, as this is not the main issue nor is it the main message of Planet X. No man knows of the time or place. Only those who have prepared far in advance both mentally, physically and spiritually will have even the slightest chance of survival.


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Misinformation Propagated on the Internet

The Internet has become a sea of misinformation on the topic of “Planet X." There are people who get their information from many sources including the government who claim to get it from mental “channeling from aliens”.


This particular disinformation plan was set up so that when the inevitable story of Planet X broke to the public, there would be a pre-existing “crazy cult group” well established on the internet who could be pointed to and ridiculed on the front pages of the news papers in the light of “don’t pay attention to that -it’s just that crazy Planet X cult that talks to aliens”. . . and this has worked, since 95% of the Public will receive their first information regarding the issue of Planet X topics from the news reports referring to this “Leader” and the following. Some even suspect that there is a planned “suicide” (ala James Jones or Heaven's Gate) that is supposed to be staged to engrain this thought in the public eye.

Part of any well-conceived misinformation campaign is when two sides are created at the same time by the misinformation specialists. As with the alien Planet X group, the “opposing side” is also created and they do verbal battle on the Internet, just as the World Wrestling Federation wrestlers do on Sunday morning TV. The public sees this, takes sides and joins in the fray.

Other groups are “jumping on the band wagon” to make a quick buck. All of a sudden everyone is a “plasma physicist” even though they have no more training in that complex field than an average truck driver. There are “chat groups” hosted by government disinformation specialists who do not use real names. They call themselves Vi and Di and other such non-names.


They have a host of support groups that they refer to or get assistance from when they cannot sound credible. There are young greenhorn Ph.D.s in Astronomy who have no training in the very complex topic of Planet X types of objects. Their only information comes from years with their noses in outdated graduate school text books and being harbored in the ivory towers of an American university. They stand behind their PhD. badges as if to say “listen to me . .. I am intelligent”.

Then there is the late night talk radio show that was purchased by the major networks that has turned into the center of disinformation. On its programs there are never any real researchers who have decades of serious study on the topic of Planet X types of objects and their effects on Planet Earth. Instead you have the alien channelers, people who dream their visions and the young government paid Ph.D. trying to sound credible but never with any serious debate.

The fact that the government is spending so many resources and going to such lengths to create disinformation is one of the biggest keys that there is in fact a serious threat from an impending Planet X type of object. If there were no threat they would welcome all the misinformation as it would keep the public’s attention while the politicians and the big business supporters robbed you blind.

There will be an ever growing series of news paper articles and Internet postings that follow a definite pattern. They will typically begin with a short reference or slam to the “crazy alien” groups and will make it sound like they are the only ones talking about Planet X. Any credible real researchers will never be mentioned. Then these articles will take a few different directions. One will be the pseudo intellectual discussion based on “reliable government scientists” as sources and will usually end up by saying either that there is no such problem, or more commonly they will put it out thousands of years into the future. They will make statements that make you think that these scientists would certainly tell you of impending disaster.

What you will notice about these articles is that the authors have no real ties to NASA and NASA will never make a direct statement or be quoted. They will refer to scientists who claim that they are not employed by NASA and run “independent” offices with strange official sounding names (actually they are fully funded by government sources to do exactly this . . . create a front so NASA and the government never has to be questioned or make public statements).

The specific statements that one finds on the Internet will be included in the FAQs chapter following this page so these items of disinformation are specifically addressed.


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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is there only one Planet X?

There are actually many objects that could be classified as a “Planet X type of object." The solar system was not formed all at one time as NASA would want you to believe and the introduction of new planets into our solar system has happened many times before, and it will continue to happen in the future.


We do not know about the locations and orbits of all of these objects and the large telescopes are discovering them all the time. Many of them are in orbits which pose no threat to Earth, but we know that there are some that will pose a threat to Earth eventually.


Has a specific Planet X object been spotted?

