by Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan

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Montreux, Switzerland

September 2006

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Michael St Clair:

  • What is very difficult to deal with is the big picture of what I call the other reality, the invisible world... that with which we interact without really knowing.

  • ...We’re sitting on a 1000 feet, 400 meter, granite needle that comes out of the lake of Geneva and connects directly to a vortex. We’re actually sitting inside of the vortex.

  • ...It’s the psychic that gives rise to the physical. That’s the part that scientists have yet to actually figure out and be able to explain in formulas.

  • ...There are going to be several events: I think one in 2009, another one in 2011.

  • ...People have a tendency of just telling me whatever whether they're ETs, Luminous Beings, normal people... they just tell me their stuff and I was listening.

  • ...So my whole purpose now is more showing people what to do about the years ahead.

Michael St. Clair


Start of interview

Kerry Cassidy: We are here with Michael St Clair, and he has written a wonderful new book called Zen of Stars. Tell me about your book.

M: Well, the book is product of about ten-twelve years of research. Initially there were four books, 15–1600 pages. I cut them all down over the years and summarized it, condensed it. The book deals with the origin of mankind; our cosmology where I think we came from; our most probable futures on this planet and it deals with many aspects of how we are going to go through the next 40–50 years.

So Zen of Stars is story basically of a time portal and of the Master of the Light, who is a sort of a light being and we’re here in the castle Chillon Castle here by the Lake of Geneva, which is where the novel, the book, actually begins and ends in several dimensions. Now, to summarize the book is next to impossible. I think, ultimately, it has light encoded in the words and it does something to the people who read it. It’s a consciousness that changes as you go through the 4–500 pages.

And in essence it is a condensation of four books. One book was pure astrology; hardcore astrology aspects, discussion of history compared to alignments, very dry and complex; and another book was more about the future itself, about Earth changes, about what is going to happen in politics, diplomacy, society, economics, science and so on.


And another book was more about extraterrestrial interaction with humanity. And all the three parts were too complex for a normal reader, so people who had looked at it had asked me to simplify it and make it so anyone could understand it because the difficulty of the book is to deal with the ‘big picture’, the other reality, the invisible world that which we interact with without real knowing. So I do not know if it was intentional or not.


The result is that readers tell me that something in their life or in their consciousness, almost, changes when they read it at least a second time.

K: I know you have been studying astrology for many, many years, and the occult, and you had a background before you ever began writing this. So maybe you could tell us a little bit about that?

M: Well, a formal background is simple. I went to college in Switzerland, I studied law, I was an army officer. I spent some time in the army. I studied also political sciences and then I worked for a few clients and left to live in Florida. But I had studied astrology pretty much seriously since I was about twelve or fourteen. I remember that by age twenty or twenty-one I was certainly fluent enough to explain alignments. I had to actually practice it but I didn’t until I was thirty-two.


After I had left, what I call the ‘Real World’; the life of law, business and the boring stuff, that’s when I got into the more, you would call it ‘occult’ stuff, but occult just means ‘hidden’, and what is hidden will be science tomorrow. When I say tomorrow it actually already is. Things that we’re talking about, different dimensions can today be explained in terms of Quantum Physics and science.

Dean Radin he wrote Entangled Minds or Russell Moore who wrote about the Vortex theory these are things that today we have to be able to talk just matter of fact like the Elvin World, the world of the Elves, it’s real, it’s right around us here. You can actually touch into it and feel it. So these are things that people would normally call occult; like The Lord of the Rings, but it is a reality. And you can’t really study it you have to live in it. The astrology part is easy to study, that’s relatively linear thinking.


What the things I talk and write about are about the psychic mind, about the non-linear mind. And what I basically say in my… not teachings, but in what I explain to people and in my book is that we are coming into a time now where the linear mind is going to switch off, not like a light switch but dim down and fade out whereas the psychic mind is going to come up. And in that transition, that’s when these things that we talk about will become easy to understand. But for now, most people are functioning in a linear way and they cannot really understand what the psychic mind is about.


However the overall, the worldwide psychic mind is coming up.

K: Can you tell us a little bit about where we are actually shooting this because this is a very mystical interesting place? We are here in Montreux, Switzerland and in a marvelous castle, and this castle factors in your work.

