by David Wilcock

Tuesday, March 6, 2007
[Updated March 7]
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Did NASA find ancient ruins on the Moon? For many years, insider witnesses to top-secret government projects have been saying so… and that the Apollo missions were partly intended to explore them.

At long last, it appears that an actual videotape of such an expedition has been 'leaked' onto YouTube! See the startling photographs and video for yourself!

Thanks to my unique line of work, I've had the good fortune to meet some very fascinating people - including those who claim to have worked in government black-ops projects.

One of the most fruitful examples of this was when I attended Dr. Steven Greer's Disclosure Project conference in May, 2001, in Washington DC. As I said before, I lost the brakes on my car on the way there, and since it was a diesel Peugeot, no service stations knew what to do with it. Driving through DC rush-hour traffic, using only the transmission to slow down, was quite the harrowing initiation experience for what would follow.


Running through such an initiation made the payoff all the more rewarding.


One of the witnesses, Karl Wolfe, testified that he was in a private area of Langley Air Force Base, where the NSA was bringing in information from the Moon. A fellow airman second-class showed him photographs of ruins on the Moon. There were more conventional-looking buildings and roads as well as dome and mushroom-shaped buildings.


You can see an excellent, essentially complete summary of his testimony on video here. You also see striking examples of obvious structures that have been airbrushed out:






I took some screen shots so you can see this for yourself. I personally met Karl Wolfe, dialogued with him privately, asked questions most people hadn't, and I came away completely convinced that he was telling the truth.


More detail about these airbrushed NASA lunar images, and their source files, are obviously available from Jose Escamilla and on his video, but the pictures tell quite a story on their own.


The white lines were drawn in by the videographer to show where the blurry areas are - but in the following pictures you get a closer look at various examples:



In "Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain," a book that can still be ordered, there are Russian photographs of obvious obelisks on the Moon's surface.


In this case you look down at them from overhead, unlike the airbrushed images above. The structures are very tall, very straight and you can see what they are by the shadow they cast.


Furthermore, there were three of them in the original image, mirroring the arrangement of the three pyramids in Egypt.


Of course, this means that they were built in dedication to the three stars in the belt of the constellation Orion, just as the Great Pyramid and its neighbors appear to have been.



If you have a scanned copy of the obelisk pictures from this book, please send it along so I can include it. I found that this book is not in my collection so I can't upload any images - none exist online.



Another intriguing set of clues that humanity had ancient contact with the Moon can be found in an article by Jonathan Gray:

"In 1926, Professor A. W. Bickerton declared the concept of shooting at the moon to be foolish and impossible. In 1935, the noted astronomer F. R. Moulton wrote that man could never travel in outer space. In 1957, Dr. Richard van der Riet Wooley (former Astronomer Royal) called the idea of space travel "utter bilge." Eight months later Sputnik I was orbiting the earth.

In a remote northern area of Tibet lie the ruins of the Hsing Nu capital, discovered by Duparc in 1725. Within the city, Duparc came upon a mass of monoliths (once coated with silver), a pyramid, part of a tower of blue porcelain, and a royal palace, containing thrones with sun and moon images. There was also a large milky white stone surrounded by exquisite drawings.

Now for the stunning sequel. In 1952, a Soviet expedition arrived. The group was shown by Tibetan monks some ancient documents, whose descriptions agreed with those of Duparc.

But here is the breathtaking part: the milky white stone, so said the documents, was "brought from the moon." Moon rock? Is it possible? COULD MAN ACTUALLY HAVE LEFT THIS EARTH AND GONE TO THE MOON IN AGES PAST? Was space travel a natural adjunct to his civilization? Are there clues?

Indeed there are. Indications of the reality of ancient space travel do come from widely separated parts of the world. Written and oral tradition is widespread - and, it seems, reliable."

The article goes on to describe a series of specific examples that establish a case for humanity having been a space-faring race in the past.



This next article by Dr. Richard Sauder establishes the valuable link of showing that the Apollo astronauts were all high-ranking Masons, thus emphasizing the secrecy aspect, and again suggesting something might be up there:

Sauder, in this article, claims to have heard the voice of Robert Monroe speaking to him telepathically after he did work at the Monroe Institute. The first time I ever got the process working of doing readings, I was hearing the voice of Joe Mason, who I had a very amazing conversation with the night before. It does seem that the Higher Self can take on many guises to suit our comfort level.


