by Vladimir Terziski
President of the American Academy of Dissident Sciences

from GreyFalcon Website





German Moon Base Alpha

The Germans landed on the Moon as early as probably 1942, utilizing their larger exo-atmospheric rocket saucers of the Miethe and Schriever type.


The Miethe rocket craft was built in diameters if 15 and 50 meters, and the Schriever Walter turbine powered craft was designed as an interplanetary exploration vehicle.


It had a diameter of 60 meters, had 10 stories of crew compartments, and stood 45 meters high.



Germans had gained advanced technologies in the early 1940's

(possibly from recovered crashed UFOs or through contact with an alien culture)

This article by Vladimir Terziski, President of the American Academy of Dissident Sciences,

is a study of the Germans involvement in the exploration of the Moon and Mars.



In my extensive research of dissident American theories about the physical conditions on the Moon I have proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that there is atmosphere, water and vegetation on the Moon, and that man does not need a space suit to walk on the Moon.


A pair of jeans, a pullover and sneakers are just about enough. Everything NASA has told the world about the Moon is a lie and it was done to keep the exclusivity of the club from joinings by the third world countries. All these physical conditions make it a lot more easier to build a Moon base.

Ever since their first day of landing on the Moon, the Germans started boring and tunneling under the surface, and by the end of the war there was a small Nazi research base on the Moon. The free energy tachyon drive craft of the Haunebu-1 and 2 type were used after 1944 to haul people," materiel and the first robots to the construction site on the Moon.


When Russians and Americans secretly landed jointly on the Moon in the early fifties with their own saucers, they spent their first night there as guests of the.... Nazi underground base. In the sixties a massive Russian - American base had been built on the Moon, that now has a population of 40,000 people, as the rumor goes.


After the end of the war in May 1945, the Germans continued their space effort from their south polar colony of Neu Schwabenland.


I have discovered a photograph of their underground space control centre there.





According to Renato Vesco again, Germany was sharing a great deal of the advances in weaponry with their allies the Italians during the war.


At the Fiat experimental facility at lake Garda, a facility that fittingly bore the name of Air Marshall Hermann Göring, the Italians were experimenting with numerous advanced weapons, rockets and airplanes, created in Germany.


In a similar fashion, the Germans kept a close contact with the Japanese military establishment and were supplying it with many advanced weapons.


I have discovered for example a photo of a copy of the manned version of the V-1 - the Reichenberg - produced in Japan by Mitsubishi.


The best fighter in the world - the push-pull twin propeller Domier-335 was duplicated at the Kawashima works. Or a photo of Japanese high ranking Imperial navy officers inspecting the latest German radar station.

A Japanese friend of mine in Los Angeles related to me the story of his friend's father, who worked as technician in an aircraft research bureau in Japan during the war.


In July of 1945, two and a half months after the war ended in Germany, a huge German transport submarine brought to Japan the latest of German inventions - two spherical wingless flying devices. The Japanese R&D (research and develop) team put the machines together, following the German instructions, and... there was something very bizarre and other-earthy standing in front of them - a ball shaped flying device without wings or propellers, that nobody knew how it flew.


The fuel was added, the start button of this unmanned machine was pressed and it.... disappeared with a roar and flames without a sign in the sky. The team never saw it again.


The engineers were so frightened by the unexpected might of the machine, that they promptly dynamited the second prototype and choose to forget the whole incident.





Japanese Wonder Weaponry created in conjunction with Germany Foo-Fighters (Feuerball) artifacts

These are remote-controlled spheres which are sent against the enemy with supposed electromagnetic effects in aircraft or simple psychological weapons for frightening enemy pilots.


Weapon identified as AEG Kugelwaffen sent to Japan via submarine and long-range aircraft technology transfers. Several of the Kugelwaffen are seen trailing Sally bombers with the gunners making no attempt to shoot them down, suggesting they were being tested.


Encountered in the Pacific after Germany surrendered, the 20th and 21st BGs reported these weapons in over 300 sightings.




Disc-shaped or cylindrical air vehicles


Cylindrical or disc-shaped aircraft with advanced engines that Germany sent to Japan in the last days of the war, again by submarine technology transfer.


Type of discs sent supposedly WNF Feuerball type. No Vril or Haunebu Type would fit in any of the German submarines and the Germans were not likely to share any of the occult SS E-IV Technical Branch knowledge as those discs were being moved to South America and Base 211 in Neu Schwabenland, Antarctica from Mar-Apr 1945 for continued postwar development.

In the Antarctic area there was a supposed technical exchange of Japanese Sub Type I-400/M6A1 Seiran bombers with the Germans for other military technology that they gave to the Japanese.

Base 211 was constructed between 1941-43 in the Muhlig-Hoffman mountains.


"Neu-Schwabenland" underground complex with "Neu Berlin" as capital of surviving Reich led by SS General Hans Kammler. There is ample evidence of construction of this base with German surface raiders and U-boats making continuos journeys to the South Atlantic, Argentina's Tierra del Fuego (Fire Island), and Antarctic waters. The Germans set up meteorological bouys and weather stations from Antarctica all the way up to the Patagonia region of Argentina.

Grosssadmiral Karl Dönitz kept a large number of U-boats in the South Atlantic despite the raging war in the North Atlantic and it was Dönitz who became the second Führer of European Germany, Neu Schwabenland having never surrendered. Both the US and UK established presences in Antarctica during the war and some Germans were captured on the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas).


Argentina made their Antarctic claim the same year as Base 211 became operational-1943 and aided the Nazis against US and other South American national pressure. In March 1945, the US finally pressured Argentina to declare war on Germany and Japan but to no avail. The Perons sheltered the Nazis and let Odessa ferret war criminals into Argentina postwar.


Argentine naval records report unusual disc craft operating off their coast during and after the war, BEFORE the US 1947 UFO sightings began ironically where German weapons were being tested in New Mexico.




Sonic, wind and ray weapons

Other strange types of weapons  used sounds, used the wind, or shot energy rays, respectively.

They are similar to the Windkanone (Windcannon), Schallkanone (Soundcannon), Donar Kraftstrahlkanone (Power Ray Cannon). Germany supposedly sent many plans over these artifacts, but no information exists indicating that any of these were constructed in the last days of the conflict.


However, the Captain of U-977 that surrendered in Argentina months after Germany's capitulation revealed in his book, "U-977" that the Japanese delegations sent to Berlin observed the SS death rays (crude microwave weapons) in 1945.



Japanese-German Space programs

Germany previously and during the war developed a SS space program (Raumflug), which included specialists from the Japanese Army and Navy. No confirmation of this exists.


Joint Programs

  • Japanese-German Lunar Station Alpha-1, the alleged lunar base station constructed by the Nazis in 1943–1945.

  • Japanese-German suicide space mission to the planet Mars in April–May 1945, using the Haunebu III space vehicle modified with long range capacity.

With respect to all this, there exist only some references or memories of some Japanese researchers who supposedly worked on some assignments over these technologies, but no real evidence about them exists.


