by Jim Euclid

19 July, 2012

from Regolish Website



First reported at Exopolitics...

Futurist Alfred Lambremont Webre has a compelling hypothesis that the Chemtrails program was designed with a primary (secret) intent to provide an atmospheric shield to hide from public view the approach of the celestial body Nibiru, a possible brown dwarf twin star to our Sun now beginning to approach its perihelion or closest distance to our Sun.


The U.S. and international security state has been tracking Nibiru since at least 1983 through NASA's Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS), and since 2007 through the South Pole Telescope at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in Antarctica.


Elaborate secret underground shelters and underground intercontinental transit systems exist to house financial and technocratic elites and armed/police forces during the brown dwarf star's flyby. At perihelion, interactions between our Sun and this possible brown dwarf twin star may present an extreme hazard to Earth, including solar flares and electrical discharges between our Sun and the dwarf star.


Some observers believe that extraterrestrial/interdimensional civilizations may be intervening to alter Nibiru's orbit and avoid planetary hazards in our solar system.


At perihelion, our Sun and the brown dwarf star will possibly be separated by an estimated 2.85 AU (One AU equals 93 million miles).


Alfred's presentation will also describe the nature of the,

  • HAARP/Chemtrails weapons of mass destruction system

  • HAARP/Chemtrail's key planetary assault applications including aerosol biowarfare, mind control

  • HAARP/Chemtrail's tectonic and weather warfare

  • HAARP/Chemtrail's depopulation roll-out

  • HAARP/Chemtrail's use in false flag operations including 9/11 (2001)

  • Katrina (2005) and Fukushima (2011)

  • HAARP/Chemtrail's use in inter-dimensional and Spiritual warfare

Webre argues that we can inform ourselves about the true intent of HAARP/Chemtrails, about the hazards of the flyby of this possible brown dwarf twin star (or other form of celestial body), and create a collective "intention vortex" that can manifest a safe brown dwarf twin star flyby for humanity and for as many of us who can become aware of its possible reality without panic and with proactive consciousness.







Not About Cassandra...

02 February, 2012

Alfred Webre, JD, MEd, is an author, member of the District of Columbia bar and one of the founding father of Exopolitics.

He chronicles via his website as a primary investigator and interviewer, about all things non-terrestrial, with scientists, theoreticians and whistleblowers, and has shown incredible insight into the emerging field of extraterrestrial-social disclosure - or simply, Disclosure.


Although his proponents blog constantly about his outlandish theories, time has been his ally. Over years of reporting on the emerging field of exopolitical law, his prescience at being pre-emptive at what is being said in the field of channeling, whistleblowing and scientific reports has grow significantly.

What appears to be imminent on earth over the next few yeas (perhaps earlier) is disclosure in its fullest sense - i.e. the discussion by laypersons about face-to-face meetings with non-terrestrial humanoids in a civilized and non-interventionist, non-confrontational manner.


There is no doubt in this author's mind that with disclosure must come a new method of sustaining sovereignty of earth's and humanity's legal rights to guardianship of the planet earth over the requests of any non-terrestrial visitor.


This does not exclude collaborative agreements with non-terrestrial in sharing earth's resources as discussed in the guiding rules of engagement.


Cogent with this is the need to explain historical infringements against humanity in terms of abductions, torture, non-disclosure of government dealings, and secret technologies. Commensurate with this must be an effective amnesty to allow some measure of 'moving forward' into a peaceful and non-vengeful arena of the politics of 'Sorry' as is seen with the recent political movements of indigenous Australians.

Webre, with his persistent need to corroborate numerous evidential sources before promulgating a 'theory', illustrates his legal skill in collaborating sometimes conflicting and arbitrary sources. Alfred Webre's report of malevolent ETs interfacing with humans and allies (benevolent ETs) at the galactic level have been expounded elsewhere ad nauseum.


He does, however, sail close to the wind, taking on large political issues such as his reports of the current USA president's extraterrestrial travels and 9/11 false-flag operations with the bravado of a well-hung bull.

Originally dismissed as another Cassandra, (referring to the ancient Greek psychic, Cassandra, who was scorned for circulating Athens with her predictions of the city's demise, which was ultimately true), and dismissed by mainstream media and alternative media bloggers as someone suffering the effects of CIA-based mind control, Webre is becoming more palatable as a legitimate investigator and one who will no doubt remain as a proponent of all things bizarre, painful but ultimately illuminating.


As a messenger of truth, we should congratulate his courage, as well as others in his arena, who suffer the slings and arrows of exterrestrial misfortune in order to declare the way of truth.

Like all of us with an extraterrestrial interest, faith is what buoys us until that day when realities merges with beliefs.


There is another term for this - religion. This however, should never be a problem, as Disclosure, is, if nothing else, the most anti-religious contemporary notion.


In this author's experience, extraterrestrials, at least benevolent ones, are not anti-spiritual, just anti-establishment in its ultimate form.