Here's some additional detail:

"It was not until many years later, when I toured the 33o Scottish Rite Masonic Temple at 1733 16th Street, N.W., in Washington, D.C.,2 that I began to realize the full significance of Robert Monroe's message. To my surprise, there, in the temple's museum, was a Scottish Rite Masonic flag which Edwin Aldrin, Jr., the second Apollo program astronaut to walk on the Moon, carried with him to the lunar surface.

When I visited, the flag was prominently displayed in a glass case in the museum. The same museum also displays a small Masonic flag that Apollo 7 astronaut Walter Schirra carried into space and subsequently presented to Scottish Rite Supreme Council, 33o Grand Commander Henry Clausen, on 23 October 1969. Gordon Cooper also took the Supreme Council, 33o flag into space on the Gemini 5 orbital mission.

The museum also contains pieces of the heat shields from NASA's Mercury 7 and Apollo 11 manned missions. My interest was immediately sparked. I saw that there was some sort of connection between NASA's manned space program and the Supreme Council, 33o, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction, U.S.A.

So, after my tour I inquired about the possibility of doing research in the temple's library. The collection of Masonic literature in that temple is virtually without peer in the world. My request was granted, and I soon had a much better idea of what Robert Monroe had been alluding to: I discovered that some of the most prominent astronauts in the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space programs are (or were) Masons.3

Indeed, one of the original seven Project Mercury astronauts, John Glenn, is now an influential United States Senator from Ohio who will be returning to space again, in October 1998, aboard the space shuttle (author's note: this event did occur, for reasons that are still not entirely clear). I also learned that two former, highly placed administrators at NASA, Kenneth S. Kleinknecht,4 and James E. Webb5 are both Masons.6

These facts, coupled with the Masonic flags various astronauts carried into space and delivered to the Scottish Rite's Supreme Council, 33o, reveal some sort of relationship between Masonry and the space program.

One of the interesting items I found in the course of my research was a letter from Edwin E. "Buzz" Aldrin, bearing the date of 19 September 1969.7


Aldrin was the second Apollo astronaut to walk on the Moon, after Neil Armstrong. Aldrin's letter explicitly mentions the Masonic flag that he carried with him to the Moon on the Apollo 11 mission of 20 July 1969, and which he delivered to the Supreme Council, 33o on 16 September 1969.


The letter is addressed to Sovereign Grand Commander Luther A. Smith and says, in part:

It was a great moment in my life to be so cordially welcomed to the House of the Temple on September 16, 1969 by you and Grand Secretary General Kleinknecht, 33o, and also the members of your staffs.


My greatest pleasure, however, was to be able to present to you on this occasion the Scottish Rite Flag which I carried on the Apollo 11 Flight to the Moon — emblazoned in color with the Scottish Rite Double-headed Eagle, the Blue Lodge Emblem and the Sovereign Grand Commander's Insignia."




The following excerpt from Power of the Mind Magazine appeared in several different online sources when it first emerged - regarding the testimony of Maurice Chatelain. I am not sure who scooped the story first.


Chatelain's book "Our Ancestors Came from Outer Space" was very instrumental for me - one of the first books I ever read after I got into UFO studies. Remember that Chatelain was NASA's Director of Communications for the Apollo missions, so he was not exactly a low-level employee.

Chatelain alluded - strongly - in "Ancestors" that "maybe we found something on the Moon that shouldn't have been there," but before he died he came out with the full story:

"In a published article in April 1995, former NASA Director of Communications Maurice Chatelain dropped the bombshell revelation that the Apollo Moon Mission found "several mysterious geometric structures of unnatural origin" on the Moon."



From the same link, as we read on, we see other examples that further shed light on this situation:

"Donna Tietze, a former photo technician at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston during the Apollo Moon missions, revealed during a 6th May 1995 radio interview on WOL-AM in Washington, DC, that the job of a co-worker in a restricted area was to airbrush out UFOs from photos from the Moon before NASA sold those photos to the public.

Another former astronaut, Dr Brian O'Leary, on 18th September 1994 made the following declarations publicly at the International Forum on New Science in Fort Collins, Colorado.


Dr O'Leary said that,

"For nearly 50 years, the secrecy apparatus within the United States Government has kept from the public UFO and alien contact information."