We believe that NASA has information that there is at least one major object that is headed into our solar system but is keeping this information from the public. One statement is that the expected devastation will be so great that they are just letting everyone be “blindsided while they prepare and save themselves in expensive cave cities prepared by tax dollars.


If Planet X is about to arrive would it not be obvious in the sky?
The internal NASA studies from the early 1990s indicated that there is one Planet X type of object coming in from the south where it is only visible for a short time in the month on May from very remote viewing locations in the southern most areas of New Zealand and South America. That is why no one has seen it and why it may be approaching undetected except for the publicly funded facilities in those remote locations. Also, the government disinformation internet sites are purposely pointing in the wrong direction to keep everyone from looking in the right direction.


The government is acting very strange and unprecedented events have occurred in business and world politics. Could this be related to the arrival of a Planet X type of object?

Many think that this is the case and there is an underlying madness to the way our government is acting and the things they are doing.

Is there a history of Planet X ravaging Earth and has this occurred in the recent history of mankind?

The true history of past events is difficult to put together and state that definitely a certain “Planet X" object was responsible for specific Earth Changes. It is certain that Earth has experienced these events and the last recorded event was not more that 3650 years ago.


Are there “safe zones” around the Earth where one would be guaranteed to be safe?

For a while the cult “Leader” who claims to talk to aliens was selling a safe area map and attempting to profit from this complete misinformation.


There is no such thing as a safe area map and the effects and severity of the Earth Changes are extremely difficult to predict even if one had accurate data on the location and orbit of an intruding celestial object. Where one might be safe from flooding there might be higher chance of severe winds, etc. No there is no such thing as a “safe area” or “safe area map”.


Has NASA ever made an official public statement regarding the existence or non-existence of a Planet X type of object that is heading into the inner solar system?

This is what has been amazing. We supposedly pay billions of dollars per year for this space agency and with all of the public interest and Internet interest (this is the hottest topic on the Internet today), NASA has never said one word about this.


They instead have paid “hired hands” so to speak who claim to be independent to do the talking and defending of NASA, but NASA has official public news release agencies and these specifically have said nothing,... not a single word to date.


Why do NASA scientists not tell us directly?

NASA scientists are under strict non-disclosure agreements under national security and would be immediately arrested without trial and imprisoned or worse if they broke silence on this or related issues.


So the public is left to fend for themselves?

Yes, the public will have to realize the situation and ultimately make provisions for their own survival and well being. It will only be through the efforts of private individuals who have taken upon themselves to warn the public that any information has come out or will tell when and where such an object might be arriving, and what the possible level of damage might be.

Does a Planet X type of object need to crash into Earth to cause damage?

No, the text Planet X comets and Earth Changes details the many effects that can be caused by a large intruding celestial object when it is no where near Earth.


Examples of these effects would be when the object interacts with the Sun electrically and the Sun could respond by sending a powerful pulse of charged particles towards Earth that could have severe and damaging effects including the reversal of our protective magnetic field, increased radiation that could cause cancer, increases in volcanic activity and earthquakes. Severe weather, high winds and flooding would also result.


What are the most important steps in preparing for the event of the passage of a large celestial object within the inner solar system?

Besides general survival preparedness, this pamphlet is being offered as a guide to steps to take to survive the encounter. The most important of these is the ability to rebuild a calendar for planting and harvesting food as the days will be altered if there is a physical pole shift. Early preparation is the key to survival.


Can anyone learn how to rebuild the calendar?

Yes. But this is a complicated process and it is important to understand fully how to perform this operation. Practice before such an event is imperative and is the key to survival after a pole shift. We know that only those ancient cultures that knew how to recreate a new calendar were able to survive for a long period of time and ultimately repopulate the Earth.


For those who have a secure place in the government built cave cities, will they survive or have better odds?

No. Actually a large underground cave structure is not a safe place since the tunnels will fracture and become nothing more than expensive tombs. If they do survive, eventually they will have to emerge to see the anger of those that they left out to face the elements unprotected.