One of these references is about an ancient technician of the Mitsubishi company who remembers a strange cylindrical or spherical artifact acquired from a German submarine in the last days of the conflict. The Japanese armed one of these two examples (very similar to the German "Feuerball" objects) but found it  very hard to control.


The Japanese were highly superstitious and could not conceive of the type of invisible propulsion system that these objects operated by; subsequently they were associated with demons and dynamited in a pit after Japan officially surrendered.

Other references about these weapons are the encounter of a Japanese Navy Mitsubishi A6M Zero with a Disc over Genzan (Chosen) and the reports of B-29 pilots in Marianas and Japan of some Spheres of Light (Foo-Fighters) in the last days of the war.


Both Nakajima and Mitsubishi are suspected of having tried to construct purely Japanese discs during the war, exemplified by the 1942 "Battle for L.A." disc that was fired upon to no effect. Recent analysis of the photos reveals a disc design different than that of the Germans, same for the 1942 sighting of a strange disc over Hopeh Province in China.


These supposed Japanese discs had one thing in common- they were quite slow and tended to fly in a straight flight path. German discs by comparison were running off powerful EMG engines capable of speeds of well over 7,000 km/h and were heat-shielded by a metal called Viktalen.


Some call this "Frozen Smoke".

A Bulgarian researcher, Vladimir Terzinsky, investigated the German-Japanese Space program and its connections with Military technical collaboration.


For example, he spoke about the Fieseler Fi-103 (V1) and Dornier Do 335 Pfeil and the Japanese developed  Kawanishi Baika suicide pulsejet plane and the Kawanishi J1W1 Shinden interceptor.



During a routine inspection of the Japanese merchant vessel Asama Maru on January 21, 1940, in the Indian Ocean, officers of the British cruiser HMS Liverpool discovered twenty-one German civilians on board. All were highly qualified technicians being sent to Japan to service German surface raiders and U-boats soon to be operating in the Pacific area.

The technicians were removed and interned as prisoners-of-war but as Britain was not at war with Japan at this time the Asama Maru  was allowed to proceed to her destination. Some weeks later, on February 29th, Britain handed back nine of the technicians to Japan after Japan agrees not to send them back to their homeland.







According to the authors of the underground German documentary movie from the Thule society, the only produced craft of the Haunibu-3 type - the 74 meter diameter naval warfare dreadnought - was chosen for the most courageous mission of this whole century - the trip to Mars.


The craft was of saucer shape, had the bigger Andromeda tachyon drives, and was armed with four triple gun turrets of large naval caliber (three inverted upside down and attached to the underside of the craft, and the fourth on top of the crew compartments). 


A volunteer suicide crew of Germans and Japanese was chosen, because everybody knew that this journey was a one-way journey with no return. The large intensity of the electro-magnetogravitic fields and the inferior quality of the metal alloys used then for the structural elements of the drive, was causing the metal to fatigue and get very brittle only after a few months of work of the drive.


The flight to Mars departed from Germany one month before the war ended - in April 1945.


It was probably a large crew, numbering in the hundreds, because of the low level of automation and electronic controls inside the saucer. Most of the systems of the craft had to be operated like these on a U-boat of that time - manually. Because the structurally weakened tachyon drives were not working with full power and not all the time, the trip to Mars took almost 8 months to accomplish.


An initial short trust towards Mars was probably used to overcome the strong gravitational field close to Earth, after that the craft was "coasting" for 8 months in an elliptical orbit to Mars with its main drives turned off.


Later trips to Mars by the joint Soviet-American craft in 1952 and by the Vatican craft of the Marconi project from Argentina in 1956 reached Mars in only 2-3 days, because their drives were working during the whole flight: accelerating in the first half and decelerating in the second.


Smaller Kohler converters were probably used to power the systems and life support equipment on board. I do not have any information at the present time about any artificial gravity capability on board the craft, but that could have been easily done with the large antigravity drives of the ship.


After a heavy, almost crashing landing, the saucer slammed to a stop, damaging irreparably its drives, but saving the crew.


That happened in the middle of January 1946. The crash landing on Mars was not only due to the crippled tachyon drives of the craft - it was also due to the smaller gravitational fled of Mars generating less power for the tachyon drives; and also due to the thinner atmosphere on Mars, that could not be used as effectively for air breaking as the Earth's atmosphere could.


The craft was shaped as a giant saucer - a form that is very efficient as an air brake, when it is entered into the atmosphere with its huge cross section perpendicular to the trajectory of descent.



First landing on the moon by the Germans was at Mare Imbrium on August 23, 1942 at 11:26 MEZ, using a Miethe rocket.

The first man on the moon was Kapitänleutnant Werner Theisenberg of the Kriegsmarine. Actually, the Navy did most of the work on the moon shots, not the Luftwaffe.

Landing took place without radio contact to the main control center at the Wilhelmshaven or the second control center located near Anzio, Italy. Ever since their first day of landing on the Moon, the Germans started boring and tunneling under the surface and by the end of the war there was a small Nazi research base on the Moon.  



One question, that I have not answered yet in the affirmative is how were the Germans able to regenerate the air inside the craft for 8 months for this big crew. Quite probably they were using advanced life support systems, developed initially for their larger Walter turbine and free energy submarines, that were cruising the oceans without resurfacing.


The radio message with the mixed news was received by the German underground space control centre in Neu Schwabenland and by their research base on the Moon.

The Andromeda was a craft with a diameter of 139 meters that was meant to transport troops, up to 5 saucers, and equipment. It was probably not built, although they could have done it easily...


Maybe some of the "flying cigars" that have been seen are later models...



Nikola Tesla

"Journey to Mars - Are We Already There?"
Jules Verne - and other early science fiction pioneers - wrote what was then considered to be far-fetched stories about the exploration of the moon and the planet Mars. They based their classic literary works not just on their own fertile imaginations, but on 'wild rumors' circulating that such voyages had already been made, accomplished by a group of scientists - all members of the same secret society.

They had tapped into an unknown power source, using it to facilitate the birth of flight, years before the Wright Brothers. Contacted by this secret fraternal order, Nikola Tesla furthered their cause, coming up with his own improved method of interplanetary travel, soon to be stolen and used by Adolf Hitler and the New World 0rder.







Forty seven years after World War II, in 1991, Vladimir Terziski, a Bulgarian immigree, came into possession of some German documentary film describing the Nazi V-7 special weapons programs. The secret V-7 projects were in fact a series of circular aircraft research designs developing radical new weapons platforms that could rise and descend vertically and fly at high speeds and very high altitudes using a new "implosion" motor design and other electro-gravitic energy conversion principles producing a self-sufficient electrostatically generated force for power.


Such engines were manufactured by AEC, (Allgemeine Elektrizitäts Gesellschaft), the great electrical giant of industrial Germany, for this program as early as 1944. These power devices generated their own electro-gravity field which neutralized the Earth's natural gravity, in effect making them weightless. Another new engine principle used helium for fuel.