He flatly stated that "We have contact with alien cultures…"

As for the non-disclosure of these facts, Dr O'Leary said,

"The suppression of UFO and other extraterrestrial intelligence information for at least 47 years is probably being orchestrated by an elite band of men in the CIA, NSA, DIA and their like. This small group appears able to keep these already-hard-to-believe secrets very well….

Those who have investigated this hydra-headed beast believe that the Cosmic Watergate of UFO, alien, mind-control, genetic engineering, free-energy, anti-gravity propulsion and other secrets will make Watergate or Irangate appear to be kindergarten exercises.""



And now for the moment you've been waiting for. Thanks to the amazing times we're now in, as we approach 2012, ANY secret has the potential of being released. Obviously these ruins exist, and obviously NASA was sending high-ranking Masons to the Moon. At that level there is absolute secrecy.


Look at these photographs of the alleged lunar ruins, taken from an alleged secret NASA videotape:

This first shot lets you see a fellow astronaut exploring the ruins, who moves from the right to the left of our field of view.


These next shots, above, show two stages of the astronaut's advance to a doorway inside the megalithic stone structure.

You can see massive rectangular pillars inside and square windows looking to the outside.

In this image the astronaut has now walked through the doorway, turned around and filmed the way he came in from.

Notice the similarity of the structures from either side, and the hugeness of the whole complex.



I was floored to see this footage of an ancient structure on the Moon - I feel it is highly likely that you are seeing authentic data, not a hoax.


The bad quality and background audio is partly from the fact that someone filmed this off of their television set.

Then you have to realize that whomever got this to the television broadcast in the first place probably did so because he had copied VHS tapes of it from other black-ops people. There could have been multiple copy-overs made, covertly, since the original was first duplicated. One of my own contacts showed me such a film - in that case an interview of certain witnesses - and described a process just like this.

Then, add that to the fact that there was so much brightness on the stones exposed to the Sun that it made the camera have a hard time adjusting, and you can see how it would be so hard to make out what's on the video. Nonetheless, you see enough… plenty enough.

You can see a logo for a Greek television station in the upper left of the screen at one point, and that doesn't mean it's a fake - as we read from NAlexo, who posted it, the film was made by someone having a camera and taping it off of a television monitor. Later we'll read how NAlexo explains that this is what happened.

The Greek station got a copy of the footage and put their logo on it, and whoever was filming their TV was not completely stable with their own camera, so it bleeds into the frame at one point.


In the next frame you see a bit of the logo, and there's an article on Rense where you see the whole logo and a discussion about it:



At this stage the astronaut is standing at the farthest point away from the complex that he can get, and is filming a panoramic view.



Black-ops folks are now leaking secrets like a steel sieve, and since so many people are so cynical now, you can show the truth right in front of their faces and they're STILL not likely to believe it.


Some people are blasting it as being a "training area" for NASA astronauts "in case they found ruins on the Moon," but this is so preposterous it's not even funny.

Even from the grainy film you can see the "set" is huge, and either is made of solid stone blocks or something that looks just like solid stone blocks. Either way it would be terribly expensive to build this as a set - and for what purpose? Wouldn't it be cheaper to leak the real film and then simply deny it as a hoax?

[One of my contacts claimed to have seen a photograph of two suited astronauts on Mars, standing next to the edge of a gigantic pyramid and waving to the camera. The pyramid is just a sharp line of stone going up at an angle, so you only see the edge of it. Obviously, it would be great if some of our whistleblowers out there can leak this photograph, which I personally haven't seen. Everyone would assume it was a fake anyway.]

Here is the actual video:





Again, I have every reason to believe that this footage is actually authentic.


If it actually is a hoax, somehow, (which I doubt), then, as is the case with Santilli's "Alien Autopsy" film, it was undoubtedly built to look precisely like the real thing.

It also makes little sense that such an enormous set would be built, looking very much like the same megalithic architecture we see in the Valley Temple around the Sphinx, if it was just to be leaked by some guy on YouTube with no profits involved. You would think there would have been a lot more fanfare, like with James Cameron's announcement of the alleged discovery of the tomb of Jesus.

Now let's see some more still shots:

In this image he has panned to the right from the last shot, and the jutting area may be a landing dock for Atlantean-era craft.

Here you get a great look at the redundant, multi-tiered geometry to the whole complex - truly stunning.