Additionally they will all have to begin planting gardens and doing the same things that the rest of the survivors would already be doing. They will actually be at a greater disadvantage.

What will a Planet X type of object look like as it enters the solar system?

Unlike the misinformation being propagated on the internet based on NASA incorrect projections, a Planet X type of object will form a large comet. It will be obvious to all that see it that it is not some delicate little “dirty snowball”. Comets are actually powerful electrical plasma phenomena with the comet nucleus interacting with the Sun and planets by both electrical and gravitational forces.


Comets such as Halley’s and other comets visited by man made satellites are very small low energy comets and typically would not affect Earth even upon a close passage. However, the huge comets that we know have moved through the inner solar system and devastated Earth in the past, are the dangerous ones.


The Hopi legends as well as information passed down from every surviving society tell us that “the blue comets are the dangerous ones”. These are so electrically active that they literally light up like a giant light bulb in the sky. Some were so bright that they rivaled the Sun in brightness in the daytime sky.


Are the stories related in the Old Testament and other ancient texts telling us of floods and devastation caused by a passing large comet that was in the process of becoming a Planet?

Yes. These stories are related to us from all over the world, and they all tell of the same destruction and devastation on a worldwide scale. All refer to the cause as being the near passage of Earth by a huge comet. So notable were these comets that the ancients have passed down dozens of special names for them.


Why has modem science suppressed the ideas of cataclysmic events caused by comets in the recent past?

As with any new idea that is presented, there is a status quo in the “intellectual circles” and they are threatened by those who would upset their apple cart. Also, in modem reckoning we have not seen a really large comet.


Hale Bopp was a mid sized (but still very large) comet. It totally disproved all of the theories held by NASA ... that is why they hid all of the data and claimed that they never took a single picture of that beautiful comet during its 6 year passage through the inner solar system. The nucleus of Hale Bopp is now approximately the size of our Moon. NASA continues to lie about this fact.

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Defining the Problems

The biggest problem in the Untied States is that the public has not made any preparations whatsoever. If the time is short until the next encounter, then the government has guaranteed that there will be the panic that they supposedly were trying to prevent. My experience with people is that they come through in a clutch situation, but this is only made worse because there is no information available. That is why this pamphlet is being released.

The immediate concern is the short term.


If we have a longer period to get ready then one thing must be made clear. This is not the kind of issue where you can wait until the last minute to make preparations. The chapter on The 12 Month Period Prior to Passage will make that apparent. The last two to four months will have severe episodes of bad weather making preparations at that time difficult to impossible. Preparing early and waiting is a better plan.

A large problem will be the movement of people when no preparations have been made. Given proper preparations and facilities, such a move would be a workable situation, but as things stand now, many people would have great difficulty just moving. And as things stand now, there really is no place for large groups of people to go. Early execution of well-designed plans is essential.

Communication will be a huge problem. In fact the infrastructure of all the facilities provided by utilities and services that we depend on daily will eventually not be there at all. Roads, vehicles, gasoline, transportation, natural gas and oil for heat, clean water, sewer, electricity . . .all of these will go away prior to the passage if the conditions are severe as we know they have been in the past. We are far too dependent on these facilities as a culture to face the difficult times that might ensue.


Rebuilding our self-reliance and knowledge of things as simple as gardening or living outside without facilities might be key survival issues. A small cut on a finger could be life threatening in a survival mode. Learning to live without any support from our current vast infrastructure will not come over night. Our earliest settlements in the USA are proof of that. Many of them failed even with far more available resources than you might have.


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The Earth Changes

This chapter will list but not explain the Earth Changes that MIGHT happen during a passage (see the text Planet X Comets and Earth Changes for more detailed explanations). The level of severity and the locations on Planet Earth where the greatest effects might occur are impossible to predict. For each Earth Change there are possible defenses that will help you get through this.