M: We are actually sitting on the granite needle We are sitting on a 1000 feet, 400 meter, granite needle that comes out of the lake of Geneva and connects directly to a vortex which actually sitting inside of the vortex. Its near sunset time so you have a very quiet energy and you can maybe feel it although we are working here This is a place that was probably settled in human history by the Celts in about 6–700 B.C. Sorry, 6–700 of our time. I mean about 1400 years ago.

K: OK.

M: But the other realities are more likely that this place had existed on top of the granite needle for maybe as much as 4–5,000 years we just don’t know. The traces are very old. The formal history begins around 11th–12th century so as far as linear mind is concerned this is a temple castle.


This is a typical temple place with art by the Italian and English masters from the 12th and 13th century. It was then rebuilt and built over many, many times up to the 17th century when pretty much the French handed it over to the Swiss. And Chillon Castle became very well known through Lord Byron. Because he came here, I think friends of his started working on the novel Frankenstein and he wrote the famous poem or the little story called the “Prisoner of Chillon”.


That’s why the place actually got to be known.

K: What made you leave the contemporary world in the everyday sense and become something of an occult master for lack of a better term?

M: Yes, I see what you mean. I really was that since I was a kid. As funny as it sounds ever since I can remember 6–7 years of age when I was actually here for the first time that I can really remember I knew what was going on in what I call the Elvin world, that other world that I describe in the book as linear as I can.


But afterwards, the rest of what you call ‘this real life’ oddly enough I remember very little. Like I said, I studied law. I went to a college, I studied law, at the University at Zurich, I studied political sciences. I mean I could have been a diplomat or a General. I went into the army, I served two years here. I was doing what any officer does; field intelligence or commanding little companies, assisting a General; that really wasn’t a big deal.

What was interesting was I had a few colleagues, friends, older then me who saw I was interested in history and slightly different topics, and they themselves were a little into this. Astrology, you know, nothing in particular, but this was enough of a start of a study group to begin talking about these things and studying them. Here in Switzerland we have a very long tradition of these things, this is a Celtic place; where the Celts are ultimately native people just like the native Shamans are in America… like the native Indians or the Aborigines almost so these are people who are used to living free and living with nature. And so what you call the occult is to us not occult at all it is just science.


It is studying stars, alignments; it’s other people who made anything occult out of it. OK, to finish off, after the studies, after working, I worked for a bank and yes, during the bank days I saw transactions I saw the economy, so I understand what was going on in the real world.

K: What were you doing for the bank?

M: I was setting up trusts; I was doing mergers and acquisitions, international transactions. That was showing me what was going on in politics.

K: Can you say the name of the bank that you worked for?

M: Yes. I worked for ABN; I worked for a Dutch bank. And they have a very old tradition from the merchant days going back hundreds of years. We were doing relatively normal transactions; anyways… by normal, I mean mergers and acquisitions you know the nonsense they do in this world. But through that work I met several interesting people who were again studying astrology; who were people interested in art; who were doing art transactions… the normal things that you do in banks when you advise private clientele.

I then found a ground of people who were interested in what I was doing in my “part-time life”, and they were living in Florida. And they said, why don’t you come and live in Florida? I was ready to leave this whole thing I was doing simply because it makes no sense, in my view anyway to be part of this world of which I knew early on that it wasn't going to last. I knew pretty early on that while I was still alive now here in this life this is all going to disappear in some way.

So what is the point in being part of that? Then I knew I'd better prepare for something else. Now after I finished my book, I had other ideas of topics I’d like to get into, which are more about what people should do with what we know is going to happen. And I had wanted to be applied so that other people understood me clearly enough so that they knew what to do with what I know. Which is what they know deep down but they cannot verbalize it yet.

So my whole purpose now is more showing people what to do about the years ahead. Because there is a really great, fascinating future; we are going to discover things that we were just talking about that are sort of occult in the past but very scientific and simple in the very near future; by future I mean 6–7 years from now. It will be totally normal to talk about these things.

So this is transition coming out of a real-world normal career that was abbreviated and compressed so by the age of 32–33 I was well on my way; that was 14 years ago, doing my own thing. It took me that long to finish the book because it was a long study. And in certain fields in the astrological studies, extraterrestrial interaction and cosmology I had to study quite deeply, and there are very few who have a clue about this.