Also notice the astronaut standing in the center of the frame for a size reference.

Here you see the astronaut filming through a stylized window, which could be made from a carved stone material,

gazing back at what appears to be the lunar lander.

In this last shot, from right near the end of the video, you can see a fellow astronaut taking soil samples.

They probably wanted to see if the area was radioactive or had any rare minerals in the surrounding soil.



Some of the comments from "NAlexo", the man who posted it, shed more light on this intriguing account:

"This structure was situated north of Moltke crater, at the Sea of Tranquility.


NASA got its first close inspection through Surveyor 5 in 1967 collecting 19,000 photos of it. It was 60m long with 12 windows on each side. The materials' consistency was 60% oxygen and 0.01% hydrogen. The prevalent wear of the walls along with the lack of atmosphere suggest an age of thousands of years. This along with other remnants were nuked for not disturbing our social upheaval.

Armstrong's heartbeat reached 160bpm. NASA's explanation was that he was carrying 25kgs worth of samples, yet these are no more than 4kgs on the moon. Initially they were amazed by an array of landed discs perfectly aligned and tall beings in white suits. This is all recorded in their transmission to Houston which advises them to turn around and start working. Who do you think is going to go broke if existence of advanced noble species breaks out and we all unify on this planet?

[This footage] comes from a very credible non-US documentary, which explains the TV logo on the top left corner and the average resolution. I believe everyone should know [this].

[From another participant:]

Two questions;
1. At 2:20 in, in the top left hand corner of the video, there appear to be symbols or numbers of some sort.
2. What is making the noises heard every once in a while?

[Answer from NAlexo:]

1. local TV station
2. sounds unrelated to the film"

The article features someone writing in who recognized this logo as being from the Greek television station ERT1, or ET1.



Another 'debunker' claims to see a street light and a car parking between 40 and 57 seconds in the video. This is, again, grasping at straws, as I did not see any such indications of either structures in the film.


People will come up with just about anything to distance themselves from uncomfortable truths.



One of the debunkers' claims is that the camera movement is too smooth.


We can certainly believe that NASA specifically developed their own proprietary version of Steadicam technology to stabilize the camera for these expeditions - after all, Garrett Brown discovered it and began using it in the mainstream world as early as 1974, just a few years after this footage would have been shot (click below image):



Here's an article with more detailed information on Brown. I don't think he was a part of any secrecy, but it is easy to believe that NASA engineers could have covertly invented a similar device (click below image):



The fact that the camera was not always centered vertically, but often tilted to one side, suggests that the astronaut had it in some sort of flexible, Steadicam-style harness, and was not always careful enough to keep the images in frame.


Given NAlexo's account that the astronaut's heart rate was soaring, this might not be an accident.

I should also point out that I have had more than one lucid dream that took place allegedly at ruins at the Moon, and this footage is surprisingly similar to some of what I saw in my most recent journey there, which occurred while I was at Joshua Tree last year.


NAlexo says that the US "nuked' this structure to keep it from being rediscovered, but in an OBE or lucid dream you can travel outside the constraints of linear time - so even if it is not there now, you can still visit it in the proper out-of-body state.



Frankly, I highly doubt the authenticity of the story that it was nuked.


I encountered stories that NASA once DID try to send a nuke to the Moon and their plans were thwarted by ET interference. There is the possibility of technology to be found in these monuments that is too valuable for it to be destroyed. The story of the 'nuking' is most likely a cover so that if this ever went public, people would be told that there was nothing more to see because it had been destroyed.

Obviously, if all the testimony we've shared is true, this is but one of many such ruins on the Moon that have been explored, and continue to be explored.


I have heard multiple witnesses tell me that the secret government does have its own large base on the moon, called Luna, so you can imagine that such areas have now been extensively investigated and mined for any usable technology.






March 7th

New developments on this fascinating story have emerged the day after we first wrote about it.


Another video, originally posted September 24, 2006, lets you see more of this expedition than in the edited-down version we linked to above. Given the voiceover and CG effects, this makes it clear that the story did break into the mainstream on television.