Remember that there will be a tremendous misinformation campaign to prevent people from going and promoting their own welfare. It is time for the people to prepare, whether the passage date is in a few short months or in the more distant future. Once these preparations are made they will be in place and we can then all go about our daily business knowing we have done our best to prepare. As mentioned above, the final two to four months or possibly even more prior to a passage will be too late as the effects and other factors will prevent any further preparation.


The best preparations will be made by some years in advance. It will not be enough to simply store some goods and food, as an entire change in lifestyle will be required to survive for the long term. Most people today are totally unprepared mentally and physically to make such a dramatic change in lifestyle even under modern excellent conditions, let alone under the severe adverse conditions one would find during an encounter with the tremendous Earth Changes occurring at the same time.

Earth Changes include the following. Electrical effects between the huge comet (with Planet X as its nucleus) and Sun will increase severe weather and very unstable weather patterns will result. Earth itself will develop extended electrical interactions with the Sun and violent storms with both excessive lightning, wind and water (much of the water coming in from outer space) will-last for days and even weeks at a time. These will occur in some cases months or even years before the passage. Secondary effects will be the degradation or complete elimination of infrastructures to the point that public utilities and local governments will be totally unable to cope with the repairs.

Cyclones will come in large groups and decimate cities and towns, leaving those with standard housing with nothing. Torrential rains will weaken roadbeds and mudslides will be common. Rivers will flood and mobility will come to a standstill. Since the jet streams will also become erratic and due to extended cloud cover, some days will be very hot while on the next day it will snow in even the tropical locations. Animals in the fields will die of starvation and the quality of water will quickly be undrinkable even though there is water everywhere. Those who have not made it to high ground by this time will have lost the opportunity and will be unable to move.

Chemicals other than water such as ammonia, hydrocarbons and other complex oils may start to influx from outer space as Earth becomes more electrically active and reacts to the increase in solar electrical activity caused by the approach of the large comet and its nucleus (Planet X). By this time the public will be fully aware of the severe nature of the situation and the government leaders will have retreated into their specially prepared cave dwellings with the doors securely locked and guarded against entry by the angry populous.

The Public will also be aware that it is the huge encroaching comet that is the cause of all the Earth Changes they are seeing and will all at this time become fully aware of the total incompetence of NASA who had told them that comets were harmless little “dirty snowballs” and to not listen to those who would tell you otherwise.


The NASA scientists too by this time would be securely locked in their previously prepared cave shelters, stocked with provisions for a many year stay.

The winds and powerful land hurricanes will begin sweeping out large volumes of vegetation and piling into regions where eventually it will turn into coal hundreds of thousands of years later.

The public will now also begin to see large electrical discharges streaming between the planets and their moons and between the planets. Jupiter especially, with its large electrical interaction with the Sun will seem to be throwing lightening bolts across the sky. The huge comet will likewise begin to discharge electrically to the other planets and a huge trumpet like call will ring through Earth’s atmosphere as the searing electrical discharges interact with the upper atmosphere. Colorful auroras will light up even the daytime sky with finger like dancing lights as the electrical discharges continually interact with the ionosphere.

When the Ancients saw the huge comet attach electrically to Mars and remove its atmosphere, they saw a huge snake like filament extending from the comet to Mars and the auroras in the upper atmosphere that encircled Mars made it appear as a lashing cosmic serpent with Mars in its mouth. The historical record is rich with this symbolism of the destruction of Mars as seen by Earth inhabitants.

Sharp whistling noises will be as music choreographed with the electrical light show in the heavens. The comet itself will appear as many colors but through its middle will be an intense blue or purple neon-like light that will be visible in even the daytime sky. This is due to the extreme amounts of electrical currents flowing through the comet as it interacts with the Sun. If the comet is close to Earth, it may at times be mistaken for the Sun or Moon. It is known from historical records that some of the past large destroyer comets had nuclei so large that they could be seen through the huge comet tail. If this is the case, then one would see the actual Planet X object.

Historical records indicate that it could be reddish or bluish in color, but it is not possible to predict what a new large one would look like since it is constantly growing.