I mean it comes down to 4–5 people I was lucky enough to meet that actually understand about quantum physics, about cosmology, about the search for extraterrestrial intelligence and certain subjects that there are very, very few, maybe a handful of people who really have spent 20–40 years of their lives; those are older guys or an astronaut who spent all of his life studying these things so I had to meet all these people by chance, by… whatever you want to call it, I met these people, I was able to thread together what would be of interest for a person who was just vaguely interested in what is the future of mankind, what is this planet going to be about, and maybe also where do we come from…

K: Can you mention some names for me? Edgar Mitchell…?

M: Yes, the astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Yes, I talked to him for a while. He wrote a book himself about these subjects. His book is called The Way of the Explorer. And he describes basically a transition from a scientist, an astronaut; pilot into a man who lives with the other world but he tries to be scientific about it. And we talked about a number of subjects. I don’t mention too much in the book because of certain things that we agreed that I could not say for a while. I respect my sources, but I can say I respect their wishes and I say I met him but I can’t be too specific about what he told me.

K: He did tell you something about the extraterrestrial presence here on Earth? Isn’t that right?

M: Yes, well, its not so much him, to him I think it is clear what he says in the interviews you can read it up in the interviews on the Internet. I think colleagues of his are much more clearer so he can always refer back to the colleagues. No, but I’ve met other people who know what they are talking about who had direct contact and I myself had. So when it comes to that subject we are our source. He simple has put in more poetic terms in the beginning of his book that he felt that he was part of something bigger. That is a simple way to put it.

K: OK, and you also would you name any of the other people that you perhaps have dealt with or got certain information from?

M: There was another scientist at NASA; he’s not well known that just someone very, very advanced on the scientific level and I’ve been in contact with a number of people over the years via the Internet via correspondence writing phoning. So yes, it would be too long to explain. The last one I have been in touch with on and off is Gerry Zeitlin. Zeitlin is a scientist, an engineer who has worked for SETI and he left SETI, he is a retired scientist.


And I think the most interesting part of his work is… he didn’t translate but he adapted, introduced a brand new work by a French guy called Anton Parks. Anton Parks wrote a book called Le Secret des Etoiles Sombres, “The Secret of the Dark Stars”. And in The Secret of the Dark Stars he explains basically where we came from, how long ago this whole story is, which extraterrestrial races mixed with which; it is way too long to explain even in two or three sentences, just too long to explain.


And Zeitlin took this whole thing and made an introductory note on the internet (Open SETI and The End of Enchantment) and that is maybe the most advanced piece of knowledge that is, right now, around in 2006.

K: That is fabulous…

M: I had more or less the same impression having written it in that way although we shouldn’t make conclusions we always finished when we make conclusions but I think it is a foregone conclusion that we are not from here but we are from the stars. How it exactly came about there we have huge latitude of different theories; but there are researchers around with a clue about this.


And some who have had a direct interaction, not necessarily physically – like they deny it – but who have knowledge that comes to them. By comes through, I mean comes through via a language, by an advanced or ancient language, that is universal to hear and to write down.

K: But you yourself consider yourself to be of Sirian descent? Is that right?

M: Yeah, you can see the face, that’s Sirius [laughter]… and the elfin ears. You can usually tell by faces more or less what genetics people have, yes. You can do this…

K: So you have insight into this.

M: Sure, yes. Most people have a clue. They can pretty much say what the preponderance of genetics are…

K: And it's probably… you also have Celtic…?

M: Yes, this is true, …

K: And St Clair has a history… your last name…

M: Yes, my last name is a Celtic name, yes…

K: And it also goes into, you know, again, the occult; the St. Clairs going all the way back to, is this the Jesus bloodline?

M: Personally, this whole Jesus business, if you want my personal opinion… I think…

K: Yes, I do…

M: Firstly, it is not so important as people think because there were many of them; and his story is not the way it is being told. I think he was a Master who came, among other things, from Sirius. There is probably Sirian connection in him. And it wasn’t his name, as you know from Billy Meier’s contact reports with the Pleiadians or Plejarans, as he calls them.