The language is classic Spanish (from Spain), and the man who posted it, 'Rufus2042,' has a profile saying he lives in Guatemala. Another copy of the same video, titled 'Ancient Construction on moon,' was posted by "RalfMamzkei," whose profile says he is from Brazil:





Ralf Mamzkei's comments for the video are in Portuguese, and translate as the following:

"Possibly a base of the Nefilins [Nephilim] on the moon, the moon was described in several plaques like a "angar" [hangar] for Mars and for Nibiru, there is spoken also that it was the refuge of several nefilins during the flood and which mining there took place .. [more]"

Clearly he is referring back to the work of Zecharia Sitchin here, in which the ancient Sumerian accounts of the "Nephilim," recorded in the Bible, are taken as genuine accounts of ET contact with humanity.

The video quality of either of these new versions (which are essentially identical) are better than the old version, which is now very obviously the result of someone filming it with their camcorder. If you can speak Spanish, please send me a translation of what the narrator says in this new version, and we will post the entire text online in a future update.


There isn't much voiceover but we should have all the information.

Also, the images from the version I posted originally were too wide - probably because the person watching the show had a wide-screen TV that was distorting the picture from a normal-screen width broadcast. In this version you get to see a lot more detail. I would recommend muting the volume because the soundtrack is annoying and distracting.

Though I enjoy reading Ted Twietmeyer's articles on Rense, I feel that the 'debunking' arguments he raises here are not necessarily valid.


I will put in my own comments with a DW: at the beginning where appropriate.

Armstrong Moon Video
Update - Is This An Experiment?
From Ted Twietmeyer

There is a longer version of the video on YouTube. (click below image).



In looking at it closely, there are two big errors in it which proves this a hoax, or a re-enactment. This one too, is always out of focus like the first one. Perhaps that's to prevent anyone from seeing mistakes in the details.


DW: As I wrote yesterday, the lack of focus is probably the result of multiple VHS copy-overs as it was passed around an underground network of black-ops people, until one of them finally broke confidence and leaked it to the Greek television show. The lack of fidelity certainly does not prove it was done deliberately. We can already see how much fidelity we lost between the version I posted above and this new version.


Furthermore, we still have the obvious problem of where you would build such a huge set, with a rocky moon-like ground, and using a material that very clearly looks like stone.


It's not as if you could just dress up an old building that was sitting there as a skeleton. Some of these areas, like the room the astronaut walks into after going through the square opening, clearly appear to have been carved directly out of rock.

If you tried to stage something like this in today's age, it is almost certain that someone involved would spill the beans, leak photographs or otherwise do something to disparage its credibility. Furthermore you would need a lot of money, and getting it a bit part on a Spanish television show hardly seems worth the expense. The footage has apparently been online for at least four months, so it also hasn't exactly created a huge swell of interest.

Again, as I've said before, since we know that such footage really does exist, as there is precise eyewitness testimony to photographs of ruins as well as direct evidence of tampering IN photographs, it would ultimately be cheaper to use the REAL footage than to try to build an enormous set, hire 'fake astronauts' and re-enact the whole thing.

Another issue is that in both videos, you see an astronaut cross the frame from right to left near the beginning. He is clearly doing so in a bouncing motion that would not be possible in normal Earth gravity. This is even more noticeable on the new version, where it is not distorted by a widescreen TV.

You can tell that he is in a reduced-gravity environment and this could not have been done in a studio unless you had him on wire harnesses and carefully recreated the effect. This only further adds complexity and cost to the idea of making this as a hoaxed video.


You would think that if they were going to invest in low-gravity effects like that, they would use them more often to 'sell' the idea - but they did not.

>Here is a short analysis of the video.


1. At 5:19 into this video, an "astronaut" is shown from the back. His "life support pack" is a long, sharp cornered box-like object without any fittings, tubing, pipes or controls. Real environmental Apollo backpacks were relatively short compared to this, wider, covered in wrinkly white insulating blanket and quite complex. Real environmental back packs didn't extend almost down to their knees as this one does.


DW: Without photographic evidence to compare to, this is not a substantial argument. This is the same problem I encounter with skeptics trying to 'debunk' the interplanetary climate change argument by saying they "don't remember ever seeing" these studies, even while we've provided direct links to them in the full article.

When someone is speaking from their memory, they can clearly introduce distortions - like all the discrepancies of witness accounts at a crime scene.


For what it's worth, I was very 'into' astronomy magazines as a boy, saw many thousands of astronaut pictures in my magazines, and I do recall seeing astronaut packs just like the ones in this film. It does not extend down to their knees in the video, either - that is an exaggeration.