As Earth’s magnetic field reverses more frequently, large sprays of high-energy atomic particles will pummel Earth’s upper atmosphere causing severe levels of radiation that would cause cancer in large numbers of survivors unless they were properly sheltered. These may also cause gene mutations in the species causing new or altered animal or plant types to form in a fairly short time.

If the comet passes out of the solar system without a very close approach to Earth then the above description may be realized or it may be less severe. There could be one major complication, however. If, as in the past, the large comet is accompanied by companions, these might be large and of planet size themselves and if they are perturbed away from the main comet nucleus ...these too could become captured into the solar system. These then could remain to continually harass Earth as they wander through the solar system for possibly hundreds of years to follow.

If the comet’s orbital path brings it so that Earth passes through its tail. the interactions will increase and we would see severe flooding and immense hurricanes with associated tornadoes and cyclones on both land and sea. The influx of hundreds of other chemicals would also occur. The Sun would be blotted out for days or even weeks as the huge comet passed by and Earth’s temperature would fall rapidly. Heavy rain would turn into snow and cover numerous parts of the globe, forming glaciers. Animals would be quick-frozen into these glaciers and would be perfectly preserved for thousands of years to come.

Our Moon would likewise flood and experience the same effects although it does not have an atmosphere like Earth. There could be the possibility of meteor streams coming into Earth’s atmosphere and seeming like a rain of stars from the heavens. Mixed with the influx of hydrocarbons in the atmosphere this would be the fire and brimstone spoken of by the ancients.

The severity of all of these possible effects would depend on how close the comet came to Earth, and there is no way to predict exactly what effects will occur. This is just a list of possible direct effects.

There is a long list of secondary effects that could occur. One example is that all the vermin (bugs, snakes, frogs, locust, bats etc.) would be forced to come to the surface and out of caves and historical accounts say that they covered the Earth as one of the “plagues”. The ancients also tell us of the water turning to blood, which must have been due to a chemical that polluted the waters. The vermin are forced out due to the electrical currents set up in the mantle of the Earth.

If the comet comes close enough to the Earth to make a direct “electrical attachment”, then those in the immediate area where the snake like electrical current would touch Earth would see a huge pillar of fire as if a vast cyclone reaching into the heavens. The air would reek of ozone and the pounding noise would scorch the Earth and deafen those within hundreds of miles distance.


If the surface gravity of the nucleus of the comet is greater that that of Earth, then the comet could literally suck the atmosphere and oceans off of Earth leaving it to look like our sister planet Mars. Ancient texts the world over tell of those people as they watched a huge comet in fact extract the atmosphere and oceans off of the blue water planet Mars to leave the barren red dust ridden planet we see today.

If Earth on the other hand is larger than the comet nucleus during this closer approach, the Earth would win the tug of war between the shroud material and we would witness a severe pollution event, which would include more oil, water and other chemicals.

The final and most severe Earth Changes would occur if the intruder passed close enough to Earth to cause gravitational effects. There has been a tremendous amount of incorrect information propagated on the Internet stating that magnetic fields would couple and cause a pole shift.


This is clearly NASA misinformation being disseminated through the web site of the cult “Leader” who claims to receive the information from aliens. The truth of the matter is that the magnetic fields do not work in this way (for a more complete discussion of the causes of pole shifts, read this in the text Planet X Comets and Earth chant&). The real cause of the physical pole shift is caused when a large gravitational “wave” or impulse passes through the mantle of Earth and basically jerks it around the core beneath.


The physical pole shift (as opposed to a magnetic pole shift) is where the north rotational pole of Earth is shifted southward and a previous southern area becomes the new north rotational pole. The south rotational pole is likewise shifted. In a previous pole shift, the old north pole was somewhere just north of the state of Wisconsin while the old south pole was in what we now call the south Indian Ocean.