There were at least three major developments within the V-7 program. There were the Haunebu models 1 through 3, at least; and Vril models 1 through 7 as well, and most likely beyond that. Then there was the cylindrical mother-ship carrier project designed to transport the Haunebu and Vril craft in flight. Research along these lines had been carried out since early in 1941.


The Haunebu models were larger discs ranging from 25 through 40 meters in diameter.






That is 75 to 120 feet. They were powered by multiple-ganged energy units working together, like the AEG System, and these units also generated their own electro-gravitic field which neutralized the natural gravity around them, thus making the craft and all it carried essentially weightless.


Experimental versions of this circular disc-shaped craft carried one to three 7.5 centimeter anti-tank cannon on their underside. Photographs of such craft have been collected by Mr. Terziski, some of which also appeared in the movie documentary.

One picture shows a 2 1/2 ton military truck parked beside a Haunebu 2, a lifting crane on the far side, and 2 men under the big disc working on something. Other pictures showed the Haunebu models in flight.

The Vril models were smaller deeper discs of nearly bell-shaped configuration in appearance with 3 hemispherical protuberances underneath, very similar to the bell-shaped flying objects photographed by George Adamski in 1952 and 1953, however the Vril 2, which is closest to that appearance, was actually being tested in 1943 and 1944 in Nazi Germany. The Vril 3 models and beyond were far more streamlined and looked more like the domed discs we are more familiar with. These little ships were 10.5 to 15 meters (30' to 45') in diameter and carried crews of 1 to 5 men.

The cylindrical carrier craft were over 100' in diameter and could carry one or more of the Haunebu models and 3 or more of the smaller Vril models, all internally, and could launch and recover them in flight.

When the High Command in Germany concluded that they could no longer win the war, and some of the key leaders began leaving the country to prepare for a resurgent 4th Reich, these important programs were apparently dismantled and carried to new bases in the Antarctic and to remote places in Brazil and elsewhere in South America.


Most of their key scientists went with them, which may be why we have heard so little of these programs up to now. The few scientists who remained behind were picked up by the U.S. and Russian governments and put to work on domestic programs, but our programs lacked the organization of the parent German programs that were evacuated.

Of course none of this report is proven by massive support evidence, nor should we expect it to be, given the secret nature of the work; and so this information can only stand as a speculative report - but it does raise a lot of unanswered questions.


Vril, Haunebu and the Andromeda-Gerät, were never mentioned by any source before Vladimir Tersiski hit the scene.


This is the same writer who claims to have proved that there is a breathable atmosphere, water, vegetation and even animals on the moon. Strangely enough, his descriptions of conditions on the moon sound an awful lot like those that were described by George Adamski, in Inside the Space Ships.
The fact that Terziski has obviously drawn heavily from Adamski's various writings seems to make no impression on those who want to believe in the existence of German flying saucers. They tend to characterize the similarities between the Haunebu and Adamski's 'Venusian scout ship', or the Andromeda-Gerât and Adamski's 'mother ship', as corroborative evidence.


In reality, it only proves that Terziski imitated Adamski.





Nazis And The Grays


Researcher Vladimir Terziski believes, in spite of all the descriptions of 'aliens' given by abductees, that there are also craft constructed by 'the Illuminati' which are taking advantage of the 'alien' question by attempting to pass off their own black projects as 'alien technology'.


Although Terziski is uncertain as to the existence of the so-called 'greys', he does admit his belief in an ancient human-like society which possesses antigravity craft.


Terziski states that whether or not the 'greys' exist, the New World Order may be using the 'external' alien threat as a means to bring about world unity after the fall of Russia while,

" the same time hundreds of valid, but undesirable ET contacts with...more advanced races are debunked or ignored by the government."

If some researchers are correct, Bavarian Intelligence [the Illuminati's Skull & Bones society, the Thule Societies "Nazi" Empire, and the CIA-NSA network that was 'german'ated from within the Bavarian Illuminati and Bavarian Thule societies] are actually working with the 'Greys' in secret.


Even if the 'New World Order' declares 'war' on these creatures, as opposed to a grassroots 'human resistance', one can be assured that this war be a farce as have other conflicts in the past.


It would very well be like the Korean war conflict wherein SOCIALISTS within the 'United Nations' waged a no-win 'police action' against southeast Asian COMMUNISTS. General George Douglas MacArthur for one accused the Socialist leadership of the U.N. of intentionally SABOTAGING his forces in Korea by leaking American positions to their Communist allies.


Now in recent years 'Patriot' organizations have been warning of a possible "RED DAWN" takeover of the U.S. by Socialist UNITED NATIONS troops who NOW HAVE AN INCREASING ARMY OF U.N. TROOPS "IN TRAINING" within the borders of the United States.


(If such a take-over attempt were to occur, we would suggest that the UNITED NATIONS complex in New York City increase it's security by at least a thousand fold to defend itself from the retaliation that would follow. Let's just say that there is an entire 'Army' of grassroots Patriots waiting-in-the-wings to defend America from such a threat if or when such an invasion is attempted).


The Bavarian "National" Socialists who ultimately control the U.N., such as the Trilaterals, are reportedly tied-in with the reptilian gray empire, so it is doubtful that any resistance to the invaders will come through the Trojanhorse United Nazis (er, excuse us... United Nations!).


Such a 'war' may be the grand finale of a series of outward Machiavellian 'conflicts' which the Bavarian Empire has allegedly 'arranged' between nations over the centuries for the purpose of simply keeping the human race in the state of disorder, chaos, confusion and fear which is so necessary to ensure the final goal - an absolute electronic dictatorship in which every human being will be 'tagged' and branded like cattle with an electronic chip implant which will make them the absolute spiritual, mental and physical slaves of the 'New World Order'.


Multitudes may be deceived into receiving this "mark" of the Beast (or the "Serpent"?) and in doing so will have relinquished the greatest thing that they possess, their FREE AGENCY (and with it, their soul).


Terziski alleges that the Illuminati has been involved in top secret 'space R&D' [Research & Development] since the turn of the century, and that the Nazi's, the American Eastern Establishment, and the KGB has been involved as well. In other words, the lower classes of all these nations were themselves largely unfamiliar with such top secret research, although the 'Illuminists' working in the highest levels of internationalism were and are intricately involved.


Although it may sound rather incredible, Terziski alleges that he possesses confirming information such as the first video expose of Nazi UFOs. German/Japanese saucer landings on the moon and Mars in 1944-46, Marconi group's landing on Mars in 1956..., video footage of Nazi interplanetary dreadnoughts and... of secret Soviet-American saucer landing on Mars (below video).





(reconstruction or real document?)






Although many of the 'Greys' have been described as being of neo-sauroid configuration, other 'Greys' pose a different mystery as to their origin and seem to be more of a bio-synthetic or 'manufactured' configuration.


Vladimir Terziski suggests that some of these greys may be,

"...a product of the US government's biogenetic cyborg R&D program."

There may have been "secret society" ties behind the AXIS Alliance of World War II.