The high albedo (brightness) of the light could easily obscure the details on these packs, especially when coupled with the obvious loss of quality - which I am ascribing as being likely due to VHS copy-overs within a black-ops network of associates.

2. Astronaut appears to be pawing away at the ground with some type of sample tool. If he was a REAL astronaut, he would know the tool is to pick up SAMPLES and not use it like a rake. When you are as far from the Lander as they depict (apparently several hundred feet) and on limited oxygen you don't waste time pawing at the ground.


DW: This also is not a substantial argument. You are standing on the edge of a gigantic building that housed intelligent lifeforms, most likely some ancient ancestor of human beings. I, for one, would be very curious to see if they left some garbage in the dust. Their equivalent of a cigarette lighter, even, could involve technologies that we could strongly benefit from. In the event the astronaut found something exciting, he would then capture that sample and be done with it.

Also, regarding the idea of limited oxygen, let's say all they found inside the building was gigantic stone monoliths. They would be keen on finding SOMETHING of value, something they could carry with them, before returning to the lunar lander.

3. At 4:40, a Lunar Lander is visible through a framed window ! Most of the video is one long cut, but there is an abrupt scene change near the end at 4:40. The Lunar Lander looks like a scale model on a stage.


DW: Just because it LOOKS like a scale model, to this author, doesn't mean that it is. When I view this footage, especially in the newer and clearer version, I could just as easily accept that it could be real.

The abrupt scene change is most likely due to there being a limited amount of film in the camera.


It probably wasn't very large in size in order to be light enough to be mounted on an early version of a Steadicam - and the astronaut wanted to conserve some film for their departure.

Another clue that there is some type of steadying harness is the fact that the image occasionally jumps. This suggests that perhaps there is a gyroscope in the harness or something to keep it centered, but occasionally when he moves too abruptly, the gyro has to make a sudden correction. Also, since he is walking in a low-gravity environment, he can take bounding steps and soar through the air for short periods.


The moments when the camera jolts would be the moments when one of his feet hit the ground.

Many different witnesses have said that the black-ops technologies are vastly superior to our own, and if they knew they were going to be filming ruins, they would clearly want to invest in the brainpower and resources to come up with an adequate filming mechanism. The low quality of the film could also be the result of it being a special film, very narrow in width, specifically designed for a small camera that could be mounted to a spacesuit.


The smaller the film, the less of the image it will capture.

4. At the very end, we see some men at control panels very briefly. This is known in theater as "the selling" which makes it convincing. In drama or film, when someone is punching someone else they never, ever make contact. But it is up to the person being "struck" to sell the idea they were hit by their reaction. The "sell" used in this video is a bit more cleverly concealed, using the fake lander and about 2 quick seconds of footage in a control room.


DW: Until you see the video yourself, you wouldn't really understand this comment, and how baseless it is. The video is clearly from Spanish television, complete with CG animation graphics of what the original structure looked like in 3D. The source video is in black and white, whereas the last video is in color. It's obviously some stock footage of NASA guys in a control room that the Spanish documentary makers put in there after the film was over, probably so they could keep the flow with their voiceover as the documentary went on.

It is highly unlikely that this footage has ANY relation to the moon video itself. We only see it because the person who posted it did not cut the video precisely at the end of the lunar footage - he waited a bit longer to insure that he got everything.

Moving on:

>Is this supposed to be a re-enactment of something that actually happened? or is it just a hoax? The very strange thing about the original video I posted is that numerous readers wrote me who could not post comments to it as I could not. Could this video be a covert a psyc. test of the populace to see how they react to proof of alien life? Even though comments didn't post - it certainly doesn't guarantee no one has ever received or read them.


DW: Sometimes your posts don't show up right away when you are feeding data to a system like this. It can be several minutes before comments show up. Again, without more proof this doesn't demonstrate anything. YouTube may monitor posts to make sure they are not profane, and that could involve some kind of moderator viewing the posts before they go on. That could take time. Since this video is months old, it may not be anywhere near as high on the priority lists for such moderation, if that is what they are doing.

Also, carefully notice that Twietmeyer never even includes the POSSIBILITY that this video could be authentic in those first two sentences above. Either it's a re-enactment of a true event or just a flat-out hoax. We'll have more on this issue of 'debunker psychology' below.