His name was more likely Immanuel; maybe there were even two or three people like him we’re not so sure, the birth date was not when they say, it was more 4–5 B.C. And his whole journey was in my opinion, not toward the South of France, England and the Celtic place but it was back in the direction of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and maybe Japan. And he certainly didn’t die on a cross, I know of these things… I do not want to go into this too much and shock people.

I think it is very important; people need to have a very open mind and relearn everything. What my work is about, mainly, is about deconditioning your mind. We grow up conditioned from childhood with either religion or science or schools or parents or ideas that are totally unquestioned and then we just carry around for hundreds of years having no clue about what we are talking about.


So it’s very important that people today, as we are entering the fascinating changes; Earth changes, cosmological changes as we are going through really unique things we need to also mentally and spiritually, forgive the term, grow-up. And this growing-up begins with the deconditioning inside everything we felt we knew because we don’t know. So the Jesus story, to come back to your question, and the lines and all the stories about the bloodlines… it isn’t really important so much what bloodlines we are from.


We are all extraterrestrial in one form or another; we are all from somewhere else.

K: Yes… absolutely…

M: Unique in some form… Yes, go ahead…

K: Ah, so, you are also working toward what you might term the merging of the dimensions?

M: Yes!

K: … where they’re being… you are able to see through the different dimensions and connecting them…

M: Yes.

K: All people are having this sort of transition happen…

M: Yes, this is coming now more and more it began a few years ago. I don’t know what it has to do with… the scientists I talk to, we’re not so sure. What we know when we have great stillness, like we have here, a moment where things come together one can probably feel that there is a sort of merging of light going on.


Everything is, after all, light and energy, and where we may even hear, not voices, but we feel input. It’s hard to peg, you know, it’s hard to explain. These things are becoming more and more discernable. Where you can feel it. Hear it at night in dreams or even see it like sideways you can maybe feel, at times, a presence.

These transitions are going to become, if I had a graph, just much more steep over the next six – seven years. I would estimate that somewhere around 2011, '14, '17; in that decade, within the next, say 10–12 years it becomes a prevalent or predominate reality; where this… three-dimensional reality or world may even become less important then this other reality that bleeds in. I think every person, who knows what I am talking about deep down… who sees us talk, I think everyone has his or her own experience and would word it in different ways. All I know is it’s is on its way.


It began quite a number of years ago and it is becoming stronger.

K: …and you talk about Earth changes, is that right, in your book?

M: Yes… yes.

K: And you are taping into these both astrologically, scientifically from something of your contacts and then what you are talking about in terms of… what else? A certain psychic intuition about when they might occur?

M: Yes, OK… I use the term Earth changes because that is the word that everyone has agreed to call it. But I say first of all, you know its happening outside in the real reality, its going to be less important; let me make this very clear… in my book it is very clear, what is the 3-D, the physical world; politics, society, economics, quakes, weather changes… all that, that’s like the outside world, that is less important then the inside world. What I talk about more in my book is what we from the inside aught to be doing about what is going to be happening on the outside.


But I say we should not react to the outside event. We should from inside at least… well I shouldn’t say should… We want to be able from the inside to grow into this and be ready to meet it sort of head-on without any fear. Because there is nothing to fear, it’s going to be actually fun, in my opinion anyway… [laughs].

It’s going to be very interesting. We are going to meet a whole new science, the awakening of a new geometry, of new mathematics so there is exciting stuff that is going to happen… that is so much more interesting then… what does it matter, there will be quakes, tsunamis, there will be certain years when there will be climatic changes.


A slight changing of the poles probably, changes of the Gulf Stream and so on. Those are the physical changes. I estimate somewhere between 2009 and 2020, more or less that decade, you can’t really peg it to one event.

There are going to be several events. I think one in 2009 another one in 2011… I said in my book, I can repeat it quickly, that there is a young boy in Russia called Boriska, he is known as the little boy from Mars, and he says that in 2009 and 2011, according to his memory from Mars, as strange as it sounds, he remembers very well his life and the prerecorded ideal message he has, and this is a small kid, seven years old, that talks in Moscow, in the area around Moscow, never mind. He also says 2009–2011 are key years, numbers that he remembers. But he’s not sure of what it is in the physical world, if it’s a quake, or what nature the event is. He speaks of a rather large calamity for one continent.