The JESUITS ORDER of ITALY, according to researcher Edmond Paris, had strong connections with Adolf Hitler's S.S., and in fact may have been working with the THULE SOCIETY of GERMANY in establishing the S.S. as the premier German Intelligence Agency.


In turn, according to Trevor Ravenscroft, the Nazi occult lodges were in close contact with the occult GREEN DRAGON society of JAPAN.

ITALY, GERMANY and JAPAN were the three members of the "AXIS" powers who fought against the "ALLIED" alliance: the United States, Great Britain, and to a lesser degree, Russia.


Terziski is a Bulgarian born engineer and physicist, graduated Cum Laude from the Master of Science program of Tokai University in Tokyo in 1980. Served as a solar energy researcher, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, before immigrating to the U.S. in 1984. International UFO researcher with command of English, Japanese, Russian, German, and Bulgarian. Creator/lecturer of UFOLOGY-101 course for University level attendance.


In a June 5, 1993 interview with talk-show host Sam Russell on K-TALK radio in Salt Lake City, Utah, Vladimir Terziski made the bold assertion that in one way or another, any independent scientists who discovers the secret of electromagnetic 'free-energy' antigravity-propulsion is soon bought off, black-listed or killed by the Bavarian Illuminati, which has for centuries been extremely determined to maintain their monopoly on such technology and keep it out of the hands of the masses.


The military arm of the Bavarian Empire, the Third Reich, was allowed to 'field test' much of this technology under supervision during World War II as the Bavarians were intent on establishing the "New World Order", by force if necessary.


Terziski also stated that a joint German-Japanese 'suicide' volunteer crew utilizing this 'confiscated' Illuminati 'free-energy' technology - a Hans-Kohler converter powered 'Dreadnaught', a giant craft approximately 230 feet in diameter - landed on Mars in mid January, 1946 after 8 months of heavy flight.


He did not say what became of this expedition, but he did state that the German Illuminati had established a base on the moon and planted their swastika flags there years before the Apollo program.


Terziski also stated that a 'secret' joint American-Russian space program - behind-the-scenes of the public program - had landed men on the moon BEFORE the Apollo flights as well, and had discovered the "ex-Nazi" base already in existence there.


One of the more startling claims made by Terziski in this interview was that the German experiments in mind control, genetics, and hybridization (between humans and animals) - which were apparently aided by the discovery and perfection of the microscope in Germany, including a Teslan scaler-wave microscope which helped the Germans to unlock the human genome - were repeated in ten times their intensity in the underground Nazi South Polar colony or 'city'.


This base-city, rumor has it, is known by it inhabitants as the 'NEW BERLIN' and contains a population of over 2,000,000 people loyal to the Nazi philosophy. These include so-called pure-bred 'Aryan S.S.' who apparently utilize slave labor to expand their underground empire. The genetic experiments in this underground metropolis (as in the trilateral Dulce-Dreamland-Luna facilities) is reportedly continuing unabated.


Terziski claims that German occultists gained entrance to underground repositories below Tibet with the help of Ahrimanic and Luciferian secret societies in that country, where they gained access to ancient records from an early civilization which developed it's own form of occult-technology.


According to Vladimir, the Nazi's had made contact with 'half a dozen' alien races, including the malevolent reptilians, which may explain why they were so successful in their technological pursuits.


Could the U.S. government, fearful of the Nazi Empire/Gray Empire alliance, have chosen to negotiate with this powerful force rather than stand against it? ["if you can't beat'em, join'em"].


If so, it may have been a tragic, pathetic and cowardly decision not only for themselves but for their and our posterity. Apparently the Germans-Nazis-Illuminati had established a 'pact' with the serpent races long years before the American 'secret/conventional' hybrid government had done so.

The South Polar base according to Vladimir Terziski is also actively involved in space travel, and if the theories of W. A. Harbinson and others are correct, they may in fact constitute the 'Aryan' blonds who have been seen working with the grays and reptilians in UFO scenarios in their attempts to abduct, implant and program the minds of humans in an apparent long-term agenda to conquer the MINDS of the nations, and therefore the nations themselves.


Failing to do so during World War II in an overt manner, is Bavarian-Draconian alliance now attempting to bring about a covert takeover of the planet from their South Polar installation?


Harbinson, the author of the fact-fiction book 'GENESIS', is convinced that they are...





We never went to the Moon

It’s all true. We never went to the Moon. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin never set foot on Mare Tranquilitatus. They filmed it all on a soundstage in Nevada’s Area 51.


Stanley Kubrick directed, slowing down the film speed to make it look like the astronauts were walking in low gravity. He used the same techniques he developed for his movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, which “coincidentally” came out in 1968, the same year that NASA claimed to send Apollo 8 around the moon.


But Kubrick was forced to do it, and so he left clues in the photographs. If you look at them closely you can see that some of the shadows do not match up and there are other inconsistencies. The flags wave when there is no air.


There are no blast craters under the lunar landers. Kubrick was a master filmmaker and he would not have been so sloppy with his art - he would have put the blast craters there and he would not have allowed the flags to wave. But perhaps he was trying to tell us something, provided we are smart enough to recognize it. Maybe that is why he died under mysterious circumstances in 1999.


President John F. Kennedy announced the lunar goal in 1961. But NASA scientists quickly realized that traveling to the moon is impossible. The Van Allen radiation belts will kill anybody who tries to reach the moon. NASA officials knew this early on and realized that they would have to fake it.


In fact, one of the reasons that the CIA, Lyndon Johnson, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the military-industrial complex, and the Knights Templar had John F. Kennedy killed was because Kennedy was about to cancel the Apollo program. Too many people were going to make too much money from faking the lunar program, so Apollo had to continue.


Oliver Stone knew it. He even mentioned it in his movie JFK. And he has hardly worked since then. That is not a coincidence.


Lyndon Johnson knew that he had to get somebody competent to run the lunar hoax project, so he recruited the same person who told Franklin Roosevelt in November 1941 that the Japanese were planning to bomb Pearl Harbor. This man—we’ll call him Mr. X—had previously helped Johnson fake the Gulf of Tonkin Incident and can be seen in photos of the grassy knoll in Dallas, carrying an umbrella. He worked as the executive secretary for MAJESTIC-12.


For the lunar hoax project Mr. X recruited a number of people from the Philadelphia Experiment. The Brown and Root Company (now Halliburton) built the soundstages.


Of course it is ironic that the Americans had to fake the moon landings, because they already had access to the flying saucer technology recovered at Roswell in 1947.


We now know from reputable sources that the Soviets were about to upstage the American Apollo 8 and Apollo 11 missions by sending cosmonauts to orbit the moon. But their rockets failed, which some people believe is even more proof that it is impossible to send people to the moon. Unfortunately, the Soviet Union lacked the filmmaking technology of the United States and they were unable to fake their own moon missions.


But they did find out about the American deception and blackmailed the United States into shipping them millions of tons of grain to buy their silence. Yuri Gagarin found out about this plan, which is why the KGB had him killed. Why else would the United States prevent its adversary from starving except to keep them silent about a major scandal?