The shift moved the tropical area of Siberia northwards in a matter of hours, flash-freezing entire herds of tropical mastodons and wooly mammoths in their tracks while they were still standing on all four feet. Today we are discovering them thousands of years later with the meat as fresh as the day it froze. Tropical plants including delicate flowers were found undigested in the throats of these animals.

The south pole, what we call the continent of Antarctica today, was in a more temperate climate at the time and also had wooly mammoths. It is believed to have had a large human population that were likewise flash-frozen and are still trapped under the 2 mile thick Antarctic ice cap along with their temple cities. This by the way is the cause of much secret research by the US government at the South Pole.


Also today we know there is an dozen lake (Lake Vostok) that exists nearly two miles under the south polar ice cap and is nearly the size of Lake Superior (the largest freshwater lake on Earth). If the south pole had been there for millions of years as NASA claims, then there could not be such a situation. The Antarctic ice cap is literally sliding off the land into the ocean since the land is still warm from just a few thousand years ago in its more temperate climate.

During a mantle shift caused by gravitational impulse of the passing large comet nucleus, tremendous earthquakes develop and the Earth is recovering from these and adjusting for centuries to come. Volcanoes will become active and new fissures in the Earth’s surface will bring fourth new volcanoes where none existed previously.

There is a second type of gravitational wave pole shift I call the “precession” pole shift. It is induced as Earth’s spinning core precesses in the gravitational field of a near by passing large comet nucleus and is illustrated later in the text. The Earth’s mantle rides over the core in a separate type of pole shift, and may move in a totally different direction. The physics of this process is beyond the scope of this book.

We all remember the tales of Atlantis and other continents that were devastated and drawn under the ocean in a single night of catastrophic flooding and Earth Changes. The Egyptian priest cults were very clear when they relayed to the early Greek cultures that it was such a cosmic catastrophe that took Atlantis under. Mountain ranges were formed and areas that were previously under the oceans were thrust up thousands of feet. All of this took place in a terrible night of calamity and destruction caused by a passing large comet. Modern science attempts to try and explain this away with ridiculous ploys, but the populace is far smarter than the Ph.D.s think.

For a complete and unabridged discussion of this as seen through the eyes of the ancients, if you have time after preparing for the upcoming events, read the 3 books by Immanuel Velikovsky entitled Worlds in Collision, Earth in Upheaval and Ages in Chaos.

Velikovsky was one of the truly great scholars of the 20th century. He was ridiculed literally to death by the standard scientific community. As my theoretical work now proves, it was standard science that was wrong and Velikovsky who was right. But since egos still rule in the scientific communities of academia, in the United States at least, you will never see these scientists break rank even as the Destroyer approaches and is seen through the expensive telescopes paid for by your tax dollars. Thanks again NASA!

Even if NASA announces Planet X now it will be more than obvious that they are only doing it because the public is just about to find it out anyway, and they only want to control the press.


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The 12 Month Period Prior to “Passage”

This chapter is meant to shock people into the realization that you must prepare now, and unfortunately with little predicted information regarding the true nature and severity of an impending passage. At 12 months prior to the passage there will be little concrete information and in the United States especially there will be no disclosures of the impending situation. However, waiting is a mistake since as time goes on, supplies will be in short supply and it will be difficult or impossible to make preparations even months in advance.

As already mentioned the preparation will require not only preparing stores of goods to weather the situation, but it will require people to be settled in their new surroundings with a complete life style change that has no dependencies on standard utilities or infrastructure of society. Those that make the break early will have the greatest chance of survival.
Those that wait to the last minute will be left unable to cope with all that will have to be done.


The stress levels will be severe in the worst case scenario, so being in the new surroundings and already adjusted will be of utmost importance. The economic structures do not want to see people moving in this direction since a good deal of money is made by having people locked into dependency on the utilities and infrastructures of modem society. But before, during and after a passage, there will not be any use for any of these, as they will be rendered useless as the time of passage approaches.