Again, like I said, I don’t think the physical events, the outside world, is what we should focus on. I want people more to focus within because we are the change and the change comes from within.


So say a handful of people worldwide really live with this change inside and grow strong to be surrounded by the invisible world and work with it then everything that is going to happen outside will not be important.

K: That’s a wonderful way to put it. That’s absolutely excellent. So can you talk a little bit about what you're sort of aiming to do in this world, to put people into safe places, and encourage them to build small enclaves of groups?

M: Yes, well, I suggest, I’ve been suggesting it for a number of years, first in private then on the Internet and now in my book, there is a couple of chapters devoted to this where I go into detail. To sum it up briefly, we have to see that in the outside world there is going to be weather changes and a number of physical things changing from society to climate to… you name it, that boils down to the fact that society as such, the functioning of what we call our world will pretty much disintegrate if not break down at some point.


That’s not dramatic, that’s not something to get fearful about or have funny feelings of. What we need to know is that we need to live, what I call a life that is based on Earth sharing or sharing with nature. Which means we need to move away, at least those of us who want to live comfortably and normally and productively.


I feel we need to move away from cities or from civilizations and we need to live according to Shamanic science.

In early 2006, you might remember this little whale, this bottlenose whale that swam into the Thames River and died there. To me he was the sign that the further away you are from humanity the better. It sounds a little horrible to say that, but I think the solution of what I call safe places or enclaves or safe havens or areas of building a new life have to be Earthbound and you want to be able to fish, to have animals around you to be completely independent of what goes on around in society.

In other words, you are going to live like tribes. And still you are going to be able to apply high technology to have free energy. So my idea is to have a network, not just one or two… a network; a chain of so called safe places where people live according to ancient ways of life but in connection with cosmology.


Have a group of people; each will have at least a few scientists, a few farmers, a few technically skilled people basically groups that live in what I call a group mind, with these ideas we are talking about able to simply carry on life and live a life without the ideas that we carried into this life. In other words we can decondition themselves and begin again. It is a little difficult to summarize all of this.


It is a big subject.

K: That’s OK…

M: So a safe place is basically a place where people begin a new society amongst themselves while the rest fades away.

K: So do you want to talk a little bit about the parts of your book that concern the ETs? Because you talk about why the greys are here, and what other ET races have to do with our future…

M: Yes, that’s a big question, many questions in one. The greys, from what I understand, I don’t know how to say it… like a subculture race, there are many races among the greys; as many as 60–70… according to research I have. They are what one could call the fallen ones or the archons. Gnostics wrote all about that its very well known. And they, they are hybrids themselves… basically they are, how do you say it… not even humanity, they are clones.

To me they are not living beings, although they function, but they aren’t actually alive in the sense of… They have no soul, for instance, so they have no purpose. I think the greys, they are not a big subject to me. We know from very ancient teachings thousands of years ago that we just need to stay away from them. I think they, themselves, are a sub-race or a slave race is maybe a better term of the Dracos or of the reptilians, some of which live underground, some of which may be able to travel through the Galaxies, I am not so sure.

There are other races out in the Cosmos who I think bred our race, the human race who comes more likely from Lyra or from the Pleiades, from areas that have nothing to do with the greys. But from what we know, from teaching from out races like the Nordic Blonds, like the Pleiades there have been wars going on at some point, tens of thousands of years ago where they already had interactions with the greys.


They already blow up certain areas in wars they had and some of them landed here. In a nutshell… what you want me to say about the greys is basically keep them where they are, be aware of them and be careful of them in the sense they are very smart, they are intellectually very advanced, and they use this to deceive people.

K: Isn’t it true that they are working with governments?

M: Oh definitely. The governments that are now more or less in charge of the world we have here are pretty much in the hands of the greys. To sum it up… it is a crude summary but certainly some of the western governments, maybe even in Japan, I am not 100% sure, but they are definitely in change of the governments to the point where they can scientifically physically make them fight with each other. So all the wars that we have going on go back to the greys.

The one way we get out of this is if we have a direct contact with the other races which would be the Nordic Blonds who already survived wars with them, or maybe this other race I talk about in my book which is not a physically touchable race it is another world like the Elvin world, or the Shining Ones, and you have to be in touch with that almost vibration to know what to do or not to do.