Of course it is ironic that the Americans had to fake the moon landings, because they already had access to the flying saucer technology recovered at Roswell in 1947. The three alien pilots all died and were dissected at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, but the flying disc was relatively intact. Unfortunately, the Air Force was not able to successfully copy the disc’s power source, which used a form of Zero Point Energy that the Nazis had tried to perfect.


After nearly two decades of trying, the project was finally shelved until the technology was later revived in the 1980s and successfully used to power the Aurora spy-plane during test flights in the Bermuda Triangle. Some of the flying disc technology was used in the Stealth Bomber.


By an amazing coincidence, the same hangar at Area 51 that for years housed the alien craft was used as the soundstage for the faked moon landings.





Moon, life on

Among ancient philosophers to speculate about possible lunar inhabitants were Anaxagoras, Xenophanes, Pythagoras and his followers, Plutarch, and (in fiction) Lucian.


In the late middle ages, Nicholas of Cusa favored life on the Moon. However, speculation became more intense following the Copernican Revolution and Galileo's first lunar studies with the aid of a telescope (1608).


In his Discovery of a New World in the Moone (1638), John Wilkins summarized what were then widely held beliefs:

That those spots and brighter parts which by our sight might be distinguished in the Moon, do show the difference between the Sea and Land of that other World... The spots represent the Sea, and the brighter parts Land... That there are high mountains, deep valleys, and spacious plains in the body of the Moon...


That there is an atmosphere, or an orb of gross vaporous air, immediately encompassing the body of the Moon... That it is probable there may be inhabitants in this other World, but of what kind they are is uncertain...

Even at this early stage, however, there was sharp disagreement over how to interpret what the telescope showed. The two great lunar map-makers of the seventeenth century, Johannes Hevelius and Giovanni Riccioli, stood at opposite poles of the debate.


Whereas Hevelius populated his chart with seas and "selenites" (as he called his lunar inhabitants), Riccioli's Moon was dry and dead. The battle over lunar life continued throughout the eighteenth century, Johann Bode and William Herschel being notable among the pro-selenites.


By the turn of the nineteenth century, persuasive evidence was accumulating that the Moon lacked both sufficient air and water to support substantial life. Yet still the selenites had their champions, including the extremists Schröter and Gruithuisen, and the moderates Gauss, von Littrow, and Olbers. Improved lunar maps in the 1830s, by Wilhelm Lohrmann and by Beer and Mädler, helped persuade most astronomers that the Moon was unlikely to be inhabited.


Even so, this did not prevent Richard Locke from creating a worldwide sensation in 1835 with his great "Moon Hoax".


By the end of the 19th century, lunar life had passed more or less from the realm of science into that of science fiction. Jules Verne posed the question in Around the Moon (1870) and teased with his reply, George Griffith's adventurers in Stories of Other Worlds (1900) find the ruins of a civilization and its bestial offspring, while, as late as 1901, in The First Men in the Moon, H. G. Wells was able to exploit lingering public credulity with his tale of a hollow Moon, richly varied selenites, and massively cerebral Grand Lunar.


And yet the romance did not quite end with these gaslight fantasies.


In the 1920s, William H. Pickering, a staunch advocate of Martian vegetation, argued that certain dark areas on the Moon which changed shape were due to spreading plants,1 while almost half a century later the remote possibility of microbial lunar life was still on the minds of NASA scientists when they quarantined the first Apollo astronauts and their rock samples – a well-advised (but, in the event, ill-performed) precaution in view of the bacterial survivors found on the returned camera of Surveyor 3. Arthur C. Clarke suggested remains of another kind on the Moon in his short story "The Sentinel" 2 which blossomed into 2001: A Space Odyssey.


In reality, it seems, the Moon has always been dead. However, the prospects for future intelligent (human) life on our nearest neighbor have been greatly improved by the discovery of billions of tons of ice in some deep lunar craters (see Lunar Prospector).


See also Moon trees.




1. Pickering, W. H. "Eratosthenes," 1 to 6, Popular Astronomy, nos. 269, 287, 312, and 317 (1919-25).

2. Clarke, Arthur C. "The Sentinel." In Expedition to Earth. New York: Harcourt, Brace and World (1970).



Moon, water on


The belief that the dark lunar areas, or maria, might be seas was held by Plutarch and others in the ancient world.


In his Siderius Nunctius, Galileo wrote that,

" ... [the] brighter part most fitly represents its land surface, but its darker part the watery surface ..."

Later, he came to doubt this interpretation, but others, including Wilkins, Hevelius, Schröter, and William Herschel kept the idea of a maritime Moon alive for the next two centuries.


The demise of lunar water accompanied that of a lunar atmosphere, since liquid water cannot exist where the atmospheric pressure is extremely low or zero. Ice, however, does exist in regions at the Moon's poles.


This surprising fact, first suggested by data from the Clementine probe, in 1994, was confirmed, in March 1998, by observations made by Lunar Prospector. After further analysis,1 the initial conservative estimate of 300 million tons was increased by a factor of 10, to 3 billion tons at each pole, enough to fill a lake about 100 meters deep and 6 km across. The possibility also exists that there may be more.


The instrument aboard Lunar Prospector used for this determination can detect the presence of water (or, more precisely, hydrogen) to a depth of 0.5 meter.


Since lunar soil has been turned over by meteorite impacts during the past couple of billion years to a depth of about 2 meters, water could theoretically be present to this depth. However, if (as suspected) this water exists as crystals mixed in with the lunar regolith, larger amounts of pure water ice deposits could potentially exist at much greater depths.


The lunar ice is thought to have come from comets which collided with the Moon in the remote past. Although most of the water deposited on the lunar surface in this way would have been vaporized long ago by the daytime heat of the Sun, in small, permanently shaded regions at the poles it has evidently survived. Its presence is further evidence that water, frozen or otherwise, is a common commodity on many worlds, and this, in turn, raises the prospects for extraterrestrial life.


The availability of water on the Moon is also a major boost to any plans for establishing a self-sustaining lunar colony.





Feldman, W. C., Maurice, S., Binder, A. B., Barraclough, B. L., Elphic, R. C., and Lawrence, D. J. "Fluxes of Fast and Epithermal Neutrons from Lunar Prospector: Evidence for Water Ice at the Lunar Poles," Science, 281, 1496 (1998).




Alien Presence on the Moon?

Is there an "Alien Base" on the Moon?


More and more people are coming forward with stories of an Alien presence on the Moon. Rumors say that there is an Alien Moon Base on the far side of the moon, the side we never see from Earth.





Did you ever wonder why the Moon landings stopped and why we have not tried to build a Moon Base?


It does seem like a better and easier idea than a floating space station with no access to any raw materials or supplies? According to NASA Astronaut Neil Armstrong the Aliens have a base on the Moon and told us in no uncertain terms to get off and stay off the Moon!
Sound far fetched?