>If you were doing psyc. research, you would want all new video viewers to see the video first WITHOUT being able to see anyone else's comments. And this is exactly what happens.


DW: When I looked at the other, more distorted version of the video yesterday, there were already nine different pages full of comments, running the gamut from skeptical to supportive.


>But at the new youtube posting given above, people are able to make comments and all have called it hoax.


DW: This is probably because until he wrote about the new version and pointed it out to the Rense audience, the average person watching it would most likely be skeptical - not because of any conspiracy of suppression.


>Some viewers comments show that they may know where the footage was taken as well. Numerous rense readers have already written me, telling me that ET1 is a Greek television station. Ted Twietmeyer??


DW: It seems very likely that the user 'NAlexo' is the one who filmed it off of his TV, and probably is recounting details that were featured in the documentary it was a part of. I don't think he is necessarily "inside" any group or organization.



Pay attention to the overall tone of "debunker" arguments.


You will often note a feeling of desperation in them. Many people who write about UFO-oriented subjects are doing so because they are in a lot of turmoil about whether it is really true. They partially write to convince themselves, and yet somewhere inside they never really let themselves believe it. They fear it would diminish their ability to be objective.

There is a clear difference between 'skeptics' and those who have directly witnessed and been a part of such projects - and again, I have met many of them. In these cases they have no need to grasp at straws, or try to prove to themselves that something is true, or is not true. They have dealt with this as a reality, accepted it and moved on with their lives.

It doesn't really matter whether you believe or not. There is so much scientific evidence, so many testimonies, that we're not really dealing with a scientific issue - it is an emotional one. If there is some reason why you can't accept it, then that's OK… it might overwhelm you. This still doesn't mean that it isn't true, it just means that at this stage, you're not able to handle the truth.

[Another example of this "pathological denial" can be seen in documentaries about people who have committed violent crimes. When you see footage of the attacker's family members and friends, they simply cannot believe that he would have done this - as "he is such a nice guy". In the face of ALL evidence, they just cannot take it in. You see the same thing with these debunkers.


There isn't even a QUESTION about whether this moon video could be real or not… it automatically MUST be a hoax, because it simply CANNOT be real. If it WAS real, then it would destroy their entire worldview, and they refuse to believe they could have been so wrong about so many things.]

When you do accept what is right in front of you, there is a marvelous opportunity to take in the fact that the world you've been raised to believe in is quite different than the fairytales of mainstream, 'consensus' reality.


Given that 2012 is an event that could have profound impact on your entire existence as a soul, it is well worth it to investigate information like that presented on this website and make your own decision without needing to fall back on emotional crutches of denial.



Another twist to this story appeared in my discussion group this morning, from one of the guys who attended our conference in Joshua Tree.


Ken Johnston was a featured speaker there, and he and I had a good chance to talk, but we were mostly just talking about elements of my own presentation.


I wasn't there to see Johnston's speech, but Rich was, and here is what he had to say:

I just read your blog on the "moon video". While attending the Joshua Tree conference last October, I had a chance to meet and talk with Dr. Ken Johnston, one of the presenters at Joshua Tree.

Dr. Ken is a 32nd degree Mason that has worked as an instructor for the astronauts since 1965. He was a Marine pilot who got involved in the NASA training program. During his presentation, at the conference, he relates a story of using a projector for some aerial photos of the moon. Dr. Ken was the only individual that was certified to operate that projector. The regular technician was unavailable.

During the film there were photos of lunar ruins that were clearly visible. The lead scientist discussed those ruins with the other participants in the room. The next day when Dr. Ken again operated the projector for basically the same audience, using the same film, it had been modified to hide the ruins.

After the presentation, Dr. Ken asked the lead scientist about this change. The lead scientist gave Ken a wink and said "What ruins?"

BTW, Dr. Ken prominently wore some of his masonic symbols at the conference. He did have to defend himself a little bit with the conferences attendees. I found him to be a forthright and enjoyable individual. I sensed that being a Mason was an important attribute while working for NASA.

Peace and Love,


DW: Obviously, being a Mason is not a criminal indictment of any kind. The Illuminist conspiracy only applies to those at the very tops of Masonry who have infiltrated it. I've seen clear evidence that even members as high-ranking as 32 degrees are not aware of the deeper levels of penetration that have occurred.



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