It’s such a big subject it’s hardly explainable in a few sentences. I say we must not have any fear of these races, they will all… let's put it this way, they will not make it through the shift. They will not make it through the dimension shift. They know this, by the way. They are very concerned about how they are going to move on. And I think some of us would even be able to space travel before. What they cannot do is they cannot leave here.


They are not exactly extraterrestrials, the greys are alien in terms of alien but they are from here.

K: You know this because of your studies but do you know this because of some of some of your contacts in the military or other agencies.

M: Yes, I have not had contact through the military; it is mostly through the research some of which is just my own experience. That’s too long to explain but I have my own form of contact with a more invisible force and through science, through guided science, but I just know what is more or less correct. And then a lot of it is just research if you really look through the old texts that we still have.

Others before us see genius; one Gerry Zeitlin I just mentioned, Anton Parks, Jacques Vallée, there are so many highly advanced searches. Strieber has the whole grey part of the story, of course. It is well covered. He has figured out what’s what. So when we put all of this together with our own little experience we know more or less what goes on. Pretty much where to go where not to go. Do try to work with that other presence that is always around. Try to feel into what I call the invisible world, which is literally with us and grab it at times at night yet you may see blue lights, structures, floating forms. That’s it, that’s the ET world. Actual ETs there with you.

That’s that aspect. And then the message of the book in very short words is you decide. I say we are here for free will. We are here because of free will. And that is all we have. And because we have free will we are very powerful. We are much more powerful when we know. And what these greys and governments and what this whole world wants you to do is they want to take a power away from you and have you feel like a victim at best, or at least, powerless and disempowered.


And I am saying in the book, become aware of who you are, of where you came from and wake up to that. Get into yourself and feel where actually you came from and what is inside of you then you will become completely fearless and build a society regardless of what goes on around you.


And the more things fall apart the more you wake up.

K: Isn’t it true that Krishnamurti has been quite an influence on you? Can you talk a little about that?

M: Yes. Yes. You could not be not influenced after reading Krishnamurti. I read many of his works for a number of years because I wanted to create a different kind of astrology. I wanted to explain it to people in such a way that they could use it and live with it. Astrology has been for far too long made un-understandable so that people could not approach it.


And Krishnamurti basically always said, “Don’t build structures, don’t build theories” and in essence he said “Free yourself from the normal”. And he said, “Do not structure truths”. You cannot. The truth is not known. It’s always new. You have to live it.

And so I tried to apply what he was trying to teach people over 50–60 years, into what I am explaining to people that’s going to happen in the next say 20–40 years. The book goes well into 2050, even 2080. And Krishnamurti, for me has been an influence, in as far as I had to face also myself. I had to go into why am I here; what am I doing, what’s the message going to be? How will I explain this to people?


So in that respect I owe him a lot because he was a great teacher. In the methodology he had a way of showing people a way to themselves. But he had no method, and he said to people the same,

You have to find out for yourself”.

There is no teaching; there is no method, no structure. There are no religions. None of this. You have to forget all about it. It is all within you.


And each one has to find out for himself; for herself. So you have to be your own teacher and your own pupil.

K: So what are your plans for the future?

M: Well, the first thing is to create at least one safe place. I call it a center, a teacher center in the sense of an exchange center where I would like to have scientists and advanced sciences, physics, quantum physics; people talk about the landscape of the mind, the exploration of the mind. People, who would like to come together and share experiences, exchange. So I would like to create a center. That would be the immediate future. Then next after that I don’t know.


I have to live in the now, like I say. I have to live moment to moment. That is the next thing to do, then there would be the idea of a network. I am very interested in Cosmology, space travel of course. I am really interested in creating the new technologies that we talk about. For this I must have the help of scientists. Free energy is applicable; the new geometry is here. I mean the science is here, it is being suppressed.


So I appeal to scientists who have it to come together and say lets do it. Get out of wherever you are imprisoned and do the equivalent of what I did. Everyone has to do this. There are brilliant scientists around who know exactly what I am talking about and all we have to do is do it. We have to be fearless about this.


That’s the immediate future, say the next four or five years.

K: Didn’t you spend some time with the Native Americans…?