Milton Cooper a Naval Intelligence Officer tell us that not only does the Alien Moon Base exist but the U.S. Naval Intelligence Community refers to the Alien Moon Base as "Luna", that there is a huge mining operation going on there, and that is where the Aliens keep their huge mother ships while the trips to Earth are made in smaller "flying saucers".

“LUNA: The Alien base on the far side of the Moon. It was seen and filmed by the Apollo Astronauts. A base, a mining operation using very large machines, and the very large alien craft described in sighting reports as mother ships exist there.”
Milton Cooper

in Apollo 11 Encounter UFOs on the Moon? from the Book "Above Top Secret" by Timothy Good 






Did Apollo 11 Encounter UFOs on the Moon?
by Timothy Good

from the Book "Above Top Secret"

According to hitherto unconfirmed reports, both Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin saw UFOs shortly after that historic landing on the Moon in Apollo 11 on 21 July 1969.


I remember hearing one of the astronauts refer to a "light" in or on a carter during the television transmission, followed by a request from mission control for further information. Nothing more was heard.
According to a former NASA employee Otto Binder, unnamed radio hams with their own VHF receiving facilities that bypassed NASA's broadcasting outlets picked up the following exchange:

NASA: What's there? Mission Control calling Apollo 11...
Apollo: These "Babies" are huge, Sir! Enormous! OH MY GOD! You wouldn't believe it! I'm telling you there are other spacecraft out there, Lined up on the far side of the crater edge! They're on the Moon watching us!

In 1979 Maurice Chatelain, former chief of NASA Communications Systems confirmed that Armstrong had indeed reported seeing two UFOs on the rim of a crater.

"The encounter was common knowledge in NASA," he revealed, "but nobody has talked about it until now."

Soviet scientists were allegedly the first to confirm the incident.

"According to our information, the encounter was reported immediately after the landing of the module," said Dr. Vladimir Azhazha, a physicist and Professor of Mathematics at Moscow University. "Neil Armstrong relayed the message to Mission Control that two large, mysterious objects were watching them after having landed near the moon module. But his message was never heard by the public - because NASA censored it."

According to another Soviet scientist, Dr. Aleksandr Kazantsev, Buss Aldrin took color movie film of the UFOs from inside the module, and continued filming them after he and Armstrong went outside. Dr. Azhazha claims that the UFOs departed minutes after the astronauts came out on to the lunar surface.
Maurice Chatelain also confirmed that Apollo 11's radio transmissions were interrupted on several occasions in order to hide the news from the public.


Before dismissing Chatelain's sensational claims, it is worth noting his impressive background in the aerospace industry and space program. His first job after moving from France was as an electronics engineer with Convair, specializing in telecommunications, telemetry and radar. In 1959 he was in charge of an electromagnetic research group, developing new radar and telecommunications systems for Ryan. One of his eleven patents was an automatic flights to the Moon.


Later, at North American Aviation, Chatelain was offered the job of designing and building the Apollo communications and data-processing systems.
Chatelain claims that,

"all Apollo and Gemini flights were followed, both at a distance and sometimes also quite closely, by space vehicles of extraterrestrial origin - flying saucers, or UFOs, if you want to call them by that name. Every time it occurred, the astronauts informed Mission Control, who then ordered absolute silence."

He goes on to say:

“I think that Walter Schirra aboard Mercury 8 was the first of the astronauts to use the code name 'Santa Claus' to indicate the presence of flying saucers next to space capsules. However, his announcements were barely noticed by the general public.


It was a little different when James Lovell on board the Apollo 8 command module came out from behind the moon and said for everybody to hear: 'PLEASE BE INFORMED THAT THERE IS A SANTA CLAUS.' Even though this happened on Christmas Day 1968, many people sensed a hidden meaning in those words.”

Rumors persist. NASA may well be a civilian agency, but many of its programs are funded by the defense budget and most of the astronauts are subject to military security regulations.


Apart from the fact that the National Security Agency (NSA) screens all films and probably radio communications as well. We have the statements by Otto Binder, Dr. Garry Henderson and Maurice Chatelain that the astronauts were under strict orders not to discuss their sightings.


And Gordon Cooper has testified to a United Nations committee that one of the astronauts actually witnessed a UFO on the ground. If there is no secrecy, why has this sighting not been made public?
A certain professor, who wished to remain anonymous, was engaged in a discussion with Neil Armstrong during a NASA symposium.

Professor: What REALLY happened out there with Apollo 11?
Armstrong: It was incredible, of course we had always known there was a possibility, the fact is, we were warned off! (by the Aliens). There was never any question then of a space station or a moon city.
Professor: How do you mean "warned off"?
Armstrong: I can't go into details, except to say that their ships were far superior to ours both in size and technology - Boy, were they big!... and menacing! No, there is no question of a space station.
Professor: But NASA had other missions after Apollo 11?
Armstrong: Naturally. NASA was committed at that time, and couldn't risk panic on Earth. But it really was a quick scoop and back again.

Armstrong confirmed that the story was true but refused to go into further detail, beyond admitting that the CIA was behind the cover-up. (thanks to BBS)


More information: Sensation - Cities Found on the Moon!

Reasonable activity of an alien civilization showed up unexpectedly close to us. We were not ready for it psychologically
We still can come across publications trying to find an answer to the question: Are we alone in the universe?


At the same time, presence of reasonable creatures has been detected just close to our home, in the Moon. However, the discovery was immediately classified as secret, as it was so much incredible that even could shake the already existing social principles, reports Russia's newspaper Vecherny Volgograd.
Here is an extract from the official press-release:

"NASA scientists and engineers participating in exploration of Mars and Moon reported results of their discoveries at a briefing at the Washington national press club on March 21, 1996. It was announced for the first time that man-caused structures and objects had been discovered on the Moon."

The scientists spoke rather cautiously and evasively about the functioning objects, with the exception of UFO. They always mentioned the man-caused objects as possible, and pointed out the information was still under study, and official results would be published later.
It was mentioned at the briefing as well that the Soviet Union used to own some photo materials proving presence of reasonable activity on the Moon. And although it wasn't identified what kind of reasonable activity it was, thousands of photo-and video materials photographed from the Apollos and the Clementine space station demonstrated many parts on the lunar surface where the activity and its traces were perfectly evident.


The video films and photos made by US astronauts during the Apollo program were demonstrated at the briefing. And people were extremely surprised why the materials hadn't been presented to the public earlier.


And NASA specialists answered:

“It was difficult to forecast the reaction of people to the information that some creatures had been or still were on the Moon. Besides, there were some other reasons to it, which were beyond NASA.

Specialist for lunar artifacts Richard Hoagland says that NASA is still trying to veil photo materials before they are published in public catalogues and files, they do retouching or partially refocus them while copying.


Some investigators, Hoagland is among them, suppose that an extraterrestrial race had used the Moon as a terminal station during their activity on the Earth.