At approximately 3 years to 12 months prior to passage the large “intruder” planet will enter the far reaches of our solar system and ignite into a huge comet, along with all of its companion bodies that are orbiting it as the moons of Jupiter orbit that large planet within our solar system. At this point the “Planet X object" is discharging the huge electrical capacitor that surrounds the Sun. Planet X and its companions would all become huge comets in a swirling cluster. These are dragging in the tail material and becoming larger as they move into the solar system.

The Sun begins to react yet no one can see the huge monster except for NASA telescopes which had been tracking the objects for years as they approached. NASA computers had already calculated the orbits of each object and they have reported their findings to the NSA and CIA. But the “lawless one” moves erratically. The Destroyer is headed for a near collision with Earth and they estimate the devastation.


Their decision to keep the information from the public was made long ago with internal decisions designed to prevent a public panic. These scientists now realize that their theories of solar system formation (that all the planets formed 4.5 billion years ago) and for the workings of comets (the so called “dirty snowball comet model”) are incorrect as this massive hot steaming planet has just become a comet and is proceeding into the solar system to become a new planet. Immanuel Velikovsky was right about all of this and they were wrong.


They keep this secret from the public (under the guise of “National Security”) and of course also to save face.

NASA scientists, the NSA, CIA and top level people in the government begin making plans to build cave cities to save themselves and their loved ones. News leaks out to top Corporate CEOs and executives who had contributed heavily to past political campaigns and these executives begin raiding corporate funds and retirement accounts to pay for their space in the expensive cave tunnel systems. They all know there will never be any repercussions since there is not enough time left for the justice system to work. The caves are stocked for an expected stay of 50 years. The public is totally unaware of their impending doom.

The CIA creates a misinformation campaign so that when the inevitable story does hit the public eye, they can dispel the truth it in the press. These agencies select an agent to take the role of a elderly lady who moves to the country in the Midwest and claims to talk to aliens about Planet X.


The plan is that when the public becomes aware, there would be a staged mass suicide of crazy people who were meeting to “transform their bodies into semi-alien beings”. The news would point to the sky where the “Leader” of the cult group was claiming the aliens and Planet X were arriving and show that nothing was there. This would be the public’s first information regarding the topic of Planet X. The equation... crazy alien cult = Planet X.

Some independent scientists, however, notice the unusual solar activity and report this to the public as best as they can. But the news media initiates a negative article campaign to negate the flurry of public interest.


As the comet approaches the inner solar system the public begins to notice the Earth Changes listed in the previous chapter. One by one they become convinced that something is terribly wrong and that the government has been fully aware of the impending situation for possibly as much as a decade or more. In this time the public could have prepared and made provisions, but now there is little time left and the public has no where to turn for information as the government paid scientists are all well shielded from them.


The only source of information comes from a handful if independent researchers who are risking their lives by going public and trying to provide information with little or no astronomical equipment and without access to the store houses of information guarded in the secure vaults of NASA.

At 8 months prior to passage the weather starts to become erratic and solar flares pound the Earth. All of this is reported to the public by the independent scientists, as NASA and NOM (the national weather service) pretend that everything is “normal”. The Earth Changes are blamed on a fictitious culprit called “el Niño”, a mythical weather pattern that supposedly causes all sorts of worldwide effects. Eventually the public realizes this cannot be the cause of all these amazing results, especially the severe flaring from the Sun.

Already the insurance industry is near bankruptcy due to the past years of paying claims for severe weather that NOM is still trying to pass off as “normal”. Housing insurance doubles, then triples, then doubles again. The insurance industry blames it on the stock market and people begin to lose their homes as the cost of the banking industry enforced insurance on mortgaged homes forces monthly mortgage payments to double due to the insurance costs. In spite of the high cost of insurance, the insurance companies stop paying claims as they run-out of money.


The rest of the economy fails but the public is still unaware that this is a direct result of the approach of the huge comet with Planet X as its nucleus.

At four months before passage the weather becomes more erratic and remote areas of the world begin to be cut off from fuel for heating and other essentials. The developed countries have failing economies and the only talk in the halls of government is the need for war.


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