M: Yes I did. Yes. They told me two things very simple, like Krishnamurti, like all the great sages, they said just live with us. Live very close to us and live with the stars and live with… in the connection Star-Sun-Earth. Very simple. They say live with that and then Be yourself. Find that which you want to be and be that, be excellent at that in what you do. And don’t care what goes on outside. So in a way, yes, people will have to seclude or get out of the way like the little whale. Had he not gone towards humanity he would have been fine.


What’s going to happen, I think, as I was explaining before, as the linear mind tunes out and the psychic mind comes in is that most people will no longer be with it. They will try to function in a logical, straightforward linear way when really everything becomes psychic. There’s a higher level of psychic mind of the Earth of the stars coming in and most people will simply lose it in this because nothing will make sense. It’s hard to explain. And so only those that are completely tuned into the psychic will be able to go with these changes.


You know this whole world, everything that we are in, wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the psychic. It’s the psychic that gives rise to the physical. That’s the part that scientists have yet to actually figure out and be able to explain in formulas. So my contact is more with the, what I call the Luminous Ones. They would call them the Shining Ones in the old language. And at times at night you will see a bluish presence that creates light. But they are formless, you can’t like talk to them and touch them. You feel something’s there.


They don’t have names as such, they don’t say we are from this star or whatever; you know it’s with you; it’s constantly with you.

K: You know you said you met Cheney, for example, and you said you met some other people in your travels…

M: Yes, oh yes. I met a number of people. [laughs]

K: Perhaps you could tell us about some of them…

M: Yes… some of it I wrote about in the funny story parts of my book. There is not much to tell. Yes, I met Cheney for a dinner one time there were a number of people and, that was twelve years ago now. He was then trying to become President, or he was trying to run for office. I am not so sure what they were doing. Through some diplomats I knew, I knew a lot of diplomats through my time in Geneva and you know how diplomats are, they cruise around the world so everyone meets everyone.


It’s not that difficult. He made a pretty bizarre impression on me in the sense he was robotic-like, almost like. Not really, I don’t want to say not human, but there was something there lacking. And very driven, I mean he’s an Aquarius. He’s the kind of guy who, he will get what he wants and he did get it, and then some.

And I was aware, of course, of what they were planning. Because they would talk to me, people have a tendency of just telling me of whatever. Where it is ETs, Luminous Beings; normal people, they just tell me that stuff and I was listening. And I was trying to compute what this means. I also met the brother of Bush, the guy that is now in charge of Florida; the Governor of Florida. And through those types of people that I have met, but throughout fields of society be it science, physics, NASA, politics, diplomacy, economy… I mean I met hundreds of people. Some of it is in my book.


They are just people and I met them in several points of their lives so you can compare what destiny does.

K: So you had some exposure to what might happen before 9-11, is that right?

M: Yes. I had… We had, as a group of a few friends a good feeling in ’99 that it was time to get prepared, that something not good would happen. We were all aware that they were planning to attack in the Middle East. That was known. I am surprised that this… I have to say it again. I am surprised that it is a surprise to the world. Because it was really known, it was written on black and white papers called The Project for the New American Century, or whatever.

And even European diplomatic people knew that and they were talking about it among people at dinners and lunches. I mean we just were hoping it would not happen; that it was a bad joke. And then I knew that they would go into power and they would do what it takes to do it. I did not know exactly how 9-11 would happen, that I did not know. I had predicted the balladry count; in ’99 I predicted that Bush would be President and be there for his whole term...

K: And you actually predicted the actual count of the ballots…

M: Yes, yes I did in writing in a brochure that in ’99 there would be a ballotry count. That is correct, yes. But I did not predict 9-11. There is a confusion about that, I never did. I said there would be the disruption of air traffic or the suspension of air traffic. But I did not see or know the event was the towers. That surprised even me.

We just knew that come 2001–2002, in that area, in the time window after he would come into office we knew that something disruptive enough would happen to open the way to the wars in the Middle East. And we were trying as friends to mitigate the influence because I feel that normal people can have an influence on events at least, in as far as, their attitude towards the event is going to be.

And I think when everybody empowers themselves, like I was talking about before, that we know who we are and where we came from and what we are actually about, and I know that as we have more and more people thinking in that way we will be able to almost take command of the Earth once again. Because that’s our job.


We are going to have to be in charge of this planet.






Project Camelot interviews Michael St Clair