The suggestions are confirmed by the legends and myths invented by different nations of our planet.
Ruins of lunar cities stretched along many kilometers, huge transparent domes on massive basements, numerous tunnels and other constructions make scientists reconsider their opinions concerning the lunar problems. How the Moon appeared and principles of its revolving around the Earth still pose a great problem for scientists.
Some partially destroyed objects on the lunar surface can’t be placed among natural geological formations, as they are of complex organization and geometrical structure. In the upper part of Rima Hadley, not far from the place where the Apollo-15 had landed, a construction surrounded with a tall D-shaped wall was discovered.


As of now, different artifacts have been discovered in 44 regions. The NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, the Houston Planetary Institute and specialists from the bank of space information are investigating the regions.


Mysterious terrace-shaped excavations of the rock have been discovered near the Tiho crater. The concentric hexahedral excavations and the tunnel entry at the terrace side cant be results of natural geological processes; instead, they look very much like open cast mines. A transparent dome raised above the crater edge was discovered near the crater Copernicus.


The dome is unusual as it is glowing white and blue from inside. A rather unusual object, which is unusual indeed even for the Moon, was discovered in the upper part of the Factory area. A disk of about 50 meters in diameter stands on a square basement surrounded with rhombi walls. In the picture, close to the rhombi, we can also see a dark round embrasure in the ground, which resembles an entry in an underground caponier.


There is a regular rectangular area between Factory and the crater Copernicus which is 300 meters wide 400 meters long.
Apollo-10 astronauts made a unique picture (AS10-32-4822) of a one-mile long object called Castle, which is hanging at the height of 14 kilometers and casts a distinct shadow on the lunar surface. The object seems to be consisting of several cylindrical units and a large conjunctive unit. Internal porous structure of the Castle is clearly seen in one of the pictures, which makes an impression that some parts of the object are transparent.
As it turned out at the briefing where many NASA scientists were present, when Richard Hoagland had requested originals of the Castle pictures for the second time, no pictures were found there at all. They disappeared even from the list of pictures made by the Apollo-10 crew. Only intermediate pictures of the object were found in the archives, which unfortunately donut depict the internal structure of the object.
When Apollo-12 crew landed on the lunar surface, they saw that the landing was observed by a half-transparent pyramidal object. It was hanging just several meters above the lunar surface and shimmered with all rainbow colors against the black sky.
In 1969, when the film about astronauts traveling to the Sea of Storms was demonstrated (the astronauts saw the strange objects once again, which were later called “striped glasses”), NASA finally understood what consequences such kind of control could bring.


Astronaut Mitchell answered the question about his feelings after a successful return the following:

“My neck still aches as I had to constantly turn my head around because we felt we were not alone there. We had no choice but pray.”

Johnston, who worked at the Houston Space Center and studied photos and video materials done during the Apollo program, discussed the artifacts with Richard Hoagland and said, the NASA leadership was awfully annoyed with the great number of anomalous, to put it mildly, objects on the Moon. It was even said that piloted flights to the Moon could be banned in the programs network.
Investigators are especially interested in ancient structures resembling partially destroyed cities. The orbital shooting reveals an astonishingly regular geometry of square and rectangular constructions. They resemble our terrestrial cities seen from the height of 5-8 kilometers. A mission control specialist commented on the pictures:

“Our guys observed ruins of the Lunar cities, transparent pyramids, domes and God knows what else, which are currently hidden deep inside the NASA safes, and felt like Robinson Crusoe when he suddenly came across prints of human bare feet on the sand of the desert island.”

What do geologists and scientists say after studying the pictures of lunar cities and other anomalous objects? They say, such objects can’t be natural formations.

“We should admit they are artificial, especially the domes and pyramids. “

Reasonable activity of an alien civilization showed up unexpectedly close to us. We were not ready for it psychologically, and some people hardly believe they are true even now.







UFOlogy Journal
1996 Chinese UFOlogy Association
China (Taiwan)



In a now infamous 1961 speech, US President John F. Kennedy pledged that America's space program would "place a man on the moon before the decade's close."

At the heart of cold war battles for geopolitical supremacy, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs also became the vehicle for inculcating domestic populations with American values and belief systems.

NASA's growing power, its protection by the Kennedy administration, and the rise of the Right Stuff astronaut as celebrity hid the steady growth of the Military-Industrial Complex that Eisenhower had warned about.

These anxieties - of monolithic social institutions controlling information, and the decline of US global empires - are the core of conspiracy theories claiming the historic Apollo moon landings were elaborately faked.


The world was hoaxed.

Conspiracy theorists like Bill Kaysing and Ralph Rene claim that:

  • The Nazis built a small moon base.

  • Strange geological structures are evidence of alien life.

  • NASA photos were 'doctored' and transmissions were censored.

  • NASA "stage managed" astronaut interviews and press conferences. 

  • NASA "conditioned" astronauts by Nazi-derived mind control techniques.

  • The Van Allen Belt's high radiation levels prevented the astronauts from leaving Earth.

  • Apollo 1 astronauts Grissom, Chaffee and White were going to reveal NASA's conspiracy to the world, so they were murdered in a 1967 launch-pad fire.

Perhaps the most believable part of Kaysing and Rene's scenario is their analysis of the space industry as a political economy.


The authors contend that, in a climate of lucrative multimillion dollar industrial contracts and public euphoria, the Military-Industrial Complex fueled the conspiratorial imperative for creating Lunargate.

These hoax theories can teach us much about the Paranoid Style of post-Watergate American politics. The fascination with decoding NASA photographs for clues and analyzing suggestive scenes in films like Diamonds Are Forever (1971) and Capricorn One (1978) echo Marshall McLuhan's media models and postmodern theorists' fascination with ambiguous texts and the limits of knowledge.

When Bill Kaysing claims that the Apollo 13 debacle was a "simulation within a simulation," or anonymous theorists suggest that director Stanley Kubrick filmed the historic Apollo 11 moon landing (July 20, 1969) on a Nevada soundstage, they offer scenarios that closely resemble postmodernist Jean Baudrillard's concept of American culture as hyper-real:

People's imagination demands the real thing, but in order to get it, they have to create fakes.

NASA's verifiable history has had some questionable aspects:

The real concern of these conspiracy theorists, maybe, is the long-term fate of NASA's space program. Resource allocation pressures have made it difficult over the past thirty years for a large-scale population the Overview Effect (comprehending Earth as a single integrated system that is post nation-state/tribal band) consciousness change that astronauts experienced.

US Congress passed a bill in 1999, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing... and then cut NASA's annual budget by over $1 billion.

Maybe the real conspiracy is one of institutional infighting and bureaucratic stupidity.





The alternative conquest of the Moon
by Philip Coppens



"Moon Hoax"
There are two "Moon hoaxes."


  1. The first, sometimes referred to as the "Great Moon Hoax," was perpetrated in 1835 by Richard Adams Locke, a writer hired by the newly established 'New York Sun'.


    Having already dabbled in science fiction, it occurred to him to expand his activity in this direction without actually telling anyone. For his subject, he chose the astronomical expedition of John Herschel to the Cape of Good Hope. Beginning with the Aug. 25, 1835 issue of the Sun, Locke describes in detail all kinds of fantastic discoveries having been made by Herschel with a telescope of such power, he said, that it could see objects on the lunar surface as small as 18 inches across.

    In the second installment, the exotic variety of life supposedly found by Herschel is revealed, including a goat-like animal with a single horn and "an amphibious creature of spherical form, which rolled with great velocity across the pebbly beach." On Aug. 29, Locke broke the news that lunar intelligence had been found in the guise of "Vespertilio-homo", or bat-men.


    Finally, on Aug. 31, he spoke of the discovery of yet higher beings and of "the universal state of amity among all classes of lunar creatures...."

    Huge interest was created by the articles and, briefly, the Sun became the best-selling newspaper in the world. 'The New York Times' believed the reports both "probable and possible", the 'New Yorker' thought they heralded "a new era in astronomy", Yale was said to be "alive with staunch supporters", while, according to another report, an American clergyman considered starting a collection for Bibles for the lunar inhabitants.

    The fact that the "Moon Hoax" was almost certainly nothing of the kind has been argued compellingly by Michael Crowe who cites an account of the affair written by William Griggs in 1852.


    According to Griggs:

    "We have the assurance of the author, in a letter published some years since, in the New World, that it was written expressly to satirize the unwarranted and extravagant anticipations upon this subject...."

    Yet, the irony is, the hoax failed because the public had been primed for so long by the strident advocates of pluralism to expect intelligent life on other worlds.

  2. The second "Moon hoax" is the more modern claim that the Apollo missions never landed on the Moon. Sadly, this is born of the same kind of scientific ignorance and naïveté that allowed Locke's tale to take root. It may seem incredible that, in the 21st century, a considerable number of people in developed nations, notably the USA, could entertain the notion that men have not visited the Moon.

    This silly scenario was given unnecessary (but, doubtless, commercially successful) support, in February 2001, by a prime-time Fox TV special, "Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?" Amateur theorists were allowed to parade such easily-countered objections as "Why are there no stars in the pictures sent back from the Moon?" (Answer: If the cameras had been adjusted to pick up the stars, the surface would have appeared dazzlingly bright).

    Unfortunately, NASA may have compounded the problem in 2002 by budgeting $15,000 to hire a former rocket scientist, James Oberg, to produce a small book refuting the disbelievers' claims (primarily for the benefit of teachers and students) but then backing away from the project for fear that it would lend credibility to, as NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe put it, "something that is, on its face, asinine."


    However, there remains a need, especially in the United States, to counter scientific illiteracy and the growing belief in pseudoscience of all descriptions, including creationism.

    While attending the Cape Canaveral premiere of the IMAX version of Apollo 13 in November 2002, Tom Hanks said the film industry had a responsibility to promote historical literacy.


    He took a jab at the 1978 movie Capricorn One, which had NASA's first manned mission to Mars being faked on a sound stage.

    He said:

    "We live in a society where there is no law in making money in the promulgation of ignorance or, in some cases, stupidity."

    Of course, there will always be those who remain unconvinced. But it is important for the future, and for the education of young people who may be easily influenced by nonsensical but sensational claims, that the scientific record is set straight.



Evans, David S. "The Great Moon Hoax," Sky & Telescope, 196 (September 1981) and 308 (October 1981).




NASA Lunar Digger Device
1958 photo is of unidentified German engineer who proposed it





World's biggest telescope to prove Americans really walked on Moon
by Robert Matthews

Science Correspondent

from Rense Website
Conspiracy theorists, you have a problem. In an effort to silence claims that the Apollo Moon landings were faked, European scientists are to use the world's newest and largest telescope to see whether remains of the spacecraft are still on the lunar surface.
For years, doubters have claimed that NASA, the US space agency, spent billions of dollars faking the landings to convince the world that it had beaten the Soviet Union to the Moon. A host of supposed evidence has been put forward, ranging from the absence of stars on any photographs taken by the astronauts to the fact that the Stars and Stripes they planted seemed to flutter in a vacuum.
Earlier this month, NASA tried to put an end to the controversy by commissioning a definitive account of the evidence for the landings. Days later, it dropped the idea after criticism that it was wasting money by taking on the lunatic fringe: naturally, this only boosted claims that the space agency was trying to hide something.
The row even boiled over into personal conflict in September when police in Beverly Hills were called in to investigate claims that Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin - the second man on the Moon - punched a conspiracy theorist who accused him of lying about the landings.
Now astronomers hope to kill off the conspiracy theory once and for all by using the Very Large Telescope (VLT) - by far the most powerful telescope in the world - to spot the Apollo lunar landers.
Operated by European astronomers in the Chilean Andes, the VLT consists of four mirrors 27ft across linked by optical fibres. It can see a single human hair at a distance of 10 miles.
Trained on the Moon, such astonishing resolution should enable it to see the base of one or more of the six lunar modules which NASA insists landed on the Moon between 1969 and 1972. Any images of the modules would be the first not to have been taken from space by NASA.
Dr Richard West, an astronomer at the VLT, confirmed that his team was aiming to achieve "a high-resolution image of one of the Apollo landing sites".
The first attempt to spot the spacecraft will be made using only one of the VLT's four telescope mirrors, which are fitted with special "adaptive optics" to cancel the distorting effect of the Earth's atmosphere. A trial run of the equipment this summer produced the sharpest image of the Moon taken from the Earth, showing details 400ft across from a distance of 238,000 miles.
The VLT team hopes to improve on this, with the aim of detecting clear evidence for the presence of the landers. The base of the lunar modules measured about 10ft across, but would cast a much longer shadow under ideal conditions.
Dr West said that the challenge pushed the optical abilities of one VLT mirror to its limits: if this attempt failed, the team planned to use the power of all four mirrors.

"They would most probably be sufficiently sharp to show something at the sites," he said.

Dr West insisted, however, that the decision to examine the landing sites was not driven by the conspiracy theory.

"We do not question the reality of the landings," he said. "It is more for instrument-testing purposes."

Supporters of the conspiracy theory welcomed the news that astronomers are to photograph the landing sites.


Marcus Allen, UK publisher of Nexus magazine and a long-time advocate of the theory, said:

"I would be the first to accept what they find as powerful evidence that something was placed on the Moon by man."

He added, however, that photographs of the lander would not prove that America put men on the Moon.

"Getting to the Moon really isn't much of a problem - the Russians did that in 1959," said Mr Allen. "The big problem is getting people there."

According to Mr Allen, NASA was forced to send robots to the Moon and faked the manned missions because radiation levels in space were lethal to humans.

"We know that no lead shielding was carried on Apollo, so how were 27 astronauts able to survive a journey of several days to and from the Moon?"

Dr Duncan Steel, a space scientist at Stanford University, said that the supposed radiation hazard is a myth spread by conspiracy theorists.
Dr Robert Massey, an astronomer at the Royal Greenwich Observatory, said that the conspiracy theorists are unlikely to be deterred by photographic evidence.

"Even if the VLT does see something, I suspect it won't silence them. In science we can never totally prove anything - but we can prove things beyond reasonable doubt."